Vital: The US Is The Fourth Reich, GOP its Zio-Nazi Doomsday Cult

Facebook removes Trump ads that displayed Nazi symbols


[Editor’s note: Hitler, the Nazi Party, and the Third Reich were all created by Judeo-Zionist international finance and had two main purposes – to utterly and totally destroy Germany as a world power and to bring down Joseph Stalin. In the former, they had great success, in the latter, they failed miserably.

Today, the Evil Empire of the USA has been transformed into the Fourth Reich under the disgusting, bloviating shitstain on the history of mankind known as Donald Trump. The DHS is the Gestapo, the Israeli-trained police are their stormtroopers and the US military is very similar to the Weimar-era German military – pathetic and only capable of terrorizing its own citizens unless you count the ability to nuke half the globe, a truly disturbing thought.

Hitler never got to use an atomic weapon but Herr Trump has thousands of them; we truly are screwed if the orange blob of pussy-grabbing horseshit isn’t removed from power ASAP.

Make no mistake, the Republican Party is no different than the Nazi Party – a bunch of far-right white supremacist dumbfucks who are hell-bent on destroying their own nation at the behest of a bunch of Judeo-Zionist criminal oligarchs.

Soon Trump is to begin his own series of Nuremberg-style rallies, of course, 400lbs of demented blubber and bullshit that can barely speak or hold a glass of water is not likely to emulate the mesmeric orations of the Fuhrer of the Third Reich. Expect much drooling, incoherent mumbling, and blatant display of a very low IQ – and that’s just the Republican Christian Zio-Nazis who will attend these rallies!

Where the Nazis had their gays boys in leather – the SA stormtroopers and later, the SS in their Hugo Boss uniforms, the US Fourth Reich has Booglaoo Boiz; probably just as gay, but sans leather, clad in Hawaiian shirts. When the Third Reich had eminently more class, style and sophistication, you know your nation is a shithole full of semi-educated dumbos, yes, I’m talking to you, Trump voters of the USA.

Boogaloo Bois, pathetic white supremacist scum who love nothing better than parading around with big guns to make up for their micropenises and deeply repressed pederastic homosexuality. They specialize in intimidating innocent civilians and turning up where least welcome in order to cause trouble and appall any normal human being with their gross stupidity and obviously inbred retardation.
SA Stormtroopers, Ernst Rohm’s gay boys in leather that loved nothing more than beating up innocent people on the streets. This sorry bunch of inbred retarded pricks with their silly little handlebar mustaches specialized in turning up at peaceful gatherings and inciting riots. Herr Trump has deployed similar tactics, but his stormtroopers have much worse style and dress sense.
Reichsmarchall Barr is your new despot, but don’t tell Herr Trump von Fuckfacestein

However, there has been a secret ‘palace coup’ and the increasingly senile and demented obese orange Fuhrer is no longer in charge. As soon as WW2 began, Hitler left the running of Germany to Martin Bormann, but in the Fourth Reich, it is Reichsmarschall Barr who is playing the Bormann role while his clueless nominal boss humiliates both himself and his support which is now entirely made up of racists, bigots and other assorted morons from the shallower end of the gene pool.

Underpinning all this neo-Nazi bullshit is a group of Christian Zionists with hard-ons for doomsday and whether they realize it or not, arses like the Dartmouth tunnel from being constantly and ruthlessly fucked by the Judeo-Zionist pro-Israel oligarchy.

The increasingly pathetic US military is riddled with these Christian Zionist scumbags, probably almost everyone holding a rank above colonel is one of these ends of days morons. They stand ready to obey their Fuhrer Herr Trump in starting a nuclear war with Russia because their big book of bullshit aka the Bible, says it would be a good idea. Christianity needs to die out ASAP before it destroys mankind. Ian]

The Metro

Facebook removes Trump ads that displayed Nazi symbols

Facebook has reportedly removed Donald Trump ads containing a Nazi symbol used do designate political prisoners in concentration camps.

