By Richard Cook for VT

Bloomberg and Buttigieg—aka, B&B, the Usurer, and the Sodomite—have been the candidates being advanced by the Deep State to steal the Democratic Party nomination for president from Bernie Sanders. Of course, we don’t know yet if Zombie Joe Sanders’ South Carolina victory will allow him to limp back into the race, but it really doesn’t matter. One way or the other, Sanders’ populist revolution must be stopped.

Buttigieg’s Deep State handlers have now ordered him out of any more primaries. After South Carolina, he’s just wasting their money. But he has served his purpose, having taken multiple sniveling shots at Sanders on his way to the exit. Presumably, he will remain on the shelf somewhere, perhaps a Wall Street equity firm, until needed again, though he has been shown to be too goofy and repugnant ever to be elected to national office. A lot of Americans really do have some real values.

Whether Bloomberg or Biden is eventually nominated, whether either can defeat Trump, or whether Sanders’ supporters will walk out of the convention or split the party doesn’t really matter. The fix is in, so long as Sanders can be prevented from winning the nomination with a majority vote of delegates in Milwaukee.

After all, the Deep State already runs the country with a majority of eligible voters not bothering even to show up at elections. The loss of a few more million—Sanders’ constituency—won’t make any difference. And if any of them take to the streets, what was done to the Occupy Wall Street movement won’t be difficult to repeat. Totalitarianism learns its lessons well.

The underlying goal of all these machinations is to give the Deep State a free hand in prosecuting the world war against Iran, Russia, and China that is already well underway. The war has been mandated by Satan’s own Money Power that is intent on enslaving all humanity to the evil matrix of usury, debt, fiat currency, and sexual deviance. Working hand-in-glove are the occult leaders of British Freemasonry, Zionism, U.S. Evangelism, Muslim Wahhabism, etc.

The Deep State is pulling out all the stops. In high gear is the anti-Sanders blitz by corporate-owned cable news channels, TV networks, websites, and print media. Each of these has its own Deep State minders who assure that only approved talking heads and columnists have a voice. Alternative voices may be heard at only a handful of internet sources.

As an example of the Deep State’s strategy, check out an article last Sunday appearing in The Hill by someone named Douglas Schoen entitled “A Battle Between Trump and Sanders Cuts Democracy Out.”

At first glance the reader might think that the article criticizes the way Trump and Sanders became candidates for the presidency, assuming Sanders is the Democratic Party nominee. But we know that if the two runs against each other, it is because their respective parties nominated them through voting by the electorate—democracy at work. So what is Schoen talking about?

Here is the real gist. Both Trump and Sanders are, according to Schoen, enamored of authoritarian figures. For Trump, it’s Putin and Philippine President Duterte. Russia, says Schoen, is “an autocratic country whose leaders Trump has refused to condemn.” For Sanders, it’s long-ago statements made about Castro and the Nicaraguan Sandinistas.

The upshot for Schoen is that if either Trump or Sanders is elected, the U.S. might abandon its time-honored historic mission of promoting “democracy” around the world. I guess he means what we today call “regime change” wars. “Democracy” to people like Schoen means the destruction of a nation’s indigenous leadership–particularly if it has a populist base–and its replacement by U.S.-supported generals and oligarchs on the payroll of Western banks, corporations, and extractive industries.

So heaven help us if re-election of Trump or the first-time election of Sanders could bring a halt to the Deep State’s most cherished objective: World War III.

So who is Douglas Schoen? Check out his bio on Wikipedia. Schoen is a long-time political hack who worked for Bill and Hillary Clinton, is a consultant for many foreign governments, particularly Israel, and at one time was/is a registered lobbyist for a Ukrainian oligarch.

Today Schoen is a paid consultant for Michael Bloomberg.


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  1. Excellent article! Being that, we’ve been in an ongoing unwinnable (fictitious narrative) thirty year war against the whole world, which could be labeled WWXXX, perhaps our grand finale lost cause would be more palatable to the unwashed masses as WWIV or just WW4…….

    BDS 2020

  2. Great read! Sanders is pro-Palestinian rights, and, therefore, an enemy of AIPAC. Only Bloomberg is to address AIPAC, btw…but, even that won’t stop Biden from being nominated. Trump, the liar in chief with the 73 IQ will fade away. Sane world leaders loathe & mock him. He had his chance to start a fight on behalf of Israel with Iran & failed. WW3 us the precursor to the Luciferian age, as you describe above. Even Albert Pike, if we can trust his writings, wrote of the last world war which would exhaust all nations to usher in Lucifer’s stunted reign.

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