…by Gordon Duff, VT. Sr. Editor,  with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

– First published … March 06, 2020

Nothing read in or out of the US remotely resembles real politics in the US. The first issue, of course, is the statement continually repeated by the corrupt and ignorant that both parties are the same.

The GOP represents the Deep State and always has. It is the part of poisoned food, low wages, police surveillance, pollution, private prison, banking scams, soaring medical rip-offs and Pentagon insanity.

Its core has always been “Red State” voters, with one major issue above all, support for racism and apartheid in America. Now that has expanded to hatred of imaginary millions of transgender people who don’t really exist and Muslim terrorists trying to put Sharia Law in place across the country.

In reality, Muslim communities like Dearborn, Michigan (one of the largest and most-cited) are prosperous, welcoming, clean and crime-free.

Nearby “Mexicantown,” along Vernor Avenue, now one of the Midwest’s largest Hispanic regions, is also a center for shopping and entertainment, low in crime, clean and orderly.

But then, no one from Nebraska has ever been there, they only know what they read in the corporate-controlled newspapers, owned by the same companies, in many cases, that profit from the power of ignorance that has allowed fake news and false flag terrorism for decades to facilitate torture, murder, and rape around the world.

Both parties are not the same.

Let’s take a key failing of “lying Obama,” an issue the press relied on for 8 years; Guantanamo.

President Obama promises to close Guantanamo but today it is torturing innocent kidnapping victims much as it had when it opened as a concentration camp after 9/11, one of the dozens around the world.

In November 2012, President Obama addressed the nation on this issue explaining how key funding for Social Security, Medicare, and emergency services was held up by language the GOP inserted in funding bills that required Guantanamo to be kept open.

Obama was blackmailed, the GOP threatened to destroy the United States if Guantanamo was closed.

The media never reported this the same way the American media censored the March 5, 2020 announcement by the ICC at The Hague that the US was being cited for massive war crimes in Afghanistan. But first, we get back to the election.

March 3, 2020, was “Super Tuesday,” the series of primary elections within the Democratic Party that is intended to wash out inferior candidates and end the bloodletting and destruction that are the very root of America’s intra-party struggles.

Two are left standing, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Sanders is said to be a “socialist,” and may well be if any knew what that actually means in a nation whose government is controlled by corporate criminals.

Let us assume that socialism is bad and that Bernie Sanders is a threat to a nation at war around the world, a police state drowning in debt with a massive military and a history of torture, war crimes, and oppression.

That last statement, of course, refers to the March 5, 2020 announcement by the International Criminal Court at The Hague, that the US would be subject to a war crimes inquiry for the use of rape and torture for nearly 20 years in Afghanistan as a matter of national policy.

Trump and Pompeo, in response, have publicly threatened the judges and covertly made moves against them personally, financially and have subjected them to Gestapo style surveillance which includes their children as well.

But we must get back to Sanders, but what are his policies?

  • Medicare for all, meaning free health care for all like in the rest of the civilized world. Few are aware, due to widespread press censorship, that medical racketeers are among the primary financiers of Trump and company who has appointed “Mafia dons” to key oversite positions to protect the public.
  • Free college for all, like in most civilized countries, so that qualified students can go to school without taking on $100,000 in debt and having to work two jobs while eventually failing to finish a degree. 40 million younger Americans who racked up endless billions in debt at high interest have been forced to quit school and work for minimum wage. Sanders and socialism would address this.
  • Free childcare, which would allow mothers, who now have to work a second job to pay for childcare, to work only one and occasionally see their own children. One might wonder why millions of Americans rot in prison. Two issues, maybe more, prisons are big business and a big GOP financial boondoggle, but also enslaving a permanent underclass of working mothers denied medical care, denied union representation and denied decent pay guarantees big returns on the stock market for Mafia dons.
  • Eliminating medical debt, because of the primary cause of bankruptcy, except of course for Trump’s 6 personal bankruptcies, is paying medical bills. A trip to an emergency room for someone with a broken leg and no insurance can be up to $30,000. In Germany, the same treatment, to an uninsured overseas visitor is $150.

