Intel Drop: Cleansing our ranks, time for COVID to raise the stakes (updated)

One of the things you will see us doing is pushing readers to grow up

Would Icke call him a "reptilian?"

…by the Senior Editor

Intro Note: If you believe the US can’t manufacture enough toilet paper to fill every garage and basement in the nation…

Anyone remember the Arab oil embargo, 73/74?  Gas went from nothing to double, triple, quadruple, tenfold, almost 20-fold eventually. What some don’t note is that candy bars went up 300%, then more. Flour doubled, bread too, then tripled, then quadrupled, then higher still, and most of it began while the gas lines were out there.

For food manufacturers, wholesalers and grocery, margins went from 3% gross to 17 percent, while a psych warfare campaign shifted America’s eating habits to packaged chemicals at unimaginable profit.

Then things got bad.


Since our coverage of COVID 19, VT has been subjected to multiple database hacks, journalists have been threatened and we have been subjected to more Israeli comment trolls.  The saddest part there is that they are being paid, while “working” in Israel, by USAID, the same CIA branch that paid to develop COVID 19.

A theory, and it is only that, is that the virus developed by the University of North Carolina in 2017, no theory there, made to hit certain genetic markers and be “vaccine proof,” was turned over to the FDA in Arkansas and from them transferred to Tbilisi, Georgia.

Both the Univ. of North Carolina and the long ago busted Tbilisi germ factory are funded by USAID, and Tbilisi is a CIA-DOD facility with a history of working on Swine Flu, SARS and other diseases with accidents killing 72 in nearby neighborhoods from weaponized creations, something researchers aren’t supposed to do.

Then, was this weaponized virus delivered to China in late October 2019 by US Army Intelligence personnel, one of which caught COVID 19?

Maybe. Is it likely?  This is one scenario. There were other facilities, other ways of delivering it, the question of why we supposedly targeted Northern Italy. Without solid reasons you can simply connect dots then publish a book and then attack anyone who later learns the truth, or a better truth.

We are now tracing down a prime defense contractor funded billions to supposedly develop new protective gear, imagine spending a billion dollars on sizing the armholes on a plastic bag.

One of the things you will see us doing is pushing readers to grow up. We collectively feel that those who found fake conspiracy theories, and we mean ones invented specifically by the bad guys to test their psych war theories, an entry drug to ‘troof,’ have continued to backslide.

When we found out who did 9/11, it wasn’t the same names we wanted but this isn’t how real life works. Then again, isn’t this why we are writing this, to fix problems rather than entertain?

Any time a new lie comes out like Qanon, the vaxxers, cloud suckers, birthers and moon landing denialist, most of whom sought out communities the way liberals are drawn to the Huffington Post. It is the sense of belonging, getting to talk about nanothermite, probably the dumbfuckingist fabrication of all, certainly the most evil, totally unaware of the harm being done.

We are at war.  25000 now admittedly dead in this ‘test pandemic.’  They, and we mean USAID funded labs at prominent American universities, are working on things that will turn this country into a ghost town.

Don’t think we are dealing with the “why” here.  This description of Donald Trump:

UK: The Best Description of Trump I’ve Read

It is exactly who he is. The question here is why is he allowed to continue?  Are we unredeemable?

Trump is a starting place, working downhill, uphill, and into the history of the Kosher Nostra and Scottish Rite Freemasonry, now better known as ISIS and al Qaeda and the nations that hold them together, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and more falling in line.

We are looking at global cleansing by a class of entity, long among us, that thrives on the works of Erdogan, Trump, Netanyahu and their masters.

There are some rules at VT. Among them, in order to submit material “standing” is required.  Thus, when RDS or Michael submit material I find “unusual,” their right to believe as they do, Shrimpton’s jail time, RDS’s even worse 8 years at the CIA, earned them the right.

