Facts are coming together and we now know, for absolutely certain, that CV19 is an engineered virus and that those behind it, including media, official and otherwise, are trying to blame China.

The “party-line” for the Deep State…”it escaped from a Chinese lab”…but we know different.

by Ian Greenhalgh

We have been intensively studying the virus outbreaks ever since the first cases appeared in Wuhan. However, it is only now that we have worked out what is going on and who is behind it.

Sometimes clues come from the most unexpected sources, a couple of days ago we got one such clue from a notorious, disgraced Israeli disinfo shill who wrote about the ‘nice people’ at the Gatestone Institute and how they had published a story about the virus has escaped from a Chinese bio lab in Wuhan.

The mere mention of the Gatestone Institute immediately set off my bullshit detector and I decided to look into the matter. Long time VT readers will be familiar with the Gatestone Institute and its notorious head, Nina Rosenwald the arch Zionist pro-Israel former board member of AIPAC and JINSA, two organizations at the heart of the Israeli lobby in the US that are deeply complicit in Israeli’s nefarious meddling in US politics. These are not ‘nice people’, they are anything but, these are the traitorous scum of the earth that have actively assisted the rape and murder of the USA by the Zionist criminals.

The offending article was penned by an Italian called Giulio Meotti and can be found here:

Coronavirus: China’s War on the Truth by Giulio Meotti, March 7, 2020

The article is a disgusting piece of anti-Chinese black propaganda, its main purpose is to promote the notion that the Chinese are thoroughly bad, untrustworthy people and are themselves responsible for the virus outbreak as it escaped from a Wuhan research laboratory.

I’ll cut to the chase – this article is utter bullcrap and Giulio Meotti is an Israeli disinfo operative.

So, why do we have a bunch of notorious Israeli stooges promoting a fraudulent narrative about the origins of the virus?

The answer is obvious they are covering for the fact that the virus outbreak is the work of the Israelis, an act of bioterrorism on a grand scale.

I have already explained why China is being attacked in my intro to Gordon’s article published yesterday, which is essential reading for an understanding of the current situation:

Trump’s Engineered Crash: Massive Pump and Dump Over Deep State Bio-Engineered Pandemic Has Killed America

Here is an extract:

“Of course, the hidden hands that control virtually the entire globe and its economy were not prepared to allow the Chinese to become the dominant economic, industrial and military power, so they decided to wage war on China; an undeclared war that is unlike any that preceded it as it is not being fought on battlefields by militaries nor in the skies by aircraft and missiles.

A quick rundown of some of the offensive actions taken against China leaves one in little doubt that a concerted campaign is been waged against the Asian powerhouse:

  • The CIA-sponsored uprising in Xianjing province by the Muslim Uighurs, has cost the Chinese huge sums of money and the expenditure of vast efforts to put down and even today is still being dealt with.
  • The decimation of China’s pig farms by swine flu
  • The outbreaks of bird flu that caused such panic and did serious damage to the Asian economies.
  • Trump’s trade war and the US sanctions on China.
  • The demonization of 5G technology, in particular, that of the market leader with the best technology – Huawei
  • The illegal arrest of Huawei’s CFO in Canada
  • The attack on the port of Tianjin with a nuclear weapon
  • The US-sponsored protests in Hong Kong
  • The provocative encroachments into the South China Sea & Straits of Taiwan by US Navy flotillas.

That’s just a short list off the top of my head, there are many more that could be added to the list. but the picture is clear – China has been under sustained attack for the last few years.”

That covers China, but what about Italy? That country has been second hardest hit and the scale of the outbreak there dwarves every other country, clearly, Italy has been singled out for special punishment above and beyond everyone apart from the Chinese.

The answer to why Italy is under attack is not hard to discover, just read the opening paragraphs of this article by the European Council on Foreign Relations: Italy’s Chinese dilemma

“Ahead of Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has joined the long series of issues that divide Italy’s ruling parties

One only has to glance at the Italian media to know that, across the political spectrum, Italy’s public debate is dominated by discussions of whether the Chinese government is attempting to buy the country. Following Rome’s official endorsement of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) earlier this month, most prominent Italian decision-makers and political commentators seem to have put aside urgent challenges on the European agenda to focus on this unexpected shift to the east. Even issues as divisive as migration and the powers of the European Union – pillars of the ruling Five Star Movement’s and League’s political identity – now seem somewhat outdated.

