For those who support Trump, as ye sow so shall ye reap

By the Senior Editor with Phil Butler and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

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This is the price of selling your soul to the devil. Not just Trump, the entire GOP has failed; a party filed with climate denialists, science haters and fools who also now have turned out to be, surprise surprise, utterly ignorant of economics.

By sabotaging testing, obviously, on the recommendation of Jared Kushner, only those dying or very seriously ill can get tested…thus…

…If 300,000 Americans have a mild case of COVID-19, which is very possible, Trump’s need to hide that…and the obvious fact that the US is the origin for a disease which MAY have originated at US biowarfare facility…

…and the disease is not that lethal..which MAY be true…we will never know the truth.

Thank you Donald Trump! You Fuck-Up!

20%, thus far, of America’s small businesses, just disappeared

The most obvious problem, for those following the economic destruction, is that Trump makes things worse, not on purpose, but because he isn’t very good at being president.  His ideas are shit, he is nasty, aloof and a pathological liar.

He is no FDR or Jack Kennedy. He isn’t even a passable Calvin Coolidge.

He can’t handle the press, even though his mobster friends own and run the press and watched it taken over by broken down models and rent boys.

The press needs to be silenced, no more “death rates double,” meaning 2 people died, now four. I am seeing clickbait sensationalism which is pushing public panic, something during a time of emergency needs to be stopped.

Check VT.  None of that crap there.  The fear of porn gang needs to be put in isolation.

Trump really failed there as the fake press and the fake president make a perfect team. It’s just the US that is dying, but they’re doing perfectly well.

Before venting, the last thing anyone should worry about is CV19 and getting sick.  For those who will be dying, and I won’t begin to speculate about the numbers if you are going to die from this, you were already dying from something else.

If you are high risk, smokers, compromised breathing, physically weak from other conditions, read Carol’s piece and leave it at that.  This is the best information out there, real medical information:

COVID-19-Primer Facts NOT Fiction

Right now, your biggest enemy is your other weaknesses, that of the soul.  This is a time for extreme civility and patience.  I just returned from lunch, “the last call” as it were as the state’s restaurants and bars all closed only minutes ago.

Many will go bankrupt, millions and millions of lives disrupted.

Little traffic out here, some things missing from stores but that will get better in a few days after idiot buying is overcome.

Some out there are panic speeding, weaving in and out of traffic as though they have been watching Fox News or InfoWars.

This has now been a test of leadership and we now know the price we pay when gangsters are given the run of Washington.  No one trusts anything from the Trump administration, not the financial markets, certainly not the people, the endless thousands of lies are now hanging out there when we need straight talk.

Trump simply keeps lying more and things get worse than ever, not from CV19, but from Trump.  He is the disease.

There is a multi-layered coverup going on.

No one is investigating this disease, where it originated…patient zero…nor where it came from, how SARS suddenly became a “super-infector.”

Someone made it.

We know it went to China with the US Army athletes (worst in the world).  The story has held up.  How did they get it?  Why are there no figures from the military?  Why is the entire US military on 100% secrecy about this disease, their probably or even certain culpability in spreading it and how many are affected?  Make sure you read the following:

Breaking/Exclusive: US Brought COVID-19 to China with Fake Army Team for Military Games, Evidence Mounting

As for the realities of disease progression here, I am not an epidemiologist.  In fact, qualified epidemiologists are suddenly gone, silent or silenced.

I can only guess that the disease will progress like a super-flu and hit millions of Americans.  Closing schools, churches, and discos isn’t going to fix that.

Within 10 days we will see what these efforts do, the numbers will turn, shrink, or not depending on mathematical probability.

To you, it will probably mean you may be ill or not but chances are you already might well have the low-grade flu out there, everyone I know has it.  Is it really CV19 and is all of this made up?



No more lobbyists or nutcase “fringe” doctors, and we don’t mean Ben Carson, running things.  Want to know how to do it?  Look at what Obama did, then do that.

Really?  Yep!

If you don’t secretly or not so secretly miss Barak Obama, you aren’t paying attention.  He was really good.  Credibility is everything and Trump pissed his away and now we are all sinking because of it.

Is this really true?  Yes, sadly.

The next issue is bio-warfare.  The high-risk nations involved are the US, Britain, France, and Israel but their labs are in Romania, Georgia, Libya and a bunch of places you never heard of with laundered cash, some drug money from Afghanistan,

Nobody knows who runs these labs, who they answer to or what diseases they work on, but SARS, Swine Flu and others are known to be things they “investigate,” which may mean and probably means weaponized for use with larger drones like the Global Hawk that can drop hundreds of smaller drones that distribute the pathogens.

We believe this is the methodology based on examination of how other diseases have jumped hundreds of miles in a single day, even thousands.

It is possible that in some nations, the disease will “burn through” and in others be stopped as China is claiming now.

If the US was the vector nation for accidental infection in China passed on by US military or something more sinister, all that will be discovered or would be, if only all weren’t suppressed.

It will all be about accountability.

In the interim, the economic fallout will cost the US a decade of problems.

