Chemtrails vs Reality


[Editor’s note: Yes, Chemtrails are not real, no-one is spraying anything, they are just condensation trails (contrails) left by aircraft flying over 20,000ft, which happens to be all commercial airline flights. Chemtrails are a psyop brought to you by the same people who insist vaccines are bad, 5G will make you sick and Hilary pimps children out of a DC pizza parlour. Ian] 

Conspiracy theories find menace in contrails

A new conspiracy theory sweeping the Internet and radio talk shows has set parts of the federal government on edge.

The theory: The white lines of condensed water vapor that jets leave in the sky, called contrails, are actually a toxic substance the government deliberately sprays on an unsuspecting populace.

Federal bureaucracies have gotten thousands of phone calls, e-mails and letters in recent years from people demanding to know what is being sprayed and why. Some of the missives are threatening.

It’s impossible to tell how many supporters these ideas have attracted, but the people who believe them say they’re tired of getting the brush-off from officials. And they’re tired of health problems they blame on “spraying.”

“This is blatant. This is in your face,” says Philip Marie Sr., a retired nuclear quality engineer from Bartlett, N.H., who says the sky above his quiet town is often crisscrossed with “spray” trails.

“No one will address it,” he says. “Everyone stonewalls this thing.”

The situation Marie and others describe is straight out of The X-Files. He and others report one day looking up at the sky and realizing that they were seeing abnormal contrails: contrails that lingered and spread into wispy clouds, multiple contrails arranged in tick-tack-toe-like grids or parallel lines, contrails being laid down by white planes without registration numbers.

B-24 Liberator bombers leaving contrails.

Believers call these tracks “chemtrails.” They say they don’t know why the chemicals are being dropped, but that doesn’t stop them from speculating. Many guess that the federal government is trying to slow global warming with compounds that reflect sunlight into the sky. Some propose more ominous theories, such as a government campaign to weed out the old and sick.

Exasperated by persistent questions, the Environmental Protection Agency, NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration joined forces last fall to publish a fact sheet explaining the science of contrail formation. A few months earlier, the Air Force had put out its own fact sheet, which tries to refute its opponents’ arguments point by point.

“If you try to pin these people down and refute things, it’s, ‘Well, you’re just part of the conspiracy,’ ” says atmospheric scientist Patrick Minnis of NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. “Logic is not exactly a real selling point for most of them.”

B-17’s of the 92nd Bomb Group en route toward their target in Germany. (National Archives)

Nothing is “out there” except water vapor and ice crystals, say irritated scientists who study contrails. Some, such as Minnis, are outraged enough by the claims of chemtrail believers that they have trolled Internet chat rooms to correct misinformation or have gotten into arguments with callers.

“Conspiracy nonsense,” snorts Kenneth Sassen, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Utah. “These things are at 30,000 to 40,000 feet in the atmosphere. They’re tiny particles of ice. They’re not going to affect anyone.”

The cloud-forming contrails that conspiracy theorists find so ominous are “perfectly natural,” Minnis says. The odd grid and parallel-line patterns are easily explained as contrails blown together by the wind, scientists say.


Normal contrails DO form in fairly high humidity. When formed in 100% humidity they will NEVER disappear. If the humidity of that particular stratospheric layer is REDUCED, then in exact proportion the life of that trail will be reduced. This CAN happen; the layer can be lifted from beneath by a rising CUMULUS cloud in the troposphere. But the typical way they disappear is that LOCAL to the trail, the humidity has already been increased by the processes forming the trail: over time the increased humidity “leaks” away from the locality by gaseous diffusion, allowing the trail (of ice crystals) to sublime back into water vapor. Otherwise generally over time, layers FALL, COOL, humidity rises, trails get bigger.


