Are We Connecting the Dots For Understanding COVID-19?


Health Editor’s Note: Connecting the dots for COVID-19. Could this mean that some of the parts of the COVID-19 puzzle are becoming apparent? Are we closer to understanding why some people are hit harder with COVID-19 than others?

On March 23, VT brought you the news of how the use of chloroquine for COVID-19 treatment could harm a percentage of the world population who have G6PD deficiency. This is a  This deficiency, brought on by a genetic condition, is commonly found in the Mediterranean region, Africa, and Asia. People in Spain and Italy have been more affected than other some other countries. In the U.S., the African-American population is being harder hit. Could this be the genetic condition that causes a difference in the severity of a COVID-19 infection?…..Carol

Does G6PD Deficiency Relate to COVID-19 Infection?

by Dan J. Vick, MD, DHA, MBA, CPE, a pathologist and former hospital executive, is a member of the graduate teaching faculty in the Master of Health Administration Program, School of Health Sciences, in the Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant.

In an April 8 MedPage Today article, Mark Zucker, MD, asked the question as to why there is differential susceptibility to COVID-19 infection. In other words, why do some people become severely ill while others are asymptomatic? He raised the issue of possible genetic determinants in susceptibility and response to the coronavirus.

This is a question that I have been pondering as well, particularly as to whether there may be a link between glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency and susceptibility to, and virulence of, COVID-19 infection. G6PD deficiency is a common, X-linked recessive genetic condition that affects some 400 million people worldwide. It is the most common human enzyme defect. G6PD is an important catalyst in the pentose phosphate pathway, in which glucose is converted to pentose sugars and NADPH is produced. NADPH serves an important role in ridding cells of free oxygen radicals, thereby reducing oxidative stress and preventing cell destruction. Most cells in the body contain mitochondria, which also generate NADPH. However, red blood cells lack mitochondria and, therefore, rely upon the pentose phosphate pathway for generating this important cell-protecting molecule.

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  1. Have a look for instance at:
    “A combination of vitamin C, hydrocortisone, and thiamine as an adjunctive therapy in sepsis has shown promising results in recent experimental and clinical studies. Vitamin C is known to have antioxidant properties, hydrocortisone has a known theoretical synergistic effect with vitamin C, and thiamine prevents vitamin C crystallization at high doses. A retrospective study published in Chest in 2017105 demonstrated a reduction in overall sepsis mortality (8.5% versus 40.4% in non-treated group) in septic shock patients who were treated with the vitamin C regimen. It was also noted to facilitate the more rapid weaning of vasopressors and prevented progression of multiorgan dysfunction, especially acute kidney injury. ”

    • Except with viral infections where the hydrocortisone (or rather depromedrol) will cause the virus to run rampant

    • Sorry, nothing to do with vaccines, that is nonsense, pure unadulterated nonsense.

      Why did you post a 6 year old article where it plainly states:

      “The director general of the Italian drug agency, Luca Pani, has assured the local media that “there is no direct relationship between the supply of the vaccine and the deaths””.

      So why are you wasting our time with this rubbish? Maybe someone has paid you to do so?

    • Dear Ian,

      Please avoid the “personal attack” sophism against me, this just reveals you have no better argument. And better to keep calm, this gives you better ability to think about facts.

      As you may know, in this pandemie, deaths happen from a “cytokine storm”, the over-reaction of immune system triggered by bacterias, viruses and even drugs. The over-reaction of immune system can be found in all organs, including brain.

      The “cytokine storm” is also named “sepsis”, and more is known about that since some time. See for instance :

      The protocole of this doctor Marik is well known to save patients…

      The next question is why is there an overreaction of immune system, like a too strong allergic reaction?

      Would you say that pollen or peanuts are killing people? Pollen and peanuts are not responsible of wrong reaction, neither virus nor bacteria. The problem is the state of an “overreacting” immune system.

      The question now is why elederly people have more probability to have an “immune overreaction” when we are all told that their immune system is “broken”, “tired”, and does not answer enough to viruses, so broken that they absolutely need some vaccine each year to train their immune system ?

    • As someone who has been hospitalised 8 times in 4 years with sepsis, I know more than a little about it and can say that what you are claiming is a load of rubbish.

      It is not sepsis that is killing people, it is the destruction of lung tissues by the virus resulting in breathing difficulties and often pneumonia, that is why patients are being intubated and kept alive by ventilators.

      You have no valid argument whatsoever and when the issue is so grave and serious as this pandemic, then it is most reasonable for me to call you and all the other idiots and liars out whenever they dare to attempt to spread their nonsense onto VT.

      There are only two types of people spreading this bullshit – paid trolls and gullible morons who are, wittingly or not, performing the role of ‘useful idiot’ and helping to protect the very people who created this virus and infected the world with it.

      Both types of people deserve a good deal of scorn and chastisement so regardless of which type you happen to be you need to go away and have a long, hard look at yourself and ask some very uncomfortable questions about why you have bought into this bullshit.

      This applies to everyone who even entertains this sort of nonsense about the pandemic. Yes, it is good to have an open mind and not glibly accept what governments and the MSM tell us, but that is no excuse for being dumb and gullible enough that you fall prey to these blatant disinfo ops that seek to spread dangerous rubbish about the virus and how to respond to it in medical and social terms.

      When it comes to matters as serious as this pandemic, I point blank refuse to pull my punches and I will stick it to people like a George Foreman right hook, if you’re too much of a snowflake to be able to deal with this level of honesty and rationality then you should go and hang out somewhere where crackpot conspiracy bullshit is accepted, VT is most definitely not that place and never will be as long as I have any say in the matter.

    • Dear Ian,

      Sorry to learn about your sepsis, reading about the proposed protocol should definitively be useful…

      I’m ok with your view :
      “it is the destruction of lung tissues by the virus resulting in breathing difficulties and often pneumonia,”
      except about “by the virus”. All doctors are ok on this : a “cytokine storm” is destroying the cells, specially in lungs. Please have a look at the “cytokine storm” definitions/explanations, if you don’t get this, difficult to go further.

      Would you mix the “trigger” and the “cause”…?

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