Breaking/Exclusive: Lockdown 72 Hours, Unconfirmed report from (uninformed?) government leaks (updating)


Due to non-compliance by the public, one major metropolitan police force and the DHS confirm that there will be a secret lockdown in 72 hours based on an federal emergency powers.

Facebook says its fake.  We do know, however, that Trump is now taking advice from Israeli security through Jared Kushner that will violate the rights and privacy of every American, a 100% surveillance state is being put in place through our devices.

This is confirmed.  As for the lockdown…

Our question is did they learn it though a reputable service (LAPD) or did they pick it up on Facebook.

We are told Americans will be confined to their homes indefinitely.  Trump has ordered that all information on unemployment, and other key factors be classified by state governments and not released to the public or media.

Trump has used his emergency powers to order tracking through mobile phones of all Americans.  Turn off your location services now.

VT is very reluctant to publish this.  DHS said “it makes sense and we think he is going to do it,” that’s our confirmation.

From the police, they give it 100%.

Considering the hatred for Trump and simple fact the American people aren’t stupid enough to believe his China hate mongering, it will be Kushner and Trump blamed for the situation which is already horrible for many millions of American families.

Nothing has been done about test kits, ventilators, protective gear or keeping food on grocery store shelves.

I don’t need to make things worse by repeating other than what we are obligated to.



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  1. If you had any doubt about what this thing is that calls itself president, it should be clear now. A reporter lobs him a softball. Sets him up for a perfect moment to be a leader, an inspiration to people. To actually speak a word of comfort to those that are simply frightened and confused. His response will go down in history. This man is utterly insane and should be removed immediately. We are truly a ship without a captain in the perfect storm.

  2. Thank you for the information, Gordon, here in Austria we are in full lockdown anyway..
    People believe here that in 2 to 3 month live will return back to like it was before the Corona-crisis.
    They are kidding themselves…

    Of course everybody is tracked with the smartphone, nothing new here.
    Im just wondering why people dont leave it at home ( i remember the time with one telephone at home ,non movable)

  3. Will the USA become a “free fire” zone, similar to occupied Palestine, with DHS snipers shooting first and asking questions later? What will be done with the homeless people – gulag style camps or a drop in the price of Soylent Green? Will we be allowed to go to the grocery store to purchase said Soylent Green?

  4. Time to end Zionism then.
    Peace will not be able to come to all till these godless bastards are on earth .
    The virus will cull all till they’re around .
    I curse them and all their allies and the complicit with all the power I have .
    Heaven on earth awaits their current destruction at warp speed.
    01 93

  5. You could leave all your tracking devices at home, unless like ONSTAR on GM products, it’s built in. But then Sidewinder devices will copy your tags. You could wear a N95 mask to hide face, block coronas, while riding your bicycle or skateboard, but satellite tracking will follow you. Maybe just get a shovel and tunnel over to the neighbors. NO, ground penetrating radar will spot you. Face it, you are all alone with BIG BROTHER.

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