Vital: Who Controls WHO?

Michael Shrimpton attacks WHO's handling of the Coronavirus crisis and comments on the week's other events.


Introduction:  Michael Shrimpton’s articles are always fascinating and never mainstream for VT.  Thus, to his article, we are adding the video exposing the Director of the WHO as a Deep State operative who has done everything possible to make COVID19 a successful pandemic.  Watch the video and you will learn why.

VT research differs from Shrimpton’s assumptions on the origin of CV19 but he is supplying us with his usual fascinating read.  We never discount his work, Michael has well established credentials.g

VT: No, it’s not a typing error! ‘Who controls whom?’ is a question for another occasion. Who controls the World Health Organisation is the more immediate question. To understand that you have to understand the UN itself, since WHO is a UN agency. It should come as no surprise that a German spy, Alger Hiss, was instrumental in the WHO’s creation. The German DVD still controls the UN and its agencies.  

Since the Coronavirus crisis broke the WHO has shamefully covered up China’s role in creating and accidentally releasing this deadly bio-weapon. It has shredded its credibility in the process. CDC in the States and the Cabinet Office in the UK have also put their credibility on the line.

It should come as no surprise to find that the WHO is headed by a former Ethiopian foreign minister. Ethiopia has one of the most authoritarian and repressive regimes in Africa, responsible for a large number of human rights abuses. Ideal for heading up a dodgy UN agency!

The Abwehr agent Alger Hiss

Absurdly, Alger Hiss was accused of being a Soviet agent by Whittaker Chambers, a dubious character if ever there was one. Hiss was a spy alright, but for the Abwehr, not the GRU. It was no accident that he ended up chairing the UN Charter Convention. Like the equally useless League before it, the UN was the creation of German intelligence. One of the key German aims was the dismantling of the British, French and Dutch colonial empires and their handover to German or Chinese assets. The loss of human life that process involved was a secondary consideration, of course.

As I explain in Spyhunter, our community partner Oberleutnant Kurt Waldheim wasn’t made Secretary-General of the UN in ignorance of the fact that he was an Austrian war criminal and former German intelligence officer, but because of it. They do due diligence on candidates for Secretary-General, you know! The DVD’s Marshal Tito knew what he was doing when he promoted Waldheim’s candidacy.

Tito didn’t tool around in a Benz 600 Pullman for nothing. He was no more a communist than Alger Hiss of course, or Lenin, if it comes to that.

Supported by the Cabinet Office, the British government’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, came up with crazy idea of developing ‘herd immunity’ by allowing more than half the UK population to catch Covid-19! One American immunologist thought that this was satire and who can blame him. Herd immunity is normally brought about by vaccines. I intend no offense to Sir Patrick, and he will take none, I am sure, when I say that it is somewhat disheartening to discover that the government’s senior science adviser is a half-crazed global warming nutter.

WHO’s role in the cover-up

WHO have been covering up China’s role in developing Covid-19 from the very beginning. I’m not buying the Chinese allegation, supported by some of my esteemed colleagues, that the US military bought the virus from America to China via the US delegation at the World Military Games in Wuhan. The games were over by October 27th, whereas the virus did not start circulating in Wuhan until mid to late November.

Granted the virus is designed to be contagious, via the ingenious mechanism of having patients asymptomatic for about 14 days, but not all patients are initially asymptomatic. How would Fort Detrick know whether they were going to be asymptomatic or not? Furthermore the games started on October 18th and competitors would have arrived a day or two before then, if only to get over jet-lag, and would have traveled for a day or two before that. The timeline is very tight.

The ‘Americans did it’ theory has two more fundamental drawbacks, however: the US has no history at all of aggressive use of bio-weapons (you are the Good Guys after all!) and even if Fort Detrick, or the CIA, or the Administration went nutty and decided to try and destroy the Chinese economy with a bio-weapon such is the scale of Correa/COREA Group penetration of US intelligence the op would have been blown before the first bug left the laboratory.

The US, by the way, has never done well at the World Military Games. The Wuhan games were the 7th and the US hasn’t topped the medal table once. Since you guys gave up horse cavalry some time ago, sadly, it’s easy to see why you didn’t do so well in the equestrian events, for example, where entries using Abrams tanks were not permitted.

I’m not much impressed either by arguments that all five sub-variants have been found in the US. Given that the disease was imported into the US from China, Iran, Italy and elsewhere we would expect to find each variant in the States. The same probably goes for other countries with close links to China such as poor old Italy, which is paying a big price for cosying up to Peking.

