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[ Editor’s Note: Well it looks like the HTS jihadis want to keep on fighting, which means we will see if the Turks continue to keep them supplied to do so.

I did not notice a word in the ceasefire agreement that to restrain the jihadis from violating the agreement that Turkey is required not to resupply them, and if there were violations that the Russian and Turkish commands would take action to strike those responsible as a disincentive to their bad behavior.

I don’t remember reading the agreement requiring an attempt for Turkey once again to take responsibility for separating the bad terrorists from the good ones, although the Turkish Islamic Jihad is not covered in the ceasefire, which would indicate they are a free fire zone.

These are the folks that launch another drone attack at the Russian base in Latakia on day one of the ceasefire, and in military language we describe as too stupid to live. The doo doo might hit the fan if renegade jihadis attack the joint patrols on the M4 highway and kill both Russians and TurksJim W. Dean ]

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The jihadis still have a lot of Turkish equipment and ammo

– First published … March 07, 2020

Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has officially rejected the recent Russian-Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib, vowing to keep on fighting.

In an official statement, the terrorist group claimed that the agreement would allow the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian forces to resume military operation in the region. The group also noted that most of the agreement’s terms are “not implementable.”

“This agreement is tinged with ambiguity and loose, floating phrases that allow the Russian occupier to use it for aggression again, and there are also terms that cannot be implemented at all, in face, they are considered an insult and humiliation of the blood of the martyrs and the sacrifices of ten continuous years,” HTS’ statement, which was released on March 7, reads.

The terrorist group also thanked the Turkish government for directly engaging in the recent battle against the SAA and its allies in Greater Idlib.

HTS concluded its statement by vowing to fight on against the SAA and its allies, promising that there will be “no peace or security” until the Syrian government is overthrown.

“Know that there is no language that works with the occupier other than the language of force and weapons, so seek the help of Almighty God, the great,” HTS said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish Counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan finalized the new agreement on Greater Idlib during a face-to-face meeting in Moscow on March 5. Under the new agreement, a ceasefire was put in place and joint patrols are set to start very soon on the Aleppo-Lattakia highway.

HTS’ rejection of the agreement was widely expected. The terrorist group has already violated the ceasefire several times. This hostile behavior could sabotage the agreement. In this case, the SAA and its allies will very likely resume military operations in Greater Idlib.



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  1. Don’t see the point of the cease fire without a total Turkish withdrawal from Syrian territory. More like a pause before the next round. As for the degenerate head choppers the Russians, Iranians and Syrians would obliterate them.

    • COMPLETELY AGREE, but the sad of all news are which the agreement between Russia and Turkey (and I don’t know why Assad not participated to the summit) given to terrorists, mercenaries, murderers gained several days to regroup and rest when they were very in bad shape.
      So, if Putin will not change that behavior the war will remain indefinitely and Syrian sovereign territories will not came back into Syrian hands, the only which deserve to take back their homes. And the many people cannot retake their own houses……..
      And continuing to give to Turks, zionists, americans and their proxi armies the excuses to not coming home and continue to kill, bombing, and making criminal propaganda.

  2. Since when are Syrians ‘occupiers’ in Syria? Idiots with a death wish…or very well paid mercenaries, SOFs.

  3. Both the USA and Turkey, in fact, show obviously, that they do not fight against terrorists. It is their instrument against Assad. Turkey has its own goals, the USA has its own. The western coalition of 60 something countries against ISIS is like a gang of Chinese doodles on media service.

    • The US of A doesn’t have its ‘own goals.’ The US Military is being ‘used-abused’ as the ,Attack Dog’ on the leash of the Zionist Apartheid Terror State of Israel.

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