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Breaking: US Athlete/Intelligence Officer in China Games named as Patient Zero for COVID, debunking Trump Rhetoric (updating)


US urged to release health info of military athletes who came to Wuhan in October 2019


[ Editor’s Note: China’s Global Times (below) today released the name of Staff Sgt Maatje Benassi, a professional cyclist (woman/Dutch heritage) who participated in the Wuhan games and has, according to the Global Times, tested positive for COVID 19.

Watch an American appear to purposefully spread COVID in Wuhan.

She is also described as an “armed diplomatic driver” with a history of ties to intelligence operations involving key RussiaGate figures.

Benassi was driver for General James Jones, of ShadowNet, (George Webb) and worked for US Army intelligence.  ShadowNet and Psy-Group along with Cambridge Analytica were part of the Mueller investigation, seeking information on their relationships with Paul Manafort (imprisoned) and Donald Trump Jr. (not yet imprisoned).

Other claims, from Russia, say that 67 in the US military have died as of a week ago, but this is from a medical/diplomatic source in Moscow and is without confirmation.

China is asking the US to release information on how many US military who left Wuhan (369 were there) have tested positive.  Note that many could have been infected on the plane returning from ChinaJim W. Dean ]

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Serbia’s bare bones facility for mild virus cases

– First published … March 25, 2020 – 

Chinese netizens and experts urge the US authority to release health and infection information of the US military delegation which came to Wuhan for the Military World Games in October to end the conjecture about US military personnel bringing COVID-19 to China.

An American journalist claimed one US military athlete in the delegation could be patient zero of the deadly new disease.

George Webb, an investigative journalist in Washington, DC claimed in recent videos and tweets that he believes Maatje Benassi, an armed diplomatic driver and cyclist who was in Wuhan in October for the cycling competition in the Military World Games, could be patient zero of COVID-19 in Wuhan.

[According to] a report by the US Department of Defense official website on October 25, Maatje Benassi has participated 50-mile cycling road race in Wuhan.

Webb also quoted a military lab, the Fort Detrick laboratory that handles high-level disease-causing organisms such as Ebola, in Fredrick, Maryland, which was shut down and moved in July due to unqualified facilities and management system.

His conclusions, although without strong evidence, triggered questions on Chinese social media as it came only days after a petition was submitted to the White House website on March 10 listing some coincidences in time between the Fort Detrick lab’s closure and the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many Chinese netizens have urged the US to test Benassi for COVID-19 and release information on the US delegation.

Li Haidong, a professor of US studies at the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, told the Global Times on Tuesday that the US government needs to respond to the controversy and publish the relevant information regarding their health status and infection record to clear public doubts and help with the scientific study on the virus’ origin.

US politicians have been contending the novel coronavirus is “Made in China,” while global scientists, including those in the US, have not found strong evidence to prove the virus’ origin. Given this situation, it is important to trace any suspicious points, the US delegation to the Wuhan games in this scenario, and find out what really happened, Li said.

COVID-19, a deadly disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has infected more than 330,000 people around the world and killed more than 14,000.

Identifying the origin will help develop effective therapy on the disease. The US should provide information of the delegation members to support related research, Li said.

Earlier in March, Zhao Lijian, an outspoken Chinese diplomat, raised a suspicion on his personal Twitter account that it might have been the US army representatives to the Military World Games who brought the novel coronavirus to Wuhan in October 2019, after a top US health official admitted detecting coronavirus infections on some deceased flu patients.

Zhao urged the US to disclose further information, exercise transparency on coronavirus cases and provide an explanation to the public.

US women finish 8th despite crash in 50-mile cycling road race

By Gary Sheftick, Army News ServiceOctober 24, 2019

usa image
usa image
usa image

WUHAN, China — A hit from behind on the final lap may have dashed the U.S. Armed Forces’ hopes for gold in women’s cycling, but bruised ribs and a cracked helmet didn’t stop Sgt. 1st Class Maatje Benassi from crossing the finish line.

Benassi led the pack for much of the third and fourth laps in the 50-mile, five-lap road race Sunday during the second day of cycling competition in the CISM Military World Games. She had dropped back to draft a while and was just beginning her final push when the crash happened.

“My plan was to move up on the left,” Benassi said. Two more wide right turns were approaching before the finish “and so if you move on the left, you don’t have to hit your brakes; you can carry all that momentum — that speed — going into the turn.”

CISM, or the International Military Sports Council, holds the games every four years, with more than 100 nations participating in 32 sports. The council is referred to by its French acronym, CISM, because French is its founding language.

As the pack approached the 2-kilometer mark from the finish, “there was a lot of movement going on,” she said. “It got really sketchy.”

When she went full speed into the right turn, she spotted a white jersey come up from behind. That competitor’s front tire hit her back wheel, taking her down.

Her head hit the ground and she heard a click “and I knew I broke the helmet at that point,” she said. “My first reaction was, ‘I couldn’t breathe.'” The impact literally knocked the wind out of her. “I just had to catch my breath, but it wouldn’t come.”



