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Turkey’s Erdogan has given Russia and Syria until this Sunday, March 1st, to withdraw their troops from Idlib or he will (illegally) launch Armageddon.

Turkey sponsors hundreds of thousands of, Chinese (Uhguyrs), Malaysian and Chechen Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. Erdogan is a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s most lethal terrorist force who now is called ISIS (DAESH), Tahrir-as-Sham, Hayat-Tahrir-as-Sham, NLF, Turkistan Party, Jahbat-al-Nusra, Al-Queda.

Turkey is also a member of NATO, imagine that. Now he started to become “friends” again with the US and NATO to continue the war in Syria and the rest of the Middle-East. To destroy Europe even more by sending refugees from what he calls Syria. Actually, a bunch of migrants looking for a better life in Europe.

Europe a continent disappearing. It’s like the collapse of the Roman Empire when the “barbarians” (this is who they called them ) invaded Rome. Now we have “refugees” from countries that were destroyed by our Rome: EU/NATO and the US.US Ambassador to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchinson:

“Turkey should see who the reliable ally is and who is not. I hope President Erdogan will realize that we are the ally of the past and the ally of the future and ditch the S-400s”

It looks like Washington has outlined its terms for US military assistance for Turkey in its hour of (desperate) need. And from South Front:

The February 27 incident in Syria’s Idlib, in which at least 33 Turkish soldiers were killed, caused a new wave of anti-Syrian and anti-Russian hysteria among Turkish media and top Turkish officials.

Mesut Hakki Casin, an adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, even claimed that Turkey had “fought Russia 16 times in the past, we will do it again.” Defense Minister Hulusi Akar also accused Russia of Turkish casualties claiming that strikes on Turkish troops continued even after the message to the Russian side:

“This attack occurred even though the locations of our troops had been coordinated with Russian officials in the field,” Defense Minister Akar said. “Despite warnings after the first strike, the Syrian regime, unfortunately, continued its attacks, even targeting ambulances.”

The Russian Defense Ministry emphasized that the killed Turkish soldiers were embedded with terrorists (members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other al-Qaeda groups that Ankara supports) and that Turkish troops had not informed Russia about their deployment in the area.

Radical supporters of Erdogan actions in Syria are protesting in the front of the Russian Consulate:

  • No Turkish troops located at observation points were harmed;
  • Turkish troops hit by strikes were located in the combat zone, near terrorists;
  • Turkish observation posts had to prevent aggression by militants, but failed to do so;
  • No Turkish troop should be outside observation posts and Ankara provided no data about its forces outside the established posts.

In other words, Moscow said that Turkey just faced consequences of its own actions. Furthermore, Turkey and Russia indirectly acknowledged fire contact between their forces in Syria’s Idlib. Earlier, Turkish personnel publicly used MANPADs against Russian and Syrian warplanes in the Greater Idlib zone.


An interesting fact is that depiste all the Turkish efforts and the active MANPAD usage, the Turks shot down no Russian or Syrian warplane. However, they were able to shoot down two Syrian helicopters.

All these come amid Turkish loud requests from the US and NATO support in the Erdogan government’s Idlib gamble. No surprise, NATO demonstrated only moral support to Turkish actions and promised no real actions in support of the Turkish operation in Idlib.

The Turkish military illegally deployed in Syria, supplied al-Qaeda terrorists with weapons and equipment, embedded own troops with al-Qaeda and attacked the Syrian Army. However, when it got a real military response, it immidiately started complayining to the ‘international community’ and blaiming ‘the bloody Assad regime’ of agression.

Despite the irony of the situation, Russia is also not interested in further escalation. Foreign Minister Lavrov also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had held a phone call on Friday, during which they hashed over the implementation of the agreements on Syria’s Idlib,.

“Today, a phone call between presidents Putin and Erdogan has been held at the initiative of the Turkish leader. The talks were detailed. They discussed the need to do everything possible to implement the original agreements on the de-escalation zone [in Idlib],” he said.

According to the Kremlin press service, the phone call was initiated by the Turkish side. The Kremlin added that the parties “agreed to intensify relevant inter-agency consultations and explore the possibility of holding a top-level meeting in the immediate future.”

“The fight against international terrorist groups was highlighted as a priority,” the statement said adding that the two leaders may meet in the near future.

Therefore, it seems that Moscow and Ankara will try to avoid a direct military confrontation in Idlib. Furthermore, the Turkish Parliament, which according to Turkish and mainstream media was planning to vote on a bill declaring war on Syria, appeared to be not planning to do so.

According to official Turkish reports, at least 54 Turkish soldiers were already killed in recent incidents in Idlib and this number will grow drammatically if the real open war starts in the region. However, the problem with these de-escalation efforts is that Turkish troops are already embedded with their allied al-Qaeda-linked groups in Idlib.