The debate pits those who prioritize strengthened economic relations with China against those who fear that the initiative will turn Italy into the “next Africa or Greece”. In many ways, the recent increase in Italian enthusiasm for closer economic relations with China began in 2014, when Matteo Renzi, then prime minister, conducted a high-profile tour of the country. Renzi’s successor, Paolo Gentiloni, continued the effort to court Beijing, as has the current Italian government.

China and Italy are currently negotiating a memorandum that includes 50 economic, cultural, and infrastructural agreements, most of which concern Italian state-owned and private companies, including national champions. The memorandum – which, unlike those Beijing has with 13 other European states, is not legally binding – will be signed during President Xi Jinping’s 21-24 March trip to Italy (the first such visit by a Chinese leader since Hu Jintao attended the G8 summit in L’Aquila in 2009). Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, a former lawyer, has repeatedly emphasized that the memorandum will include all necessary references to the European and multilateral values Italy has asked China to respect. He aims to reassure Rome’s European and other partners – primarily Washington – that Italy remains committed to the EU and the transatlantic relationship.”

So there you have it in a nutshell – Italy has been forging strong ties with China, especially economic ones. As the ECFR article so succinctly puts it:

Rome now seems stuck between Beijing and Washington – between economic opportunities and security guarantees

Italy has broken away from the herd and dared to forge ahead with trade & economic policies that are drawing it into China’s orbit, this is simply not acceptable to the international Zionist criminals, they want China to be isolated, bereft of allies and therefore vulnerable.

Italy’s ‘reward’ for daring to ally itself with China is to become a victim of Israeli bio-terrorism and it will be hit very hard, just to make sure that every other nation is scared off from forging deals with China or joining its Belt & Road Initiative.

Given that Italy has an elderly population and its public services have been underfunded for many years, the potential for the outbreak turning into a truly horrendous situation is strong. Italian authorities are not blind to this fact and are taking very strong measures, the country is in a virtual lockdown, travel is banned, those breaking the ban risk being imprisoned, the police & the army is being held on stand by to enforce the quarantine lockdown.

Expect things to get much worse in Italy, for they are being made an example of and the punishment is going to be severe in order to thoroughly scare and intimidate any and all world leaders.

The message is clear – ally with China and you face the same fate as Italy.

Author Details
Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. The people who wrote the book on treachery have outdone themselves. From the beginning, it was hard to believe that the country that has broken records in empire building, would shoot themselves in the foot with a nuclear weapon. The exuberance that the Western MSM displayed in handling the story, should have been a wake up nudge. Too much attention was directed at the Wuhan Research Center.

  2. “TUCKER CARLSON’S MONOLOGUE Published 16 mins ago
    Tucker Carlson: When the coronavirus passes, we must treat China like a dangerous Cold War adversary”
    Tucker Carlson By Tucker Carlson | Fox News
    “The great masses of the people…will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.”
    Adolph Hitler

  3. The Italian connection was the piece of the puzzle I didn’t know.

    Add to your list that China has been busy co-opting the Asian Neighbors through tourism economics and other means. So its quite understandable that the powers that be are angry at seeing their power and NWO project slipping away.

    Reminds me of the warning Harvey Milk received – “your upsetting very powerful people” summer of 1978 HIV was in the experimental Hep B vaccine give out to gay men in NY & SF, and the rest as they say is history…

    • No, do some research, Pirbright aren’t involved in human virus study, they study livestock viruses. The whole idea is conspiracy nonsense.

  4. I read somewhere that scientists in Israel by shear luck have been working in the Coronavirus. Imagine that! The vaccine will be ready in 90 days – let’s forget about the 10 – 12 years of testing and big pharma will save you.

  5. Imagine If This HADN’T Happened…

    In USA, Chinese were scapegoated for financial panics & Depressions in 1870’s – 90’s.

    They were banned. For most of the 20th century. WHILE White/Europeans flooded the #OpenBorders that #MadeAmericaGreat.

