Even Israelis Reject Trump’s ‘Peace Plan’ Madness

Just as the American president outdoes himself in rashness and stupidity by touting the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a magic medication for the coronavirus, in Israel his fictitious “peace plan” is being touted as a magic formula to solve the Israeli-Arab conflict


[Editor’s note: Just as Trump was inserted into the White House by an international cabal of nominally Russian crimelords, so was Benjamin Netanyahu before him.

In 1995, Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin were on the verge of finding a lasting peace accord between their two peoples, a dream that was cynically destroyed by the bullets of a brainwashed Palestinian student, a patsy for the Shin Bet extremists who could not countenance peace.

The last speech made by Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was a call to pro-peace activists for continued progress in reaching a political settlement in the Middle East.

Within an hour the Prime Minister was dead, gunned down by three bullets as he left the rally.

Tel Aviv’s main square was packed with tens of thousands of people who turned out to show their support for the Israeli government’s peace policies. Their banners called on the government to dismantle all settlements now and named Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres the heroes of their generation.

The comments are worth taking note of:

  • It was the worst day of Israel history, I remember that all of my family cried
  • JFK/RFK/MLK/IR all wanted peace, including PLO Leader Arafat, till they poisoned him ?
  • Rabin was a man of honour. A true man of honour, fighting for peace and dignity within society. May the people rise now and oppose the horrible warhawk Netanjahu.
  • This is the only Israel Prime Minister who agreed that taking land from the Palestinian wasn’t right and we should stop taking their land and look what happened to him the joke was they got a Palestinian to kill him.

Behind this assassination stood something altogether more sinister and deadly, something so dangerous the world had not seen it’s like before.

A huge influx of ‘Jewish’ criminals had flowed into Israel ever since Mikhail Gorbachev had opened the Siberian Gulags a decade earlier:

The Israeli embassy in Moscow hasn’t seen such crowds since the 1990s. Back then, over a million immigrants gushed out of the former Soviet Union and arrived in Israel struggling to acquire the language, get a job, and find housing….

In Israel, Russian immigrants can benefit from a special exemption that was written into the books, dubbed the “Milchan Law.” Named after Israeli billionaire Arnon Milchan, the law gives new immigrants a complete tax exemption for income originating out-of-state, as long as they identify Israel as their taxation center. 

They wasted little time in taking over the Israeli state, of infiltrating all of it’s organs of power, in particular, the right-wing Likud Party.

Oligarchs pumping money into Elkin Jerusalem mayoral campaign, filing shows

Likud minister has raised $1.68 million for campaign, according to State Comptroller, thanks largely to loan guarantees from wealthy individuals connected to former Soviet Union

Several of those backing Elkin are Russian-speaking emigres to Israel, like Elkin himself.

The three guarantors for the NIS 1 million ($273,000) loan guarantees include Yuri Zelvensky, who resides in the well-heeled coastal town of Caesarea, where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara also have a home.

They had their chosen frontman in Netanyahu, all they needed to do to secure their grip on power was insert him into office.

So Rabin had to go, gunned down in a most cynical manner, destroying a generation’s hopes of pace in one fell swoop.

Since that tragic night, almost without exception, Israel has been ruled by the Likud, democracy has been subverted and Israel has been transformed into a criminal state where any and all forms of dissent are brutally crushed by a police force increasingly staffed by those too young to remember when Israel was a free nation.

Israel was a self-described “Jewish and democratic state” until July 2018, when the right-wing majority in its parliament narrowly won a vote to further tighten Israel’s identity to “the nation-state of the Jewish people, which respects the rights of all its citizens”. The revision reflects the ascendancy of hardliners and extremists in Israeli politics.

However, Israel is almost unique in retaining a free press, how ironic that the most corrupt nation on Earth retains perhaps the least co-opted press…

The culmination of the ethnic cleansing of Israel, the goal of the Russian mafia immigrants, is only now coming to fruition; it has taken the imposition of their own puppet in the White House to match their Netanyahu puppet in Israel, for this nightmare scenario to come to pass.

Hence we have the ‘Trump Peace Plan’ wholly authored by the Judeo-Russian mafia.

However, opposition, both within and without Israel remains fierce and it remains to be seen if this most outrageous seizure of territory will actually take place. Ian]


Netanyahu’s Allies Know Annexation Will Not Happen

Just as the American president outdoes himself in rashness and stupidity by touting the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a magic medication for the coronavirus, in Israel his fictitious “peace plan” is being touted as a magic formula to solve the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Kahol Lavan leaders Benny Gantz and Gabi Ashkenazi both hailed it during their takeover ceremonies at the Defense Ministry and Foreign Ministry respectively. Gantz pledged to work towards implementation of “all aspects of the Trump administration peace plan”. Ashkenazi for his part dubbed the plan “a historic opportunity to shape Israel’s future for decades to come.”