There is a new and ominous controversy concerning aircraft contrails and their supposed ill-effects. People with little or no scientific understanding are whipping up a furore over – nothing. This tends to leave all the real ills of the world unattended, and let’s face it, those we know of already are too great and too many to be sufferable. But how much worse it is when the (already!) deluded dream up new imaginary ills! With too much on our plates already, we are forced to concern ourselves with additional spurious delusions which, if they were to be taken seriously, would diminish our capacity to adapt to change, and ultimately to survive the upcoming onslaught.

A typical passenger transport plane (medium haul) burns 30 tons of fuel and thus unloads 30 tons of ice and 20 tons of gaseous oxides (mostly carbon dioxide) into the stratosphere every trip it makes.

The troposphere

The troposphere contains about 80% of the atmosphere and is the part of the atmosphere in which we live, and make weather observations. In this layer, average temperatures decrease with height. This is known as adiabatic cooling, i.e. a change in temperature caused by a decrease in pressure. Even so, it is still more prone to vertical mixing by convective and turbulent transfer, than other parts of the atmosphere. These vertical motions and the abundance of water vapour make it the home of all important weather phenomena. It is turbulent and unstable because it is at its warmest at its base. The troposphere’s thermal profile is largely the result of the heating of the Earth’s surface by incoming solar radiation. Heat is then transferred up through the troposphere by a combination of convective and turbulent transfer.

B-17 making contrails

This is in direct contrast with the stratosphere, where warming is the result of the direct absorption of solar radiation. It is at its coldest at its base, and is stable and non-turbulent. If you have ever observed (or been in) a house fire, and looked up at the ceiling of a room with a fire in it, there you can see that the behaviour of the air is similar: the hottest part of the fire is against the ceiling, and the layers of air beneath (at decreasing temperatures) are stratified and somewhat mysteriously stable.

The troposphere is around 16 km high at the equator, with the temperature at the tropopause around –80 °C. At the poles, the troposphere reaches a height of around 8 km, with the temperature of the tropopause around –40 °C in summer and –60 °C in winter.

Annual passenger jet aircraft fuel consumption is estimated to be 300 million tons. That may seem a lot, but it’s a CUBE with sides a hundred yards long. in actual fact.

The weight of the atmosphere is 5.25 petatonnes.

One can see (using a quick calculation) that, as a proportion of the weight of the atmosphere, the burnt fuel comprises FIVE MILLIONTHS OF A PER CENT. It would take 200,000 years to half-fill the atmosphere with aircraft exhaust emissions at their present rate!

The skies over Big Ben in London, during the Battle of Britain, 1940. Spitfires and Hurricanes battle it out with Messerschmidts.

Now, the water, the gaseous oxides and sulphates may have a hardly appreciable effect on Global Warming (they are only 3.5% of anthropogenic combustion), but are as NOTHING when compared with the Earth’s volcanoes.

There are 1,500 active volcanoes on land and maybe TEN THOUSAND active volcanoes under the sea. Beneath are a few links:

The term “active” means “constantly emitting steam, gases, magma, and ash”. It is hard to quantify the total emitted by the land volcanoes, but let us assume they average a million tons of each per year. That will give us fifteen hundred million tons of steam, fifteen hundred million tons of gases, fifteen hundred million tons of magma, fifteen hundred million tons of ash.

“Hey”, you might say, “aren’t you making free with all those hundred millions of tons?” – and I would answer you thus: “A million tons of rock makes a cone 243 feet high. So I’m suggesting that the annual volcanic production of rock is equivalent to fifteen hundred of these rock cones. See what I mean?”

A Volcano erupting

To put that estimate into perspective, the largest known eruption, Tambora, put 200 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere in a single event!

Getting back to the point, it can be reasonably argued that contrails are at least FIFTEEN TIMES LESS IMPORTANT THAN VOLCANOES when it comes to having an effect on our atmosphere, whether warming it or cooling it…

So forget ALL of this bullfish about contrails/chemtrails. Yadda barium, yadda aluminum, yadda cooling, yadda dimming, yadda morgellons, yadda toxins……..You can bet your boots that anyone who advocates this idea is an ignorant dupe, with NO IDEA of the magnitude of the Earth and the events that truly moderate its climate.