The full list is here and any reasonable person will redefine socialism as freedom from rule by world organized crime syndicates. Thus, Sanders is “Joe Stalin” and plans a communist takeover of America, if you read the press.

But then, why is the press so against Sanders? Could it be that he supports JCPOA with Iran, the missile treaties with Russia and wants the US to stop aiding Al Qaeda?

Is it also because Sanders would end the rule of Washington Politics by the coalition of Likudist Israeli’s and Pentagon warmongers who have been above the law and above press exposure for many decades?

This is Sanders, who in Europe would simply be considered mainstream, but smeared continually. But who dropped out?

The “Dangerous Duo,” according to Deep State watchers was Bloomberg and Buttigieg. From a foreign policy standpoint, which in America always means utter submission to Benjamin Netanyahu and the Kosher Nostra that supports him, these pairs are pure Trump-Pompeo analogs.

This is from “on the issues” on Bloomberg’s foreign policy:

  • “Trump coddles Russia; they intruded in the 2016 election. (Dec 2019)
  • A system of alliances achieved peace & democratic progress. (Dec 2019)
  • Don’t recognize Crimea annexation; do extend the START treaty. (Dec 2019)
  • Saudi Arabia’s modernization is going in the right direction. (Dec 2019)
  • Partner with World Bank: reduce traffic fatalities worldwide. (Apr 2011)
  • Visited Israel for the first time just before candidacy. (Sep 2010)
  • Peace is fragile and democracy is fragile. (Sep 2010)
  • 2008: I know foreign policy from negotiating deals worldwide. (Sep 2010)
  • Maintains mayoral office for UN relations, run by his sister. (Feb 2008)
  • Four trips abroad in the first four months of 2007. (Apr 2007)
  • Egypt shakes down Israeli tourists at border crossings. (Aug 2001)”

Calling Bloomberg’s foreign policy vacuous is generous.

Buttigieg is something else, pure stealth. Buttigieg, now a former candidate, ran on his military record. From The Hill, a publication that accused me of being a Russian agent:

“According to the documents, Buttigieg served in the Afghanistan Threat Finance Cell (ATFC) in Kabul, placing him in “an imminent danger pay area” from late March to mid-September 2014, while the then-32-year old was still serving his first term as mayor.

The ATFC “identifies and disrupts Taliban, Al-Qaida and other insurgent financial support networks in Afghanistan.”

Buttigieg represented ATFC at “high-level briefings,” the documents say, and “coordinated intelligence sharing and targeting deconfliction” methods with multiple organizations.

In his book “Shortest Way Home,” Buttigieg wrote about how he expected to spend the bulk of his time as an intelligence analyst “behind a sophisticated computer terminal in a secure area.”

But out on the campaign trail, Buttigieg has talked about the 119 times he says he crossed “outside the wire,” leaving the relative safety of the base as a vehicle commander on convoy security detail in dangerous parts of Kabul.”

What does this tell us? Nothing in Buttigieg’s personal history, before or since, would have remotely qualified him for running drone assassinations or fake investigations that continually cite the Taliban as running the CIA’s drug empire in Afghanistan.

In fact, Buttigieg’s job description, as given in The Hill, is pure CIA.

His performance during the campaign, pushing forward the CIA agenda against Syria and in support of “freedom-loving” Al Qaeda terrorists was sickening to watch.

This leaves Joe Biden. Let’s be clear, Bernie Sanders’s social programs and “Stand Up to Israel” policy make him the real “America first” candidate and the only person in American politics, with the minor exception of Tulsi Gabbard, to stand up against the Deep State.

Little is known of Biden, but much is known of Biden and Obama. What did they really do?

For one, they never attacked Syria. The public is unaware, but insiders know that it was Secretary of State Kerry that ordered the Pentagon to stand down on Syria over fake gas attacks. Kerry personally examined the evidence and found the CIA reports, which were based on MI 6 and Mossad sources, unreliable.