    {The Euro snowflakes called Ellis “Heartbreak Island”. For the low acceptance rate of… 98%!
    And long processing times of… 4 hours!}

    • The “Spanish Flu” (that started at military base in Kansas) slowed pace, but still…

      #OpenBorders. #WhenAmericaWasGreat.

  6. This surprised me, I thought Japan woulda been top…

    Boomer & Up population:

    Iran: 13%
    US: 29%
    Japan: 35%
    Italy: 40%!!

  7. The ultimate “Divide and rule” tactic weapon to isolate everyone from each other over fear to be infected by the virus

  8. This should have been obvious EVEN TO THE MOST UNINFORMED when the AMOUNT OF INFECTED IN THE MOST SENIOR OF IRANIAN government position. *This is how paralyzed the media, the elite and the mind controllers have made most of humanity, even little children could read these obvious events and think, hmm ‘WHO BENEFITS?’* Who kept yelling Iranian deal BAD? Trump. Who kept yelling Iran is the demon of the middle east other than SA, well that’s Israel and world Zionism which includes huge portions of world Jewry and world Christendom.

  9. Well, according to israeli and American protocol, should kill all jews, any innocents considered collateral damage.

  10. Of course….Follow the money and that is where you will find the Jewish Zionist Black Nobility (claim to royal hybrid Anunnaki bloodlines) and their viziers (International Central Banking Banking Cartel) and their priest classes (Religions—-particularly the Abrahamic ones—- with associated secret societies/brotherhoods). They are responsible for all moral iniquity on Planet Earth. Yet one more engineered NBC (in this case biological) attack on humanity for the purposes of democide.
    Thank you Mr. Greenhalgh.

  11. Ian: So glad to hear your health is returning. Your ‘tireless’ research is a significant reason why I so look forward to your articles. The hysteria in the MSM here in the States, is deafening, and especially alarming. It is very helpful that you put the coronavirus in context, I only wish that large numbers of my fellow US critters would avail themselves of your article. All the best, and thanks old chap!

  12. Good article Ian. Yes Iran and Italy..attacked. The West (govts) is running about like headless chickens. China is close or has it all under control. 2 cases outside Hubei province which are imports to China. China has done the smarts and giving plasma to infected persons which contain the antibodies. Could be a reason hardly any new cases. Italy and Iran need to copy China , looks like Italy is going in that direction, possibly Iran. Of course they have different social structures.

  13. @ Ian Greenhalgh,
    ein guter Kommentar, sehe ich genau so wie Sie schreiben.Sollten Sie sich nicht wohl fühlen ruhen
    Sie sich etwas mehr aus., Wünsche Ihnen alles gute weiterhin. Werner

  14. I suspected Israel’s involvement right from the beginning. According to the late investigative journalist Danny Cosolaro they were also working on a gene specific killer virus after hijacking the Cabezon Res to reverse engineer PROMIS.

    Not only that but allegedly they also almost immediately “discovered” a vaccine over there which probably was already engineered with the virus.

    • Yeah, they took the vaccine off the shelf, developed at the same time as the virus strain variations. The real heroes will come up with the Ashkenazi payback virus…….what a wonderful world it could be!

      BDS 2020

  15. The reason The Low Countries, Iceland, Switzerland and Norway have so many registered cases a
    to mee appear fourfold:
    1) Thee have good public health systems where going to the doctor is cheap.
    2) After getting to the hospital, all care is free of charge.
    3) Wages are relatively equal for the grater part of peoples in those lands.
    4: Many from Norway & Iceland went to skiing vagation s in the southern Alps of Italy due to little snow this winter in thair homelands (unlike Sweden, Finland and RUssia this winter).
    5: THe registration systems for new cases by the public health organs is weeænigh perfect.

    • . None of these five factors apply to Jews in the State-of-Israëll part of Southern Syria (i.e. “Palestine). For obvious reasons not to the two other semi-states (On The “West Bank” and in ‘Asa) either.
      . Please forgive the typos in the above remark from me: “Weernigh” shall of course be “well nigh”!

