Trump Gives US Army’s Masks to IDF, Americans told to ‘make your own’


The US Department of Defense has reportedly supplied 1 million surgical masks to the Israeli regime in order to be distributed among soldiers, despite the fact that the Pentagon has lately introduced a measure requiring personnel to make their own masks to combat the spread of the new coronavirus.

The Israeli English-language Jerusalem Post reported that the masks were procured from China, and a plane carrying the medical stuff intended for Israeli soldiers landed in Ben Gurion Airport on Tuesday night.

“In the past two weeks, we have purchased and flown to Israel tens of thousands of swabs, masks, protective suits for medical staff and more,” Limor Kolishevsky, head of the New York Purchasing and Logistics Division, said.

Arab League says Israel exploiting coronavirus crisis to expand settlements

Arab League says Israel exploiting coronavirus crisis to expand settlements

The Arab League has warned against attempts by the Israeli regime to annex more Palestinian land as the world is busy fighting a coronavirus pandemic.

“A million masks, procured in China, were quickly flown to Israel with the intention that the Israeli military will be using them within the next few days,” he added.

The Jerusalem Post had initially published the article headlined “US Department of Defense give 1 million masks to IDF for coronavirus use,” and this is still visible in the article’s hyperlink on Twitter posts.

The newspaper, however, changed the headline shortly afterwards to read, “Israel brings 1 million masks from China for IDF soldiers,” in a possible attempt at downplaying the role of Washington in spite of shortages in protective equipment, including face masks, in the United States.


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    But your clown was given a healthy dose of Iran suppositories to be used from the early stages of the campaign for everything they do. From bringing in Bolton to this fat lying pos, called sec of state, he’s a genocidal maniac.

  2. I suppose one day, enough people in the US will get off their backsides and stop this subservience to the zionazi state since your congress is owned by the parasitic scum, but I ain’t holding my breath.

  3. Lol. Your every other post is still a defense of the Israeli firster occupying the Oval Office. He’s the ultimate “dual citizen”.
    And as for reading between the lines, everyone did, that’s only if they wanted to. It was simple: Adelson hated Obama for his JCPOA and paid for Trump’s campaign to take out Iran.
    The entire world read between the lines from the very start of his campaign.

  4. As we see in our media, the USA as the head (no doubt) of NATO, have robbed EU – masks and equipment. Papa is important. Papa is the chief. How come? To save regular Americans – we agree. It is our common problem. We must help each other. In Russia we have by now 60 dead. But for me their lives are equal to Italians, Spanish, USA, etc. The USA: you will have lots of problems, alas.. But… Learn 2 be a gentlemen! To your allies. Alas again, the world sees now how egoistic is the USA.. I mean the government. I don’t understand ’em. But i love ordinary people.

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