Motto: “Just be better”

Sergeant First Class Maatje Benassi, an Army Reserves Motor Transport Operator, was one of the founding members of the U.S. Military Cycling Team (U.S. Military Cycling Team later became USMES). Maatje began riding 22 years ago, competing in legendary races like Redlands and the HP Women’s Challenge, which led to a pro career racing on the Veritas Professional Women’s Team. In 2008 Maatje enlisted in the Army and put bike racing on hold. “I joined USMES just prior to a deployment and learned how caring the team and the sponsors were while I was downrange in Iraq — I learned what it was like to be part of a cycling family,” said Maatje. After leaving active duty Maatje began training again in 2018. Older and wiser but not slower, Maatje completed her first full “comeback” season in 2019 as a Category 1 on the road, track and cyclocross, returning to represent the U.S. Armed Forces for the third time at the CISM Military World Games. In 2020 Maatje will be competing in races on the regional MABRA (Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association) calendar, and hopes to nab more national and world titles at the U.S. Masters Nationals Road Cycling Championships, U.S. Masters Nationals Track Cycling Championships, and the Masters Worlds Track Cycling Championships.

After 40+ wins as a Pro/1/2 and four masters national championship titles, Maatje shares her favorite racing moment: “I always remember a small hill climb in Golden Colorado that I won three years back-to-back. Short and steep with a mass start, it suited my strengths. I always liked ramping up the pace and seeing my competitors drop away one by one until I crossed the line solo.”

We look forward to seeing that climbing magic at the 2020 USMES Tucson Camp, where Maatje will be sharing her tactical and training knowledge with her up-and-coming teammates. When she isn’t racing, Maatje has organized the Colorado Springs USMES bicycle giveaway to needy children at Fort Carson. She’s also worked with her husband to promote cycling events in California and Colorado including several USMES National Events, stage races, road races, a track series, a local MTB series and two UCI MTB races.

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  1. Benny Benassi is an Italian born dj/producer famous for that song with the robotic voice samples” touch me… so i can get my…satisfaction”. He was due to go to Miami music festival but cant because of travel restrictions. How is he related to that tweet about Dutch zero patient Benny Benassi making a rap video? I’m confused.

  2. As I have been stating for some time now; WE, ‘The Land of the Free’, are NOTHING BUT, “The PLANTATION”, of the ZIO-Rothschild One World Order, Talmudic-Supremacist International Crime Syndicate! Our, ‘Blood & Treasure’ is but the, ‘SACRIFICIAL OFFERINGS’ on the Barbaric-Bloody Altar of ZIONISM on the World STAGE! We have to face the TRUTH and RISE UP, to shake off the, ZIONIST YOKE, that the Demonic Powers to be, have placed on our Necks!

  3. I’m not seeing the NWO as beneficiaries. This crisis will shine a serious light on the cronyism behind fiat money and the banking elite. It appears to reinforce the notion of a multipolar world, replacing a unipolar model. Prized NWO societal edicts like social justice, open borders, gender fluidity, feminism, academic radicalism, slave-labor for means of mass production vis-a-vis China, Vietnam, etc. are over, especially open borders. Any politician now supporting that now is on the road to political extinction. This crisis highlights the need for less centralization and more localization. That much is indisputable. This whole event could end up being the common man’s best ally.

    • That “serious light on the cronyism” has been pretty bright for a while now, hasn’t it, Ed? Potentially infecting Wuhan and then blaming China for it would not even be the first WW3-level provocation the NWO has tried. There was the “Archduke Ferdinand” moment in murdering General Soleimani, the “Danzig Massacre” moment with the War in Donbass, the “McCollum Memo”-esque sanctions, tariffs, and aggressive military maneuvers, the Shia Muslim genocide in Yemen, radicalizing Chinese Uyghurs, the Russo-Georgian War over South Ossetia (Saakashvili was installed by the Bush administration)…

      After 9/11 and the rise of alternative sources like VT, more and more, no one with an Internet connection and half a brain would fight for the NWO. The provocations are attempts to justify shutting down alternative sources, and rally anyone who might still support this before it’s too late.

    • No doubt, it’s been pretty bright for a while now. I just find it absolutely farcical that a nation in with debt and obligations in the hundreds of trillions, whose central bank is now on it’s 7th QE money printing binge, backstopping the repo markets, openly buying securities to the tune of $125 billion a day, and whose treasury bonds should be junk status with an appropriate interest rate, should have any ability to impose financial sanctions on any other nation on this planet? As Ian Greenhalgh recently opined, what’s holding Russia, China, and Iran back? The biggest debtor nation in the history of Earth should not have this power. Show us your gold! No gold, no trade!

    • Please visit your nearest NATO base, naval vessel, or proxy militant group. An NWO representative will inform you on why “War is a Racket” America does not need to show any gold…
      Russia, China, and Iran are holding back because the NWO won the last two world wars, and too many missteps might give them a three-peat.

  4. There is absolutely no way those medical records get released, whether or not HIPAA laws apply to US military. How exactly does an enlisted person get assigned to that kind of duty(competitive cycling) for so long? What a scam!

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