Brian Rose: Crypto Scammer & COVD-19 Denier Exposed


For the last week or so, about 99% of the adverts served to me between Youtube videos have been by a chap called Brian Rose who appears to be trying to sell courses in how to setup and run a small business.

Now, being a rather cynical chap, and getting quite annoyed at the continual sight of this loudmouthed Yank trying to peddle something rather spurious, I chose to run his name past a swift Google search and lo and behold, he’s nothing but a two-bit swindler:

While making this film I was sent a link to the website ‘Scamguard’, which has twenty negative reviews of London Real’s business courses, with comments like: “Fraudulent misrepresentation” and “This course is a COMPLETE SCAM and uses tactics of exploiting peoples vulnerabilities to get them to enrol.”

But why the immense presence on Youtube? Who is funding this vast marketing campaign?

Google revealed something else about Brian Rose & his London Real scam channel:

Cashing in on Covid: London Real & David Icke

David Icke was interviewed on the YouTube channel London Real. In it, Icke claimed that the Covid panic was a cover for a murderous global cult who were determined to bring in a fascist state, were using 5G to engineer a mass cull, and that if humanity didn’t “get off its knees” then “human life as we know it is over”.

YouTube and Vimeo removed the video the day after it was released, but not before several million people had seen it. The video is still available on the London Real website.

It created headlines on the BBC and throughout the media. In the wake of that interview, the interviewer, London Real’s Brian Rose announced that he was going to do another interview with Icke on the 3rd of May and that he wanted it to be “the biggest livestream in human history” to be watched by a million people. He launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a ‘Digital Freedom Platform’ that has now, allegedly, raised a huge one million dollars.

Is Rose the financial world’s answer to Icke – controlled opposition intended to mislead and separate the gullible from their hard-earned cash?

Certainly Rose is a staunch Icke supproter, as he made plain in the London Live interview:

Rose did far more than that, despite trying to claim after the interview that he disagrees with Icke, but defends his right to free speech, this is not what happened. He clearly framed Icke’s message as being truthful, saying things like: “David, what’s it like to watch 30 years of what you’ve been working on all come to fruition, prediction, reality in three weeks, what’s it like?” and “People are listening, they’re tuning in, does this give you hope?”.

It seems ICE-T has also noticed something is not on the level about London Live:

If we apply the age-old truism of ‘follow the money’ we discover that London Live is owned by one Evgeny Lebedev, the controversial Russian oligarch who calls Boris Johnson his ‘proud friend’?

Lebedev, in common with almost all ‘Russian’ oligarchs is actually Jewish.

As VICE reports, the Icke interview is nothing out of the ordinary for London Live:

Since the banned Icke interview, London Real has hosted talks with the likes of Dr Andrew Kaufman and anti-vaxxer Dr Rashid Buttar, both of whom refute the official coronavirus narrative.

Like David Icke, Buttar – a proponent of the controversial “chelation therapy” – has been spreading the idea that 5G, not a novel virus, is playing a role in people’s oxygen levels falling to lethal lows. There is absolutely no evidence of this. A catalogue of countries have not yet rolled out 5G infrastructure and are still suffering coronavirus outbreaks, while at the time of writing South Korea – which has one of the most advanced 5G rollouts globally – has registered just 264 coronavirus deaths in a population of more than 51 million. Buttar has also called on people to go outside and claimed that, far from being inundated with coronavirus sufferers, hospitals are “idle”.

Kaufman, a psychiatrist by training, claims that coronavirus testing is detecting the presence of exosomes, vesicles that play a critical role in transporting genetic code between cells. This, he says, is resulting in inflated false positives, making it appear as if there is a widespread virus that does not exist, despite warnings that tests are also commonly giving false negatives. He also questions whether viruses cause disease, and therefore whether illnesses can even be contagious.

Neither interviewee was challenged by Rose over the credibility of their claims, either out of ignorance or by choice. Could it be a case of: why let the truth get in the way of a good story, or – more importantly – a million-dollar fundraiser?

So this is how Icke’s Judeo-Russian oligarch backers are getting around his Youtube ban – by heavily promoting Brian Rose:

The most costly of these interviews was an apparent livestream with David Icke, dubbed “Rose/Icke III”. I asked why a single interview would cost $100,000, and Rose said that $62,500 alone was needed to cover the streaming costs of “Rose/Icke III”, with the balance footing “additional hardware and software costs [taking] our total expenditure to significantly in excess of the $100,000 allocated”.

To quote Jim Dean ‘You just can’t make this shit up…”

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  1. I don’t really believe Ike, or many other people on websites that are not flat fact brutal truth that makes ‘common sense’ gut feelings. People who are on-line to just steal money are nothing but soulless criminal robbers. Politicians are a different breed of Satanic Masonic Zionists Nazis Egotistical Extremists that need to hung from the lamp poles of City streets when proved FAKE and LYING.