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Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Oh come on Ian Contrails and Chemtrails are two different things. Showing us a bunch of contrails and claiming this is what we’re looking at are the same as the Robertson’s Panel crowd claiming that UFO’s are swamp gas or Venus.

    To say conclusively that Chemtrails don’t exist is ridiculous. What’s crop dusting then? Better still I’m sure you’ve heard of cloud seeding. Don’t you think that weather modification and spraying pesticides hasn’t advanced somewhat?

    Also how do you think they sprayed tons of Agent Orange on Vietnam?

    Really are you guys crazy enough to think that only Trumpsters and Qtards are into ChemTrails, tracking Saint Hillary’s seamy connections to trafficking in minors and drugs?

    Seems like you’ve gone full partisan here and somewhat idiotic. I mean I’ve been called a lot of things but never in my life an “Israeli Troll”. That I thought was as ridiculously absurd as it gets until I read this article.

    Has VT gone to the dark side?

    • WTF, are you nuts? Read the link you posted, it’s about a small time contractor who was spraying waste oil on unpaved roadways to suppress dust and ended up contaminating places with dioxin that had got into the oil when the oil was stored in a tank previously used to store dioxin. In no way, shape or form is this anything to do with chemtrails. You’re wasting our time with this inane crap.

    • Look, it’s quite simple, contrails exist, chemtrails don’t. Until you grasp that you’re just wasting our time. Don’t you think logically and rationally about these things? If you did, you would immediately realise that no-one is manufacturing millions of tonnes of chemicals to spray, no aircraft fitted with spray equipment exist, no-one has ever seen anyone pumping anything into an aircraft other than fuel, not one single credible whistleblower has ever come forward, there is simply not one iota of physical evidence. But you STILL believe the BS. This is a delusional state akin to blind faith in religious dogma. Both are very bad for you and I hope you wake up to this one day.

  2. Hi Folks, VT has played it’s hand. My prior comment was edited . . . the most crucial information removed.

    I’ve been tuned into VT for years and have commented many times on this website. Pay attention to the very revealing ad-hominem attacks. VT’s directive is kill the messenger. VT is pro-vaccine and is a journal for the clandestine services of u.s. gov. co. – a tool.

    VT is apparently pro scamdemic. Chemtrails . . . nonaoparticles are the reason. See Thanks VT

    • You’re a paid troll and this is the last time you get to post your lies here. No information was removed from your post, just another of your lies.

  3. In Russia, we have no such concerns. Nobody discusses these things. If you look at the site of air travel, over the United States just a bee swarm of aircraft. This is a given. You want to say that the government wants to change the climate in the United States? Or poison your people? What’s the point of this? We breathe one air. And millions of cars – is this normal? And, as Yang correctly said, volcanoes produce masses of dirt. Shut them up? Of course, human activity does not benefit the planet. But conspiracy theology is doing its job. Let’s give up planes, cars. We will transfer to horses and sailing ships. And another thing: in the USSR they vaccinated everyone. And we were a healthy country! People were cared for, not made a tax paying crowd. The modern generations have less health.
    HAARP? So why they let the US people still suffer from tornados and hurricanes?
    Cool mind and thinking, emotions are always bad adviser. This is my personal point of view.

  4. First you tell readers to avoid sites like The Daily Beast, the Atlantic, the New York Times etc. and NOW you start quoting them!! NOW you come up with this?? I used to trust you people but it`s become obvious that you contradict yourselves and have another agenda!

