[ Editor’s Note: I spent a lot of years in Atlanta a city in which police had a generally good reputation, vs like a Philadelphia cop who once shared with me his amended version of reading a suspect his rights, “You have the right to remain silent as long as you can withstand the pain”.

This is a May 30th incident. The action part starts at two minutes. This group of cops is away from the protest and frankly looks bored. The Milwaukee incident seems to not have made a behavioral impression on these cops, and they wanted to search the car for something to do.

The driver was trying to pick up a friend, who the other cops were rousting on the sidewalk, and the driver’s side cops told the driver to go or get arrested, so he slowly drives off. It seems the cops told him to do so they could claim he was evading, and hence their running down to catch him and do their big bust for the night.

Here is a short clip after the event and the doo-doo hit the fan in Atlanta, where the female victim states the cop (a black cop mind you) says he was going to shoot them:


But no drugs and no gun were found in the car (and the cops did not plant any) killed their case, and in all the excitement the main perp cop forgot to erase his bodycam footage.

Here is what I thought was the bombshell from the DA presentation, a mind-blowing statement, the DA said “the information is before us to draw the conclusions of probable cause…that is different from a lot of our cases where there is no bodycam footage, no dashcam footage.

We don’t have witnesses as in those cases as our witnesses are already deceased.

And in most of our cases, the police officers refuse to accept interviews with the DA’s office. I never thought I would ever hear a DA say anything like that. Color me surprised.”

Ivory Streeter

These guys looked like a team who knew the tricks of the trade on how to roust some young kids where if they found nothing they could be covered by saying they acted suspiciously or “I saw what appeared to be his hiding something under the seat.”

And wait for it, wait for it, two of them had been fired before, which will entail another investigation as how they schmoozed their way back in. These two young people will probably have a civil action against them for monetary damages.

The DA will now have to look back on the older arrest cases of these cops to see if there is a pattern of busts like this. One of the kids of from  Spellman College, and the other from Morehouse, the two top black schools and the schools are mad as hell Jim W. Dean ]

Charges filed against 6 APD officers after college students tased, pulled from car during Atlanta protests

– First published … June 06, 2020

ATLANTA — Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said charges are being filed against six Atlanta Police officers involved in the incident where two college students, Taniyah Pilgrim and Messiah Young, were pulled from their car and tased.

Two Atlanta Police officers were previously fired and three others are on desk duty after videos showed the concerning arrests of the two college students amidst protests in Atlanta on Saturday night.

“Based upon our consideration of the facts, we have this morning, presented to one of our superior court judges six arrest warrants,” Howard said. 

Armon Jones

The officers charged are Ivory Streeter, Mark Gardner, Lonnie Hood, Willie Sauls, Armon Jones and Roland Claud. Charges range from aggravated assault, aggravated battery, criminal damage to property and pointing a gun.

Bodycam video shows Taniyah Pilgrim and Messiah Young riding in a car near the downtown Ferris wheel.

It shows police on foot chasing the car, breaking a window, and tasing the two occupants before pulling them from the car.  Howard described it as a “vicious act.”

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“I feel a little safer now that these monsters are off of the street, and no longer able to terrorize anyone else,” said Young Tuesday.

“It was just ridiculous. I’m happy they’re being held accountable,” said Pilgrim. “I hope every police officer that thinks it’s OK to just drag someone, beat someone, do all this stuff — because they’re cops? I hope they’re all going to be held accountable as well.”

Atlanta cop_Willie Sauls

Howard said he has asked that they have a $10,000 signature bond due to the fact that they are officers and the current situation with COVID-19. He has given the officers until Friday to turn themselves in.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Police Chief Erika Shields announced on Sunday that investigators Streeter and Gardner were both terminated from the department following the incident, which has drawn national attention.


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  1. Among all these posts, referring to either police brutality or whether one should capitulate to criminal police forces, there is something missing. Of course, I’m sure that someone will not approve. The previous mayor Kasim Reed, was faced with demonstrations back in ’16 by local BLM and BDS groups that demanded that Atlanta halt their use of Israeli police training. He refused of course, stating that they were learning cutting edge tactics from the premier anti-terrorist force in the world. Of course, here is where BLM is demonized, even those of them that are local and not provocateurs run by Soros. That BLM was allied with BDS during this played into the hands of the traitorous among us, always eager to paint everyone with the same brush, deserved or not. That my dear friends is how the Zionists got all their favorite anti-BDS laws in place in the old south. Remember when the FBI was revered around the world as the premier investigative body in the world? Then 9/11 happened and many realized just how compromised they had become and recent findings that they were also part and parcel to JFK assassination, MLK, not to mention other revelations of corruption from the ‘lady’ in white that used the same tactics as Epstein/Mossad. What a coincidence. We’re so F’ed that it’s incomprehensible to most…and will remain that way even unto death.

  2. Elivn, It was on the body cam that the cop told them to go or get arrested. The driver was trying to pick up his friend, when the cops already had him on the ground but in the driver’s blind spot, he could not see. I looks to me they thought this kids would be stupid enough to be doing a drug deal in an area swarming with cops. I don’t think there is anyone on the planet that stupid, and we have a lot of stupid people.

  3. Watch to see if we hear publicly in this investigation two things. First will be if the DA goes over the back arrests of all of these guys, and second, how two of them scammed their way back in after being fired, what kind of juice did they have, how many times that has happened before, etc? And then the big one, how many other bad arrests have Atlanta cops made in the last ten years…will they look or will they try to tie off the bleeding by burying these guys like they are a “one off” case.