The Washington Post reported that Facebook deactivated Trump ads on Thursday that included an inverted red triangle symbol, which was first used in the 1930s to identify Communists and was later used to brand Jewish political prisoners. The removal of the ads reportedly came after a query by The Post.

The symbol appears in paid posts sponsored by both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. It also was featured in posts on the ‘Team Trump’ campaign page. It was reportedly used alongside a caption warning of ‘Dangerous MOBS of far-left groups’ while asking users to sign a petition about Antifa, an amorphous group of far-left activist Trump has recently labeled a terrorist group amid protests for George Floyd, although the group’s involvement in the protests has been limited, according to arrest records.

‘We removed these posts and ads for violating our policy against organized hate,’ Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said.

‘Our policy prohibits using a banned hate group’s symbol to identify political prisoners without the context that condemns or discusses the symbol.’ Before they were taken down, the ad on Trump’s page made at least 950,000 impressions on Facebook. The ad on Pence’s made nearly 500,000.

A spokesman for the Trump campaign, Tim Murtaugh, has come out to say ‘the red triangle is an Antifa symbol,’ and added that it has been seen on iPhone cases and water bottles, although the most common Antifa symbol is two flags, one black and one red, inside a circle.

Murtaugh went on to note that the inverted red triangle is not included in the Anti-Defamation League’s database for hate symbols, but ADL CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt said its use by the Trump campaign is ‘offensive and deeply troubling.’ ‘It is not difficult for one to criticize their political opponent without using Nazi-era imagery,’ Greenblatt told The Post.

‘We implore the Trump campaign to take greater caution and familiarize themselves with the context before doing so. Ignorance is not an excuse for appropriating hateful symbols.’

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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

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  1. We are witnessing very radical changes in our nation, 9/11 was actually small potatoes compared to this. I just watched a very clever video on this subject, but I don’t know whether or not I’m allowed to post a video URL on this website? As almost everything is censored in some way. The name of the video is “FIRST ❌ AMENDMENT” on a YouTube channel called WikiBlabs. This channel has been highly censored by YouTube, many of the very unique videos have already been removed by YouTube. In my opinion America is becoming worse than China, at least China doesn’t pretend to be a democratic republic!!!

  2. It was Anglican church that was instrumental in the early stages of political crusaders zionism, and has remained unto this day. You know, the “church of England.”
    Out of so many countries that recognize Palestinian independence, a lot are Christian majority.

    • Hechler was an Anglican Restorationist, and most favorite priest of Theodor Herzl, and claimed Biblical right to Palestinian lands for Jews, and he did it ex cathedra.

  3. What has caught my eye this morning is that Trump is irate about the toppling of Albert Pike’s statue in Washington DC. The Satanist Albert Pike??????? Well, right there that says a ton of who Trump’s real role models are. He didn’t get too pissed off when they toppled and beheaded all those Christopher Columbus’ statues though!!!!

  4. See, in the US, we see this as opportunity to liberate, rather than subjugate, as do the heredity based government , who see it as opportunity to vilify on the pathway to subjugate the peasant class. Our problem with racism is more connected with outside foreign influence than a product of our own constitution. That is why it is confusing to those who are not racist but are being branded as such.
    The intention, of the British and Israeli and French and Spanish, perhaps a lesser degree French, but no less dangerous, is to perpetuate an essence of heredity rather than will of the people. The French were our friends in this endeavor, at the time. We should hold no country as an ally but as possible friend, in our experiment, and absolutely we should reject Loyalism on its face. In whatever form. That is the US.
    I keep the US evangelicals because I see them as people overcoming, a heredity based psychological construct that only benefits things that stand against the original intention the USA. A people moving out of mind control, in stages.