  5. To those of you who insist that the sky is different today (clearer) than it was in the 40s through the 60s; no kidding! Ask yourself when cheap travel by high flying airlines began; okay, not until the very late 50s & early 60s. Back in 62-63, I was still flying Cessma 140s out of Wayne County Flying Services at Detroit Metro where they were still allowing small private aircraft to fly, and the terminal was rinky-dink compared to todays terminalS. Now, how many flights – the last number I saw was 1,000,000,000+ (is this number too large for you?), per day world wide and climbing, until covid 19. Tough not to have bow koo contrails with that many airliners in the air.
    In 58 when in Los Angeles (sans 5G or 4G), I encountered several days where the smog was so thick I couldn’t see a block away, all the while tears running down my cheeks from my burning eyes. How much physical damage to Los Angeles citizens did this kind of smog cause over the years? Did any of you see the chemical laden soot and smog coming out of the River Rouge plant courtesy of FoMoCo, and so many other plants in the area? One could go on and on, but what is the use. There is no addiction greater than the addiction to confirmation bias.

  6. Thank you very much, Ian, for your timely, relevant essay on so-called “chemtrails”. I have studied this subject since the days of Rosiland Peterson (RIP, who preferred “persistent jet contrails”) and well before the advent of Dane Wigington (“geoengineering”, the blackwashing of chemtrailing with global warming or, for some, vice versa). In my experience, few besides you have addressed this topic with such clarity and perspicacity.
    Very brief backgrounder. Well before Milestone 72, I had sensed a gradual quickening of Time. Months of years appeared to hasten by at increasingly unseemly paces. As Milestone 73 approaches, I ‘ve understood that units of Time can also serve as a currency of Life. I now value a few days as one whole week, a goodly block of hours as one whole day. Your essay, therefore, gifted me in a renewable, sustainable way!
    Firstly, I shall not have to read about nor observe the skies overhead for man-made chemclouding – however pervasive, pernicious, and, likely, poisonous. Secondly, you inspired me to shift Veterans Today to the “no go to” category of web sites. This investment alone will return several hours per week for better spending and increased enjoyment.
    I shall compensate you by not bothering you another nanosecond. If upon departure, the door to Veterans Today bumps my bottom, well, I shall put the extra propellant to good use on my journey. Fair warning, such a fond farewell may induce an involuntary fart in your general direction. Cheers!

    • Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out. We don’t need any more morons.

  7. Jesus Ian: You certainly stirred up a hornets nest with this article. Can’t cross paths with the conspirator police or they will come at you with all guns blazing. Great way to lure the critters into the open though, thanks for that! Cheers.

    • Cheers Joseph. I am of the opinion that if I’m not pissing someone off I’m not doing my job properly. This is not a popularity contest, I do not seek fame or kudos, for me, anonymity is pleasant.

  8. (THE PERSON WHO WROTE THIS COMMENT HAS NEVER BEEN ON VT’S WEBSITE UNTIL SENT HERE TO WRITE THIS) Hi everyone! This comment has been a long-time coming. To answer your question Kautz, “Come on, VT, you did a really good job till now, have you been taken over?”

    The main reason for chemtrails, aside from the aluminum, barium, radioactive strontium, freeze-dried red blood cells, viruses, bacteria, and fibers of unknown origin (to harm your health) . . . is the nanoparticles which accumulate in your lungs and brain.

    Also see the movie “aerosol crimes” by Clifford Carnicom, the godfather of chemtrails.

    And please get to know my dear friend Patrick Jordan at and watch his latest videos regarding the chemical weapons being deployed that cause symptom matching the latest scamdemic (co-vid 20 minus 1).