Is COVID-19 Devouring What’s Left of the Trump Presidency?


Does anyone remember the scene in the original film Jaws in 1975 when Captain Quint gets devoured by the shark? Well, the COVID-19 situation in the US makes me imagine Donald Trump being devoured by a gigantic coronavirus. Or perhaps, the shark’s role could be played by western mainstream media?

Either way, there is some Trump munching going on. Whatever Hollywood special effect you apply, the Trump presidency is over. Hey, by the way, did Joe Biden engineer the SARS-CoV-2?

Remembering then-Vice President Joe Biden from the days of the Ukraine coup d’é·ta, most truthtellers would not put it past old 1-percent Joe. But no matter how COVID-19 came about, Trump is just not going to be able to “Tweet” himself out of his most recent screwups. It’s a funny thing about Americans, they can be as gullible as they come, but once they catch on…

And boy are they about to catch on. I almost feel sorry for the bad boy they once called The King of Debt, but Donald Trump had it coming. Now, an article on Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post by columnist Eugene Robinson, does not seem so mean and cruel in portraying Trump’s support base as the stupidest, most gullible people on earth.

Robinson, who’s not exactly my favorite expert, aptly pointed out The Donald promised his supporters he’d build a 2,000 mile-long wall on the US – Mexico border, and then bill Mexico for it. But “not a single mile of Trump’s wall has been built,” according to Robinson. However, in fairness to the president, a half a mile of the wall has been built by a private organization called We Build the Wall on private property near El Paso, Texas, with Trump’s encouragement. Check it yourself, if you doubt me here.

I don’t want to drag the reader into this mess. Some good people have donated a lot of time and money to help create this Tower of Babel. Trump’s other lies are more damnable, anyway. Take Robinson’s assertions about Trump’s promises on America’s imbalance of trade. “The Chosen One” (another Trump nickname) told his supporters he’d reverse trade policies that helped other nations and hurt Americans. Robinson wrote:

“The Commerce Department announced Wednesday that the overall US trade deficit in goods last year soared to an all-time high of $891 billion. The deficit with China, Trump’s principal target — the amount by which the value of imported goods exceeded the value of exported goods — reached a record $419 billion.”

Then there’s “Draining the Swamp”, affordable care, and a laundry list of other Trump promises that have gone unfulfilled. But none of Donald Trump’s follies would have even been remembered has he not screwed the pooch on COVID-19. In this one, the emotional escapism Americans get to relish in because of what was Trump’s New York bravado in a booming economy is about to hit everybody’s next-door neighbor.

The Wall Street bubble is about to become a vacuum. The world pandemic is going to suck the life out of the American people when the US Treasury is forced to print more borrowed money just to keep the world afloat. And make no mistake, that’s the economic future if we are to escape Mad Max and Thunderdome replacing next year’s Super Bowl.

As horrible as total bankruptcy sounds, the human cost of America’s unpreparedness for the coronavirus is already unbelievable. How many reading this remember the time when the world looked to the United States for vaccines, healing-aid, and outreach to stem the miseries of other nations? And in America, Trump swore he had “shut down” the coronavirus back in early February 2020. I did run across a Trump Tweet early on in the fight to stop COVID-19.

“The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”

Throughout the crisis up until he was caught lying about the availability of coronavirus tests a few days ago. Before he announced flight bans on Europe, Trump has bragged and spewed like his comment; “The CDC and my Administration are doing a GREAT job of handling Coronavirus…” The American president is unveiled as a man who does not even care to study the issues and facts surrounding him. Now New York City officials say New Yorkers should consider themselves to have been exposed to the coronavirus. How’s that for under control?

I almost feel bad saying that President Trump is the worst kind of incompetent, but even his most stalwart fan base is beginning to see through the bullshit. And as he continues to babble like an idiot about his “good job, good job, good job” Trump manages to use a deadly disease to plug his failed border wall fiasco:

“Going up fast. We need the Wall more than ever!” – President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump

Meanwhile, the 2018 promises by Trump to fund Italy’s debt seem to be paying off, interestingly, as the entire country will probably be up for sale shortly. Italy leaders are already planning a moratorium to get more investment to float the country’s burgeoning debt made worse by the coronavirus.

And, it’s no surprise that (hey, isn’t she a crook) Christine Lagarde (Bernard Tapie’s loan guarantor), who’s now the President of the European Central Bank, told the Italians they were “pretty much on their own” the other day. Bond yields went through the roof because the ECB is not going to help Italy.

This means mortgage rates on Italian homes etc, are going to be unpayable for many Italians. And when they lose their properties, guess who will move in to snap them up? Say “billionaires” softly. Allianz Global Investors is already snapping up Italian bonds like they are mint chocolates on a Waldorf pillow.