Without a CV and having paid dues, 99% of the time we find self-aggrandizement to be the motivator behind the need to communicate and “be seen,” almost always in utter ignorance.

Some medicine without sugar:

Right out of Grosse Pointe Blank, there are no governments, only middle management in Kosher Nostra organized crime, Trump is a capo, Graham is a Lt., but we expect most knew this.

Everything isn’t about Israel, and how politicians support or attack Israel in public is not as important as policies. Obama and Biden are big Israel haters as is George Soros, but all 3 are continually attacked by Zionist bloggers for being Zionists and those who buy it are total fucking idiots.

These same total fucking idiots are the same folks who continually say both parties are the same.  Yesterday, while checking the comment boards, one of those voicing this position had his or her or its IP address tracked and we found it was 7 people, who claimed to come from different countries, who wrote in different styles and had been commenting for years.

In fact, this IP address links to a VPN location in Haifa, Israel. Sorry, some of our respected regulars have, out of our carelessness, been addressing West Bank Settler housewives paid by USAID to infect VT.

Those with professional training know that following a conspiracy theory to a source reveals very important real information.  Take 9/11:

The official findings, that guys in caves flew aircraft that have CIA supervised anti-highjack overrides that operate through satcom tied to their engine management systems knocked down the world’s largest buildings….

Of course, this means they crawled out on the wings, slung themselves under with allen wrenches and pulled out several wiring harnesses. This, of course, would have gotten the planes shot down, not by other planes but by AEGIS missiles, done by law as required.

Thus, on 9/11, when any of us with military or intelligence training, even open source, heard the bullshit, we knew it had begun and that the Pentagon and CIA had been decapitated. Every single one of us knew it, many many, and nobody has opened their mouths.

Let’s take Sandy Hook. Why?  My view is that this was a test. Look at 2 things:

  1. School counselor who says she saw the shooter, knew him, knew his mom, looked in his face then the next day said she saw his shoes and didn’t know him or his family
  2. Robbie the laughing man…

OK, more, FBI agents speaking Hebrew in front of reporters (playing games) or police picking up a shotgun at the scene and saying it is a Bushmaster AR 15.  We have dozens more.

Then more are invented and fed to the conspiracy web, ending in lawsuits for those who got suckered. Did kids die?  What did Johnny Mathis sing, “It’s not for me to say….”

Most “conspiracy clubs” are invented for two reasons, to organize “influencers” who are emotionally vulnerable and, far worse, to create enough background noise to hide very real unspeakable acts.

All “theory” related conspiracies are generally invented for a reason, anti-vax, chem trails, Pizzagate, Jade Helm, Qanon, Benghazi, EmailGate, moon landing denial…

It is for professionals to see what is behind them. It is easy to trace them down, chem trails is Koch funded for instance, big coal and nuclear cash, but why?

Let’s take the vaxxers first, always easiest. There are no ties whatsoever between vaccines and autism which is 100% genetic and far too common in Northern Europeans. I have two autistic grandchildren. Vaccines didn’t do it.

Let’s look at the claims, that the DPT isn’t needed because Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus are “normal childhood diseases.”  This is tetanus, and nobody gets over tetanus and is ever OK.

This is what diphtheria looks like:

You don’t get over that either.

Rabies?  Polio?

The anti-vaxxers say polio is 3 days of fever then you’re OK. Someone needs to tell this child. Polio is coming back and this will be an American kid very soon, lots of them.

With every conspiracy theory, we can trace it back. The towers were nuked, so make up something impossible and bizarre. Let’s talk nanothermite.

It doesn’t exist. To use it, a team would have to have stripped the 3 towers bare, painted every girder with something that doesn’t exist and install 100,000 9 volt battery powered igniters with radio control.

This has to be done in one night.  Who did it?