It was Obama and Biden that negotiated the JCPOA and Biden that personally pushed it through congress.

What also isn’t known is that to keep Israel in line, Obama and Biden removed the two AEGIS ships that are secretly kept on station off the Israeli coast, which are the real “Iron Dome.” This was done in response to Israeli interference in US foreign policy and violation of Palestinian rights.

Past that, Obama and Biden maintained qualified and independent watchdog appointees in every department, a policy Trump ended. What wasn’t seen, because at no time did Obama and Biden have a party majority in the House and Senate, was funding for their reform initiates, which were continually blocked.

Still, for 8 years, almost no lies out of the Oval Office, no treaties broken, crazy “Facebook bombings” and no name-calling and threats.

In fact, the Obama/Biden administration was respected around the world despite Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State and, even then, the majority of criticisms and accusations against her have proven to be Deep State smears. We may never know the truth.

Still, Bernie Sanders, as is simple to ascertain, supports policies that would put America in line with the civilized world and both domestically and in the foreign policy arena end American exceptionalism.

Would Biden do the same? The jury is out on that.

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Opinions are millions of concepts that we conjure in the moment…

    Yet, it seems ironic, that we seem to miss apparent paradigm of all political candidates… They never follow through with what the say they are going to do for the PEOPLE! Who’s people?
    If in fact, the deep state, and MSM money owned media, is the primary undercurrent of political correctness as one puppet is singled out in the minds of voter’s, what?, if anything will change that is promised by these dual citizens with psychopathic tendencies??? The mojo of those that reap rewards from jobs on the inside (deep state) free money for the military elites that want their so called service recognized by an endless pension of military service, and that have mortgages and debt of any type must keep the status quo in order to survive the political landscape of the demented theory, that voters know what or who they are voting for???

    • The mass rhetoric of blame maybe due to those politicians that never do what they set out to do as they said when they were campaigning… or they make it look like they are following through!!!! I think it was Bush Jr. that said, all of us voters do not know, that when you’re in office, there is the subversive control of the deep state behind every false political dialogue that infects the masses. Why did he say this? (Paraphrased for lack of exact words) … It seems all presidents have the same process of delusional misinformation it feeds their voters to except mob rule! Where the few and the mighty of the Security-Military-Corporate capitalistic formulas, are the status quo we have been told we need, and all that are on the payrolls of such political monopolies, keep the two party system infected with cronies that rule the money for elections by the various deep state lobbyist that make millions by fiat rhetoric that funds the duality of international finance and the money changers…

  2. Excellent Gordon… By pushing and rigging the primaries, the DNC is acting like a Soviet-style Politburo pushing and shoving a comatose defective Biden ( as a favor to Obama and Clinton). When the other candidates dropped on orders from DNC we know the primaries were rigged. The Deep State is the SuperPack and the Oligarchs of the Democratic Party and let us not forget Haim Saban, the Israeli-American who spent millions to defeat candidates deemed hostile to Israel like the late Senator Charles Percy.

  3. So now the Democratic Party is pinning all its hopes on their front man, Joe Biden. That is, the Democratic Party establishment.
    Even when it’s clear that Biden has no business engaging in anything but resting and staying out of politics.
    Joe Biden is suffering from dementia. His family and friends are doing him no good, encouraging him to run for Office. They, instead, should be encouraging him to retire and seek help. It is clear, Joe Biden does not belong in the White House, unless the Dems plan is to insert Hillary alongside Biden, who will be soon, forced out of the Oval office and retired and replaced by Clinton. That just may be their plan: to sneak Hillary into the White House via Biden and then when Biden’s mental capacities diminish to such a point where he has to step down, Hillary will then, as Vice President, step in as president.
    All those Americans who continue to support Biden, knowing full well he is having serious mental deterioration are either too stupid or like so many others are all too willing to climb aboard the train wreck. This is the Demcratic Establishment’s last ditch effort to retain control. If Bernie Sanders wins, it’s the end for them.