    • I should add, as I have repeatedly have, that protestants are people overcoming a cult, and Catholics are the cult, that is where the book comes from. That is where the story comes from. That is where the figure comes from. That is the foreign invasion force that drives the people between crowns and books. They provide a wedge and a place between. We in the US provide an alternative. The Catholic history is false. The story is false. The premise is false. It is a foreign military psychological operation. That is RAW intelligence. Do what you will, but be advised.

  5. Are the US People doomed ? Let see :
    – Politicians are corrupt and bought/blackmailed !
    – The MSM are corrupt and bought/blackmailed !
    – The justice is corrupt and bought/blackmailed !
    – The electoral process is corrupt !

    What is left ?
    – Pacific manifestations ? The “Gilets Jaunes” haven’t achieved much… after ONE year !
    – Economic obstructions ? after a while, the police will break them;
    – Riots ? the police will break them right away;
    – Revolution ? No significant popular implication will do and, the police…
    – Vote en masse for the right choice witch is… hugh ? and polls are rigged for a small margin. Fore a landslide ? hummm ? not sure.

    In summary… US is Doomed !

  6. Uneffing believable. while I can agree that Trump and his zionist masters are stirring the pot, comparing them the the REAL National Socialists, and their aims is fucking retarded. Read Mein Kampf, – CRITICALLY read it. But be sure it is an authorized edition – I recommend the original STALAG EDITION. By using critical thinking, and asking the question “who benefits”?, you’ll see this article is horseshit. If Germany had won the war, we wouldn’t all be players in this “shit-show”, all the douche-bag commies would be living on a kibbutz taking turn sucking each other off.

  7. And what does the Democratic party have to offer America? More bans like the ban on plastic straws? The ban on oversized soft drinks? Forget the Second Amendment, that’s one of the items doomed to fade into the past when the Dems take over.
    Just look at the conditions in cities run by Democrats: L.A, San Fran Cisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, just to mention a few. How about Baltimore? Where certain politicians stole millions in aid to the city.
    The democrats brought us lockdowns, which is going to bankrupt thousands of small business owners. But that’s ok….they’re evil capitalists and if that didn’t do it, the rest were burned down and looted. Do you suppose the owners of those businesses will ever get any relief from Washington? Not if the Dems have anything to say about but they’ll erect a statue to George Floyd and take a knee to BLM.
    The Dems have embraced the cancel culture, censorship and trigger warnings. They suppotrt more taxes, more welfare and more failing public schools. They support wars as much as the Republicans and even rant for more, especially against those evil Russians, you know, the ones who stole the election from St. Hillary and put Trump in the White House…why Putin himself was in on it.
    Yes the Democrats have a lot to offer the American people. Let’s hope they don’t decide we all need re-education.

    • John

      You’ve been here for years and still you come up with bone head ideas. Were there a democratic party, it would be Bernie Sanders. Your addiction to fear porn propaganda has constipated your thinking.

      John, the fucking lockdown was caused by GOP denialism. Your statement on this is actual spam.

      We are just turning the corner here in Ottawa with 1000 cases and 51 dead. Pay attention.

    • John, love you dude cuz you are here trying, but have you been to any of the cities you listed on an extended stay ? Did you get to the heart of the cities ?

    • No, but for once they did the right thing, probably after they saw how people thoroughly approved of Twitter growing a pair and standing up to Trump and his blatant lies.

    • At least respect that when here, you are supposed to be up to date on how employees of corporations are helping. It is an insult to not acknowledge it. Google and Facebook employees are not coveting their jobs wholesale, but leveraging their positions to favor the common person. At least to some degree. Don’t leave people behind that are trying to help. If I had a wish, it would be that people understand and can walk in others shoes, gently.

    • My sentiments exactly. Until one gets the premise straight to begin with, the rest of the “reasoning” makes no sense.

  8. Ian, I pretty much love everything you do, and take it to the bank. But now we’re taking cues from Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL? Even if I try the “enemy of my enemy” thing, I can’t get there. Beyond that, Trump, Barr, DHS, cops, Patriot Act, Greater Israel,…I’m right there with you.

