Days from Civil War: Trump Calls Up Secret Force of 10,000 US Army to Disband Congress, Set Stage for Martial Law


The second Trump uses force to vacate congress, the US will cease to exist as a republic. (He has made the first moves…)

Donald Trump and Mike Esper, an extremist political operative now controlling the US military, have secretly called up a first tranch of 10,000 National Guard for deployment in an unstated “emergency” predicted for Washington DC.

There is only one “emergency” there and that is Trump’s threat to disband congress and set up an official dictatorship using Proud Boy armed street gangs to stifle protests.

Trump will use the military if Congress refuses to disband so that Trump can appoint new judges that will enforce martial law.

Sputnik/Moscow: Department of Defence officials and civilian authorities have repeatedly played down fears that the US National Guard could be called in to enforce martial law in one or more jurisdictions of the United States in response to the coronavirus pandemic, dismissing claims to the contrary as “false” and akin to “conspiracy theories.”

The Pentagon quietly activated a 10,000 troop-strong task force to secure Washington, DC in case of an emergency over a month ago and never informed the public about it, Newsweek has reported, citing a senior military officer said to be engaged in the continuity of government planning, as well as three military sources familiar with United States Northern Command planning.

The force, known as Joint Task Force National Capital Region (JTF-NCR), takes its marching orders from Pentagon chief Mark Esper. It’s commanded by Army Maj. Gen. Omar J Jones IV, commander of the Military District of Washington, ordinarily a largely ceremonial unit engaging in parades and duties at the Arlington National Cemetery.

In an emergency, its duties are said to include evacuating government leaders from the capital, as well as “securing” the city and engaging in “homeland defense” against potential enemies both foreign and domestic, including protecting Washington, DC’s airspace and dealing with civil unrest. Its area of operations is said to include the District of Columbia and the surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia.

According to Newsweek’s information, the task force was activated on March 16, and in addition to its heretofore secret mission has a public face similar to that of other military units called up in recent weeks to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, including the provision of medical support, the operation of mobile health-check centers and supply delivery.

Quietly, however, part of the force is being held back from these COVID-19 response duties, and stationed at local military bases to ‘ensure readiness’ in the event that they are called upon. A senior retired NORTHCOM commander told the magazine that in an emergency, the units’ duties may include ‘unilateral action’, including efforts “as immediately required to save lives, prevent human suffering or mitigate great property damage.”

US media gave hints about the task force’s possible duties back in March, when Decatur, Illinois-based newspaper Herald & Review reported on the call up of Illinois National Guard forces being deployed at Fort Belvoir outside Washington, their mission ordinarily including aviation-related duties including fueling, repair work, piloting and logistics. Under the contingency, their tasks could include evacuating officials, lawmakers and members of the judiciary aboard 106th Aviation Regiment helicopters.

Other forces at the JTF-NCR’s disposal include a Marine Corps biological attack response unit on 24-hour alert, an army ‘Special Reaction Team’, consisting of the military police (including police officers to be seconded from local police in the event of an emergency), and an engineering unit trained for urban search and rescue.

Significantly, unlike in other deployments across the country, the Guard units assigned to Washington are under federal, not state jurisdiction, making their terms of service similar to those in force in the event of deployment overseas.

US officials did not comment on the veracity of Newsweek’s story except to say that the magazine was getting into “matters of national security.”

Previously, the US military and media have repeatedly downplayed any suggestions that the National Guard could be used to enforce martial law. Late last month, amid the activation of thousands of Guard troops, National Guard Bureau Chief Air Force Gen. Joe Lengyel told reporters that there was “no discussion…no plan to use the National Guard to do quarantine or ensure shelter-in-place operations.” Secretary of Defence Esper accused “external actors” of “injecting” these concerns “into the ecosystem,” similarly dismissing concerns.

At the moment, the United States is suffering from the highest reported incidence of COVID-19 in the world, with over 671,000 cases and 33,000+ deaths reported as of Friday.

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  1. Soon to be seen in Army Recruiting Offices:

    I may be just a Grunt but I believe This COVID
    ” Bio Weapon” is designed to “peak” in October so Trump can declare Marshall Law and”suspend” Elections “until further notice”
    and then when Donald “Israel First” dies, Jared Kushner will be declared “Emperor for Life” over the United States of Israel.
    Far fetched?
    Not when you realize Jared Kushner is already the de facto “president/governor” of this colony of Israel..

  2. careful of what you wish for….destroying the middle class…
    Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a-prey
    Where wealth accumulates and men decay
    Princes and Lords may flourish, or may fade
    A breath can make them, as a breath is made
    But a bold peasantry, the countries pride
    When once destroyed, can never be supplied…..Goldsmith

  3. What if only the Congresscritters under criminal indictment were removed? Legally, we’d still be a Republic, right?

  4. This is a good story.

    #Corona: The Collapse of the System (Ernst Wolff) YouTube.

    A conversation with Ernst Wolff (Finance Expert, Journalist, & Author)
    and Alex Quint.

    But at this moment in time, it is crucial to ask ourselves – why ? Is the Coronavirus [pandemic] potentially also a mechanism for the controlled demolition of the already battered world finance system ?

