Above photo: Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin and NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

by Hans Myrebro

An enormous terror attack on the 11th of September 2001 in the USA was planned. It gave the starting signal for the destruction of the Middle East.  Since all trails lead to the CIA, few people nowadays doubt that the attack was a commissioned work.

That organization or the organizations that planned and executed the attack that killed thousands of people is to be found inside the USA

To immediately lead the tracks away from the own power elite, analyst Bill Bennett speaking on CNN the day after, on Sept. 12, 2001, concluded:

“Congress must declare war against the militant Islam and overwhelming force must be used.”

Immediately the one guilty pointed out without any proof that a strike against Militant Islam was necessary.  The 9/11 attack and the call for retaliation became the starting signal for what came to be called “The War on Terror”.

But even though everything pointed to the USA as the core of the terror around the world especially in the Middle East,  immediately a large number of Arab states were pointed out as guilty.  It was obvious that one wanted to arrive at that point – to find a reason for demolishing a number of Arab states that happened to be situated to close to Israel.

In due time the plan meant that a large number of terrorists were created where there were none and the destruction of the country after country meant that major refugee streams were generated.

NATO countries with the USA in the lead carried out both the initial infiltration and influencing work but also the direct work of destruction by financing proxy troops like the ISIS.

In an extended Middle East Drama four major actors can be identified, the USA, NATO, Russia, and Israel. Only one of these protagonists had a goal to use terror to bring about a wrecked Middle East, while two of the other players – the USA and NATO – on the paper wanted to excite more democratic and humanistic states by bombing them to pieces.

Russia, on the other hand, had during many years created better living conditions in Syria through aid work and wanted to continue along that path. Russia has always opposed Western imperialistic influence, especially in the unstable Middle East.

The professors Walt and Mearsheimer have among others carefully documented that what is obvious for most – namely the Israeli Zionist Lobby has a powerful influence in the USA; especially in the area of foreign policy.

The result, in this case, is that Washington is remotely controlled from Jerusalem. NATO’s operational functions are in Brussels but the center for defining its goals and controlling its policies is somewhere in Washington, the town in which Israel with free hands exercise its military-political influence.

Israel is the state that never had to be quiet about its intentions. This because it knows that it is the USA’s nursling, at the same time as it exploits and profits from the USA’s lack of self-reliance and self-confidence.

Already in 1982, Israel made clear in a manifest, the so-called Yinon Plan, that all Arab states should be scrunched and then it would be suitable to start with Iraq. The demolition of states, however, led to enormous refugee streams, something that the Israeli side definitely did not concern itself with.  In fact, such chaos and division facilitated the goal of a Greater Israel.

The path that Israel entered in 1982 was cemented in 1996 in the document New Strategy for Securing the Realm that was produced by a working group under the former and current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The implication of this document was a further step on the path to destruction by removing Saddam Hussein from power as the prelude to demolishing a number of states. One also stated that the “way to Damascus goes over Bagdad”. The capital of Syria, Damascus, was not able to escape.  Israel and NATO states trained and equipped terrorists to do the dirty work, then to be later executed.

In the autumn of 2015, Vladimir Putin at a G-20 conference revealed that it was these G20 states that wholehearted supported ISIS.  With military force, the Russian President got active and started to fight the Western Powers cherished terrorists. This is the phase when ISIS aimed to take over the whole of Syria.

We are now seeing the result of a “brain-dead” aggression policy carried out by the USA and NATO in line with Israel’s wishes, a state that without transliteration has declared its goal of crushing the Arab states.

The result has been enormous material destruction and a refugee catastrophe with hundreds of thousand families affected. This is something that burdens the whole of Europe. We should carefully note that it wasn’t the Arabs, with roots in their countries going back thousands of years, that took action to bring about this deadly scenario.  But it was NATO, the USA, and Israel that have caused this crisis.

Even if the EU would now close its borders, it cannot escape its moral responsibility that the EU’s de facto military arm NATO has caused. The “defense organization” NATO will, for all time, be chained to the pillory for its headless actions; especially the ones during the last 20 years.

© 2020 Hans Myrebro – All Rights Reserved

About Author:  Hans Myrebro is an author living in Europe.  His book They Created a Bloody 20th Century aims to show major dramatic events of the century in their historically correct light and not the state-sponsored propagandized versions that are taught in schools.

They Created a Bloody 20th Century is a solid and reshaping historical document that reveals, with powerful source material, the driving forces and actors behind the greatest and bloodiest disasters of our time.

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  1. Mr Stoltenberg has his first name after Jens Christian Hauge(Aka Agent Oscar/Mossad). One can guess this by reading his Wikipage( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jens_Christian_Hauge ) If you google “Skui + mossad”, your shall learn that Mossad started in Norway before Rothscildistan became a local nightmare.

