Intel Drop: Trump Says This is Flat, We Are So Screwed..


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Stuck in the house again today.  While there, 3 in our little town died of CV19.  I didn’t see it thus, it didn’t happen.

We are losing 5000 a day now, it has doubled in 4 days heading for 10k per day and up.

You see, Trump was told by Hannity that only 2000 would die and it would all blow over.  40,000 will be dead by the time you see this.  This is what Trump was told by his ‘spiritualist’ advisor, from NBC:

“In a blog post titled “Is God Judging America Today?” a pastor who leads a weekly bible study group for members of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet appeared to blame the coronavirus pandemic on several groups, including those who have “a proclivity toward lesbianism and homosexuality.”

America “is experiencing the consequential wrath of God,” the Rev. Ralph Drollinger wrote in a lengthy March 21 “Bible study” on his Capitol Ministries blog, which caused outrage among several national LGBTQ advocacy groups.

In addition to gays and lesbians, Drollinger — who The New York Times recently referred to as the Trump Cabinet’s “shadow diplomat” — also laid blame on people with “depraved minds,” environmentalists and those who deny the existence of God for igniting “God’s wrath.”

Pelosi is totally right, Trump is making things worse every time he opens his mouth.  The irony, of course, is that Trump backers like the idiots running around Lansing yesterday with confederate flags and dime store guns will be on respirators in two weeks and many in the ground in 3, or in a cooler waiting for a funeral.  We are seeing it in Lynchburg with Falwell too.

The two months wasted will wash the US with COVID.  I suspect I have had it at least once, so has Jim.  We will probably get it again.  We are ok because we are the wrong genetic group to get pneumonia.  COVID is all about genetic engineering and targeting and China didn’t do it.

We are looking at the who and why but the “usual suspects,” which means those who gave us Donald, are on our list near the top.

What isn’t seen is by ignoring quarantine, the gun-toting Proud Boy types are going to become COVID Zombies:

Great film.

If you are wondering why America is arming, its because the stupidest and most likely to end up sick and without food and shelter also own the most guns, with some unique exceptions.

It isn’t a question if America comes apart but rather when.

It will take 10k deaths per day to spiral the US into the ground, this is a prediction.

The only answer will be setting up a parallel government and giving up on Washington entirely.

This is where we are now.  Washington is no longer our capitol, the government there is of no use whatsoever, it is nothing, a pack of useless vermin led by an orangutan.

Then we ask, who are we going to be, kind and self-sacrificing or will we harden up a bit and perhaps lose our collective patience for the thieves and scum who have been feeding off us for so long.

Boris Johnson had it right, we will be losing people we care for.  With 40,000 dead, and we will hit the KIA total (official, not real) for the Vietnam war over the weekend.  How many families did that destroy?

Then we lose just as many in the next week, another Vietnam war.

Of the 40,000 dead, why are there so very very very few stories in the press about who they were, and why their lives mattered?

The answer?  We have a 100% crackdown, full censorship, which includes, and you will love this, full censorship on the subject of censorship.

Best of all, you are told to blame Governor Whitmer, the Chinese or anyone who might look a bit oriental…

Good luck with that.

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  1. My, you are a most gullible moron aren’t you… Let’s try some actual stats rather than your nonsense:

    DALLAS, Texas — The death toll from Covid-19 passed 270 in Texas on Sunday as the state reported nearly 1,000 mores positive tests for the disease.

    On Sunday, Texas officials said about 13,500 state residents had tested positive for the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, and 271 had died.

    Harris County has the most confirmed cases with more than 3,500 positive tests, followed by Dallas County with over 1,600, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. El Paso County has 269 cases with two deaths.

    Around 1,300 people with the disease are hospitalized, according to the state health department, and more than 2,000 have recovered.

    For most people, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia.

  2. With all due respect Gordon, I think that you owe the orangutans an apology. Although I too use that description, it is an insult to their intelligence.

    • What strikes me is that when Europe lost people at the rate of thousands a day it was due to WW1 and that brought down three empires and bankrupted two others. Will CV19 bring down the American empire?

    • The late Koko the gorilla scored an average of 85 on IQ tests, which is about 10 more than Trump would be expected to score (based on my experience around those classified in schools as “remedial” and “educable mentally retarded”, I would put him at the low end of the first group and slightly above the high end of the second).

  3. “I suspect I have had it at least once, so has Jim. We will probably get it again. We are ok because we are the wrong genetic group to get pneumonia.”
    If you would oblige, will you or Jim Dean be tested for the antibody? Symptoms? Could you expand on the “genetic type” aspect? We’ve been told there are different strains of this virus, and we know this has hit Iran, Italy, China, and the US severely, the difference being that the American population is less homogenous. Can we infer anything from that?

  4. The “nobody’s dying of coronavirus” theories, like the “nobody died at Sandy Hook” theories, almost seem scripted to discredit us “conspiracy theorists.” The Sandy Hook deniers could be cast as nasty, callous, insane bastards who tortured poor grieving parents. The coronavirus deniers look even worse—they are not only nasty callous insane bastards who enjoy torturing victims and survivors, they are also a menace to public health.

    This could become a perfect excuse to round up all of us “conspiracy theorists” and lock us in Wal-Mart basements. After vaccinating us all for our own good, of course. I’m not predicting anything…but it’s a more realistic scenario than Jade Helm ever was. Don’t tell Fetzer I said that ; – )

    • I have seen all the Wal*Mart “prototype store” plans, and not one of them has a basement (hint: structural floors are much more expensive than grade-supported slabs).

  5. The virus looks like it’s been designed to kill off the “useless eaters” and it’s disgusting that nothing is being done to protect our elderly in care homes.

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