3 Trillion for Big Business as Americans go Hungry by the Millions (video reports/many)

A very real food bank line in San Antonio

VT: We knew it would happen, the Dumpster-Pump-and-Dump, crash the economy, run up debt and send it all to the Rothschilds.

With this, 35 million Americans are not able to get food, some lining up for entire days for a bag of groceries, thankful for cheap gas to get them there, those who still have cars.

Video’s below are some of hundreds from local TV stations, where food banks across the US (and Canada) are doing their best.

If you can help them, do what you can.


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  1. THIS SHOULD NOT EVER be seen in a first world country like the USA! The US gov’t spends untold billions everywhere on military spending, maintaining and manning overseas military bases, buying over inflated pricely munitions and equipment from greedy MIC companies and creating endless wars at the expense of not only the countries it invades but it’s own taxpayers too. The only winners are the MIC’s and the zionist dominated ‘legal’, but morally depraved, global banking and finance cartel ring. Pre 911 Pentagon can’t account for lost trillions in its accounting and today it is still losing money but where is the outrage? Where is the accountability? Why haven’t those in charge been bought to task for this? When a CEO of a major corporation f*cks up big time he falls on his sword. Well it should be the same for those that work for the government too. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.

  2. What it goes to show is that many people live day to day on their pay check. When it doesnt come they have zippo left. They have zero reserve even for a couple of weeks. THESE are the one queing for food handouts. Cant blame them but its the way it is. same here in down under, long ques at the food banks, and you thought the 1930s slump was bad remember stories from your parents (baby boomers) or grand parents..when will it take wheel barrows of cash to by a loaf of bread..if the bakery isnt in receivership.

  3. Every school should have a green house capable of feeding itself.
    Gardening has been a way of life for thousands of years.
    It is amazing that any two bit scammer can find my address and phone, but the government has a real difficult time finding people when it comes to checks.
    Worth mentioning, that in times of domestic urgency, soldiers are sent home until the crisis is resolved,… normally.

  4. And yet the Orange Fat Man holds steady in the lower forty percentile, Andy Armavir from Russia expresses beautiful sentiments but do not waste them on these people Andy. They are the very same people who would applaud the carpet bombing of Russia with nuclear weapons. I don’t know why anybody’s giving them food. I think we should set up free clinics for them where they can be treated intravenously with Drano…

    • These people are obviously in denial about the falsehood of American Exceptionalism™ being exposed. Maybe Duff is correct and they have been genetically bred to be Too Stupid to Live?

      – Worker Bee (the only VT user name/account I have).

    • @Jack Heart: from the viewpoint of the law of jungle i can agree with you. I got a lot of friends, ex-classmates living in the USA. None of them is hungry or homeless. They are the people made of another yeast, overcoming the problems and never expecting gifts from anybody. Life in the USA is different. There are many good people and many badasses, like in my own country. As for these videos… Personally, i realize it is bad. But from the viewpoint of a surgeon (allegory)- if there is urgent need to cut off a part of the body to save the whole – let it be, Jack 👍

  5. A heavy heavy heart, watching this. Thanks to food programs and volunteers. Hunger is one of the basic human instinct. It causes despair and pushes people to bad actions. And people have lots of guns. We are far from this problem in Russia. But time passes and who knows…
    Wish all Americans to survive it ASAP.

  6. These videos are really hard to watch, but thank you VT for posting them. We all need reminders of how much pain there is in the world. It is very inspiring to see folks volunteering to distribute food to those most in need of help.

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