These groups have been excluded from the ceasefire by the Sochi agreements and are a legal target of any anti-terrorist efforts. Therefore, if the Erdogan government does not separate its own forces from terrorists, it risks suffering even more casualties in the region. Such casualties will escalate the situation and further leading to the escalation.


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  1. There are reports that indicate Turkey is seeking freedom of operations in Syria by Turkish aviation (no-fly zones). Efforts by Turkey and its proxies (including groups listed as terrorist organisations) to neutralise Syrian and Russian anti-aircraft systems are also being reported. While negotiations continue, actions are replacing words. Turkey (backed by the US and key NATO powers) is intent on pursuing its illegal actions in Syria through military mechanisms. This would necessitate reciprocal responses.

    Turkey failed to recognise Syria has allies additional to the Russian Federation (Iran, Hezbollah, Shia groups allied with Iran, etc.). The foundations of a broader conflict should be evident. The (illegal) intensifying actions of aggression by Turkey, Israel, the US-NATO-allied bloc increase the probability of this outcome. Note: Threats of an Islamic ‘Holy War’ to be waged against the Russian Federation issued by officials of Turkey fail to recognise the Muslim population of Russia has been subjected to such calls to engage in terrorism for decades. The Russian Federation continues to have good relations with the vast majority of its Muslim citizens as the Muslim Ummah in Russia understand Russia is not an enemy of Islam, only extremism as advocated and supported by Turkey.

  2. The following report (yet to be verified by other sources) may also be of interest:
    (Original report in Russian, the following from Google translate)
    – “The Hussites tried to destroy the Pompeo plane in response to the liquidation of Suleimani. A few days ago, the territory of Saudi Arabia was subjected to a powerful attack by the Hussites, who are members of the Ansar Allah group. Several ballistic missiles and “kamikaze” drones were launched towards the Prince Sultan’s military air base, however, today it became known that at that moment a plane with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had landed at the air base of Prince Sultan, and therefore Hussites, actively supported by Iran, obviously tried to eliminate it, probably in response to the assassination of Kassem Suleimani….. “Since it is Pompeo who is responsible for the liquidation of Suleymani, it is extremely important for Iran and its controlled forces to eliminate this key figure. Nevertheless, the main question remains how exactly the Hussites took control of the information about the appearance of Mike Pompeo in Saudi Arabia? ”, – says Avia.pro” (The Hussites fired missiles on the plane of the US Secretary of State. Video, avia.pro, 22/02/2020)

  3. The following report (yet to be verified by other sources) may be of interest:
    (Original report in Russian, the following from Google translate)
    – ” Iran demanded that Erdogan get out of Syria by threatening a massive missile strike….. Iran’s statement is primarily due to the absence of any reaction to the Turkish attack by Russia. “Iran has officially announced its readiness to take revenge if Turkey does not stop striking Iranian targets in Syria….. ” (Iran sets an ultimatum on Turkey by threatening with a powerful missile strike, avia.pro, 01/02/2020)

  4. If we had a United Nations instead of a United Nothing what we have now. The entire Middle East could be on stable footing. Land grabs and stealing oil should be on top of the list for starters

  5. I don’t care how “powerful” the Turkish Army is on paper, the Syrian Army has been involved in asymmetric warfare for nearly 9 years and thus, their level of battle preparedness and true military power has grown esponentially in that period. The SAA knows it and is challenging the Turks to bring it on so they can exact their due revenge. All we have to do is remember what those VC guys in Southeast Asia did to the US about 50 years ago. The Israeli chickenhawks are aware of it too and that is why they resort to stand-off weapons and proxy forces instead of taking on the SAA directly. The IDF would be forced to retreat to a postage stamp sized ghetto.

    • So true. SAA is the real deal at the moment, and reading your post it occurred to me that it is in Israel’s interest for these two to fight it out and SAA to lose as many of their battle-hardened troops as possible. Donmeh Erdogan is not just working for himself.

  6. Erdogan musta’ been snortin’ too much Paprika, or something. Turkey must be deep in debt to the Central Bank, seems The City of London has plenty of leverage to snap the Erdogan puppet into line with the rest of the lunatic, arrogant sociopaths.
    Now he’s sounding like a cross between Trump, and UN, in a contest to find the ultimate clown. This is embarrassing.

  7. Lucky for all involving sides (even for those that perpetually enemize the Russians from their moronic think tanks) is that Russia is the official and key mediator here, otherwise it would have been Dresden, Hiroshima and Berlin all over again. Aleppo was intended to be the next West/East Berlin, but the Russians didn’t follow up on the shallow Soviet doctrine. The NATO members refuse to accept the reality of their corrupt organization which threatens its members more than the outside world, by lighting up fuse all around them and intoxicating its members with debt, illegal trade and forced migrations.

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