    • By the numbers, the second most hard-hit nation state in Europe seems to be Norway — albeit not the land with the highest death rate as yet from this infection. Norway has an agreement to “respect the basic interests of China” and not to infringe on China’s key interests. (This was the agreement that brought Norway out of the diplomatic and state tie deep.frees imposed om that country by China after the Chinese deemed that awarding the Nobél Piss Price to Liú Xiǎobó was the work of the Norwegian Atlantisist state and not the independent decision of the awarding committee in Oslo.) Thuswise, thi Norwegian rate of infection seem to hold well with this article’s musings about why Italy was the first state in Europe to be hit so hard.

  16. Thank you Ian, and good luck for the game!

    Keep up the good work!

    The media here is in hyper—hysteria, but people in Italy are dying really fast, its a bit scary.

  17. The whole reason behind WW1, WW2, Korea & Vietnam was started by the joos was to eliminate as many White Men as possible.

  18. Everybody knows, the whole Galaxy knows.

    Plejaren Contact fragment notes, German translation in two versions:

    25. They assumed for themselves the right to be qualified for world-control and to be worthy as chosen people, although they were never a people, rather only a low human group of gypsies of all kinds of colors and races who had come together. 25. They acquired the right to be suitable for world domination and to be considered a chosen people, although they were never a people, but only a small group of gypsies of all colors and races that came together.
    26. But since the events of that time, they led, unauthorized, as first ones, as justified before others to rule the Earth, faithful to the models who wanted to slap the entire Earth into servitude. 26. Since then, however, they have acted unjustifiably as firstfruits, as prerogatives to rule the earth, faithfully to the role models who wanted to subserve the whole earth.
    27. Thereby they became renegades, as also were their models, who now from their side, had to seek new ways to realize their wishes for power. 27. As a result, they became apostates, as were their role models, who in turn had to look for new ways of realizing their power desires.
    28. They found these ways then also through Kamagol the First who succeeded Jehovah, who had assumed the name of an JHWH.

  19. I wouldn’t put it out of their reach! Think! They became one of the greatest Nuclear Power on the Planet. They have one of the most advanced, High Tech., Bio., Pharma., Industries, most of that has been stolen from American Firms! but , what is a ‘Plantation” for? Yes I think it is not such a ‘long shot’ to accept the possibility of such a ‘Demonic-Devilish’ Undertaking! They have what is called in Yiddish- SCHUTZPAH! Think; the assasinations of JFK and his brother Bobby, maybe even, JACK JR? The “USS LIBERTY” and the biggest so far 9/11/2001! There is NO limit what they have and still gotten away with nowdays under the Flag of Zionism! In the 20th century they are responsible for the deaths of some 200 million people, under the Flag of Marxist-Bolshevik-Communism, the vehicle was, what I call, the JEWISH PLAGUE, that they spread from, St. Petersburg, Russia to Shanghai, China! They are at it again! Who need close to 8 billion, less than 1 billion GOYIM will do just as well, with A.I and Robotics! We need them just for fun, SEX, entertainment, like the Roman Circuses, long time ago!

  20. Will there ever be payback for these satanists.
    Or is mankind destined to suffer and suffer at their hands for an eternity.

  21. Thank you Ian, its very difficult to get accurate information, thats why i turned to veterans today!
    If the roadblocks turn up all over Austria i will let you know!

    I will watch Man United vs Lask anyway, Quarantine or not!

    I wish you all the best.
    Maybe hard times are coming…..

    • Best of luck for Thursday, as a lifelong Man Utd fan I shall be watching too. Hopefully it will be a good game despite the strange circumstance. All the best to you meine freund.

    • You are welcome, I will do my best to keep providing what solid info we can discern. You stay safe too. BTW, Manchester Utd are playing Austrian side LASK on Thursday and they just announced it will beplayed iin an empty arena as a precaution against the virus.

  22. Thanks for the great article!

    I live near Italy and watch the news. Things are really starting to get crazy. I dont know if a full lockdown is nessecary, but Austria goes the same way. When the dust settles, there will not be much of an economy left. Really strange. Is the virus so dangerous?

    • I wish I could give you concrete information, there is definitely some fear mongering going on by the media, but that doesn’t necessarily mean things aren’t going to get bad.

  23. Outstanding Ian! Bravo Zulu! The Zionist Bioweapon exposure of the shadowy AIPAC self-Chosen ones, as well as the 50 announced cases in the criminal state is an MSM smokescreen, to appear as victim’s as well to us mere mortals, the scale of this beyond 9/11 event, showed their involvement when Iran was targeted. They tipped and over played their hand, again!