    • Most presidents at least since Kennedy are pretty much empty suits. Trump is a perfect example who like Obama on reneged on any promise he ever made on the campaign trial. It seems after they get in office their brain gets sucked out by their advisors.

      Bush II had to be the most obvious. I swear that every time he made a speech on foreign policy you could see Dick Cheney’s lips moving.

  4. Dearest gall hopefully that fake arse virus that uncle Duff just told us about succeeds in ridding the world of more dumb arse boomers such as yourself and the kids can get on with fixing things with more progressive ideas!

    And the kids have a saying for folks like you.

    OK boomer!

    • Gordie happens to be a boomer. Personally I know a lot of millennials, Xers and some Zs back when I was campaigning for Bernie in ’16. Many were articulate and intelligent. Unfortunately you seem to be the exception to the rule.

      I have my own saying when dealing with morons like you:

      “Ok moron.”

  5. And to the “Gall” our dear VT trolls have…

    ” In fact, the Obama/Biden administration was respected around the world despite Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State and, even then, the majority of criticisms and accusations against her have proven to be Deep State smears. We may never know the truth.

    Still, Bernie Sanders, as is simple to ascertain, supports policies that would put America in line with the civilized world and both domestically and in the foreign policy arena end American exceptionalism.

    Would Biden do the same? The jury is out on that.”

    Great post by Mr. Duff and can you focking read dear Gall? Wait, my dearest Israeli housewife you should spend your time over on fox where the oldest dumbest boomers hang out….

    thanx Nine

    • Dear Nine,

      You are obviously suffering from a rectal cranial inversion. There is no way I’d watch Faux News even if you paid me to. The only thing on that channel worth watching was Cameron’s expose’ of the Israeli Art Students and the only reason I knew about the series is because it was posted on Antiwar.com.

      As far as the Dems. You and Gordie can go ahead and waste your vote on another corporate clown ass that’ll be much like Trump without the bluster or Obama without the wit. Me as I’ve written earlier have had it with either party. Oh BTW Trump doesn’t even see himself as a Republican but as the reincarnation of Andrew Jackson. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. That is after you remove your cranium from your rectum.

    • Ah yes, the rest of us here are trolls. I’ve using this website for a number of years now…at least five and maybe six when I discovered it. I don’t keep records but Nine is a relatively newcomer here who likes to act like a top dawg.
      Furthermore his attempts to place the blame for every ill on this current generation known as baby boomers is misdirected anger coupled with self loathing.

  6. So far the Clinton’s response to 9/11 has been Bill Clinton’s “How dare you!” ad hominem attack on doubters – seems like Chelsea’s Clinton’s $600K salary straight out of college buys a lot of silence, eh? Meanwhile Hillary’s Clinton’s “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” comment without any further details gives the impression of lots of Rush Limbaugh’s and Karl Rove’s, not something more sinister. Similarly, anything Obama has told us about how the world is really run is at best a mealy mouthed hint.

    Sorry, I will take an idiot bull in a China shop Trump who may at least through his mistakes wreck the country in a hurry (allowing the survivors to start building something better) over a Dimocrat (sic) “frog boiler” who talks the talk but of course never walks the walk.

    Heck, when it comes down to it, having the human race go extinct might not be a bad thing, considering that most are indeed too stupid to live.

  7. I believe posters here can not read or possibly cant understand what Mr Duff clearly posts that the GOP is America`a enemy but, they are probably Israeli housewives posting here for a paycheck.

    Gotta love the net as it has weaponized idiocy.

    The VT comment section just demonstrates that fact daily.

  8. So now the Democratic establishment, which is no better than the Republican establishment, in fact the two are one in the same, are going to sabotage Bernie Sanders, the way the Reps did to Ron Paul and make senile old war monger, creepy Joe Biden their nominee. I can guarantee that this is going to happen.
    The more Biden steps out onto the stage, the more Americans will realize he is totally unfit for the Office. He needs to retire and spend the rest of his years deteriorating.
    The Dems have no chance of winning the next election unless of course they can get the 11 million voter registration cards into the hands of illegals to vote for the Democrats who will promise them all kinds of welfare, free housing, free health care and maybe even a free car.
    And if you want a vision of America under their control, look no further than California.
    Meanwhile working Americans continue to fall behind and further into debt.

