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Bigots Undertake Insensitive George Floyd Challenge Over Social Media, Leaves Protestors Fuming With Anger

The challenge gained attention when a photo of a high school wrestling coach with a man kneeling on his neck began circulating on social media sites

The Logical Indian Crew India | 5 Jun 2020 Writer : Richa Mukherjee | Editor : Prateek Gautam | Creatives : Abhishek M

Humanity reached rock-bottom when some white teenagers were seen exhibiting an insensitive challenge over social media that has them imitating a police officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck.

The brutal killing of an unarmed African-African man, George Floyd, by a Minneapolis police officer by virtue of his kneeling on the victim’s neck sparked protests all over the United States last week.

Such an act of dispassionately stamping out human life made people question humanity at large. However, sensitivity hit a new low when teenagers were discovered taking part in a challenge that required them to enact the murder scene of George Floyd.

The challenge gained attention when a photo of a high school wrestling coach with a man kneeling on his neck began circulating on social media sites.

The Bethel School District coach was later fired for his controversial post that left people fuming with anger. In the post, Dave Hollenbeck, the man who was pictured with a knee pressed into his back, wrote, “Not dead yet. This is for all the race baiters and people that don’t What they’re talking about when they’re saying this could kill you.”

Two other teenagers in Missouri also found their admission to universities revoked after they uploaded a similar Snapchat video. Missouri State University President, Clif Smart, clarified in a post that the students involved had “chosen to withdraw.”

The others seen in viral posts were taken by three UK teenagers and said “police brutality” in their captions. One of the photos caught the attention of local police in Northumbria in Britain and led to the arrest of all three on May 31 on charges of hate crime.

As per reports by The Indian Express, another 26-year-old man in Fife, Scotland, was also arrested for an image mocking the death of Floyd. Although the original post was deleted, he was nabbed on the basis of screenshots.

The image showed one man lying face down on the ground while the other had his knee on his neck. The man on top is staring into the camera with his arms flexed and captioned it “George Floyd challenge 2020”.

Bradford University had also reported about its investigation into the case of a teenager from its campus who was seen carrying the insensitive George Floyd challenge. The trend also got a lot of limelight after a petition was circulated online asking to “Have TikTok remove any content involving the ‘George Floyd challenge!!'”

After outrage by social media users over banning such a challenge, social media has brought it upon itself to crack down on people undertaking this challenge and are blocking the hashtag on its platforms.

Social media platforms like Snapchat and Facebook were primarily used to post such content. Both these sites have now blocked the hashtag for violating ‘community standards’.

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  1. If you recognize racism, if you’re not a racist, and you see it happening open your mouth right there right then and call it out.

    For generations this hasn’t happened because people are either gutless or the fear of socio-economic repercussions silences them and makes them walk away.

    For over 70 years westerner racists have silenced people over the question of systematic Israeli racism in occupied Palestine and people have been silenced for so long that now if you don’t approve of a Palestinian kid being killed by an Israeli, you’re an antisemite.

    Same goes for the endless wars of the Republican party. If you’re anti war you’re labeled a hippie, an antifa, a libtard or an enemy of the state in the case of Julian Assange. It’s been going on for such a long time that most people have been programmed to think that the left is extreme and violent when they show a reaction.
    It’s so bad that the accepted norms in the west are that VT is antisemitic or Mondoweiss is “Purveyors of Anti-Semitic Material” ….

    • Yes, this is what you write.
      But this is in the past.
      Today we are witnesses, and some of us are members in global cultural change.
      Let’s change for the better.

    • George, I’ve been a harsh vocal anti racist person since the day I left my family in Iran to be shipped off to the boarding school in France. I’ve settled a bunch of scores with the French who couldn’t swallow what I had to say to their racist rants. That was sixty years ago. Then came US’s turn. From the Bible Belt to the backcountry mountains under snow, always packing but always preaching. Now it’s Quebec’s turn.

      And it’s funny that I’ve always kept many hardcore zionist acquaintances as “friends” because we need to have these hard discussions and they know that we hold the opposite views but it’s in the found common grounds that we hear each other.

      Never write someone off. It’s a slow learning process. But eventually when they hear it over and over just like a kid who needs reinforcement, it sinks in.

  2. The problem with cops in America today and for nearly 25 years is that they are all Jewced!! Let me explain that. Ever since after Desert Storm in 1991, all these ex US military servicemen who have gone on to become local, county, state and federal police officials are heavily “juiced” on anabolics and it is obvious beyond a shadow of a doubt. I can clearly remembe cops up until the 1980s not looking like Gold’s Gym cast-offs. Next, add in the “Israeli” training by gung-ho women and child beaters and you have your perfect cocktail. Funny, Scotland Yard and Italy’s Polizia di Stato are considered to be probably the 2 best trained police forces in the world. So, why couldn’t US cops be trained by them, instead of Netanyahoo’s goons? Oh yeah, it’s the same reason airport security around the world has been contracted out to companies like ITCS, always run by these “superior-race” goons. I guess I’ll just have to remind myself that Jewish minds and ways of doing things are best…NOT!!

  3. caro signor givanni algaverde , il fondo è stato raggiunto molto tempo addietro , ora evidentemente si scava per poter raggiungere nuovi livelli di iniquità . Come l’articolo apparso ieri magnificando le virtù altruistiche del sig. finestre .