    The Goyim know!
    BDS 2020

  24. The soulless Zionist is the real pandemic virus infecting the world, with their agents infecting all host nations like an insatiable, parasitic tape worm which feeds on wealth, independence, integrity, pride, unity and all other forms of self worth until there is nothing left of the host nation but an empty shell.

  25. World (zio) Bank issued $500 million in “Pandemic Bonds” in July 2017 with a three year term and high interest terms. With time ru ming out, the UN Agenda 21 gangsters, teamed up with the World Economic (zio) Forum in Dec 2019 at “EVENT 201” to quickly wargame their bioweapon roll out.

    CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY were previously punished by public trials and executions. Let us pray that history will soon repeat itself with these bioweapon eugenicists.

  26. The Corona Biogenetic weapon against Iran is completely of different version, more lethal. High number of government officials were infected.

    Total war propaganda and blockage of Iran is going on.

    • I haven’t looked closely at the Iranian situation, it doesn’t surprise me that more than one bioweapon variant is in use, I wouldn’t put anything, no matter how ruthless, murderous and cruel, past these criminals.

  27. Thank you Ian for the great informative article. You confirmed what I had always suspected about Michael Shrimpton been a disinfo shill. Seems like he is lost in the past always blaming the Germans. Michael, WW2 finished back in 1945.

    The ABC Australia website is now asking us to ignore the conspiracy theories, hahaha, as if I’m going to believe anything that comes from MSM media and the government with it’s so called experts. I know too much to believe anything they say.

    As for Robert Steele, I was immediately suspicious of him right from the start.

    Its good to read your articles even thou they are not as frequent as they used to be. I realise sickness and busy lifestyles cut into your time. I hope you overcome your illness and good luck to you.

    • Thankyou Cindy. My health is slowly returning, so I hope to be able to contribute more. Although I haven’t written so much, I have been reading and researching a lot, which takes a lot of time actually, I would estimate a 10:1 ratio between research and writing is about average as I try to make sure I get things as correct as I can, especially when they are such serious issues as this virus situation.

      I can only speak for my own motivaton and conscience, I like to think that if I dropped dead tomorrow, I could go to my grave with a clean conscience knowing I did my level best to help tell the truth. How others reconcile with themselves considering their less than honest activities is their own concern.

    • Cindy Myer
      About Michael Shrimpton

      The Jews once and now again Dominate Germany …. Germany has Aways been an excellent producer of Technical Goods …… After WW1 When Jews Were Dominant over Germany then They Tried the Ultimate Gamble THAT IF the Jews don’t make a Profit from Selling German Good then Germany should Perish and None of the German Goods to be Sold Anywhere So in 1935 the Jews Declared A WAR on Germany and German goods Which was Rubbed in the faces of Germans quite rudely and Blatantly …… the Germans were not Expecting such a shittty move by a Tiny Minority so it took them Time to React and Germany did React and its Rubbed in our faces Daily by the name of Hollowcost ….. the Thing is that the Jews DEMAND To remain Unchallenged and universally Accepted So this German insolence of Reacting Against the Jews is An Unforgiveable Sin of Germans AND ALL Jews Hate the Germans for Trying to Fight Back AND Hence it’s the Duty of Every Shitty Jew to Malign Germany Forever in Every Way and of course Jews Love to LIE so the Jews Will Always Always Diss Everything Germany …… that’s Michael Shrimpton for You …….

    • One of the great tragedies is that, of all the peoples of Europe, the ones that we British are closest to, culturally, linguistically and in a few other ways, are our German cousins. We nearly destroyed each other twice, after centuries of being allies, and all for the benefit of that tiny minority. Even today we Brits get along better with the Germans than we ever will with the French, Spanish etc.

  28. Thanks Ian

    You make sense
    unlike the Stupid Robert David Steel AND the Jewish Habitual LIAR called Michael Shrimpton

    • Cheers. Right now, common sense seems to be at a premium, which is worrying given the potential for disaster contained in this virus situation.

    • Well My Brother Ian

      I Think that Both These Forementioned IDIOTS called Robert David Steel and Michael Shrimpton Are PAID to Constantly LIE

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