    • Sure, Lets look at California, no jail for weed (card holders can grow 25 plants), excellent education system, bread basket of the country that provides more food than any other, home of the movies, global wine producer, tech hub of the world, home of the sequoia ( all vowels except y) , and McClures Beach, that has to count for something. That is the best beach in North America. Top GDP in country, &, # 4 world wide only behind China, Japan, and Germany.
      And we could compare Ted Lieu and Jackie Speier to say Justin Hunter and Chris Collins, or AOC and Bernie to Gingrich and Hastert, or Trump to Kerry or Bush to Kennedy, but that would be futile if not already briefed. So, if you are looking for Capitalism, there is no better shining example, and top state for freedom also. It oozes ideas and grows money on trees, whats the beef ?

    • Either you don’t live in California or you’re partaking of too much gange. For the majority that live here. It is not the Shining City on the Hill that you have posed in your neoliberal diatribe.

    • Hey David, spend a week in L.A.(Lost Angeles) and then spend a week in Frisco and tell us how great it is there. Drug addicts are eating their own feces.It is legal to steal $900 out of a store . Taxes and fees are so bad, the middle class is leaving Commiefornia in droves.
      After the fire that wiped out Paradise, it now expected that only 4000-4500 people will return because building fees are so high they cannot afford to rebuild. Instead those returning will be living in single and double wides. Gas prices are twice as high there as it is in Michigan.
      California has at least 4 cities that filed chapter 11. There is hardly a week goes by that the state legislature doesn’t enact another stupid useless law.

    • Seems Dave must be writing about the California that existed under Reagan or even Moonbeam Gerry (first time) or Deukmejian when there was no motorcycle helmet law, beach babes, great bands at the Whiskey a Go Go and Hollywood made movies you could actually watch without projectile vomiting.

      That is when it was running in the black without a deficit. A far cry from Californication today.

    • I thought we were talking about the state, not the cities. But there is no other state with the GDP and freedom that California has, so I would ask, what state are you suggesting is the best ? Montana or Kansas ? maybe Florida ? Illinois ? Texas ? for cryin out loud, where is the refuge if not California. The weather,.. the abundance, is off the charts. The houses that burned should not have been built in that area. Same goes for New Orleans or Texas coast, and tornado alley.

    • Yes but all those fine attributes you’ve mentioned have nothing whatsoever to do with politics. They’re all geographical and meteorological. Also the Paradise fires occurred in an area not known for major fires unlike the Malibu Canyon where the houses burn down and are rebuilt every 3 years like clockwork.

  9. Professor Noam Chomsky recently characterized the Republican Party as the greatest single threat to the survival of mankind. Repubs, especially those like Trump, would take that as a highly-partisan and distorted statement, but the professor, in his consistent, methodical style, went on the calmly give a long list of rationales for that sweeping statement. They are really that bad.

    • Somewhat hyperbolic wouldn’t you say?

      That’s the same Noam that thinks those of us who don’t accept the holy 9/11 Commission Report as Holy Writ is an evil “Conspiracy Theorist”.

  10. Voting republican and supporting the orange one is a boomer thing as soon they shall die off in droves and there policies that they supported all these years will bite them in the arse as they die rotting in a piss soaked depends diaper that won’t get changed often enough because the GOP cut the budget!

    Soon, the only good republican will be a dead republican.

    That above backed up by my fists and my 38 special…

  11. Some intrepid reporter some years back did a detailed analysis comparing the first 2 years of the first term Obama administration with the last 2 years of 2nd term, Bush/Cheney. The result was that with only cosmetic differences, the foreign and domestic policies of both administrations were identical. The U.S. has one party, the corporate party. It has 2 wings, one, republican and one, democrat. The U.S. is an oligarchy, always has been. If you were a billionaire oligarch, would you surrender your power to the masses that you have nothing but contempt for, by means of something as inane as voting? I don’t think so. It’s a matrix, control cage. Heads they win, tails we lose.

