…by Jonas E. Alexis

Jim W. Dean has put it best when he said that we are currently seeing “chaos theory in full bloom” in places like Minneapolis, Los Angeles, St. Louis, New York City, etc. He also made the point that “Black Lives Matter [hereafter BLM] needs to be morphed into a new All Lives Matter [ALM], including the business livelihoods that are being lynched with the looters taking advantage of the protest to have their usual fun.”

I am not confident that BLM can be morphed into ALM because BLM is an essentially wicked ideology which wasn’t formed on the basis of reason. Think about this for a moment. Why wouldn’t BLM be concerned about decent police officers like David Dorn, a black cop who was killed by looters and thugs because he was protecting decent lives and businesses in St. Louis, Missouri?

David Dorn

Dorn was a man of principle. He was 77 years old and was passionate about helping young people. He worked for more than 38 years as a police captain in the Metropolitan Police Department. He was simply doing his job when he responded to an alarm at a pawnshop called Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry.

Yet Dorn lost his life on the sidewalk in front of the pawn store. Why? Because thugs and looters like 24-year-old Stephan Cannon didn’t like him. Four other officers were shot and pelted with rocks on the night that Dorn was killed.

Dorn had five children and ten grandchildren. What would looters and BLM say to those children and grandchildren? Do they really think that this really helps their cause? Or could it be that BLM is once again a covert operation which seeks opportunities or “good crises” to overthrow the moral law?

For example, the head of the Seattle’s Police Department, Carmen Best, declared that “Our calls for service have more than tripled. These are responses to emergency calls — rapes, robberies, and all sorts of violent acts that have been occurring in the area that we’re not able to get to.”

In south Minneapolis, the plant of a manufacturing company (the 7-Sigma) was set on fire by rioters. The company has been in existence since 1987. So what will happen to the decent people who were working at that place—people who had mouths to feed?

Since the police force was asked to stand down, the rioters then took pleasure in setting the place on fire. Kris Wyrobek, the president of the company, had this to say about city officials: “They don’t care about my business. They didn’t protect our people. We were all on our own.” We are told that “the city will lose about 50 jobs when the company skips town, a move that Wyrobek said he had ‘not in my wildest nightmare” considered before the riots.’ Now, he is ‘cautiously optimistic’ that he can rebuild his company elsewhere, ‘but we are certainly not able to do that in Minneapolis.’”

Will BLM talk about that? Will the media pursue these issues at great length? Will people like Jay Z mention it? Will people like Michael Jordan even remotely suggest that All Lives Matter? Of course not. Josh Levin of Slate magazine, for example, is more interested in talking about “David Duke’s America.”[1] Why did Levin decide to discuss David Duke instead of talking about the real issues? Here’s his reason: “I’m revisiting the David Duke story today because I want to understand what I lived through, and how it helped shape the world we’re living in now.”[2] Give me a break.

Here is what people like Levin will never get the moral and intellectual courage to discuss. When George Floyd died, the Chicago Police Department turned its focus elsewhere. By doing that, they seemed to have abandoned the communities that needed them the most. What were the results? Well, 85 people got shot and 24 others lost their lives.[3] Was David Duke responsible for this?

In any event, what is really going on here? How did we get here? In 2017, Chaziel Sunz, a former BLM organizer, went on record saying that the movement had been compromised. The elite, he said, want to create a civil war, and they wanted to “use people’s emotions” in order to initiate that war. “They’re playing us emotionally,” Sunz said. The elite, he continued, want people to “fight for a war on American turf.”

Chaziel was right. But he didn’t have enough information to realize that there is more to the issue than meets the eye and ear. What the media will never discuss—and what VT has reported at length—is that the knee-on-neck tactic which led to the death of George Floyd has been used by Israeli law enforcement officers. Keep also in mind that Israeli officials happened to train much of the police force in the United States.