    Israel Krupp is another interesting person that played a important role in this “Secret Norwegian History”

    On needs to use google translate as most of the stuff written about this is in Norwegian, but its not a conspiracy theory, but historical facts.

    • Part 2

      Jens Stoltenberg is a part of this story or the “next generation” that is built upon moving around changing nationality and from whatever he was, became German or Polish and then moved to Norway, changing name from Stoltzenberg to Stoltenberg. His father was the secret leader of the (Mossad/CIA) STay Behind in Norway and his sister is the boss forever of our Rockefeller funded FHI(Folkehelse Instituttet), that is like semi public and runs that part (medical) of the destruction of Norway and the Norwegians.

      So its very natural to think that they are “encrypted operators” disguised as “Norwegians”. He is also married to a jewish woman Ingrid Schulerud that moved from Germany, to Denmark and then to Norway. The jewis backgound is official.

      I think its strange that the intel of European nations does not get these facts right as its a huge danger to Europe. Remember that he was seen as a psycopat due to his views of the Libya bombings and are also the one that got elevated for warcrimes to NATO and the sucess of the 22 july terror in Norway2011.

      To find his “lookalike” google IDF General Yahir Golan 🙂

  2. This is all so very true. It is incredible the amount of naivete from Eastern NATO members, who are not even buying Israeli crap, or enjoy having any Middle Eastern foe whatsoever (most of them recognize Palestine and have no problems with Iranians or any Muslim denomination), but they are NATO addicted because they feast on the dead ghosts of Stalinism, Leninism, Titoism, and see NATO as a monumental piece of their sovereignty from the evil spirits of communism. How wrong are they?! It is incredible, but NATO exists purely on the Russian scare, not even remotely on Israeli private property concerns. Let me repeat that in caps: NATO EXISTS PURELY ON THE RUSSIAN SCARE!! Britain, France and their military colonial ideology has been übercrap for many centuries, so there is no surprises there, they are most certainly from where the US got and developed their own monstrous ideology.

    • Basically Europe particularly Britain bequeathed its imperial designs and its racist concept of British Isrealism i.e. “White Man’s Burden” to America proudly flying the banner of the East India Company while spreading what the late William Blum presciently called “America’s Deadliest Export” that is their idea “Freedom and Democracy” to those nations including those in the Americas such as the Iroquois who had some system of democratic government long before the Constitution was even written.

      Israel like a virus infected the Middle East after WW I with the decline of the Ottoman empire and the Balfour Declaration who like the British Israelites and the Nazis believe in their own special choosiness according to the Book of Genocide AKA Deuteronomy.

    • British Israelites = Jews who came to England in the 17th century after Oliver Cromwell overthrew the monarchy using the New Model Army which was created using Jewish finance that was funneled through Portugese Marrano Jew Antonio Fernandez Carvajal. Cromwell readmitted the Jews to England so that by the end of the 17th century they had, under their puppet ruler William of Orange, established control over the English banking and governmental systems by setting up The City of London and the Bank of England, both copied from the Dutch versions set up by the Jews in Amsterdam a few decades earlier. The British East India Company was a copy of the Dutch East India Company, both were owned by Jewish banking families in partnership with the British and Dutch governments, which the Jews also controlled. The English Empire began at this time with the capture of Jamaica and the subsequent wars with Spain and France that saw the English take over most of North America and the Carribean. By the end of the 18th century, the Scots had been conquered and it became the British Empire. But make no mistake, it was owned and operated by the Jews and the British were just the host body for that group of parasites, we served as their indentured servants and mercenaries, did all the dirty work of empire building, but enjoyed only the scraps from the table while the Jews feasted to great excess.

    • I’ve heard the theory, they say John Cabot, another very early traveller to the Americas, was also a Jew, but I don’t know and I doubt we will ever know for sure now.

  3. you say the european union has a moral responsibility?

    Damn, too bad the Russians didn’t offer to help the 300 million prisoners of the E.U. to liberate themselves from the banker totalitarians at the city of london and in switzerland.

    If we could flatten the City of London and Switzerland and a few other key places (washington and new york for example) then the refugees could just go home.

    As long as we all tolerate the banker filth, we’re doomed. Unfortunately the E.U. and USA citizens who think they are rich are in our way. If we could convince the couple million millionaires that they’re just storage batteries and that they will lose their wealth too after the poor are gone and forgotten then they might help us to eradicate the banker plague.

  4. @ Hans Myrebro,
    Ihr Artikel, alles Richtig geschrieben es ist die Realität in der wir uns befinden. Ich hoffe nur dass es
    nicht zu einem Krieg führt.Es wäre das Ende des Planeten. Nochmals Dank für ihre hervorragende Leistung dieser Arbeit. Freundlichen Gruß Werner

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