    Also, please see video dissections of the criminal psychopathic behavior the controllers engage in to mislead the gullible public about co-vid 20 minus 1 plandemic and vaccines:
    Amazing Polly on YouTube

    • Everything polly has is totally fake. Grow up, with no witnesses and tons of evidence debunked, pizzagate and the birthers….chem trails go there…with the anti-vaxx fools. Chem trails hoaxes originated from global warming denialsts funded by the Koch Brothers, and were supposed to explain “fake tests” that disprove global warming. Learn your subject before putting fingers into gear

    • Hi Gorden, nice you are in the discussion. Everything I stated in my post below is from first hand environmental monitoring plus dealing with patients suffering from morgellons, plus analysis of more than 10.000 raindrop microscopies to understand the complex order of ingredients coming down from the sky. When I say dealing with, I mean living with a patient as a half time job for several month, to understand all aspects of the disease. This is the effect-side. As to the cause side I refer to either first hand intel from military personal or official scientific papers from military research. Out of principle, I do not process second hand information. A butt on a toilet is a person shitting. No way round that.

    • How much are they paying you to spew this bullshit? Not one thing you say is even remotely believable.

  9. A little money goes a long way in promoting the agenda. This may have been part of the stimulus package and the VT boys need to tow the line.

  10. “Weather as a Force Multiplier – Owning the Weather by 2025” published by the USAF in 1996, 4 years after the meeting in Rio on Agenda 21 including Sustainable Development.
    Which part of this ‘Chemtrails vs Reality’ article above is part of the 40% false news admitted by Gordie? It appears VT has been bought and paid for by the back room boys!

  11. ian, my thoughts were originally, you were getting govt funding.!this seems to be an ill thought out article.have a great easter anyway..

  12. I’ve had my head in the sky since I can remember. In Minneapolis we had a great pine tree across the street in the Rose Gardens Park of Lake Harriet we called the Foshey tree. We would climb to the top and we could see that tallest building in the city – the Foshey Tower. I have innumerable memories of the sky and clouds I would watch. This was in the late 60’s and into the 70’s The 80’s are a bit muted but I spent most of those years living out of a backpack under the skies. I was a wilderness guide. The 90’s and 00’s were less vivid in the skies. The 10’s were streaked constantly. But my time living under sky not roof was much more limited. lately I have been observing many more stunning skies and this is out above the City of Salt. The yellow grey stench is not the predominant view in these days of Cofefe-19

  13. [Editor’s note: Note the number of paid trolls like this jerk who are turning up to make their first ever comment on VT on this Chemtrails article. That should tell you that we have touched on a sore point in identifying chemtrails as part of a psyop.]

    ‘Chemtrails are a psyop brought to you by the same people who insist vaccines are bad, 5G will make you sick and Hilary pimps children out of a DC pizza parlour.’
    What will you tell us next? That OBL was responsible for 9/11, that the Iraqi troops really did throw Kuwaiti babies on the cold floor, and steal the incubators, that the Maddox and Turner Joy really were attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats, that Saddam really did have oodles of WDM’s, that 19 alleged hijackers took over four internal Boeing flights on 9/11, with not one sqauking the hijack code.
    Accept your Covid 19 vaccination like a good chap, and tell us how great it is (if you survive).
    I read an article on here that claimed nukes had been used in the 2005 London Bombings – that was a hoot.
    Yet other times, you post what appear to be very informative articles, like on the Covid 19.
    For my part, I have no doubt that chemtrails are all too real, as was Pizzagate (the Hildabeast was well known for the Clinton Foundation child trafficking, as well as making use of MK-Ultra female sex slaves); 5G most assuredly will make people very ill indeed, as have many vaccines (which are both a money-spinner and a way to surreptitiously sterilise people or infect them with virus or other pathogens, and poisonous ‘adjuvants’. And I don’t believe for a moment (though I did at the time) that the US (or anyone else) put humans on the moon.

