by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

There is a reason Trump is harping about Joe Biden having deficits tied to age.  An American president in the throes of dementia dismantled America’s pandemic response capability on the advice of Sean Hannity and today, 10,000 tested positive deaths are at his feet with many many more untested, not part of the count.

The White House has ordered Google to delist this article and suppress read counts, which is one hour and 17 minutes total the following:

The problem here is that subscribers begin counts at 68 and our count shows 400 more.

COVID 19 was made in America with some help by the Chinese who supplied the natural virus which was modified.  It was weaponized by a very large US company that does nuclear/biological and chemical “protective gear” work and runs labs, bioweapons labs, many of them, in totalitarian nations where members of the press can be kidnapped and murdered.

That company has threatened VT for its reporting.  They don’t want us saying that the US, a cabal, made COVID 19, weaponized it, and then turned it on their real target, the American people.

Why?  Why during Trump’s presidency?  Those unable to see the insanity when Trump speaks aren’t paying attention.  He also seems to “sundown,” common in dementia patients.  He is sometimes lucid but screwed up, normal for him, at other times he is confused, incoherent, some think from drug abuse but more likely from the onset of dementia.

A year ago, Trump described how his father was “born in a wonderful place in Germany.”  That place was “New York City.”  Trump’s father died of Alzheimers.

Trump does this continually, and it is covered up.  There is no question Trump has dementia. Go to YouTube, you can spend hours there learning this.  It should make you very afraid.

On a personal note, I can think of two family members with dementia, with onset after a brain bleed.  Both were let’s say much less than nice?  Hateful, miserable?  After onset of Dementia they became enjoyable people as though the ‘bad’ was burned out of them.

In some ways, Trump is becoming less cruel (what he is famous for) and less psychopathic (he has long been on that spectrum).  He is likely to become less maniacal and hateful as his disease progresses.  Consider this a mixed blessing.

Who profits from utter chaos?  Who hates this much?  Begin by looking at reporting, who is behind Fox News, really behind them.

The Judeo-Russian Mafia – From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Domination

When Michael Cohen said he threatened 500 people for Trump, who do you think was going to carry out these threats, some were “lawsuits,” most were death threats.

Why did William Barr put Jeffrey Epstein where he could be murdered, and this was the finding of the independent pathologist, a story now banned from the news.

Breaking: NYT/Fox News: Epstein’s Private Autopsy Claims Murder, Not Suicide (amazing video)

I just read reports that in the ‘Midwest’ Trump is wildly popular.  The MSM, all of it, tells me that.  Here on the ground in the center of GOP stronghold West Michigan, he is reviled even among the Christian Reformed population that make up the heart of the Neocon fantasy.

The bitterness is overwhelming.

Why is the media doing this?  Let me tell you how I start a day:

I scan for email from stringers who scan the world media overnight.  Without them I would be helpless.  I then fend off the emergencies, Syria, Russia, Italy, Iran and France, where we get briefings.  Some days it is hours, some days I escape unscathed.

Then I head to the media and if you had worked in intelligence and politics for the endless decades I have, you would feel sick.  The New York Times is doing the best job, on COVID, nothing else, followed by the Guardian and Washington Post.  However, both are censoring with the Times burying their own story on how high real deaths counts are here.

Let me give you an example.  In Toledo, Ohio (I have a home outside Toledo), COVID rates are listed as very low, very very low for Ohio.  Governor Dewine has been one of the best.

The truth however is that hospitals are full, deaths are quickly ramping up and they are NOT being reported.  Also, hospitals are functioning still without equipment and at 100% of capacity.  They are at 100% of capacity, all ICU beds, all ventilators, and Ohio is on the low side of the curve.  I know this first hand.

Let’s talk about hydroxychloroquine.  First of all, this disease is being lied about continually.  In the international press and military circles there is 100% agreement that this is a bioweapon engineered to be impossible to treat. COVID was MADE to cause a severe immune reaction which drowns the lungs quickly, lowering blood oxygen in minutes (not days).  Bioweapon research has centered on creating a moderate influenza that produced pneumonia.  This is why the US turned to the semi-lethal .223/5.56 bullet,

Wound and use resources, don’t kill.

With COVID, it was made by the US to create fear, to allow nearly well infected to travel and infect others and to still take down large numbers who require extremely expensive treatment and exhaust resources.