  4. Modern America is not the same country in which I was born and raised. During the last 20 years, the glove as come off the fist, and now we get to enjoy the same vile and abusive treatment as do the Palestinians. The once ‘shining city on the hill’ has become the world’s largest hell hole controlled by the same great destroyers as we find in occupied Palestine. IMO.

    It is time for the American people to change (maybe even shut-down) the federal and state governments which no longer serve and protect them. No one needs the zio crapola anymore. Enough is enough. We are done with police violence being used against us covertly and overtly, rather than to support us. Screw all that.

  5. Great observation. As someone who was born during FDR’s reign, I agree. We used to be much freer as a people than we are today, and I often describe modern America as a huge open air plantation system of controls where government wankers are the masters and where the people are the slaves.

  6. These contradictions have been brewing for decades. In fact, American society has a lot of layers. The racial animosity was still there. There is nothing to say about the American police, everything is very sad there. That’s why people go out to peaceful protests during the day, and when the sun goes down, chaos comes out on the streets. Hordes of misfits, second-class citizens – all those who live in ghettos or in poverty, who grew up in an inferior family, who do not have money for education, who live with their eyes darkened and have absolutely no life prospects. They break the windows of boutiques, as if venting their hatred of the value system of rich people. Just an incredible scale of looting, I’m shocked: robbing stores, dragging sneakers (who the hell needs them? What kind of joke is it in the US to steal clothes?). In general, a sad picture: the barbarians demolish Rome.
    What does the top big wigs of the country say? Blame the Russians, blame the Chinese, etc. These imbeciles in Washington will never admit their guilt. Russian and American society are very different. In my country, this is already impossible to imagine. There is no revolutionary potential of the people in my country. We have enough examples of our neighbors in Ukraine. Where police officers were burned alive by Molotov cocktails and beaten and shot on the Maidan. And America said: this is democratic, this is good. We saw this in Russia and remembered it.
    Now let the US eat its rotten fruits of democracy, devour this shit.
    Because until an unintelligent child puts its finger in the fire itself, it will not understand that the flame is painful…

    • You raise several very good points. Thank you. FBI stats show us that cililian gun violence has been declining in the United States for more than two decades. Unfortunately, the FBI does not keep stats that reflect government killings of civilians, police brutality, and/or police killings, and these facts must usually be obtained by way of FOIA releases and/or out-of-court settlements that had been invariably kept secret from public disclosure. The approximate kill rate for American police, that we know of, is around 100 per month. I suspect this does not include many murders of all civilians while in police custody (e.g. jails, etc.).

      It appears that much of this police brutality problem is a direct result of training by israeli sources, and is being kept secret largely because of cop defenders like William J Lewinski, a man who never saw a police killing that he did not like. If we look at how ‘the great destroyers’ think and act, and if we look at ideological plans like the Kalergi Plan, we can start to see where all of this murderous destruction originates. When we combine all of that with the fact that most state governments and certainly the federal government are controlled by political zionists, then we can see more clearly exactly how our country is being destroyed. As a natural born American, this destruction is horrible.

    • Highlander, there is a website that tracks police killing since 2013.


      They generally have links to each individual killing or murder .

    • The too often automatic “racism” card cannot be played here, so that will be awkward for those who love to lead with it thinking that gives them the automatic moral high ground. There are certainly more of these guys in Atlanta’s large police force. We will have to see if any of the attorneys for those who were in bad busts jump in to revive there cases.

    • Russia is not an integrated country like the US and there are plenty of racists there. I like commentary from Russia but at least avoid thinking we are stupid.
      The large majority of the US is not racist. There are pockets of white nationalists who infiltrate police departments and maintain recidivism. That is what we will find in Minneapolis.
      I think the Atlanta Mayor has been handling things quite well actually. And it looks like we may very have a black female police chief as a VP soon, something unthinkable in Russia.

    • “There is no revolutionary potential of the people in my country.” – Andy Armavir (Russia)

      Yes, because the group that liked violent revolution mostly emigrated to Occupied Palestine.

    • @Worker Bee
      Perhaps so. But for 150 years in my country, the people have already experienced so many riots that there is already a strong genetic antipathy to all kinds of revolutions. Because the smell of revolution is: blood, the illusion of dreams, the smoke of fires. You can’t drive normal people to a rally in Russia at gunpoint. And the vast majority of them are sane.

  7. These rogue cops were looking for prey, they are extremely dangerous predators for society.

  8. Police brutality is the thing that needs to change. Escalation of what is ok for what suspicion is how we got here.
    My simple example has been the line for parking tickets. They were largely unenforceable because that is where the people wanted the line. They could tow the car if it presented a hinderance to emergency vehicles, but the car could not be used to suspend the license of the owner. Then it went to boots and fines, but wealthy people could get that undone with a phone call while the poor could not. And churches were never ticketed. Add drugs or other suspicions to this, and we get a feast for predators trained to predate instead of police. We just need police, not predators.

    • HS seniors should have to spend two hours watching traffic court from the ‘pews”. They will have the same question anyone has who watches such things and what the prosecutors and judges freely admit. There is a whole bunch of money going in the kitty from that. Way too much. I could list a lot of stories of how a street wise white guy gets out these things, from paying cash and not going to court no records, saying I’m a farmer and getting the sweet deal, to all kinds of things,.in all kinds of situations,.the things I’ve done, and the situations I’ve gotten out of, there is ZERO question, many who do not look like me would be very hard pressed to get the same result. And I’m only talking the last five years.

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