    • That has been a strong suspicion of Gordon and I for some time, that the virus is intended to wreck the global economy.

    • Hi Lyra. I’ve suspected the same for a while now – that a Neo-secession movement will arise in a similar manner to the way, one by one, the Southern states seceded in 1860. To be honest, I don’t see why the USA needs to exist, a country the size of a continent, states like California and Texas are big and populous enough to be independent, much like France and Germany are in Europe. Then again, places like Alabama and Mississippi might rapidly become impoverished without federal funding.

    • Yeah, that’s a good piece of work you did finding that, and thanks for sharing. We have long been aware that the elite seem to practice some twisted form of manufactured consent. What I mean is, in their minds, they appear to believe that if they ‘warned’ us about some shit they were planning to pull, such as this instance you found, then somehow it’s ‘our own fault’ for becoming victims as we were warned. Sick isn’t it, but these people are sick.

  5. Just tell people stay at home. Why military? I understand that there are desperados in every nation, who spit on the rules or have urgent needs (shopping, drugstore, essential job). We got the same in Russia. Tomorrow i gotta go home (Krasnodar region, city Armavir) from Moscow. Putin announced the protection of working places. My company chief said:” folks, you must go home. The job is frozen and we have no money to pay. We owe you $3k but maybe you get it next week”. Maybe.. The key word. Now i have to collect a heap of documents, register at covid-19 gov site, get QR code check for police – just to get safe and legal to the railway station. When i will arrive to Armavir, i will face with “bio-hazard cosmonauts”, get a free test on covid and if negative, honorably departured to my house where i live. The local police will control my being at home for 2 weeks. They sleep and drink coffee nearby, lazy-bones.
    Thus i have: no army about me. No salary from my CEO. Putin says, no one does. Survive, Andrew!
    This foggy story show real attitude: who we are and what the government is.

    • Thanks Garry! You can always find the right words! I hope that you are doing well and you have good weather there. You live on an unsinkable aircraft carrier. Never been to Saki. My father drove MIG-25 (Foxbat) there in the 1980. There he got sniper pilot degree. By the way, Churchill and Roosevelt were there in Saki when there was a conference in Yalta.
      С самыми добрыми пожеланиями, Гарри! 👍

    • Maybe the reason for the lack of govt support is more to do with years of western sanctions hurting the economy than a bad attitude? The Russia-Saudi oil war can’t have helped the economy either. The virus testing is a good idea though, South Korea tested more than anywhere else from day 1 and thus has suffered less than anywhere else. Germany has succeeded with widespread testing too. Safe journey home my friend!

    • @Ian, we have over 1500 000 tests now. When i come home it will be free., ’cause i’m a potential bio-hazard from Moscow. In Moscow private hospitals come and make test at home, if you order. You pay $8.00 for delivery and test kit costs about $25.

    • Sounds good to me, my fingers are crossed for all our Russian brothers and sisters.

  6. Something smells very fishy about the US (reported) death rate. Where I am there have been 11 deaths all over 70 in rest homes. No one outside that area has croaked. Looking at other articles are they related directly to this thing or mixed with other conditions?

    • Something is fishy with mass COVID-19 disease (as apposed to just SARS-CoV-2 virus carrying) and high death rates for infected persons in some areas but not in other. Logically, there is a very high probability that there are common environmental factors, different virus strains released in different areas, and/or different vulnerabilities based on genetics. All circumstantial evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is genetically engineered and in use as a bio-weapon and not a natural mutation.

  7. As long as the false “Yellow peril” flags don’t kick off. Or any other usual designated targets whatsoever. The usual terrorism card is very very quiet and unplayed at the moment, but we know what msm are capable of. US have matured anyway for a civil disobedience at least, with faked electorate system and mercenary military.

  8. Sadly, it’s not only the pro-Trumpers who will end up being victims of the most despicable, criminal POTUS of all time by a wide margin.

  9. Honest soldiers know that any order to forcibly eject the Congress would not be a lawful order and must not be obeyed. Do we have any honest soldiers, sailors, marines or airmen left?

    • JFK tried to do away with AIPAC, one of a laundry list of reasons why they ventilated his head. Where’s Smedley Butler, Chesty Puller or George Patton when you need them? Is there a single senior officer in the entire US military with the requisite level of testicular fortitude to do something? If only one had a time machine, Robert E Lee would come in rather handy right now, although you might also need the Army of N Virginia as the current US Army doesn’t inspire much confidence. A Virginian bayonet up the butt Gaddaffi style would be a fitting way to bring the Trump nightmare to an end. I said that Trump would destroy the USA even before he was ‘elected’ and was attacked from all sides for saying so. It galls me that I may well have been right all along and I draw no vicarious pleasure nor Schadenfreude from the current situation as while I absolutely loathe and deplore the institution of the USA, the distinction between a nation and it’s people must always be maintained. That said, when Trump finally does shuffle off this mortal coil, I wouldn’t shed a tear if he took every one of the morons who supported him with him, because the remaining citizens of the north American continent would be better off without them, as would the entire globe.

    • I would take such criticism from him as proof I was hitting the enemy in his sore spots.

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