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  1. I would like to pay a tribute to the VT staff who out of love of Truth and a deep spiritual quest to try and make sense of this deranged world we live and suffer in. Those two female journalists murdered in the m East for exposing the lies of Empire and al those souls who try to make this world a better place. I disagree with some points, especially vaccines[ which in their true form have been around for thousands of years. When I am cut off sometimes I am not offended. The tremendous stress and sacrifice and love form connections on deeper levels than the physical.

  2. Over the years, I have thought occasionally about submitting articles to VT (due to standing, not being a Vet). However, the censorship of knowledge has been ratcheted up so tightly over the last ten years and with the lockdown, the opportunity for first-hand investigation is now gone. So, there is very little I now know about anything that is accurate. All paid press has become disinformation. As I watch the governments of both lower MidWestern states I hang out in, I realize they are clueless too. This is why I keep reading VT.

  3. ‘Let’s take the vaxxers first, always easiest. There are no ties whatsoever between vaccines and autism which is 100% genetic and far too common in Northern Europeans. I have two autistic grandchildren. Vaccines didn’t do it.’
    that’s 2 examples. you know there are more of parents with healthy, talking kids going and getting a bunch at a time, getting a fever, and then being mentally handicapped. has nothing to do with autism, that’s their cover up diagnosis because autism itself, like the flu, is too complicated to explain to most
    you are doing there work for them throwing hard evidence of their atrocities in with qanon or flat earth which is their main distraction the past few years. they want to pull detective minded people as far as they can from looking at the government
    you are right though, 9-11 is the truth that matters and we needed the Gmen not to go along with it like they did

    • Look, it’s rather simple, Autism is a genetic condition, vaccines do not and cannot alter genes therefore they cannot be responsible for Autism. The whole ‘vaccines cause autism’ fraud began in 1998 with a struck off British doctor who tortured and abused children in his insane experiments where he strapped them down and gave them repeated lumbar punctures and spinal injections until he eventually managed to cause some of them to develop autism. The true cause of Autism is something in the environment, something manmade, most likely pollution, maybe a food additive. Just as Monsanto’s Round Up has been proven to cause cancer, one day we may discover some other common chemical concoction is the major cause of Autism.

    • Ian ,

      WTF are You Saying ?????? You Mean to say that ALL That Heavy Mercury Metal Present in ALL Vaccines Will Do NOTHING ?????? Do YOU Really Want to Shut Your Eyes to the TRUTH ????

    • I’m saying there is no “Heavy Mercury Metal” in vaccines, never has been, neither will you find any legitimate medical source claiming there is.

    • Ian G. – A neurologist told me my HFA could have been due to a very high fever (41° C / 106° F) at about 18 months of age, and not necessarily genetic. Nothing about vaccines (I had what was normal for USian children in the 1970s).

      Do we know who is funding “anti-vaxxers”? As old Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”, Big Pharma would be the prime suspect, as a way to discredit any legitimate complaints about vaccines due to putting greed ahead of welfare. As some have likely noticed, it is not longer possible to have a reasonable discussion on the topic, as anyone who mentions even easily preventable problems with vaccines is libeled or slandered as an “anti-vaxxer”.

    • Yes, we do, it is the usual neocon-Zionist cabal – the Koch Brothers, the Bronfman family, the Lauders, the Adelsons et al.

      The simple truth is that there was no ‘anti-vax’ movement until 1998 when it was begun by a disgraced British doctor called Andrew Wakefield who somehow tricked The Lancet into publishing a BS paper claiming the MMR vaccine everyone in Britain gets as a child causes autism. In reality, Wakefield was torturing and abusing young children by strapping them down and giving them repeated lumbar punctures and spinal taps with a veritable cocktail of toxins until he finally managed to induce autism symptoms in some of them. This is the cold, hard truth about where the anti-vax nonsense came from, a disgraced doctor funded by the zionist elite.

      Of course, all the moronic sheeple who keep calling me nasty names in comments and quite vile emails have bought into this zionist conspiracy bullshit because they are either too lazy or too dumb to carry out the most basic due diligence in checking and verifying the sources of the crap that they are all too keen to regurgitate.