No, this is definitely a Chinese, not an American, bug. If it could cook it would use a wok. I bet it likes soy sauce! I can quite see why calling it the ‘Chinese Virus’ could see innocent Chinese take-away owners being beaten up from Seattle to Swansea, but I see no reason why we couldn’t call it the “Wuhan Flu”. That’s where it was developed and that’s where the Level 4 containment failure took place. It would be more accurate than calling Spanish Flu the Spanish Flu, when it was developed in Germany and could fairly have been called ‘Hun Flu’.

It appears to have been developed in the Disease Engineering Technical Research Center of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in a program partly funded during the Obama Administration via USAID. Two US researchers, one connected to those nice people the NSA, under the moniker “harvard2the bighouse”, have identified Chinese virologist Zhengli Shi as the team leader on Covid-19. Virologist Xing-Yi Ge is also named as a member of the team.

Zoonotic, in other words animal to human, transfer from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market can safely be ruled out. Covid-19, like MERS (targeted at Saudi Arabia), SARS and HIV before it, is a bio-weapon, indeed it shares a number of genomic segments with HIV, particularly in its spike-protein gene. HIV was developed by the DVD as part of its war against the gay community. SARS and MERS appear to have been developed in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

I suspect that WHO has known the sordid truth from the beginning. Indeed it would be interesting to speculate when the WHO first found out about Covid-19. Was it way back in November? Did they sit on it whilst the virus circulated to Iran, Italy and elsewhere? Why are they sitting on a proven cure and for how long have they known about Chloroquine? I am hearing whispers of a spike in pneumonia deaths in the UK in December. I suspect that there were similar spikes in Italy and Spain and that these were undiagnosed Coronavirus deaths. Why was no warning issued to the British, Spanish or Italian governments?

This was a huge intelligence failure. Covid-19 was circulating in the West from around the end of November/early December and neither CIA nor MI6 picked it up. The Taiwanese seem to have been much better informed, indeed if reporting that they had a vaccine ready for trials in January is accurate – and I think it is – it suggests that Taipei were aware of, and concerned by, the Chinese Coronavirus program for many months.

Didier Raoult, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Marseille, poses on November 6, 2014 in his office at the Facutly of Medicine in Marseille, southern France. Didier Raoult, is a microbes specialist at the Infection Mediterranean Foundation of Marseille (la Fondation Mediterranee Infection de Marseille) (URMITE / CNRS / INSERM / IRD) and co-author of a book on apparent natural healing of two men infected with the AIDS virus (HIV). AFP PHOTO / ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT (Photo credit should read ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP via Getty Images)

The Cure

That’s right – as Mike Harris reported on these pages on Wednesday a French researcher in Marseilles, Professor Raoult, has successfully treated Covid-19 patients with Chloroquine. The White House monitor and swiftly announced trials with both Chloroquine and its derivative Hydroxychloroquine. I understand that there has already been a successful American trial. The trade name of the drug used in Marseilles is Plaquenil.

It appears that both the Chinese and South Korean governments are aware of the effectiveness of Chloroquine in treating Covid-19. Patients recover much more quickly and cease to be contagious. It’s not a miracle cure and it doesn’t work overnight, but as long as it works, who cares?

Chloroquine and its derivatives will not work with those who suffer from G6PD deficiency, but this is an inherited condition and easily tested for. Moreover it occurs most frequently in Africa, the continent least at risk in the Covid-19 epidemic. (I think that using ‘pandemic’ at this stage is just scare-mongering.) It can also interact with other medications, but it’s been around since 1934 and doesn’t normally lead to severe side-effects.

Of course there will need to be further tests, but President Trump is absolutely right to push the FDA into moving smartly. This is a proven drug, out of patent, which has been shown to work against Covid-19 in small-scale trials. It’s quickly and easily manufactured. We need to move to large-scale trials now and if they work go straight to recommending its use for Covid-19 patients with no G6PD deficiency. I have already passed this recommendation to a senior civil servant in the UK Department of Health.

I would respectfully advise both the British and American governments to remove the power of decision-making from unelected officials to elected ministers. Emergency legislation should empower the Secretary of State in the UK and the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the US to approve both treatments and vaccines for Covid-19.

USS Independence

A naval parallel would be the Independence class light carriers in World War II. In early 1942 the US Navy found itself seriously short of aircraft carriers. Against the advice of the Bureau of Ships (BuShips) President Roosevelt ordered the conversion of the Cleveland class light cruisers Amsterdam (CL59), Tallahassee (CL61), New Haven (CL76), Huntington (CL77), Dayton (CL78), Wilmington (CL79), Fargo (CL85), Buffalo (CL99) and Newark (CL100) into light aircraft carriers.

USS Cleveland – handsome, but tricky to handle in a seaway!