  14. What the hack happened to VT, did I miss over language issues that this is in deed satirical? Just in case it is not…

    The manual of the chemtrail class at US air force academy contains 150 pages on the chemistry of spray pyrolysis. Stadis450 is a regular additive used by NATO and many commercial airlines. STADIS 450 was commercially approved in combination with barium salts. In spray pyrolisis, barium salts, together with the natural titanium content in cerosine, should form (BaSr)TiO3 nanoparticles. The temperature gradient, 750 to 600 DegC, is the same as in industrial nanpoparticle production, so it would be a miracle if something elso would be in the exhaust. No proof here, JP-8 additives and ingredients are classified. In Europe, (Ba,Sr)TiO3 and Al2O3 whiskers show up in raindrop microscopy since 2003, state run environmental monitoring of barium allows calculating a total (Ba,Sr)TiO3 deposition on Germany of about 16000 tons per year.

    In US military forums (Ba,Sr)TiO3 and Al2O3 are discussed as zapped plasma, the particle plasma introduced into the athmosphere when the Radio Frequency Mission Planner (RFMP) for the Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation (VTRPE) used by the Navy was expanded over the dry land. The military was missing the salinity to make air conductive there. Additionally, it suppies the background plasma for the Spectrum Efficient National Surveillance Radar Programm (SENSR) in the lower athmosphere. Zapped plasma is used to create horizontal drift plasma antennas and columnar focal lenses to redirect wave fronts in mid air, which gives the military full 4D control of the scalar realm in the skies.

    SENSR is expanding the surveillance on every single citizen, an agenda coming with the Gemini Radar Chip produced by Raytheon, deployed along the 5G rollout, including serveral options to kill on the spot or induce deathly disease. The first wave of assassinations and/or colateral deaths is covered by the COVID scam.

    Radiation sickness activates the human cell to produce exosomes, exosomes are there to remove toxins, and they penetrate other cells to be replicated. They are an integral part of the immune response. However, they are identical in all aspects to what the main stream media describes as the COVID19 virus.

    Come on, VT, you did a really good job till now, have you been taken over?

    If you have not heard these terms yet, I am not satirical at all. Some of the terms are censored by google, so better try an independent search engine when doing your homework.

    • What a load of crap. I strongly suspect you are yet another paid troll.

      STADIS 450 is an anti-static agent added to some jet fuels to impart electrical conductivity to them and avoid buildup of static charge that could lead to sparks igniting fuel vapours.

      SENSR is nothing more than a cross-agency feasibility study to assess the feasibility of making a minimum of 30 MHz of the 1300 to 1350 MHz band available for reallocation for shared federal and non-federal use. It doesn’t even report until 2024.

  15. Ouch. Thank you.
    I’m definitely not one but influencers on the ‘wrong’ side do not fair well I have witnessed. RIP Prince

    • Sorry Stan, Olav Phillips is NOT a reliable source, he’s just another of the very many fantasists and liars who make a good living out of writing nonsense about the occult, UFOs, Aliens and other popular topics.

  16. After each article, VT writes in, “Disclosures” – “Some content may be satirical in nature.” There it is. The justification for any disinfo or hilarious, mendacity. Congruent with the old military maxim of, “CYA”. (Cover Your Ass).

  17. After a decade of investigation, chem trail are as fake as vaccine scandals, emailgate, pizzagate, benghazi and all the other zionist manufactured hoaxes designed to seek out the weak minded.

    they fabricate these fake religions and that’s what they are…and play social engineering experiments with those dumb enough to get onboard

    zero evidence….and hundreds of thousands of pilots all plotting on behalf of aliens spewing chem trails

    all plotting against just you, nobody else…just you…like they couldn’t show up on your porch

  18. So much fear! To the extent those high flying aircraft contrails also contain chemicals, they could also be called chem trails. Are they purposely sprayed into the atmosphere? Of course they are how else would the damn planes stay in the air? My advice to those of you who fear chem trails as a conspiracy, make damn sure you no longer fly, eradicating any risk of personal hypocrisy. At least then you can gloat about your non contribution to chem trails. And by the way walk, don’t drive a vehicle with a reciprocating engine. Our entire pollution problem (air, water, land) is way too complex, and bound up with our dangerous economic/political systems, to waste time on ‘chem trail conspiracies’.