I have read the studies, not all but many and there are very many, all CIA dark funded all sounding like there was a need to design new diseases in order to justify spending more millions to cure them.  All lies, all bullshit, so many scientists who are monsters, whores.

Hydroxychlorquine is not going to cure anything.  It can’t save the lungs from destruction, which is what COVID does.  The most powerful drugs that can stop the cascade effect of immune system overload, which is what is killing so many, these are powerful steroids, are an extreme risk with viral infections.  They can make a viral infection much much worse.

In the UK they are trying these, in the US, studies are mixed and there is NO basis for turning to these yet, the risk is thus far seen as too high.

Past that, Hydroxychloroquine is like putting a bandaid on a blown off leg.

Also, zinc, Z-pak and fake malaria meds won’t touch a common cold much less a bioweapon.  Those claiming it does are deluded but many are paid liars as well, very very many.

I say again, azithromycin is useless against influenza or common colds.  COVID doesn’t cause secondary infections, it doesn’t need to, it is a perfect weapon on its own.

You see, when oxygen stats go down, organs begin to fail and sepsis sets in, which isn’t fixable with meds designed to treat a mild strep throat.  You just simply die and nothing can be done about it.

The Chinese had it right, on an ecmo machine or ventilator immediately, they used antibiotics as well but as a prophylactic, and one then waits for the lungs to heal.

In the interim, we are flooded with fake pundits, some created a day ago, dozens, even hundreds, anyone with gambling debts and a medical degree or who took high school biology is now spreading dangerous hoax rumors or downplaying COVID, and we know who runs this kind of operation, don’t we?

Do note that the head of MEGA is Rupert Murdoch.  He owns Fox.

Why is Congress silent?  Why is the Pentagon worse than silent, covering up not just one carrier but dozens of ships that are now floating hospitals? Ships have one ventilator, not dozens.  What happens to those in our military who are sick?

The VA is now running away from COVID treatment with nurses at VA facilities going on strike because they are now forced to treat large numbers of COVID vets on ventilators but have no gloves, masks or, worse still, understaffing by 80%.

We are working with both the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal on this story. Trump has turned his back on everyone.  Why?

The underground talk is to remove Trump for dereliction of duty as Commander in Chief, simply for his betrayal of the military who are sick.  There is a huge hole in the constitution that allows the military to arrest the Commander in Chief and to subject him to a court martial.  This is being whispered EVERYWHERE.


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  1. “Robert White says:
    April 8, 2020 at 1:57 pm GMT •
    I was a signatory to the Cambridge Working Group Gain of Function Call to Action headed up by Dr. Marc Lipsitch at Harvard in 2014 to stop BSL-3 & 4 laboratory research in Corona viruses. The CWG was successful in terms of stopping the research until Fort D was opened up again.

    Make sure to look closely at the CWG ‘Call to Action’ 2014. If you can’t find what I am referring to just email me and I’ll give you a copy.”
    Throughout this commentary, we focus on research designed to create PPP (Potential Pandemic Pathogens) strains of influenza virus, the type of research that initially attracted attention, leading to the moratorium and for which the most discussion has already occurred. Other types of gain-of-function research on influenza and studies intended to enhance pathogenicity or transmissibility of MERS and SARS coronaviruses may or may not fit the definition of PPP research and further clarification is needed and ongoing. As we discuss near the end of this article, it will be essential to clarify the different risks and benefits entailed by different types of experiments covered by the funding pause (2).

    … research projects that may be reasonably anticipated to confer attributes to influenza, MERS, or SARS viruses such that the virus would have enhanced pathogenicity and/or transmissibility in mammals via the respiratory route. The research funding pause would not apply to characterization or testing of naturally occurring influenza, MERS, and SARS viruses, unless the tests are reasonably anticipated to increase transmissibility and/or pathogenicity. (3)

  2. “When Michael Cohen said he threatened 500 people for Trump, who do you think was going to carry out these threats, some were “lawsuits,” most were death threats.”
    “Let’s talk about hydroxychloroquine.”
    “Who profits from utter chaos?”
    “Hydroxychlorquine is not going to cure anything.”

    Some dot connecting here: Pharmaceuticals, such as Novartis, claimed hydroxychloroquine doses were donated, but Trump let slip(twice) in his briefings that 130 million doses were “bought”. The largest shareholder of Novartis is BlackRock, the same company the Federal Reserve enlisted in its massive securities buying program.
    Novartis also paid Michael Cohen $1.2 million for lobbying work; work he never performed, which came out in the Mueller Report.
    BlackRock is also a stakeholder in hroxychloroquine maker, Teva, and majority stakeholder in Mylan, another pharmaceutical producer of hydroxychloroquine.