    • When a new admin comes in after 8 years of what the Bush Cheney admin was cooking, it takes 2 years to extract. This happens every time a new admin takes over, and the same could be said about Trump and Obama with the exception of lunacy. Transitions are really what a first term is about, the necessary evil of 4 year terms, is the last two are the ones to watch. A good example is Trump taking credit for low minority unemployment, as if he snapped his fingers and everyone hired black people once he got in. nothing could be further from the truth.

  12. A very thorough insight. Would Biden be enough to have the edge on Trump? In elections of course, not in global corruption. Sanders would seem as the most different species of the likes of nominees over the past few decades, a different kind of global winds would start to blow. Kerry’s capacity would also be very useful for future administration. SOHR and Skripal – MI6 is still very powerful agenda, strong enough to twist the GOP and half of sold out/paid for European brains.
    But, the life of the average American is what should be valued the most in the coming elections.

  13. Oh please the Democrats and Republicans are the same party by different names. Hillary Clinton’s perfidy has been well documented. Who but a sociopathic psychotic would laugh at the demise of a former head “We came, We saw, He Died!” followed by hysterical laughter. Can we say evil. The jury may still be out as far as you’re concerned but I’ve already decided she’s guilty as hell of various crimes and high crimes.

    As far as Obama he attacked more countries than Bush and killed US citizens without due process. Also was it the Republicans who contrived and fabricated Tonkin Gulf or before that got us involved in Korea? Like Lady Macbeth both parties have enough blood on their hands.

    What about that great proto-democrat Andrew Jackson who totally ignored the supreme court and was responsible for the Trail of Tears?

  14. Democratic Senate gave Trump everything he wanted, the wall, billions more for military, and then Trump gave everything Israel wanted and democratic congress goes right along with it.
    Sanders is an independent, not a democrat but is running in the democratic caucases.
    Biden is so feeble minded (brain aneurysm in 1988) his VP selection will be the real deal (Hillary Clinton)

  15. Processing data into actionable intelligence is the primary purpose of analysts. If the action is to vote for anyone but Bernie, then something is terribly flawed. It isn’t even difficult. It is an issue vote, because the issue is equity and distribution of finance, and he is head and shoulders above the rest in this area. Do you want to continue to be predated upon until only the stump of the apple tree is left ? This is the part of the fight, where we get chewed up, or we take it on and take the hit, because the banks will hit us, if Bernie wins, but what waits on the other side is beyond excellent. That is our potential and position. We should not be worried about our medical bills, we should be helping others much less fortunate instead of killing them. That too , is easy analysis.

    • “If the action is to vote for anyone but Bernie, then something is terribly flawed.”

      The only people to take reasonable action are Palestinian suicide bombers, Syrian, Hezbollah, and Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers, and others of their ilk.

  16. The GOP has become the useful idiot in international tomfoolery. It has been this way since Reagan. That was when the deficit topped 1 trillion during the “small government” party. Now, Bezos is burying a clock in a mountain, Ellison supports Trump, and obscene wealth drools on itself in public. Meanwhile we have plenty of wealth to take care of people, but refuse to do so, because insurance companies need to keep stock holders happy. And somehow, they got the poorest people to advocate for them. Lemme guess, Religion ? They stacked the courts and now Idiocracy is at hand, mixed with Hand Maids Tale. That is what happened. Bernie should have won in 2016 if not for intervention by big money. Dude knows and understands math.

  17. Problem with the Red States, now that I’ve spent some time in them, is they have been made totally dependent on the Military Industrial Complex. The farm produce has been devalued to the point where a 1500 hundred dollar steer now goes for 750, people are wizening up and figuring out casein is a poison so there goes dairy and you got Monsanto & company forcing them to use genetically modified seed in order to be competitive in agriculture. So now for most the only hope for a decent living is to join the army. Let them grow hemp and force manufactures to replace plastic with hemp products, that would be a start but the problem needs to be addressed and Americas military drastically curtailed. Those military bases they got all over the place down south are the real welfare states and they are what’s killing America economically.