  19. This article alleges that contrails, not chemtrails, are created by aircraft flying over 20,000 feet, that they are harmless, and the the high humidity at that altitude keeps them from dissipating quickly which would normally be the case. I was a young whelp in the 1960s when commercial aircraft came into its own yet none of them ever left trails in the sky that lasted for hours. Further, as a “Groundpounder” in Naval aviation in the 70s, I dealt with Phantoms, A-6s, P-3 Orions etc. on a regular basis. These aircraft went well over 20,000 feet and never once did they leave trails up there that remained. Something else is clearly going on here.

    • I can remember as a child in the 60’s laying on our backs on a hot humid summer day, trying to figure out what cloud formations resembled. Persistent contrails were just not there. Today, jet fuel is about the only fuel that doesn’t have regulated sulfur levels. Levels of 1000 ppm is not unusual which results in thousands of tons of sulfur dioxide released every day in our skies. This is very convenient considering SO2 is the choice spray for geoengineers for it’s ability to form light blocking contrails.

    • I think you should take a quick look at the stats for how many aircraft were in the skies in the 1960s as compared to today, you might be shocked at just how few there were in the 60s and how many there are now. Furthermore, a large proportion of 60s commercial air flights, especially freight, were using prop planes that flew below 20,000 feet, so didn’t make contrails. Also, the location on the globe you were, how hot or cold it was, how moist the atmosphere was, all of these play a factor. Contrails were there in the 60s, just vastly less common and if you didn’t like under a flight path, you may never see them. Today, the world is covered in fight paths and the sky filled with aircraft, so people see them constantly.

    • Ian – I grew up on the East coast in the middle of NY, Balt, Newark, Phila, & DC , AF bases – there was always air traffic

    • Yes, there has been commercial air traffic since the 1950s, but you’re missing the point. Today there are at least 1 BILLION commercial flights every day, almost all of it at the altitude where contrails form. When you were growing up, the volume of air traffic was a mere fraction of today and much of it flew too low to make contrails. There were contrails in the skies back then, but in far smaller volume, just because you can’t remember seeing them doesn’t mean much I’m afraid.

  20. “Chemtrails don’t exist, nothing is being sprayed. Until you grasp that fact, there is no discussion worth having.”
    Weather modification programs and experiments have been going on for over a hundred years! The military was blamed for altering the paths and intensities of hurricanes in the 1940’s. The US flooded out the Ho Chi Minn trail with weather warfare in the 60’s.

  21. You have totally missed the fact that commercial aviation fuel today has high levels of sulfur. While starting in the 90’s, gasoline and diesel fuel have had their allowable levels of sulfur gradually reduced to a maximum of 15 ppm, this is not the case with aviation fuel which can be as high as 3000 ppm sulfur but probably most is below the 1000 ppm range. The resulting sulfur dioxide exhaust is an ideal nucleus to form sunlight reflecting persistent contrails. This is the very reason that SO2 is the choice spray for geoengineers. So today, right under (or over) our noses, we have thousands of tons of sulfur dioxide efficiently placed each and every day at 30-40 thousand feet, all around the world for absolutely no extra expense! An MIT study on desulfurizing jet fuel has listed pros as saving thousands of lives from reducing population exposure to SO2 and resulting sulfuric acid formation but the cons are an extra 5 cents per gallon cost and an increase of global temperature from contrail reduction. The powers that be have conveniently forgotten to clean up jet fuel – so while they are just contrails, they really are also chemtrails.

    • Sulphur content not high but higher than US road fuel, same as European diesel for cars….which is much higher than US levels and why diesel is so freakin’expensive

    • Gordon – there are no regulations for SO2 emissions from aircraft. Sulfur levels of 1000 ppm in the fuel is enough to result in hundreds of thousands of tons of light blocking, persistent contrail forming Sulfur Dioxide – the choice of geoengineers for cooling the planet. All gas and diesel is regulated to below 15 ppm sulfur. Marine bunker fuel with extreme sulfur levels (up to 5% sulfur) would cause chemtrails seen from space. Since Jan 2020 even that has to be below 1000 ppm and lower near coasts. Even an MIT study claims desulfurizing jet fuel would cause warmer global temps.