BuShips had some good points. The Cleveland class, being cruisers, had a fairly narrow beam, which seriously restricted the hangar and flight deck width. The funnel trunking solution was far from elegant and the amount of top hamper on the new carriers affected stability. As carriers they were not particularly successful and one, USS Princeton (CVL23), sadly was lost.

However President Roosevelt was undoubtedly right to overrule the Navy. The best was the enemy of the good. New hull-up construction would have taken far too long – the Navy needed carriers now. Jeep carriers were too small and slow for fleet work and the other alternative – using British carriers – was strongly opposed by the German agent Admiral King.

In the event, as CNO, King was able to restrict the operations of the one armored fleet carrier, HMS Victorious, that we were able to spare. (She arrived at Pearl in March 1943 but did not see much action.) Moreover, as the President, a former Assistant Secretary of the Navy understood, the Clevelands were a compromise design, with serious stability problems, indeed they were very tender in service. Whilst their armament (12 6” guns and 12 5”) was powerful, their protection was weak.

HMS Victorious, before her rebuild.

There’s no time for a perfect solution. We need therapies and vaccines now. It’s a question of balance – do the risks of using the drugs without extended testing outweigh the risks of depriving people of access to them? Which course of action saves the most lives in the long run?

The fatality rate

I stand by the figures in my last column. I don’t think that we’ll see more than 50,000 dead worldwide, despite the spike in Italy. There are three major problems with the data, it seems to me. Firstly there has been insufficient testing, so we don’t really have accurate figures for those infected. The South Korean numbers are probably about right, but I’m not so sure about the Spanish or Italian numbers. Covid-19 has been circulating in Italy probably since the end of November/early December and in Spain since mid-December, both countries being in the Schengen danger zone.

Secondly there appears to be a problem with false positives, which may explain the number of people testing positive who are asymptomatic. I’ve seen a figure of 80%, which I think is way too high, but there does appear to be an issue with test reliability.

Thirdly not all deaths put down as ‘Coronavirus’ may in fact be down to the virus, that is to say we may have people with other pathologies dying with Covid-19, rather than because of it. I am doubtful that all the dead are being autopsied, for example.

It’s early days but I think that the 1 – 2.5% range I suggested in my last column is about right. Remember that the virus was released accidentally, that is to say it is doubtful that it was fully developed. It doesn’t appear to thrive outdoors or in temperatures above 4 deg. C, that is to say we should see a reduction in the infection rate as the weather warms up.

  How many versions?

I am aware that the research by Tang et al has been challenged, notably by MacLean et al at the University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research. However I respectfully agree with the Tang group in China, that is to say I think there are two major strains, Covid-19a and Covid-19b, with the latter being rather less lethal. The virus is unstable and appears to be mutating rapidly, which again may be a reflection of its incomplete state of development.

I would expect countries close to China, such as Italy and Iran, to have been infected with the earlier, more deadly, strain. That would explain the higher death rates there. A comparison of the death rates between Italy and Germany is instructive, for example. Further research in this area is vital. Medical personnel need to know what they are dealing with.

Both main versions appear to be airborne, another sign of weaponisation. As with Ebola, which was also weaponised, we risk losing courageous doctors and nurses because they have not been warned to take precautions against airborne transmission.

It’s an ill wind …

Amidst the doom and gloom being generated by the media, who seem to think that the world is coming to end (it isn’t, although communist rule in China may be), there was one piece of good news this week. Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, tested positive for Coronavirus. All men and women of goodwill in England hope that he will die horribly, sorry, wish him a speedy recovery.

The UK/EU negotiations have effectively collapsed anyway. The EU aren’t interested in a free trade deal and want freedom of movement, ECJ supervision and a whole load of other nonsense. There is no point in extending the transition period, which would be political suicide for Boris Johnson anyway. It should be a no-deal scenario come January, thankfully.

Best Coronavirus joke so far

My award for the best Coronavirus joke to date is the one which says that a friend in Peking has advised not to bother about getting Covid-19, as Covid-20 Pro will be coming out in September.

Priti Patel

The Coronavirus crisis has overtaken the bullying allegations against our able Home Secretary, Priti Patel. Since they all come from civil servants opposed to her sensible policies there’s no need to take them particularly seriously, with respect.

Interestingly, my own case may come into play here. Sir Philip Rutnam, who very properly resigned as Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, was in charge when the application from my solicitors for a Royal Pardon was diverted away from Sajid Javed, the then Home Secretary, in June 2018. If Sir Philip gave the order to suppress then with respect he was guilty of misconduct.

