Trump’s undermining COVID-19 response, ignorance, lying and anti-science

Efforts to address the outbreak risk are being undermined by an exodus of scientists and a leader who regularly distorts facts

 Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, attends a Senate committee hearing on the coronavirus. Photograph: Andrew Harnik/Associated Press

Trump ignorance blocking vaccine development, widespread testing and coordination of scientific resources…and making things worse

Guardian: The Trump administration’s jettisoning of scientific expertise and the president’s habit of spreading misinformation means the US is in a much weaker position to deal with the threat of coronavirus, experts have warned.

But the efforts to address the outbreak risk being undermined by three years of a Trump administration that has seen an exodus of scientists from a variety of agencies, the scrapping and remodeling of scientific panels to favor industry interests and a president who regularly dismisses or distorts scientific facts – from the climate crisis to whether the moon is part of Mars – in public.

“The US is badly positioned; the federal government isn’t up to the task,” said Judith Enck, a former regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “When I learned more about this virus my heart sank because I know the Trump administration doesn’t value basic science, it doesn’t understand it and it tends to reject it when it conflicts with its political narrative.”

Enck said that Trump “doesn’t seem to understand what a clinical trial is”, a reference to a White House meeting with pharmaceutical executives and public health officials on Monday where the president urged the attendees to release the anti-coronavirus drugs they are working on. “So you have a medicine that’s already involved with the coronaviruses, and now you have to see if it’s specifically for this,” Trump said. “You can know that tomorrow, can’t you?”  read more…(no paywall)



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  1. Strange there is no Covid-19 in Indonesia. My wife, who is Indonesian by birth, does cook with garlic, turmeric, ginger, chili peppers and other spices and even has a spice cocktail juiced with ACV and I haven’t had the flu or major cold in 15 years. She should patent the mixture and put the Vaxx’ers out of business.

  2. Is The Guardian always a day late and a dollar short?
    Covid-19 is an exercise of some type. Its patent is held by a company funded by Bill&Melinda who, as responsible (T?)Billionaires, pursue Eugenics as an integral part of their worldly plans.
    People in NYC are quarantined (no job/income?). At least the PRC gave@$1,850 to everyone in Hong Kong who’s eighteen or older. How far would $1800 go in the big apple? Maybe 2 or 3 blocks or until you’re accosted, assaulted and robbed by a fellow citizen/desperado.
    Is it possible that ALL the effects of Covid-19 will be closely observed and folded into future strategies? Influenza stats are off the charts by comparison and C-19 is a pandemic? Am I all alone here?
    Maybe it’s the tap-water after all. (I never touch the stuff).

  3. Some claim pandemic is caused by 5G radiation, which cannot explain variation in disease by sex, age, ethnicity and regions with no 5G deployment. Others claim there are at least three, or as many as five corona strains, complicating any vaccine development. Many question the allopathic, magic medicine monopoly on the vaccine hypothesis. There is ample evidence that the CDC, FDA, WHO & MSM are not trustworthy on any health issue.

    “CDC Actually is a Vaccine Company” interview with Robert F Kennedy, Jr at RussiaToday

    • 5G has NOTHING to do with the virus outbreak, nothing whatsoever. There are more than a few strains of coronavirus, there are dozens, they are found in many species such as bats and pigs and often don’t make those animals ill, they are just carriers. A virus is best thought of as a genetic parasite, they hitch a ride on a species in order to spread to other species. That is what they say has happened with the Wuhan outbreak – a coronavirus jumped from bats to humans. I tend to think it’s actually a manmade outbreak aimed at destabilising and weakening China and perhaps other countries such as Iran.

    • I think they’ve known what this virus is right from the start – a slightly mutated/modified version of SARS. That was what early reports said and I haven’t noticed any revision of that assessment since.

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