2011: 9/11, Fringe Science and Disclosure


by Gordon Duff
All but one video censored by YouTube

There is a cult within the intelligence community, those who chase the brass ring, the highest level of security of any documents or programs. Even presidents have been denied access.

Our only connection to that “other world” is television, shows like Fringe and the dozens of TV shows and hundreds of films based on the Majestic 12 documents. Few are aware that shows like X Files or films like Independence Day or Close Encounters of the Third Kind are based on evidence with an aspect of discernible authenticity. Did you catch my use of “weasel words” there?

For decades we have been bombarded with UFO stories, tales of government mind control, secret death rays, mysterious aircraft “reverse engineered” from flying saucers, nuclear weapons the size of baseballs, it never ends.

With the rise of anti-government feeling, rage, and anger, some of it carefully engineered from the inside out of something more than partisanship but as an obvious tool to undermine public participation in democracy, we call it “the Murdoch effect,” conspiratorialism has become a disease. It is also a tool of deception.

At one time the FBI infiltrated, first organized crime, then trade unions, then the Klan, and now, they are after 9/11 Truth, environmental groups, and, particularly, any political group that, no matter how peaceful, espouses the creation of a 3rd party.

The top of the list, however, is free journalism and the internet.

Julian Assange – Praying for What?
For a short time, Julian Assange was a hero. Crooked politicians called for his extradition and imprisonment. His associate Bradley Manning is still a political prisoner, no question about that.

But revelations about Assange and his connections to Israel, the New York Times, and his admissions of bias and censorship ended that.

Independent analysis of Wikileaks found valuable material for sure but only enough to sell the real product, phony intelligence in Iran and Pakistan, and a clear manipulation of world politics in favor of long-range Israeli goals.

Assange, to those of us in media who yearned for a hero, someone like Ken O’Keefe, but with real “insider access” left us disappointed. We felt betrayed.

One of the last things Assange did of note, not writing him off yet however, after all, he hasn’t gotten a stake through the heart, was to hint at the release of UFO files. He says he has them.

Something you don’t know about happened. A Scottish systems administrator, a computer guru named Gary McKinnon, back in the early 2000s, hacked top NASA and Defense Department computers. Though the US claims he destroyed files and accessed secrets, perhaps he knows where Iraq’s WMD’s really went to. That’s a cheap cover.

In fact, the stories about McKinnon ring like the tales of superspy Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli touted with stealing “chickenfeed” but getting a life sentence with top intelligence and defense officials threatening “bombshells” if Pollard is released, even though Prime Minister Netanhayu has begged for “mercy” for Pollard.

The truth? Pollard spied, not for Israel but “through Israel,” for the Soviets, causing over 1100 US agents, CIA, and assets to be arrested, tortured, and killed. Information Pollard sold to the Soviet Union, we have since learned, nearly drove them to a nuclear “first strike” against the United States.

This is how governments lie, no secrets there.

McKinnon got the “motherlode.” He got UFO files. Now, you will love this one, our secret squirrel agencies are so creative. What we have leaked is that McKinnon got records that prove America has a “10th Fleet” of interstellar battleships, right out of Star Trek.

Sounds to me like he may have hacked the grade books at Star Fleet Academy, perhaps trying to get a Bush family member a slot on the USS Enterprise on one of those “5-year missions,” you know the ones, where they meet aliens, explore new planets and have sex with new and unusual species.

Of course, that goes on in Washington all the time anyway, all of it.

This is where “sources” come in. We can’t access Assange’s UFO files, ones we are told talk about secret bases in Antarctica and Chile, that outline UFO wars over Mexico, oddly somewhat supported by video evidence.

A few weeks ago, VT covered a UFO siting, filmed with an iPhone, over Central London. We laughed about it but we also filed it away. The Londoners staring up at this weren’t part of the “tin foil hat” brigade. It’s not about whether or not “they” are intelligent life but rather whether we are.

McKinnon became “public enemy number one,” not for stealing files that tell a story nobody will ever believe, I sure don’t. He has something else, this is what “sources” tell us. We’re going to look at where the chatter goes and discuss the even greater significance of “disclosure.”

We know the US government lied about Iraq. Some of us know bin Laden died long ago. Most accept that John F. Kennedy was murdered by 3 snipers, my guess working for FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. My guesses are “better than average.” Check on that.

Scandals like Watergate brought down a government with almost nothing while Iran Contra, something thousand times more serious, narcotics and arms trading by the White House, disappeared from history.

9/11 is the granddaddy of all scandals, along with exposed and admitted coverup that would expose the US government in a scandal so evil, so frightening that its severity alone is what protects it. There may even be more to this story, something we will be getting back to.

For adequate background, something needed early on, on the direction conspiracy theory is heading, the Richard Dolan video, a very long presentation, is probably worth watching.

I will preface the link by saying that I teach classes in debunking phony intelligence. This is one of my niches in life, the result, very truthfully, of being an idiot and learning to laugh at myself. There is no better school than the University of Life.

I have bought an education there a few can approach. When I am accused of spying by such as Jonathan Kay, I nearly laugh myself to death.

