MSM: Gospel of John Declared Fake, but why and why only John?

    New research is poised to overturn much of what we know about everyone’s favorite biography of Jesus. Everyone’s Favorite Gospel Is a Forgery!


    Introduction by the Senior Editor

    The Gospel of John is a forgery, any biblical scholar has always known this but has been held onto so that Revelations, the big seller, can be kept as well.  Nobody wants all that fire and brimstone that puts butts in seats in churches thrown away, no matter how fake that is as well.  Without Revelations, we might not know Trump is the anti-Christ instead of a puppet bumpkin with fake money.

    John is being attacked because he attacked, or whoever he was as none of the gospels were written by apostles except of course Thomas and Magdalene (theirs were banned by the fake church).  All are 100% fake, picked out of Constantine who wanted a new fake religion that would make him a god.  He invented Christianity, picked out a few fake writings to back it up at the Council of Nicaea and then Jerome translated it all into Latin.

    Behind that was the Jewish religion predicated on  Moses, someone who never existed and the first 5 books of the bible which were slapped together long after, making up a fable about building pyramids and being in Egypt, things that simply never happened.

    40 years in Sinai?  NCIS Los Angeles got through there last week in hours.

    If Jesus did live and survive the cross to move to France and die there, where new scholarship goes and fathered the bloodline families that now rule the world on behalf of David Ickes reptilians…..

    Daily Beast: There are four versions of the life of Jesus in the New Testament but, let’s face it, everyone has a favorite. For most people, that preferred version is the Gospel of John. Not only is the fourth Gospel the most poetic and ‘spiritual’ of Gospels, it’s also the most theologically weighty.

    It’s in John that Christians find the evidence for many of the dogmatic claims that form the bedrock of Christian belief. And it’s John that supplies the pithy quotes about faith, eternal life, and love that you find on coffee mugs and laminated bookmarks.


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    1. I first started following veteranstoday about 6 months ago and found their articles enlightening and courageous. I also encouraged several ex-military friends to log in as well and follow the news and latest updates etc. Lately though, the VT Editors seem to have aimed all their cannons and those who hold a belief in a Great Creator and seem to be maliciously intent on destroying Faith in Jesus or His hallowed, sacred Word, as recorded in the Bible. I understand their animosity to religion, as so many awful things have been done in the name of God and religion. So many have been turned off by the horrible example of Christianity, as practised today. But this is where the VT Editors need to draw a line of differentiation. God is as far away from modern churchianity today as communism was from capitalism. God is not the God of dead religion, religious buildings and religious tenets, traditions and denominations. He is the God of life and of the living. Jesus’ life was a 33 year living, walking testimony against the established religions of the past and the present. So for those who are unable to differentiate between God and man’s religions, it is just easier to attack everything about the subject, including the Gospels. For those of the VT Editing team that don’t believe in a Creator of this incredible world we live in, I will present to you a verse of scripture that is as true today as when it was first written: “The fool has said in his heart, There is no God”

    2. John’s Gospel is much different from the first three, the Synoptics. It is clearly written by an educated native speaker of Greek. The Synoptics are demonstarbly translations into the simple Koine Greek dialect from Syriac or Aramaic originals. The Apocalypse is another matter altogether, not stylistically connected to any other Christian literature.

      Christianity is essentially a paganized form of Judaism. It continues the intolerance and arrogance of second temple period Jewish nationalism, and combines with them diverse theologies current in the eastern Roman world during its formative period. Thus, Christians believe in virgin birth, divine paternity, a hero returned from the dead after three days in the underworld (the primeval winter solstice cycle), and everlasting bliss in a postmortem life. These are all pagan dogmas, which the actual Jesus (if he existed) would have condemned as abominable heresies.

      Christian authors falsified the ancient Jewish texts to harmonize them with their gentile interpretation of a long dead local Galilean religious fanatic who had exactly none of the attributes of the legendary Messiah. The Christ figure was, essentially, invented by Saint Paul, who never met Jesus, and promoted by Paul’s acolytes, who wrote his version of the legend decades later in distant Syrian Antioch.

      • Indeed. Then there are all the pieces of the true cross, the several spears of destiny and all the other fake artifacts. A lot of them are nothing more than tourist tat picked up in the bazaars of the Middle East by Roman tourists, the equivalent of going to Spain on holiday and bringing back a straw donkey souvenir. You can picture the scene, a rich Roman woman, wife of a senator, takes a grand tour of The Levant sometime in the 1st or 2nd centuries and some enterprising Jewish merchant sells her a bit of rotten old wood after regailing her with florid tales of how this is a piece of the cross that Jesus was nailed to, preserved by his uncle Mordecai and now a precious family heirloom, but it can be yours for only 50 cistercis… She takes it back to Rome, sticks it on a shelf and some time after she dies, her family are having a clear out of all her junk and decide to give all the religious tat to the local church who then put it on display in order to draw in gullible pilgrims who they can bilk for donations to the church. Because it draws in plenty of pilgrims ad makes the church plenty of profit over the centuries, it becomes a venerated object and no-one admits it’s just a piece of wood some daft rich old tart brought back from her holidays.

    3. Who substains tha Jesus never existed is a very very very tragic ridicolous history scholar. But i understand very well that in the masonic anglo-american culture isn’t important reality but opinions only… Very outrage to history and religion. These are the post because VT is classified on Wikipedia a fake-news website.