Many VT writers, including Kevin Barrett, have already pointed that out. In an extensively documented article (“Deadly Exchange Report Reveals Extent of Massive Training Programs Between U.S. Law Enforcement and Israeli Police, Military and the Shin Bet”) which was published by the Jewish Voice for Peace, we learn:

From the acting Deputy Director of ICE to the current Chief of Police in Washington DC, from San Diego to Chicago to Atlanta, since 2002 thousands of American law enforcement officials have trained in Israel with Israeli police, military and the Shin Bet. And thousands more have participated in security conferences and workshops with Israeli military, law enforcement and security officials held in the U.S. But despite their branding as top-tier counter-terrorism experts, Israeli police and security agents regularly violate civil rights, and implement racist and deadly policies.”

Gordon Duff had the insight to say the same thing in 2012: “Slowly, every police department in the United States, at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security [DHS], is being trained by Israeli groups. As part of this training, there is an increased move to use of military uniforms, armored vehicles, heavy weapons, illegal surveillance, lying to the people, press and courts and systematic interference in the electoral system…” According to the Morning Star,

“Officers from the US police force responsible for the killing of George Floyd received training in restraint techniques and anti-terror tactics from Israeli law-enforcement officers…At least 100 Minnesota police officers attended a 2012 conference hosted by the Israeli consulate in Chicago, the second time such an event had been held. There they learned the violent techniques used by Israeli forces as they terrorise the occupied Palestinian territories under the guise of security operations.

“The so-called counterterrorism training conference in Minneapolis was jointly hosted by the FBI. Israeli deputy consul Shahar Arieli claimed that the half-day session brought ‘top-notch professionals from the Israeli police’ to share knowledge with their US counterparts. It is unclear whether any of the officers involved in the incident in which Mr. Floyd was killed attended the conference.

“But in a chilling testimony, a Palestinian rights activist said that when she saw the image of Derek Chauvin kneeling on Mr. Floyd’s neck, she was reminded of the Israeli forces’ policing of the occupied territories. Neta Golan, the co-founder of International Solidarity Movement (ISM) said:

“‘When I saw the picture of killer cop Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd by leaning in on his neck with his knee as he cried for help and other cops watched, I remembered noticing when many Israeli soldiers began using this technique of leaning in on our chest and necks when we were protesting in the West Bank sometime in 2006. They started twisting and breaking fingers in a particular way around the same time. It was clear they had undergone training for this. They continue to use these tactics — two of my friends have had their necks broken but luckily survived — and it is clear that they [Israel] share these methods when they train police forces abroad in ‘crowd control’ in the US and other countries including Sudan and Brazil.’

“Even Amnesty was compelled to report that hundreds of police from Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington state and Washington DC had been flown to Israeli for training.”[4]

We certainly have a smoking gun here. For more than sixty years, the Israelis have viewed the Palestinians as enemies and have even expelled them from their homes.[5] If anyone doubts the accuracy of this statement, perhaps we should bring in Israeli historian Benny Morris here. He declared unapologetically:

“A Jewish state would not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians. Therefore it was necessary to uproot them. There was no choice but to expel that population. It was necessary to cleanse the hinterland and cleanse the border areas and cleanse the main roads. It was necessary to cleanse the villages from which our convoys and our settlements were fired on.”[6]

Benny Morris

Morris’ The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem “chronicled the Zionist murders, terrorism, and ethnic cleansing that drove 600,000-750,000 Palestinians from their homes in 1948, thus refuting the myth that they fled under the orders of Arab leaders.”[7] In the second edition of the book, Morris documents “massacres, and a previously unsuspected number of rapes and murders of Palestinian women.”[8]

Morris himself said:

“The revised book is a double-edged sword. It is based on many documents that were not available to me when I wrote the original book, most of them from the Israel Defense Forces Archives. What the new material shows is that there were far more Israeli acts of massacre than I had previously thought.

“To my surprise, there were also many cases of rape. In the months of April-May 1948, units of the Haganah [the pre-state defense force that was the precursor of the IDF] were given operational orders that stated explicitly that they were to uproot the villagers, expel them and destroy the villages themselves.”[9]

What we are saying here is that Israeli enforcement officers have been historically trained to put their boots on the necks of the Palestinians. As Timothy Alexander Guzman has put it, “The Israelis are experts in abuse and torture of the Palestinians which dates back to 1948, so now they train US police forces who use the same tactics to subdue protesters or to violently arrest people for some reason or another.”[10] Moreover, Israeli enforcement officers have a history of human rights violation.[11]

The Tragic Case of Derek Chauvin

The logic here is pretty straightforward: Derek Chauvin has been trained as a police officer to put his boots on people’s necks. In other words, American police officers are essentially at the mercy of Israeli officials, the very people who have effectively become invisible in the George Floyd debacle. These people obviously want to create a race war in the United States.

