How To Combat Financial Stress And Stop It From Affecting Your Sleep Quality


Undoubtedly, there is nothing like a good rest or sleep to clear your mind and body and deal with things that need to be tackled the next day. However, if you are dealing with financial stress, you may find it hard to have a good night’s sleep.

Even so, a Better Sleep Council study says that getting good sleep could potentially influence your financial health. In fact, according to the data from the study of the State of America’s Sleep, in America, the best sleepers are those who are financially comfortable and who plan ahead.

On the other hand, the study also showed that the worst sleepers are those who are financially stressed. Stress and sleep share a bidirectional relationship, says a sleep expert at BSC, Terry Cale. One can’t sleep when they are stressed. However, getting good shut-eye gives us resilience.

When your top concern is your sleep, the following are some of the ways to boost your quality of sleep, even if you are financially stressed.

Establish A Sleep Conducive Space

How can you ensure or guarantee you get a good rest? You can do this by simply taking the necessary measures or steps to keep out noise and light and maintain the right sleeping temperature.

Also, you can create a sleep-conducive space by removing all the clutter in your room. Remember that a clean room can clear your mind and keep stress at bay. You don’t want your trash to add to your already burdening financial problems, right?

Another thing, the best measure that you can take is to invest in a comfortable mattress. It does not necessarily mean buying something expensive. Perhaps, you can opt for the best value mattress, without sacrificing comfort.

Be sure to consider all things before you buy a new mattress as it is the most crucial and essential piece of furniture in your room.

Don’t Talk About Money

Yes, you’ve read it right. Drop money talk at night because talking about it will only gear you towards failure. Any discussions about your finances at night will not get you anywhere. Take note that when we get sleeplessness or insufficient sleep, we tend to act like someone who’s drunk or high.

That said, we can’t think or calmly. Thus, we need to talk about these topics in a reasonable, logical, and rational manner. And we can only do that with enough sleep. You can talk about your finances in the morning, though.

Limit Using Your Gadgets

An hour before you go to sleep, it is wise to stop using your devices. Why? Well, it’s because the screens’ blue light distorts or impedes sleep. What’s more, lights and noise from movies or videos are designed to be energizing or stimulating.

You can limit your screen time slowly. One at a time! Consider doing other things instead of using your devices. Do you like reading novels, coloring, or solving puzzles? If so, you can do this before you go to bed to relax before sleep. More importantly, don’t do online banking before going to bed to free your mind from your finances.

Get Enough Sleep

Eight hours of quality sleep. Is it hard to do? Are you too busy with work that you can’t seem to fit eight hours of sleep? Even though you think that you can’t get eight hours of sleep, try to rethink your view.

For the most part, when we get enough sleep, we can do lots of things efficiently. However, many people think that if they cut back on their sleep, they can do more. Unfortunately, that is the wrong thinking.

And this is especially true in terms of your finances—moreover, people who are sleep-deprived experience lots of psychological effects. Sleep deprivation causes people to make the wrong judgment, have poor decision making, and take huge risks, which, in turn, can affect their finances.

Do you ever wonder why gambling dens don’t have clocks? It’s because the more exhausted we get, the more gambles we take. To put it simply, just sleep on it. Try to get enough rest so that you can make more well-informed decisions in your life.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key to getting a good night’s rest. With this, we can get enough sleep because our body is aware of what to expect. Pay your bills in the morning. Don’t stay up late just to that.


Being debt-free undoubtedly makes you happier and helps you get a good night’s rest. However, in reality, a lot of people have large debts and aren’t getting enough sleep. How can you fight financial stress so that it won’t affect your sleep quality? The tips mentioned above can help you do that and aid you in approaching your financial problems much better.

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