It is a basic rule of unfair dismissal proceedings that an employer may rely upon misconduct which comes to light after the dismissal. I am available to give evidence if required! My application by the way has been transferred to the Ministry of Justice miscarriage of justice team, who shouldn’t be having anything to do with it, since MoJ officials were involved in the jury-tampering at Southwark Crown Court and the blackmailing of judges, no names, no pack drill.

Indian executions

Whilst the British judicial system may have become an international laughing stock, no offense intended, at least one legal system is still working! The four surviving adult ‘Nirbhaya’ rapists were very properly hanged in New Delhi on Thursday.

This was despite an increasingly surreal series of last-minute legal challenges. One of the murderers said that he should not be hanged because his wife had commenced divorce proceedings, seemingly unaware that executing the husband is one way of saving the valuable time of the family courts. Justice has been delayed, but it has been done at last.

Joe Biden

I see that the concerns I expressed in my last column about Joe Biden’s mental health are shared by some in his own party. He got into an extraordinary row with one voter over gun control, forgetting the correct designation of the excellent Colt AR-15 assault rifle in the process. Maybe he was thinking of former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s approach to electioneering. (John famously punched a voter in North Wales during the 2001 General Election campaign. He didn’t get his vote.)

The Democrats may be able to hide the problem until Joe wins the primaries, which he’s bound to do unless he strokes out, no offense intended, but what’s going to happen in the rough and tumble of a general election?

Senator Sanders is obviously considering running as an independent. I don’t think that he will, but it’s odd that he hasn’t suspended his campaign already, given that he’s not got anywhere near the numbers to get into the second round. Maybe he knows more about Joe’s health than I do!

SS Torrey Canyon

This week marks the 53rd anniversary of the German decision to run the Torrey Canyon supertanker aground off the Silly Isles in 1967, causing huge environmental devastation. The Royal Navy eventually had to bomb her.

There was nothing ‘accidental’ about it. The tanker hit a known hazard in broad daylight after somebody switched the autopilot on, preventing a course correction which would have saved her. The course itself was a dangerous nonsense. The only questions are who on board was working for the Germans.

Assange Extradition

Among the legal cases which WHO (from which we and you guys should withdraw) and the Chinese have torpedoed thanks to their suppression of news about the containment failure in Wuhan in November has been the Julian Assange extradition. Even cases at the corrupt Southwark Crown Court, no offense intended, are being adjourned due to Coronavirus. I suspect that High Court cases will follow.

I hold no brief for Julian Assange. I reached out to his lawyer some while ago and never received the courtesy of a reply. However I am suspicious of the DoJ’s motives in seeking his extradition. My view is that he possesses some information, possibly about the murder of Seth Rich, which might embarrass Joe Biden come November, assuming that he lasts that long (no offense intended). DoJ are backing Biden, of course.

In practice the extradition arrangements between the UK and the US collapsed after the State Department (or, if you prefer, the Deep State Department!) refused to extradite Anne Sacoolas. I doubt that Julian Assange would have been extradited in any event.

Stay healthy everybody and don’t let the Chinese bug bite!

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  1. China attack and Iranian one different stuff. Iran epicenter patient zero is nuclear underground facility in city of Qom go figure.
    China knew and announced this a biological attack day one they knew where it came from too and returned favor returning infected us citizens to USA Seattle area first to get hit Seattle suburbs has huge Chinese population Chinese money behind 95 percent of real estate there.
    Iran infections not sure first date reported but many weeks after Wuhan outbreak, and ethnic targeted virus seems to be in Iran, Italians very similar genome structure ipso fatso Italy gets hit with what hit Iran…a different note deadly virus maybe laced with trace amounts of sarin. How many millions of Iranians killed by poison nerve gas attacks by the then US sponsored Iraqi military in 8 year war? Don’t think Pompeo and Dr Strangelove would not take opportunity of creating genocide in Iran using Wuhan outbreak as cover story and don’t think Pompeo and “we are at war with China and Iran” boys would not use bioweapon lab in Wuhan as cover story for spraying fish market while US military barracks for games right next door to fish market during games.
    At least author agrees it is not “zoonomic” which the US public is still believing since this pushed in media since day one the cause filthy Chinese eating bat soup 90% of TV watchers believe. Why this lie immediately pushed and circulated and continues to be?

  2. USA 35th in Wuhan games not 7th
    Timeline fits right in as it takes two weeks before deaths are going to happen and at that time in November any deaths would not be blamed on covid19
    1800 people in China recovered using chloroquil treatments. It just makes hospital stays quicker.
    China announced this is biological weapon attack on day one

  3. “We Are Being Played” an excellent investigative video by Amazing Polly has end notes on the appointed W.H.O. director, his lack of any medical training and his previous Ethiopian genocide, where he directed cholera.

    “Who Makes WHO” video by Mark Friesen on TheirTube

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