Around the world, the Norwegians are closing all airports and seaports. The Saudis have grounded all air carriers. Global tourism accounts for 320 million jobs and more than $9 trillion dollars of the global economy. Here in Europe, Multinational travel and tourism company TUI Group is on target to follow rival tours company, Thomas Cook down the tubes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already caused the German company to postpone pre-payments hoteliers depend on to stay afloat and to cancel outright contracts. TUI stocks suck for the last five years anyhow and the company now has limited options to cover dividends and its burgeoning debt. TUI shares have fallen by 42% year-to-date. Investors who were once sedated with juicy dividends are worried now that travel demand hit by coronavirus will crash the company.

Underneath, the hotels, restaurants, retailers, wholesalers fear utter devastation. And at the White House, the news is good – President Donald Trump tested negative for the coronavirus!

The whole mess stinks of a genetically engineered, secret germ warfare 007 placed super-virus designed to let those with money take over what’s left of the world. Oops! I did not mean to insert that here. It just slipped out in the middle of all this Trump over truth. Aha! And maybe I got it! Maybe the reshaping of the world is the crescendo of Donald Trump’s purpose in the first place?

It is probably time for him to leave. Now wouldn’t that make all of us feel gullible and stupid? A name is sticking in my head. Allianz, Allianz, where was it I was reading about Allianz Global and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg? Well, that’s for another time. A good cop – bad cop ending here would just be too much. The current “good cop” seems dressed and ready to make his exit.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praet


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  1. “Some out there are panic speeding, weaving in and out of traffic as though they have been watching Fox News or InfoWars.”

    Or maybe they own something made by BMW Motorrad? 😉

  2. On many vehicles, the cables should be touched to complete the circuit after being disconnected from the battery (at least on the last two Honda Civics I owned).

  3. Gordon’s contention that there is a difference between the Republican and Democratic parties holds true only at the grassroots level or base of the pyramid. At the apex, where the real power lies, they both march in lockstep to the dictates of Israel, high finance, corporatism, the surveillance police state, and the Pentagon. Truly contemptible, sub-human scum.

    • rrJames. Maybe we should have voted for Hillary. I’m sure Gordon would have kept her on the straight and narrow. Shame, we can all “pipedream” from time to time.

  4. Trump is the closer.

    Gota love those that support the GOP as 20% of the us small businesses? Try 50% or more when this is over.

    The kids got a saying about the “virus”: Boomer remover!

    Then we can get Bernie and some reform and to gall? Shut the fock up OK?

  5. if you Keep the tests down than you keep the mortality rate high. That is math. no reason needed. But so many questions.

  6. Actually I don’t miss Obama or any other President I’ve had to endure under and that will include Trump when his terms or term is over. I think our total political system needs to be overhauled which includes getting rid of the two party conspiracy where the other party becomes an accessory instead of the perpetrator depending on which one is in office.

    Obama was no better than Trump except he was a better liar. Also he didn’t promise anything specific. You can get a lot more milage with “hope and change” than say “ending stupid wars” and then ramping them up instead or “stop being the policeman to the world” while still playing the lead belly sheriff globally.

    The only thing that is the silver lining from all this is that the Government which includes both parties have been exposed as totally corrupt and that Neoliberalism and the NeoCON is dying before our eyes. Not only that but the Feral Reserve, WB, IMF and all those vulture investors have been exposed for the parasites they really are.

    • Your understanding of Obama indicates you know NOTHING about political reality but rather everything about the nothing you have been fed by the MSM.

      You are 100% wrong. We love you anyway.

    • I love you too Gordie but the fact is stopped watching MSM back when Clinton and that sleazy harpy Albright were “humanitarian” bombing the shit out of Serbia and haven’t been back since. I recommend reading the book American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: A People’s History of Fake News―From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror Roberto Sirvent and Danny Haiphong.

      As far as I’m concerned all Presidents since “town destroyer” Washington have been reprehensible cretins. Obama’s no exception and neither is Trump.

    • I agree that there were many things that Obama did right. Just as other presidents have such as rapprochement with Cuba and JCPA. So has Trump by directly engaging Kim Jong-un and Putin despite being called a “traitor” by the media. Also if you remember he tried to totally withdraw from Syria but was prevented by the so called “adults in the room”. Now he’s totally gone to the dark side like Obama did when he funded terrorists and wrote up kill lists etc. I don’t know much about Obama’s policies on biological weapons but I do know that Trump is continuing Obama’s policy of “upgrading” nuclear weapons in violation of various arms limitation treaties. In other words neither of them are paragons of virtue.

  7. The media (all of them) have gone full tabloid with the fear-porn,…disgusting! Just read that Boeing credit was downgraded to BBB, from A+, and Boeing is in talks with White House and congress for a bailout. Can you believe that? Boeing has borrowed $100 billion in cheap money for stock buybacks since 2013, enriching executive management with stock options and bonuses, but now they want a bailout. If they get one, there needs to be some necktie parties. Those students and grads with $1.5 trillion debt outstanding that can’t be discharged in bankruptcy court( thanks, Senator Joe Biden), piss on them!

    • Not only were they enriching themselves with stock buy backs but also they were off-shoring the software for the 737 turkey so they could pay their parasitic “investors” big dividends who it seems according to their sleeze ball CEO are more important than passenger safety.

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