What is the most important thing is being able to pick facts or reasonable assumptions from things others want you to believe. Here is a free lesson:

If it sounds good, confirms your suspicions, and makes you want to act, send money to someone, or vote for some idiot, you are being lied to.

Anyway, here is the Dolan piece. What is dangerous about it is this:

The parts that are most boring or most unpleasant are most likely true. I don’t know Dolan, don’t know his motives but “sources” high in security agencies say that this video has upset people very much.

As for why we are going to discuss this and perhaps a bit of what McKinnon found as well.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsJDsxmzMDw  (VIDEO CENSORED by YouTube.com)

The “chatter” involves “disclosure.”  Disclosure means America admitting that there is something much more critical than flying saucers and the dreaded “anal probe.”  Disclosure means, as Dolan suggests, that we have had a secondary technical capability that only creeps into our daily lives when it passes an economic filter.

This is the supposition:

Alien technology has been recovered, perhaps by Germans during World War 2, I have had “leaks” confirming this, no, not the V2 or the ME262, but things much more advanced.  America is said to have such technology, has had it for decades and certain aspects of it are used in technologies we are using now.

Others are kept “black.” The confirmations received to verify that we do have “alien technology.”

Let’s talk a bit about history. I mentioned Majestic 12. Don’t bother looking it up, OK, try, but you will be driven in circles. Many years ago, I was made privy to a heavily redacted document, US government, highly classified, that made mention of space aliens, flying saucer crashes, “men in black,”…in fact several seasons of X Files.

Feel free to Google Majestic 12 and read what you can find. However, real documents leaked on the internet in the early 1990s have been surgically removed.

They were a nasty read, worse than if Dick Cheney had a diary claiming he ordered 9/11. Majestic 12 talks about a treaty with aliens. We get technology, and they get people. They get people. From the read of it, the “anal probe” would have been a kindness. The whole thing could be a fabrication, though some documents have passed rigorous vetting.

Heading from possible “wild conjecture” to more solid ground, if such exists in an area like this, technology is at the heart of the discussion. These are the high impact common technologies that “sources” say exist:

  • Gravity drive; These systems are said to be mechanical, capable of being duplicated with common mid-20th century technology, and to allow the flight of vehicles with “nonairworthy” characteristics and performance that would normally turn occupants into hamburger was the drives not to have some aspect of eliminating the detrimental effects of passenger mass in relationship to normal Newtonian forces. The economic impact has nothing to do with travel. If you can fly, you can also power an automobile or a power generating station. There are no limits. Overnight, hydrocarbons, coal, oil, and gas, are worthless as is nuclear power.
  • Advanced physics, fission, fusion, and particle beam energy; Reports “not made” by defense research facilities in the US, “do not tell” of advances in physics making fission, power generation or weapons capability, possible by achieving “critical mass” with grams, rather than kilograms of “weapons-grade” nuclear material. These projects went “dark” over 20 years ago and, at that time, indicated discoveries so profound as to be earth-shattering. Rumors of development of fission capabilities and particle weapons, we will call them wild rumors, developments long enough ago for “real world” applications to exist.

[youtube SRyoFgAhW4c]

This is pure Hollywood. The question, however, is a more “gentle” version capable of bringing down aircraft, affecting whether or, perhaps dropping the occasional large public building?

Were this so, have they been keeping their “physics” under wraps, whether to save the auto industry, keep big oil going, stir up new wars, or simply out of some sickness, a madness that having the power of the g-ds at one’s fingertips is known to bring? Could these technologies exist now? Have they existed for decades?

[youtube rVBWzdBE4ik]


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  1. How is the Keshe/magrav stuff doing, is a shoebox outputtimg unlimited watts of 110VAC available yet?

  2. Science has been easy to suppress. There are errors in the equations namely Planck. The errors are taught as correct so no one looks further. We live in a plasma based universe where dark matter doesn’t exist. But what do high levels of physics do? They go on a snipe hunt. Um, I means they spend billions looking for dark matter. To not take part in the search is to end your career. At the same time the Navy has a patent on a Triangle shaped craft that would only work in a plasma universe.
    P.s. the nazi ship was called the die glocke. Which means the bell. Think of two bells on inside the other with a Small space in between. Fill that space with mercury and put a charge to the bells. The mercury will spin and will push toward the apex of the bell causing lift. This is based on Victor Schaubergers work.

  3. Do you have a security clearance? Is there a reason we need to tell you above others? Can you be trusted? Perhaps you have super powers?

  4. Everyone goes to the tech angle, when we have countless other mysteries that suggest a far more advanced civilization has been here, and it was us. What they left us is knowledge of the schedule of resonance frequencies that (form) and affect all life, our thoughts, actions, events. i’m not saying dictates, but affects. And by form, I mean everything correlates by function and shape or color. Time is basically the flow of these energies in concert with all moving things. The base 64 codons, 64 I-Ching hexagrams, the periodic table, all correlate and are encoded in many different things such as ancient architecture and calendars. i know I have done what McKenna almost did, correlate the periodic table and the I-Ching, not a single contact. dead silence When I check the information and see how deep and detailed it is, I cannot see how anyone could have found that without something akin to the internet or even more data rich.

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