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The Pentagon chief says he does NOT support deploying active-duty forces to quell civil unrest, breaking with President Donald Trump’s threats of a military crackdown.

Mark Esper said the option to use active-duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as last resort and under dire situations. He said the U-S is still NOT in such circumstances. Esper’s comments immediately gave rise to speculation that Trump wanted him removed. However, White House press secretary later said Esper is in his post as of now. A U-S defense official also resigned over the crackdown on protesters in front of the White House. The U-S military had positioned 16-hundred active-duty forces on the outskirts of Washington to deploy if needed


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  1. Has the Insurrection Act been invoked? Certainly with Soros manipulating organizations all over the USA that would be justified.

  2. Mess with their cattle or their land and you will get action. Their minorities, not so much. The NRA crowed is fickle that way Gordon. The military we have today, will put us down and those gun owners you speak of will help them do it.

  3. Well Mr. Duff I do love VT’s lovely trolls…

    However people where I live love Qanon and tRump and of course the anti 5g nonsense as I asked a dear friend whom is into the 5g nonsense if he was going to burn down transmission towers. He looked surprised as that is where the nonsense leads of course. They think a cell tower is a kill grid. WTF?

    Well, the bigger picture is the total dismantling of American institutions by this current president and good for our Military for saying fock no.

  4. I see Senator Murkowski, R-Alaska, is applauding the Mattis piece, saying it was about time someone said something. Too bad she didn’t feel like that on the impeachment vote, when she put party ahead of country. How’d that work out?

  5. John, the looters in West Michigan, where YOU live, are 100% white. Go to and watch them, not a black face among them…

  6. Absolutely agree with Mr.Duff on this topic. Using the army will make the situation highly negative. The situation may turn (with the help of interested firestarters) into the ugly kind of civil war where there will be many divisions: trumpists, antitrumpists, dems, republics, confederates, KKK, antifa, afro-americans, gangs, and devil knows what else. We must mention this risk. Anyway, it is internal case of the American people and it is they are to decide how to extinguish this flame.

  7. This is not going to end until Trump steps down from his throne and if that happens he will drag the country down to hell with him.
    Covid 19 now gone fully rogue and isnour out of control in US cities as the riots are, and nobody cares just as long as they get the pleasure of beating the living shit out of a fucking cop (or protestor)
    I predict 3 million deaths by Covid 19 by November now in USA. One of many problems in America is nobody feels they ever have to do anything anyone else tells them what to do.
    USA is not going to follow any logical path to get rid of virus in any sort of agreed upon collective commitment as other countries who have rid themselves of it have done.
    American “exceptionalism” (and their bioweapins attacks on China and Iran) has backfired.

  8. The more the orange blob tries to suppress the protests, the larger they grow!
    And now the Reichwing media is trying to spread that George is alive and well and this is a psy-op by the Democrats to take down the orange blob…..when in reality he is taking himself down. Where are all of the so called oath keepers on this? Oh yea… they are frauds ….

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