GRAPHIC VIDEO shows officers pushing protester, knocking him UNCONSCIOUS, then claim he ‘tripped’

[ Editor’s Note: I stayed up until 2am last night, sifting through Twitter links on overzealous cops still using abusive force, as if the George Floyd incident never happened, and it is not just an individual rogue cop failure, but a training and command structure failure.

The most common situation I saw was at curfew time, street clearing cops in formation waiting for curfew to begin, whereupon there were often some eager beavers wanting to be the first to get an arrest, sometimes running to clobber the first person they could get to, including women.

I rarely saw any effort to avoid a clubbing incident and to explain the consequences for ignoring the curfew. Some of these girls were tough sistas, when whacked hard by a nightstick, it was game on for them, and then several cops would be involved in nightsticking one woman who is now in full survival mode taking them all on.

What was missing? I have seen none of these cops try to have a conversation with any of these people to explain that if they don’t move they will be arrested for curfew violation and have to go through the booking and release process, to encourage them to leave. Neither did they seem to explain that if the protesters did not disperse and resisted arrest they would have two charges.

A review of the huge number of Tweets will show countless examples of this, where cops carrying anger around were not able to manage that properly. How many police departments are going to force their street cops to watch all the Twitter videos of their street behavior to spot cops using excessive force?

Second, I did not see any commander level type officer advancing with cops in the front of the line, clearing advances, watching them for overzealous aggression, or carrying a bullhorn to order an immediate stop on a prepared signal.

There were some cases where I saw three or four cops trying to beat down a sturdy female protester who was fighting them off as best she could with what appeared to be survival instinct.

We are running across more and more stories of bad cops being rehired, and what looks like their being passed off to another jurisdiction to be out of sight. This shows bad cops organized enough to find jobs for bad cops. They are all over YouTube. Here is one. I would guess the number of situations like this around the country would stun people, but it is hushed up.

This has to be reviewed from top to bottom by all law enforcement and city political officials. CIA people, as part of their contracts, are subject to being lie detector tested as a deterrent for doing side work.

It might be time for police to have the same requirement, which their unions would scream against like hell. The Atlanta case this week had two cops involved that had been fired and rehired. Some would think law enforcement is okay with a certain level of this and having to pay out some settlements from time to timeJim W. Dean ]

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12 to 15 cops walked right by this guy, bleeding from the ear by an overzealous cop wanting to play Mr. Tough guy, without the slightest concern. The two National Guards guys did, showing a huge difference in their training and the quality of the men.

– First published ... June 05, 2020

A chilling video captured an elderly protester being shoved to the ground by officers in Buffalo as they moved in to clear the area after the curfew. The man could be seen lying motionless while bleeding from his ear.

Graphic footage shows police officers swarming the area in front of City Hall in Buffalo, New York right after its 8pm curfew went into effect on Thursday. As police advance on protesters, a man with what looks like a smartphone in his hand approaches the officers leading the procession in an attempt to confront them.

It’s unclear from the video what the man tells the policemen (in full riot gear), but the confrontation did not last long before he is forcefully pushed by the officers, losing his balance and falling backwards onto the pavement.

A trickle of blood can be seen flowing from his ear after the fall. As police call medics to the scene, the man appears to be unconscious, lying motionless in the same spot.

The video spread like wildfire on social media, with many accusing the police of using excessive force on the man, who did not appear to be threatening any of the officers.

The police department’s version of events – claiming the man simply “tripped and fell” on his own, according to Buffalo Toronto Public Media – turned out to be strikingly different from what can be seen on the footage and has only further fueled the outrage.

The protester was later taken by ambulance to the hospital and is currently in stable condition after suffering what is being described as a “serious” injury to the head.

Five people were arrested for “disorderly conduct” as police broke up the Black Lives Matter protest in the area.

As the video went viral, drawing angry comments from netizens and calls to hold the officers involved accountable, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown released a statement saying that the two policemen “knocked down a 75-year-old man,” contradicting the police account.

Brown said he was “deeply disturbed” by the police conduct and that the officers in the video had been “suspended without pay.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo joined the chorus of condemnations, calling the incident “wholly unjustified and utterly disgraceful.” He added that the officers should remain suspended until a formal investigation is carried out.


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  1. You have a point. But they have the right to protest non-violently. Second, it is the president that has aggravated the tone of the protest, which his people must certainly see now. The Former Defense officials piece I just posted is a perfect example. I also pose in it that he might be preparing this federal troops to defend him when he claims the election was stolen from him in November. We actually have the 89 DoD officials with VT on this…a rare event indeed.

  2. Here down under you have to go to police training school and be vetted before you even get a uniform its very controlled. US should manage its system better and stop local recruitment, should be state controlled and very strict WHO gets the job. The ‘fake’ cops there watch too much hollywood crap, fed on bullshit and trained in Isreal.

    • Yes, it is interesting. Every citizen’s background in the USA is easy to check. Why it doesn’t work with “tourist cops”? How is it possible to be fired in Florida, but hired in S.Carolina, for example …
      It must be centralized, federal. Like in my country. If a policeman did crime and fired in Vladivostok (far east of Russia) – even the police dog from K9 (analogy of US dep.) will know about it in Moscow or Murmansk. United, centralized police system, the only for all huge country: the same training, laws, orders, system of life and work of police departments and precincts.

    • Aussie police can’t be compared to US police. 99.9% of Aussie Police are decent hard working men and women, they’re nice and easy to talk to, highly respected and very effective. Most of them are young and athletic type, no drug culture or cow-boy mentality – also they’re not trained by Israeli companies. Hopefully things will remain like this, because its always the corrupt politicians from higher levels that bring about bad culture.

  3. No, no, no guys! This is a crime. The US police is a cancer on the State’s body. They learn nothing and continue to torture people. Where is their stupid brain on steroids when they push, punch the elders? How dare these “robocops” to beat women? This video could be a fatal story for that victim. If he has died. A man in the video gave a true name for police: cancer that must be cut off and burn. They must protect and care about people. Instead, they turned into Hitlers brown shirts Nazi. And this is not a single case. Do the deepest reforms in this wasp nest, untill people start shooting them off like mad dogs. Nowadays, no one will trust and believe in good policeman, when people see this brutality.
    How DISGUSTING it is to see…
    Excuse me, guys.
    And keep the machine-gun away for me.

  4. The Minneapolis city council is meeting today to discuss disbanding the MPD!
    The incident in Buffalo has resulted in 2 being suspended and within the last hour 57 have resigned their positions to support the suspended officers

    • “Wow. what in the world would they do for police?” – Jim W. Dean

      Back in the 1990s the Town of Madison (adjacent to but not part of the City of Madison) had such a bad police force that it was disbanded and Town funds were paid to the Dane County Sheriff’s Department to take over police duties. A similar solution could be used in Minneapolis (but it would require gradual implementation to build up either the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department or Minnesota State Patrol to have the personnel available to do so).

  5. That is despicable! Knocking down a harmless man that is clearly a senior citizen, and them stepping over and around him like that. There has been more compassion rendered on a battlefield.

    • The trick now is to make top to bottom police reform. The biggest issue is to tear down their defenses, which is the “internal investigation”. A political body cannot be allowed to investigate itself, as the top internal affairs people will always be carefully chosen to protect the current political structure. You have to have outside independent investigators that have no connection with the city power structure and no conflict of interests.

      The same would go for Congress investigating itself, or any government body. That is a joke. And watch them scream if any momentum were to ever get rolling to do that.

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