Is Soros Behind the Violent Riots in Minneapolis and L.A?

The GOP and their Kosher Nostra masters, along with Deep State pundits have targeted Soros, primarily because of his opposition to the Israeli police state and their control over the gangster Trump regime


[Editor’s note: No, George Soros is not behind the violence, quite the opposite, he is, yet again, a convenient scapegoat for the Zionist Criminals who orchestrate events in the USA like overgrown children playing with toys.

Of course, it is a ruse that so often has worked perfectly for the far-right Neocon-Israeli Zionist lobby in the US – blame their arch enemy Soros for all the ills of the world. Simple, but effective, especially when your target audience has zero knowledge of the reality of affairs.

Even worse, those that do claim to understand are too unsophisticated in their blatant Jew hating to be able to discern between the far-right and liberal left of Jewish identity politics, instead they are only able to perceive an evil, amorphous entity, so utterly detached from reality in their thinking have they become.

Israeli-trained white cops have yet again murdered an innocent man for the crime of being black, in broad daylight on the streets of a supposedly developed nation. Sadly, that nation is too divided by a deeply ingrained, endemic racism and inability to discern fact from fake news that this tragedy may well spiral into a full blown insurgency.

Trump is rallying his base of support – the gap-toothed, MAGA-hatted shallow end of the genepool with their pickup trucks full of guns and hatred of all things darker than them, many of them clad in the uniforms of the National Guard or some flavour of police..

According to Mapping Police Violence, 24 per cent of the 1,099 people killed by US cops in 2019 were black.

Things are going to get bloody and the Zionists are gleefully rubbing their hands at the thought of all the lovely profit they will make as the mindless goyim turn on each other.

But don’t worry, just take the easy option, blame George Soros and don’t bother to move your obese behind from the couch, someone else will Make ‘Murica Great Again… But one word of caution, to quote Gil-Scot Heron: ‘The Revolution Will Not be Televised’.


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Is Soros Behind the Violent Riots in Minneapolis and L.A?

Moreover, a mixed multitude went up with them, and very much livestock, both flocks and herds. Exodus 12:38 (The Israel Bible™)

George Soros, Founder and Chairman of the Open Society Foundation gives a speech during Economic Forum in Brussels, Belgium on June 1, 2017 (courtesy: Shutterstock)

Hundreds of protesters marched through downtown L.A on Wednesday in a Black Lives Matter-led rally over the death of George Floyd by Minnesota police reports ABC.

The march evolved into a violent clash with police as the protesters turned rioters smashed windows of local police vehicles. The violence led to the closure of the 101 Freeway near downtown.

It is estimated that 500 to 1,000 protesters participated in the event, starting near City Hall and then marching through downtown.

And although ‘Black Lives Matter’ was initially intended as a civil rights movement, Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says that Billionaire currency manipulator George Soros has “hijacked” the organization to promote anti-capitalism.

Soros funded millions of dollars into the Black Lives Matter movement via his Open Society Foundation, the Washington Times reports.

Now, Black Lives Matter is also holding rallies in Minneapolis protesting the death of George Floyd.

Soros’ Open Society also funds The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. They issued a statement with other groups accusing the Minneapolis Police Department of harboring “systemic racism.” This type of rhetoric is considered by many to be fanning the flames.

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  1. The (MSM), is in the hands of the Perpetrators, who have turned the, ‘Land of the Free’ into their, PLANTATION, from where, the ‘Blood and Treasure’ of the American People, has been used-abused, as the ‘Sacrificial Offerings’, on the barbaric-bloody Altar of Zionism on the World Stage, for half a Century now! Remember ‘JFK’ and Bobby Kennedy? Remember the, “USS LIBERTY”? Remember 9/11/2001!!?? COVID-19? Still a question mark!

  2. The MMSM sets the stage and with the powers of persuasion the flames ebb and flow. But, I could be wrong, it may just be the moon’s gravity causing the descension of lunatics. Then again the gatherings could be the honest work of the disgruntled.

  3. This could be supported by the same people that were behind the Lansing Covidsters? Without doubt, the rioting and looting plays right into Trump’s reelection agenda. He’s using it to play to his base. There’s a video and some suggestion of a Minneapolis cop who smashed out the Auto Zone windows with a hammer to get the rioting started:
    The whole thing looks suspicious. How outrageous would that be if the cops were behind all the mayhem?

    • Well spotted, Israeli trained cops, Israeli lobby Neocon oligarchs are the true power behind Trump. Not much of a stretch to put the two together and see that it is all indeed, a cynical exercise in playing to Trump’s base.

  4. As I’ve stated many times, what we have is : Elite Exceptitionalist Extremists ( E^3 ) = Milititary Manipulated Media Industitrialized Imperial Intitelligence Corpwhorational Crapititalistic Control Complex. M^3 I^3 C^4 aka �Mickey…They’ll Eat Everything before you knew there was something. Then tell you there was nothing…move along.�

    Corpwhorational Crapititalistic Control Complex the new C ^ 4

    All are Satanic Masonic Zionists Nazis Elite Extremists