His Fuhrer Bunker Moment: Has Trump declared war on the US to save his own Skin?

In a speech on Monday, the president made clear that he will not disappear without a literal fight. Terrifyingly, this may win him another term

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Guardian UK: Did Donald Trump just declare war on the US? Because that is certainly what it sounded like.

After spending the weekend hiding in a bunker and firing off incendiary tweets, Trump finally addressed the country on Monday evening. In his first official speech since the killing of George Floyd by police sparked global protests#BunkerBoy stood in the White House Rose Garden and threatened to mobilise the American military against the American people.

Branding himself the “president of law and order”, Trump vowed that, if violence and looting continued, and mayors and governors did not take action, he would “deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem”. It is no exaggeration to say that the president of the US, the country that likes to declare itself the world’s greatest democracy, threatened to implement martial law.

I am not being flippant; I am trying to be realistic. There has been a lot of speculation about how the protests will affect Trump’s chance of re-election, but the truth is that none of us, not even a very stable genius such as me, know how this will play out.

By rights, a million different crises – from the Russia investigation to the disputed accusation that he raped the journalist E Jean Carroll to his handling of the pandemic – should have sunk Trump by now. read more…



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  1. So, Barr personally ordered the clearing (no authority to do so), Milley and Esper got caught in the photo op unawares, and the move has backfired bigly. All because the fragile ego, felt the entire nation call him a coward. So, for a guy with marketing background as basically his only attribute, tripped over his own shoelace and created the largest caption contest in the world.
    It’s past embarrassing. And special council should be appointed to look into the AG assuming command of law enforcement and giving illegal orders. Take the guy who followed them with him.

  2. Since bill Clinton lied under oath in the Monica Lewinsky case, the other big bosses in Washington have realized that they can do the same without consequences.

  3. The Evangelical “Domination Agenda” is clearly the source of language and it is fair to say, we have our own militant extremist christian problem.
    They are high fiving and speaking in tongues in the West Wing. Take a good look, because from my perspective this is the repetitive product of that system, proven time again in very cyclical consistency. Welcome to the spawn of Constantine. A foreign psyop collecting taxes outside the civic discretion. They will plan for june 6.

  4. Was this not Trump’s plan from the start? His agents provocateurs, imbedded in the nation’s police forces, will see to it that the riots will escalate and the situation gets completely out of control. It will be all the excuse Trump needs to send in the military and declare martial law. That will raise his standing with the Trumpsters and insure that he will not have to face any real opposition in November.

    This is not a real rebellion any more than the Maiden Square coup staged by neocons like Victoria Nuland was. We are being bamboozled by the consummate con man, Donald J. Trump. The future is very dark. May Heaven help us all.

    • John, the response of the crazy Christian Zionists to Trump’s holding up a Bible and “putting on the armor of God”, can only be described as orgasmic. They have a hard-on for Armageddon and con man Trump has convinced them that he will not only give them everything they want domestically (conservative judges), but will bring the Jews back to Israel whereupon their warrior messiah will return riding in on an ICBM to vanquish all unbelievers (including the Jews) while they will be raptured up to Heaven. They are a death cult of the first order.

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