      The grand fearmongerng psyop that encompasses anti-vax, 5G, chemtrails, Obama is Kenyan, Hillary eats babies and so on and so on, relies on identifying and targeting gullible morons (on social media today we call them ‘influencers’) who will buy into these crackpot theories and spread them to other sheeple. Add a few cheerleaders like Donald trump, Alex Jones, David Icke and Dane Wigington and you have a very effective psyop operation that clearly works judging by how many morons have bought into them as evidenced by the backlash I am currently experiencing over my writings on 5G and chemtrails.

      Please don’t be a bunch of moronic sheeple, please do take the time to investigate the source of information before entertaining that it might be true, always look into who is funding the various think tanks, websites and individuals who promulgate all this crap, invariably it is the same handful of elite Zionist families.

    • Well, I have a 5G wireless router in my bedroom, and have noticed no difference in it being on or off.

  4. Hoping that notoriously criminal Republican party never gets elected ever, but in order to achieve that, a third (somewhat stronger or fourth/fifth) realistically electable party is needed, which to most Americans seems delusional and distant. That should stand as a Political Science 101, which is taught at most US universities, however applied in countries that are not US (possibly taught for future foreign economic advisers or jackals). The dual system is not a very high standard of democracy (especially considering too big to fail and vital-to “national security” companies), if it ever was, and coalitions or whatever that is called in the US (bipartisanships ?) are ineffective.
    Policies are the ones that matter, so I salute not speaking at AIPAC from most Democrats.
    I am an idiot by at least 1 & 1/2 ongoing conspiracies standards mentioned above by mr. Duff.

    • Instant run-off voting would make third-party candidates viable instead of spoilers. Which of course is why it is opposed by the deep state, as it would break their monopoly on power.

    • I have no illusions about Trump being a duplicitous buffoon being totally handled by a Khazarian mafia. But something tells me even if Joe Biden gets in, the Goldman Sachses and the JP Morgans will continue to thrive, labs like the one in Tbilisi will continue to operate, fake gas attacks like the one in Douma will continue, Ukie incursion into Donbass will continue, sanctions against regimes deemed unsavory, no matter how many children must die, as (Mad)eleine Albright sermonized us, will continue to be “justified”. It’s doubtful the US will ever join the civilized world, but if it does, it won’t be until after much pain, suffering, death, and destruction.

  5. “One of the things you will see us doing is pushing readers to grow up” – GD

    “Les Visible” seems to be on the same wavelength, and even predicted a real epidemic (7:55-8:03).

    And Patrick Willis’s (aka Snordster) narration, images, and background music are is as usual a treat.

  6. This right here -> ” that the Pentagon and CIA had been decapitated. Every single one of us knew it, many many, and nobody has opened their mouths.” It wasn’t just you guys Gordon. When 911 happened, most people at that time in the US and abroad knew. It could be seen on there faces, even if they would never utter it out loud. Most people however for a period of 5 to 7 years, could not bring themselves to say it out loud even to their friends due to fear of knowing the truth preferring instead to turn on the TV and hope that everything just went ‘back to normal’. Not to mention the ‘Uncle Sam is Watching’ signs plastered everywhere like 1984 during that time. The nation was collectively under the trauma of forced silence for fear of thought crime, especially after the anthrax psyop.

  7. I admit there is an awful lot of noise, so that everything seems to be buried “down in the grass”. This a reference to the display of a spectrum analyzer. The is also a logic device that can be used for other things than SIGINT. There is also the smell test, but by that time the thing is so ripe as to knock out maggots. The “two-fer” seems to be a distinct marker. Killing many birds with one stone seems to be a stand out. How many (and how much moola) gain from this virus? I find the knocking out of our fleet on of the many, but I will comment on that in the latest article about the TR. Keep up the good work Gordon and Jim. 73

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