  3. The ‘Nuke’ of your article, Gordon, imho, is that Trump could be court martialed. They don’t want this trope to take root in the public’s consciousness. The dementia part people were already half tuned in. But military tribunal or court martial is a totally different kettle of fish…even more powerful than impeachment

  4. The Trump issue is disability. It is a legitimate issue with a subset of misconduct and dereliction tied to being a total dick, mistakes that have devastated the US.

    Vice President Pence would and should take over and be given the opportunity to do the best he can, which if he chooses, would be to fire Esper and Pompeo, which I would recommend.

    Esper is screwing up bigtime.

  5. Gordon , You Know Who I Am , IF Need Be I’ll Come Guard You OR Maybe Share the Watch during these Crazy times ……

  6. Ten days in Boris Johnson is now on his second night in a big London hospital, St Thomas, after self isolating in Downing Street. This evening he has been moved to a ventilator position, just in case. He’ll be lucky to live through it.

    • De mortuis, nil nisi bonum, decendum est. After the jerk is dead, of course. However, let the dying reflect on their life while in the grip of the grim reaper, and maybe find their peace, or not.

  7. US are attempting to get rid of the economic competition from China and EU respectively, where Covid outbreak was timed well with the Brexit and new outlooks on restoring old commonwealth ties. But how will the US survive its cruel domestic policy. NATO funding is now in great danger, if the crisis prolongs, some NATO members will not be able to pay for their useless contingencies aimed at exorcising Soviet ghosts and demons. Will US pay for it rather than support citizens at home? Probably yes, as was the case so far. Even if a president does, no way will Pentagon ever abandon its bullshit foreign policy over any domestic disturbances, hurricanes or volcanoes.

    • @ davor,
      eine geniale Frage welche Sie stellen. Dass Verbrechen wird die Menschheit in dem Untergang führen.
      ” Lieber mit der Wahrheit fallen, als mit der Lüge stehen.”
      Wünsche Euch allen hier im Forum viel Glück und dass ihr gesund bleibt.Gruß Werner

  8. I suppose one has, in a sense, to admire the demonic genius of it all. Target: America(ns)
    With a muppet in the White House, China by the balls (hence I guess they’re willingness to dispatch the doctor who rumbled the [Sarin?] connection early on– can’t have Baba Beijing losing face no matter what the cost; they’ve on a PR roll despite recent setbacks!) and the collapse of trillion dollar economies a mere sideline when *they* own pretty much everything, already. And can print more whenever it’s needed.
    Whoever *they* are, even the might of the U.S. can’t stand in their way. Looks like the NWO is already here. Or always has been.
    We’ve all been had, and are, it seems, about to pay the price for our complacency. That’s why the internet hasn’t been pulled yet, I guess. To keep all the chumps glued to whatever ghastly shit they’re addicted to on Netflix. Could this addiction even have been a source of the problem? Weaponised TV shows, and an avalance of shit?
    Guess we’ll know soon enough. Or is this just another one of ‘the hits’ that the U.S. of Golden Calf is capable of sustaining? Back to normal button soon to be pressed, except with everyone just that little bit more weaker, poorer and despondent?

    • I would welcome martial law on the condition it was done by “white hats” who use the opportunity to take out “they” and the top level of “they’s” cut-outs by termination with extreme prejudice.

    • I did forget to check-out QAnon, today. Perhaps once the good guys arrest all the paedophiles, treat all the rescued children (from torture dungeons on Mars and in the NYC subway system) on the U.S. Naval hospital ships, and serve the erst of the sealed indictments, they’ll turn their hand to Martial Law and then hand over to the Government of Utopia when they’re darned well good and ready.
      C’mon, man– sorry to be sarky but do me a favour….

  9. Wondering if Trump is removed for dereliction by the military where that leaves people like Esper or Modly, or if it goes to straight up martial law, without civilian supervision?
    Modly, incidentally, addressed the CVN-71 crew in a speech where he called the relieved skipper Captain Crozier, “naive” and “stupid”.

    • And a Modly who now says his words were misunderstood!
      The Politico story makes clear there can be no misunderstanding: Modly fired Captain Crozier because he thought #sTrumpet wanted him gone: He did of course want him gone but is now fiercely backpedaling, as usual.

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