  9. I’ve tried to keep mouth shut on this stuff lately and let the demons on both sides destroy each other. I feel like spitting venom tonight. Ian, I’ve always considered your articles to be very politically divisive. Adding to the problem. You can’t write about Trump without throwing in three to five negative adjectives about his appearance, etc. every time you mention him. It comes off as immature, and you’re the only major author on this site that does that consistently. Like there is some kind of deep seeded anger and hatred pointed at one side of the political duality. I doubt current events would be any different with the democrat choice in office. And won’t be any different after the next election. The constant bashing of one political party just takes away from your message. Sometimes I think you’re a deep state plant on this site. But Gordon seems to trust you. Last thing this country needs right now is more division and hate feeding into the Zionist, deep state, whatever agenda.

  10. There is hardly any doubt that Republican party is equal to/worse than the Nazi party. Drang nach osten is an eternal plan/wet dream to them. NATO as the largest chunk of the US empire has to die out first, before anything else can actually start to transform. What is US without her alliances? A global force undoubtedly, but, without any preferred muscle their own incorporated military is a deck of cards. What if US had no nuclear triggers in Romania, Italy, Turkey etc.? There are so many Christians in Latin America and Africa but are not bent on destroying half of Eurasia, not like the Atlantists. Are Christians in ex Soviet republics dedicated to destroying for example Europe, wiping out the “lesser” population? What about Anglican church?

  11. For those of US, American Patriots, of this, corrupted, enslaved, (Land of the Free??), what choice do we have? The Leadership of Both Parties, are but the servants of the, Zionist Apartheid Theocracy (Talmudic-Supremacist) Terror State of Israel! The Blood and Treasure of our people, is being used-abused, as the, ‘Sacrificial Offerings’, on the barbaric-bloody Altar of Zionism, on the World Stage, for decades now! Remember the, “USS LIBERTY”!! Go to;

    • Well, then I suggest you rethink the christian ideology and understand it has nothing to do with the US as it is now, nor was written in the constitution.

    • More troll crap…if someone paid any fucking attention…the “extreme left” is hired by and paid for by the Zionists who are the extreme right…the Nazis…

    • You are correct. No one has been more intolerant than the woke leftists and that includes many dems. People are losing their jobs over something they said in a private conversation, overheard by a wokist. Someone loses their job for a culturally inappropriate costume,they wore a couple years ago. . Professors and instructors are summarily fired from their positions at universities for not towing the politically correct line. Or even appearing so. No questions asked. No formal hearing. You’re fired. You won’t be able to get another job teaching because you are now blacklisted.
      That’s how tolerant the new left is. They’re making Joe McCarthy look like a piker.

  12. “Christianity needs to die out ASAP, before it destroys mankind.” I think its too late it started 2000 years ago with the Romans, and the fake news about nailing some dudes to a piece of wood.

    • We are going to have to go back to the early Christian thing, VT’s work in this area needs to be resurrected for more than 3 fucking days this time…

    • 💯% backwards.

      Just like Trump’s Bible Belt base.
      (Of “trickle down” Mammon worshippers).

      Christianity needs to be… resurrected. Meaning Trumps base called out.

      Paul, above says Ian is too abrasive in doing it, but they’re Trump voters! They love abrasiveness!
      (And profess to value “tough love”.)

    • My reply is to QF, obviously.

      Gordy, great choice of words. I somehow missed it before my reply echoing it.

    • The dude nailed to a cross is an easily identifiable section of the pantheon from which it was chosen, it is the twelth day of twenty combined with two other sections from 2 other cycles, 3 of many times that number. Study the cycles. 20 Days, 36 Decans, Moon, Individual species mating cycles, Trees, migrations, fungus, and longer time periods and their products, otherwise, do not interfere. Absorb. The time of the cross has ended, and it is highly noticeable. The teacher is no longer tortured and abused. Discernment is the lesson directly after that. This is the time we are in. Discernment.