Asteroids: US Has Mobilized a Special Squad to Evacuate the White House


By Bohdan Lysytsia for VT

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On April 17, 2020, Newsweek reported that US authorities mobilized a special unit in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, whose task is to evacuate the government from Washington.

The publication reports that the joint special squad of the metropolitan region (JTF-NCR) consisting of 10 thousand soldiers was formed on March 16. In addition to protecting the US capital from a possible adversary, the detachment must be ready to transfer the White House and other key departments to a safe place.

The authors claim that the special squad is reinforced by Blackhawk helicopters of the 106th Air Battalion, specially designed for evacuation. The officers of this unit confirmed that they are studying a comprehensive Pentagon leadership emergency evacuation plan (JEEP).

Important: the evacuation of civilian leaders is described in an additional protocol called Atlas. The exact same name – Atlas – has a comet, which will be visible already in May. This comet is part of a large cluster of cosmic stones. The Earth will soon fly through this cloud of stones and the tail of the comet.

For about a month, the US military has been in underground military bunkers, supposedly to protect itself from the coronavirus. The real reason they are there is a catastrophe approaching from space. An explosion in the sun on April 16, 2020 – it was the fall of a comet or a large asteroid in the sun.


It is like falling a stone on a dusty surface.

Similar stones or a stone will soon fall to Earth in huge numbers.

Many people are now struck by a cough. This is due to the presence in the atmosphere of the Earth of a large number of cyanides. Cyanides are very toxic substances. Now they are in large quantities into the atmosphere, along with a large number of meteorites. The tail of the comet Atlas contains a huge amount of chlorine and cyanide. Soon, this mixture of poisons along with stones will hit the Earth.


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  1. Interesting idea, especially as it dovetails with a lot of other stuff. Any word from SETI? or have they suddenly gone silent? I said before to keep an eye on air traffic to Patagonia. If there was a migration from isrehell in the last month or so that would be a dead giveaway. Bunkers need power, internal ventilation, and lots of food. You have to think of a bunker as a submarine. There can be no air allowed in from the outside, that means scrubbers. (Lithium Hydroxide cannisters) that will be used up quick. If a big one hits, it doesn’t matter where you are. Just like in nukes, the best place to be is impact ground zero. It will all be over in an instant, while the rest of the world slowly dies. I had hoped to be “gratefully dead” by now.

  2. “Do you remember how everyone laughed and expected the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar in December 2012?
    And it did not happen.
    We had dinner with Mr. Surkov. He said in his mysterious manner, either as a joke, or as usual:
    – And where did you get it, that the end of the world will happen in one day? Watch.”
    Margarita Simonyan. RT.

    • American Indians predicted that we would be vomited up by the Earth for defiling said Gaia. I wouldn’t count them out. Of course our extinction is now a race between the Khazarian Mafia, the Old World Families, Interdimentional Demons (Entities), Aliens and just plain Celestial Destruction. I can’t wait. Of course when I hear my alarm clock go off these days, I’m all smiles.

  3. Finally! Truth for the international lockdown.

    I am a bit stunned because this morning I came to a realization that cyanide is going to sweep through the atmosphere on certain parts of the Earth, and then this!

    Comets consist of cyanide. (Cyanide poisoning may be what was killing the Chinese in Wuhan. The coronavirus had no effect of spewing blood and seizures in humans in other parts of the world.)

    Maybe this is what that General Shaunessy dude meant about being at war. With the corona. More like at war with the Coronal Mass Ejection which just hit the Earth this morning (reason for Aurora in Kallispell, Montana).

    • Does this mean I can now stop washing my hands? I always wonder when in these disaster/ extinction level events (pretty much fictional in the entire common era) why the big effort to rescue these government schlubs, and shuffle them off to safety, when post event, there’s likely no freakin’ country left to govern. Like that “2012” film; all these heads of state, of states that no longer exist, make land in South Africa. What? Do they still think they head anything at that point?

    • Picked up this title gem from the referenced website:
      2020: elimination of the state of Israel
      Дата публікації 30/03/2020 | Автор Богдан

    • …and finally, as a fairly loyal and consistent consumer of the world according to VT, if you’re going to publish a story like this, I’d at least expect some word on when and where to bug out to. Thank You

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