    • Monoculture is not our friend. Farmers were farmed long ago, and the weeds were the good ones. Now we have equipment mechanics who do not have time or experience in politics. They are not a voting block to look to for answers. They simply don’t have time, even if they have the hearts. They were bought with subsidies, and slowly squeezed into compliance. It was childs work. The churches and farms, join with top corporations, as the largest recipients of welfare today. No taxes, and plenty of subsidies, along with government contracts. Just vote red baby, no need to look at the names. That is the result and product. Food quality is below acceptable levels. And they still support war. By a large margin. On both accounts.

  18. I can’t picture a doddering, confused old Biden surviving the rigors of televised debates with Trump. But if the impossible happens and Biden wins, want to take bets on how long it will be before he faces impeachment by the Republican Congress (say goodbye to the House after last year’s disgusting` performance) for his Ukraine malfeasance, among many other questionable dealings.

  19. Moderate democrats are just GOP lite. It’s yhe selfishness and lack of goodwill, generosity…big heart …that has this counyry up hits creek. Betnie exposed the evil and the rethugs and their cousins the moderate demoncrats turned their backs on the suffering of their fellow citizens. All they care about is little comfortable existence and let all others go to hell. Bernie wanted to bring us together and institute good values as opposed to the demonic republican and republican lite satanic brainwashed (but oh so convenient for them) corruption. The wheat will be separated from the chaff at the right moment by the Almighty. Good riddance.

  20. I have no party affiliation and strongly assert that both primary parties (Republicans and Democrats) are equally compromised by the Zionist International Banking Cartel, and in that sense, represent Zionist interests first. In that sense, they are most certainly the same.
    Any candidate, regardless of party or level of election, that opposes an Israeli First, Zionist ideology, is likely to get my vote. If the only presidential candidate that does that is Sanders….then he gets my vote.
    By the way….I live in a “Red State.”

    • I’m totally with you. I hold neither party affiliation. As far as I’m concerned they can both got to hell. I’ve decided to vote for Mark Charles.

  21. “Would Biden do the same? The jury is out on that.”
    This juror skipped lunch if only to tell you that Biden is a corporatist shill.
    I used to drink with the lawyer who convinced “Lunch-Bucket Joe” to run for governor of Delaware.
    Biden is lame-brained and creepy, to-boot. Sanders shows a degree of decency, at least.

  22. OK so Sanders is great.
    Would he
    1. Close ALL the US of Israhell bases around the world making it safer world.
    2. Remove ALL troops from the middle east regions.
    3. Make peace with Russia and China.
    4. Disband the CIA.
    5. Drop the idiotic scientifically fraudulent fake ‘climate change’ mantra designed not to ‘save the planet’ (Which is geophysically impossible) but to redistribute the worlds wealth. Sack the fraudulent IPCC.

    • New Presidents generally move first to solidify their base on the domestic issues, and then foreign policy. You want to get some wins up on the board first, versus asking for everything you want on the first day. If you do then the Repubs would do what the Dems did, opposed the whole agenda of the president to make him or her look divisive, etc.

    • We need a president that will tell the truth at his/her first State of Union address – that Congress and the media are wholly owned by Zio-criminal interests, that real decisions are made by a criminal cartel that operates at a supra-governmental level, and humans are being “misery farmed” by something ancient and evil, let the fallout be what it may. Anything less is worth than useless in bringing about positive change.

    • The last President who tried that had is head blown off in Dallas. All the rest were empty suits, except maybe Carter, and he was hamstrung and slapped for not following the rules. As for Raygun, he was so obviously a puppet you could almost see the strings. Robin Williams comment said it best: “you ever notice he doesn’t talk, while she’s drinking water?”