      • A real historical scholar would acknowledge that Christianity is nothing more than a Jewish conspiracy to control and manipulate the masses. All of the Abrahamic religions are frauds, their scriptures are reworkings of much older Babylonian & Sumerian texts. It is sheer lunacy to consider any of the scriptures as bearing any relation to the reality of history, not least because they have been altered so many times as to have become bereft of any real value to the historian.

      • Ian, Christianity is inside the holy blood of saints and the great miracles that a masonic mind can’t understand because never tried to discover patriarchs. prophets and much more apostles and saints history. If we may have doubt about Bible we can’t doubt about the recent hagiography. But it’s very harsh to talk with a person that never has read the true life of Saint Francis, Saint Pio, Saint Bernadette. After my history studies in Milan University with one of the most important expert of ancient and medieval history i can write one or three book about the proofs of Jesus Christ, Apostles and Saints history. Instead i think that is better that VT tells about Turkish Crimes, allowed by the same Freemason’s Tribe that denies even the historically acclaimed existence of Jesus. Might be HIS the Messiah or Risen Christ is another question of Faith, but is historical existence is well known also for the stone…

      • I’m sorry, I can’t enter into a rational debate with anyone who believes in fairy tale nonsense like miracles and saints or thinks the bible has value as historical record. I deal only in facts that can be supported by hard evidence and primary source material, as there is no evidence nor primary source material about Jesus, then how can I deal with it other than to draw the logical conclusion that he simply did not exist? There is a reason why they call Christian belief ‘faith’, it is because it is unsubstantiated by evidence or historical record, therefore you have to have faith that it is true because it can’t ever be proven to be true.

      • I’m very sorry too. Because i understand that your rational thinking isn’t so flexivle like Cartesian one that with logic,. exacly in the firts page of John Gospel, demonstrated the existence of God and in consequence believed the Revelation. But i’m much more surprised that your rationality, on wich is focused every historycal discover, wants equate the ancient Bible narrative to the contemporary chronicles as the Saint Pio life, stigmates, and miracles. I think that you have never heard of the Lourdes Medical Committee which after years of irrefutable scientific research has recognized 70 inexplicable miracolous healings in the Cave of Massabielle where Saint Bernadette declared that she had the vision of the Virgin Mary and when I assisted, as reporter more than worshipper, to the last painful pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II. In my journalistic job i interviewwd one of this Lourdes MEDICIANS. These 70 miracles have been scientifically ascertained among thousands of others reported and actually witnessed by the faithful. But I understand that the great limit of some rationalists is that not being able to cope with rational dialogues with those who support rational things unknown to them or incomprehensible. This is the problem of Trump, Netanyahu and Erdogan. I hope you will not to be in your bad company for long…

      • The gospel of John wasn’t written until the late 2nd century, therefore it is not written by a disciple of Jesus and in no way can be considered an accurate historical account of the life of Jesus. John’s gospel, in common with those of Mark, Luke and Matthew, have been tampered with and altered with additions made, whole passages have been added centuries after the gospels were originally written, in the case of John, whole sections were added between the 5th and 8th centuries, so rather than being the word of god, the gospels are the word of man. In short, the gospels are a con job perpetrated by the church of Rome and in no way are they historically accurate or authentic. They had multiple authors and were compiled into their current form over centuries. This is why they are full of contradictions and obvious fabrications. John portrays Jesus as a Greek, where in the other three gospels he is Jewish. The gospels are no more historical fact than The Lord Of The Rings or the Harry Potter books. As for supposed miracles, I don’t know the particulars of the Lourdes cases you cite but they will have no more basis in reality than the spirit mediums Harry Houdini used to love exposing or the laying of hands faith healing and psychic surgery performed by American televangelists. It’s all fraud and fakery and it always has been, the fraud only worked because for most of the last 2,000 years the vast majority of people were illiterate and uneducated, so it was easy for the conmen priests and preachers to fool and manipulate them. Today, when people are able to read the bible for themselves, it is blindingly obvious that it is all a giant fraud.

    4. Correct. This is why all the biblical myths like the great flood also appear in earlier Zoroastrian texts.

    5. The Shroud of Turin was carbon dated to the Renaissance – it’s a distemper painting done by some anonymous Renaissance artist. The tilma is a painting too, multiple analyses proved this, it’s also been altered many times with sections being altered and overpainted. It’s obvious just looking at it that it’s a painting and it’s full of Aztec symbols, not Christian ones.

      There is no evidence to support any aspect of Christianity, it’s a Jewish invention designed to control and manipulate the goyim. Hopefully it will die out within a generation or two as it has been the greatest scourge on mankind of the last 1500 years.

    6. To Catholics who have studied biblical history John gospel has allways been programmatically at best. The were disputes at the council of Trent as to which version of the gospel could be accredited to each without. The other issue is all the firsher men apparatus probably only learnt to recite enough scripture to get through there barista as fisher men were poor and on the Econ bottom working so no ability to record there experances . John’s gospels include other more complex literature devise that other writers didn’t use until several hundred years after Jesus.

    7. “The wages of sin is death…”

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    8. “the first 5 books of the bible which were slapped together long after, making up a fable about building pyramids …”
      Jesus, VT, where do you get yr Bible knowledge — Hollywood ?

    9. Jesus never even existed, there is not one single shred of proof that he did. Christianity is and always was, a fraud.

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