  22. nearly 10,000 plane are in the air at any given moment, there are nearly 40,000 commercial or military airliners. That’s maybe 40,000 football fields or burnt and un-burnt fuel. With nothing being sprayed that would lead to an increase of about 4% carbon dioxide by 2030 estimating 17 petagrams CO2 to the 5.25 petatonne of atmosphere. By BPs 2005 estimates of a supposed limited resource. from Natl. Geo. plane emissions kill about 10,000 people per year. Air pollutants include sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Pollution can change your DNA. Small particles about one hundred millionths of an inch wide this is known as particulate matter. Small particles pose a risk to humans and other breathing things like Trumps. These are the main culprit in adverse health effects because they become wedged deep in the lung and can enter the bloodstream. Hey cofefe-19 virus’ are tiny too. Until you grasp the fact that we all share the same planet I will end my discussion with you, Sir

    • I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make. If you really want to see what partiulate matter in the air we breathe can do, look up the Great Smog of London, 1952. That was due to burning cheap, low grade ‘dirty’ coal.

    • We have concluded that anti-vaxx..chemtrails…5g…Qanon….email/pizzagate….and so many more…jade helm…

      all played out to gather big data on ‘influencers’ and those with high susceptibility

      say “ouch” if this applies to you

    • Definitely applies to me, and I won’t say I’m not disappointed. It’s been one of the great things about the internet…makes you think you’re sleuthing. I do think, however, many of these are proffered with the deliberate expectation of blurring fact and fiction, and it is effective.

  23. Have you heard of micro dosing? It is real and it is effective. Do you have any idea of how many of those football sized cubes of fuel it would take to “fill” the atmosphere with a lethal or harmful dose?
    Right. I don’t think anyone does. Dry air that we breath contains 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93 % argon, 0.04% CARBON DIOXIDE and small amount of other gases. It also contains a variable amount of water vapor. On average 1% at sea level and 0.4% over the entire atmosphere. Life as we know it exists in a very limited in a very fine and balanced window or these Chemicals. I am annoyed at your and those government scientists and officials who can’t understand that there are limits to dilution that are not being addressed. I guess we are all arrogant I just get suspicious if that ‘arrogance’ has motive.

    • Chemtrails don’t exist, nothing is being sprayed. Until you grasp that fact, there is no discussion worth having.

    • Today’s jet fuel with levels of 1000 ppm sulfur is not unusual. 300,000,000 tons of such fuel would yield 600,000 tons of sulfur dioxide each year. I have submitted forms with my representative asking if there were plans to limit sulfur levels on jet fuel as has been done with all other forms of gas, diesel ,bunker fuel, etc. – and if not, why? I have yet to receive any reply. I live in the high dessert SW with views of ` 100 miles distant mountains. For the first time in over a year, with the reduced air traffic, I can still see these mountains in the afternoon after the SO2 exhaust has been converted to sulfates and H2SO4 haze. Growing up in the 60’s in a high air traffic corridor on the east coast, we never had a fraction of the contrails we have today. I believe as sulfur was removed from all other fuels in the 90’s, unregulated jet fuel naturally began to acquire higher sulfur levels. Today they obviously want the high levels of geoengineering SO2 to “save us from global whatever”.

    • “30 tons of ice and 20 tons of gaseous oxides (mostly carbon dioxide) ” Yes and that lovely CO2 you know what the climate alarmists love to hate, gives us life and feeds the plants.
      I agree with the article. The other chemicals wont change the weather, humans cant change the weather, its controlled by the SUN, which for astronomical reference puts out 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 Watts! (10^36)

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