US President Donald Trump has reportedly been “melting down” over fears that journalists might try to deliberately get him infected with the coronavirus.

Despite his efforts to downplay concerns about a coronavirus outbreak in the US, Trump is said to be privately terrified about getting the virus himself, according to sources who spoke to Vanity Fair.

One source told the magazine Trump has told aides that he is afraid journalists might try to contract coronavirus so they can infect him on Air Force One, the Boeing 747 aircraft modified and used to transport US presidents.

“He’s definitely melting down over this,” the source, who is said to be close to the administration, said.

Trump has also reportedly barred anyone with a cough to enter the White House.

“Donald is a famous germaphobe. He hates it if someone is eating nachos and dips a chip back in after taking a bite. He calls them ‘double-dippers,’” a prominent Republican told the magazine.

Trump under pressure as recession fears mount over coronavirus

US President Donald Trump’s administration is under pressure amid coronavirus-driven recession fears as stock markets rattled and health officials issued more warnings.

The virus, which can cause a sometimes fatal flu-like respiratory illness, has steadily spread in the United States this week, disrupting life and spooking investors who worry that a contraction in economic activity could trigger a recession.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said Monday that Trump has not been tested for Covid-19 yet, despite coming into close contact with several Republican lawmakers who have self-quarantined over the virus.

Revelations that the contagion was only one step removed from the US president himself underscores how the virus could put any American at risk.

There have been 26 coronavirus-related deaths in the US as of Tuesday morning, with 755 confirmed cases, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University. cases.



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  1. This raises the question: Does Trump fear losing the next election more than his own mortality or his own mortality more than losing the next election?
    This man is confused.
    Does a certain psychopathy exist within someone such as Trump who will commit crimes such as rape and scamming others also involve germophobia?
    It’s not like the rest of us have a certain amount of it as well but it’s a natural thing to do so. We wash our hands, clean house , eat off clean dishes, etc and generally take common sense safeguards against catching something. Even then people catch airborne disease even food borne illnesses.
    I did and though I was gonna die. That restaurant is no longer in business.

  2. Idiosyncratic paranoia , is well documented. This is why the Stormy Daniels case looked like a plant. He could have made an exception for his own reasons, he is “given to emotions”.
    But, it must be wondered what overall affects Roy Cohn had on young DT. A fragile emotional state is easily and profoundly influenced by “things”. And all the “things” were attached to wealth and privilege. Status attached to “things”.

    • It’s obvious Trump did not grow up in a normal family setting but spent it at prep schools. However a number of boys were sent to such schools and in the U.K. they would have been sent to private all male colleges where no female contact would occur. But then we see how people like Tony Blair, David Cameron and Boris Johnson turned out.

    • At public schools like Eton and Rugby they get buggered and abused, this is how those with moral flexibility are identified and selected to be future leaders. Boris, Cameron, they were selected when still at Eton school, look up The Bullingdon Club.