Self Proclaimed ‘Super-genius’ Trump Setting up FEMA Concentration Camps at Abandoned Military Bases


    Thugs and prison camps, lies and stupidity.  We knew it was coming and here it is.  Secret committees have been set up to screen who goes to lockdown and who gets “self-monitored” quarantine.

    Decisions are made based on entirely political reasons with a certain group, and we know who they are, given special treatment.

    Up to two dozen military bases now house quarantine prisoners who are not listed on official records.

    Trump is using FEMA to set up quarantine camps for carefully selected CV 19 folks, selected for reasons known to none.  The first one is in Anniston, Alabama, Fort McLellan.

    The first announcement was 11 bases:

    Eleven military bases near major airports in the United States are setting up quarantine centers for possible coronavirus patients, the Department of Defense said.

    The Department of Health and Human Services asked the Pentagon for quarantine space in case beds fill up at other coronavirus centers around the country, according to a DOD statement.

    More are coming. DHS is being trained to start picking up, yes, just like in Jade Helm, and dragging them, kicking and screaming, to concentration camps.  No, we aren’t kidding.

    Kalititta Air, owned by famed drag racer Connie Kalitta, to be used for FEMA detention flights

    Let’s take Ohio where we learned AIPAC/CPAC attendees (where the Mossad recruits American traitors and spies) have returned infected.  After 4 were found and reported in the Israeli press (Haaretz) reporting stopped, full censorship went into effect.

    Pence has put the 28-year-old wife of Apartheid Czar Stephen Miller in charge of all information flow (censorship).  Watch her in the video below.

    Officially, Pence press secretary Katie Miller is the only person allowed to comment on CV 19.  Katie Miller is married to Stephen Miller, Trump’s deranged and unqualified advisor on everything.

    Katie Waldman came to the attention of the GOP while in college for burning college newspapers she didn’t like.  Now she is our 28-year-old Censorship Czar for CV 19 and Trump’s army base FEMA Camps.

    Then again, Pence has been given total control over the internet and all print and broadcast media under the Emergency Powers Act.

    Appointing Pence, who believes his Luciferian master will save the righteous from CV 19, this was a stroke of SG (Super Genius).  Last week both AIPAC and CPAC met in Washington for their national conferences.  Around 35,000 attended both events with up to 15,000 attending both.  Thus far 4 cases of CV19 have emerged and we are being lied to.

    Is it terrorism?  WE move on:

    The 2020 budget largely defunded the CDC.  That’s nothing when Trump appointed nutcase John Bolton to run the National Security Council, the Global Pandemic Director was immediately forced out and the office was eliminated by Trump.  We no longer have a Director of Global Pandemic Security.

    Despite promises that all that need testing are tested, reports from healthcare workers say Trump is lying out his huge ass.  We don’t have reliable tests, they aren’t being made available and, instead, healthcare workers and officials are being threatened and censored.

    Everything in America’s media about CV19 is fully censored by the White House with aid of Google and Facebook, both organizations run by members of AIPAC, which has infected, thus far, the state of Ohio. Thanks, AIPAC, “Go Buckeyes!”

    Then, of course, Donald Jr, the great killer of zoo animals and stuffed toys, says CV19 was created by Democrats to embarrass his father and his huge fat ass.

    Bush 43, tied in the contest of biggest dumbfuck president in history with Trump, had, by accident, put together a program in response to Ebola called “Predict.”  Its concern was animal diseases transmitted to humans.  Trump killed the program because of a personal spat with Bush.  Thanks guy.  You are both assholes.

    CV19 infected Americans are being brought home without quarantine, from Egypt, from Japan, from various cruise ships.  When they were met by HHS employees, who examined them, the HHS folks weren’t wearing protective gear and probably didn’t even wash their hands.

    You see, these are political jobs now, given to “right-thinking Christians,” folks god will take care of and that are likely to be meeting with him or her pretty fucking soon.

    From, a list that has doubled since:

    “Defense Secretary Mark Esper is expected to OK a Department of Health and Human Services request to supply additional housing and support for quarantined individuals, according to a Department of Defense release issued Thursday.

    The list includes Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, near Honolulu International Airport; Great Lakes Training Center Navy Base, near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in Illinois; Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Texas, near Dallas Fort Worth International Airport; Dobbins Air Reserve Base, near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport; Fort Hamilton, New York, for John F. Kennedy International Airport; Naval Base Kitsap, close to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport; Joint Base Anacostia for passengers traveling through Dulles International Airport in Virginia; Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, for Newark Liberty International Airport; and Fort Custer Training Center near Detroit Metro.

    The list is in addition to locations already providing housing to quarantined Americans who have fled Wuhan and Hubei province in China where the virus originated. Those bases include March Air Reserve Base, Travis Air Force Base and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in California; Lackland Air Force Base in Texas and Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Nebraska.”


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