These two retired IDF chiefs of staff are no dummies. They know that “the plan” isn’t worth the paper that was wasted on writing and analyzing it. They are just the barbed wire that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have to step on while retreating from the trouble of the annexation law to the bad old creeping annexation. The signs that the “Trump plan” is, as they say in Arabic, kalam fadi, empty talk, are glaring. You needn’t be a lieutenant general to know that no Palestinian leader would ever sign off on a map that looks like Swiss cheese. It’s hard to believe that two generals with such extensive experience in controlling the Palestinian people would think for a second that any of their leaders would accept “Bantustans” that don’t even control the air above them and agree to call this a state.

They therefore composed, along with Netanyahu, the section of the coalition agreement saying that applying Israeli sovereignty to areas in the West Bank is contingent on maintaining regional stability and extant peace agreements, and on seeking future peace agreements. Any reasonable person would realize that unilateral annexation of the Jordan Valley will contribute to regional stability and to current and future peace agreements like regional war contributes to stability and peace.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presents his annexation plan.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presents his annexation plan.Credit: Tomer Appelbaum

Another booby-trap on the road to annexation lies in the “plan” itself. In exchange for the territories that Israel annexes in the West Bank, it will be required to give the Palestinians territories under Israeli sovereignty, along the Green Line border and the Halutza dunes. Netanyahu himself said in February that the Trump administration will only recognize the annexation after “the entire process is completed.” The “process” includes precise mapping by an American-Israeli team (without Palestinians) of the territory due to change hands. “We don’t want to imperil it,” Netanyahu declared. “We are working in a responsible manner.” What could be more responsible than his decision to appoint the newly minted Minister of Settlement Affairs Tzipi Hotovely as a member of the mapping team? She will certainly ensure that the work is thorough, however long it takes. This well-known peace activist will surely be pleased to be the first Israeli whose signature appears on a map that marks out which parts of the Holy Land will be handed over to the goyim.

Minister Rafi Peretz, a fellow member of the messianic camp who moved from Gush Katif to Moshav Naveh in the Halutza dunes, proclaimed that “Halutza and the communities in this stunning section of the country are part of Israel – and so they will remain.” This wandering Jew who roams from one political home to another needn’t worry. He can devote his full attention to the affairs of his new ministry (which one is it again?). A Basic Law passed by the Knesset in 2014 in order to thwart future territorial exchange states that “Relinquishing part of Israel’s sovereign territory requires a special majority of 80 members of Knesset or a national referendum.”

“When such a fateful decision is on the table, if we ever reach that point, it must be taken to the people,” Prime Minister Netanyahu said before the vote. “This is the only thing that can preserve the internal peace within our nation.”

“Internal peace” refers to the status quo on the issue of permanent borders and determining the status of the occupied population, in in addition to creating facts on the ground by means of de facto annexation that will thwart a final status accord, and transferring responsibility for civil affairs to Palestinian self-administration. The copyright on this patent belongs to Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Professor Arye Naor, the cabinet secretary for the first Likud government, revealed that in internal discussions in the early 1980s, Begin said that at the end of the five-year transition period stipulated in the Camp David accord, “we’ll propose applying the state’s law, jurisdiction and administration over all the territory of the Land of Israel and they (“the Arabs of the Land of Israel,” as he put it) will say – Absolutely not.” “What happens in that kind of situation?” Begin asked, and then immediately gave the answer: “Status quo.” The status quo, he explained, is autonomy. “And thus the autonomy that is established for a transition period could go on for a very, very long interim period.”

The “transition period” has already lasted 40 years. And over the years, creeping annexation evolved into galloping occupation. When Begin revealed his vision, the total number of settlers was about 12,000. Today close to 430,000 Jews live in the West Bank. The term “autonomy” was just replaced by the term “Palestinian Authority” – an entity that has been safeguarding the apartheid policy for more than a quarter century. So who needs the headache of applying sovereignty? Is anything really hindering us from further dispossessing the Palestinians and undercutting the possibility of a two-state solution? Why get into the whole mess of annexation?

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  1. Jews migrated from the Soviet Union by the tens of thousands. Mostly they were simple Jews who wanted a better life, so to speak – they were awakened by love for their homeland, hopes for a better life. Jews in my country were treated normally, because they lived like everyone else, worked and faced the same problems. But no one was particularly fond of them. We still have a lot of sharp statements and black jokes about the Jews. If Stalin had managed to solve their question, perhaps everything would have been somewhat different. The essence of these God-chosen began to manifest itself with the collapse of the USSR. Then they smelled a lot of money and power. So there appeared the Jewish oligarchs. While the Russians were killing each other in gangster wars (the damned 1990s), the Jews were working with their brains: privatizing factories, enterprises, entire industries-timber, gas, oil, coal, metals, media, etc. Even now in the Russian Federation, all the major banks, the media, everything that is a huge financial capital – all this is managed by Jews. Many even have simple Russian surnames. They are patriots of Russia, as they say. They don’t fucking need Israel and they’ll never live there. Israeli citizenship is important to them. Involvement in this family. At the very least, they know that they can escape there if their tail is pinned down in Russia. And Israel does not give out its own.