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Following his landslide win in the Nevada caucuses, Bernie Sanders is the front-runner for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. So now, with the upcoming South Carolina primary, followed three days later by Super Tuesday, he is the number one target of the other contenders.

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Tom Steyer can be dismissed as more-or-less conventional candidates, certain to lose but struggling now to save face or possibly to be picked by the eventual nominee as the vice-presidential designee. Maybe one or two of them are angling for cabinet posts or a good book contract.

That leaves Bloomberg and Buttigieg—B&B—whose entire campaigns are now, according to media reports, pivoting to attack Sanders.

One is a former mayor of New York City. The other was mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Neither has any serious qualifications to be president of the U.S.

Bloomberg is a plutocrat residing at the pinnacle of the Money Power. Buttigieg is a former Naval intelligence officer, who served in the Afghanistan war. As an overt sodomist, Buttigieg, in the not too distant past, could be in prison, not running for high office.

Yet they are now leading the charge against Bernie Sanders. They both claim they could defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming general election, though they both poll behind Sanders as possible contenders.

So who is really behind them? Who are the professionals that are running their incredibly sophisticated campaigns? Both of them are clearly being manipulated by the powers behind the scenes. Both are speaking from well-crafted scripts (i.e., “talking points”). Buttigieg in particular talks like a wind-up doll with a curious trance-like glaze over his eyes.

It’s fairly obvious that both are cut-outs of the Deep State.

The Deep State controls the mainstream media that increasingly vilifies Sanders and promotes B&B as the two that can challenge Trump. Maybe the plan is to make Bloomberg the presidential nominee and Buttigieg his running mate, I don’t know. It seems like a plausible scenario.

At this point, it really doesn’t matter to the Deep State if Trump is defeated, now that they have him thoroughly under control with the Russia-gate narrative. Another Trump term would be just fine. The point is to stop the Sanders rebellion.

Note that it’s not enough to refer to a Sanders “revolution” until it has gained a real measure of power. As a mere rebellion the Deep State likely views the Sanders movement as still quite manageable. Its followers can still be squashed without a great deal of trouble.

So this is the dynamic that appears to be playing out in full public view. Thank goodness for the internet and the alternative news websites that let us get some glimpses behind the tapestry. Maybe this will save Sanders from a fate similar to JFK, RFK, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Maybe character assassination will be enough to satisfy the Beast.

Still, we can choose to hope that Sanders will succeed in his quest for real change.

Realize, though, that the Deep State is, in fact, the hidden enforcer for the Money Power that has been growing in its reach for the last 500 years. I think it’s important to note that this cannot fairly be blamed on a “Jewish” conspiracy. That’s a red herring.

Actually, the Money Power grew out of the corruption within the Catholic Church during the Renaissance when the medieval prohibitions against usury began to be undermined by the Italian city-states, especially Florence, and by the papacy, especially that of the Medici pope, Leo X.

The growth of the Money Power took place side-by-side with the arising of Neoplatonic occultism as a creed of individual self-indulgence in lieu of traditional Christian discipline. By the time of Elizabeth I (the late 1500s), this occultism began to manifest in England through British imperialism as a driving force at the highest levels of the state. (Read about John Dee.)

This force became pervasive in British culture through the Freemasonry lodges that by the 18th century were headed by the British royal family. Eventually, it was the lodges, combined with Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table, that instigated World War I to take down Germany as the chief continental rival to British hegemony. World War II was the natural extension, followed by the Cold War.

Which brings us to today. The American Deep State is the occult heir to Money Power imperialism that now threatens to engulf the world–again. The chief geopolitical objective is for the Atlantic Powers—the U.S. now in the lead—to take down Russia as the last remaining obstacle to total control. Yes, George Orwell got it right.

So this is where B&B, and Trump, fit in. Those with eyes to see know that World War III is already underway. Can it be stopped? We’ll find out soon.

Addendum: Michael Hoffman, in The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, has written an excellent overview of how the Money Power utilized Renaissance occultism and subverted the traditional Christian prohibitions against usury bringing us to the fix we are in today.

Hoffman also describes the curious mix between usury—which is the basis of all modern banking systems—and homosexuality/sodomy. He writes of late 15th century Florence:

“By the time usury was in the ascendant in Florence, sodomy was too. On the eve of the Protestant Reformation, one of the major campaigns of Girolamo Savonarola, the Dominican friar who, beginning in 1494, headed the new (and brief) anti-Medici reform government, was a string of unprecedented prosecutions for sodomy—731 in just two years—November 1495 to November 1497.

Savonarola was hanged and burned six months later in May 1498. It was reported that an elated city official declared, ‘Thank God, now we can sodomize!’” (Michael Hoffman, “Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not,” p. 112)

Hoffman also cites a passage from contemporary author David Hawkes, who provides a perfect explanation of how the legalization of usury brought us to the catastrophic economic condition the world is in today:

“Legalized usury commits the human race to the unceasing pursuit of economic growth. Usury imposes an unstoppable expansion on the process of wealth creation; it sets in motion a driving force whose velocity increases exponentially along with compound interest, impelling us to transform the world’s human and natural resources into the form of financial representation. As the people of Renaissance England clearly saw and often said, usury is inherently insatiable.

The history of the human race since restraints on usury began to be lifted has involved the sudden and dramatic colonization of the globe by money, the evaluation of human activity and the natural environment in terms of money, and the direction of an ever-increasing proportion of physical and psychological energy toward the production of money.”

(Ibid, p. 161)

Also see David Hawkes, “The Culture of Usury in Renaissance England”:

“Hawkes’ brilliant anatomy of early modern usury illuminates a keyword of the period. Revealing usury’s connections to magic and witchcraft, sodomy, idolatry, unnatural birth, epicurean self-indulgence, consumer desire, and the death of hospitality, Hawkes argues that early modern people saw usury as unambiguously evil.

‘The Culture of Usury in Renaissance England’ evokes a world in which making money breed was assumed to destroy the soul and the possibility for just and charitable action.

Learned, impassioned, and forcefully written, Hawkes’ book uses the past to query many of the assumptions that govern contemporary life. A tour de force.” – Jean Howard, George Delacorte Professor in the Humanities, Columbia University and Chair of the Department of English and Comparative Literature.


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