Many black Americans, and black youth in particular, cannot see that because they have been programed to see racism virtually around every bush, particularly whenever a white cop happens to mercilessly and brutally fall on a black criminal. But where were the media and BLM when Amber Morris and countless other innocent lives were murdered by blacks?[12] Why don’t these people ever talk about the fact that more whites have been shot than blacks by the police?[13] Why don’t these people ever mention that there is a war zone in places like the South Side of Chicago? Don’t these people ever pick up the Chicago Sun Times? On June 8th of this year alone, the Chicago Sun Times reported that there were 18 murders in just 24 hours![14] Here is just a tip of the iceberg:

“A hardworking father killed just before 1 a.m. A West Side high school student murdered two hours later. A man killed amid South Side looting at a cellphone store at 12:30 p.m. A college freshman who hoped to become a correctional officer, gunned down at 4:25 p.m. after getting into an argument in Englewood. While Chicago was roiled by another day of protests and looting in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, 18 people were killed Sunday, May 31, making it the single most violent day in Chicago in six decades, according to the University of Chicago Crime Lab.”[15]

Who killed those people? The cops? And who’s talking about those issues? CNN? MSNBC? The New York Times? The Washington Post? Michael Jordan? Lebron James?  Jordan said right after the death of George Floyd: “I am deeply saddened, truly pained and plain angry. I see and feel everyone’s pain, outrage and frustration.”[16] Of course, everyone should. Derek Chauvin should have let George Floyd up the very moment Floyd said he couldn’t breathe. In fact, he shouldn’t have put his knee on his neck. This was obviously a tragic scene. But should Jordan see this in universal terms? Shouldn’t he be deeply saddened by what is going on in the black community? Why hasn’t he said a damn thing?

Intellectual Morons

The death of George Floyd led to major riots in major cities in the United States. Robin Kelley, professor of history at UCLA, said: “My wife asked me this question last night, ‘Do you think this is right?’ I said, ‘What other choice do people have?’”[17]

In a similar vein, Darnell M. Hunt, another UCLA professor (and dean of the social sciences), declared: “The term ‘riot’ tends to connote a senseless venting of frustration, of destroying your own community and all these other things that are counterproductive, as if there couldn’t be political value in urban unrest and forcing the system to examine itself.”[18]

Hunt seemed to have convinced himself that there is a political implication or message when people are looting and causing riots. In a desperate attempt to make coherent point, Hunt drew his reader’s attention to the riots which took place during the Rodney King debacle in 1992. Hunt then risibly added:

“You had a huge immigrant population that was barely getting by, barely surviving, and people were going to drugstores and ‘looting’ diapers, things to make ends meet in their families. To minimize that as just, ‘Oh, people are just looting,’ completely robbed it of the political content and the political possibilities that people are trying to communicate by taking a risk and getting involved.”[19]

Kelley is even more intellectually ridiculous than Hunt when he said: “It is tragic, and it is a loss of people’s livelihoods in many cases. But when you actually look at what’s being burned and what’s being destroyed, and what’s being saved, there’s an interesting pattern.”[20]

According Kelley, “Often what’s destroyed are symbols of violence and oppression…In Minneapolis, the police station. In Ferguson, Missouri, the convenience store where Michael Brown was accused of stealing. In city after city, liquor stores, which many see as complicit in the subjugation of their communities.”[21]

This man is teaching at a major institution in the nation, and he has deliberately chosen to be oblivious to what is really happening. If people are stealing shows and electronics,[22] are they really fighting some form of oppression? How stupid can it get?

What Kelley will never have the courage to point out is that Korboi Balla, a Minneapolis black firefighter at the Brooklyn Park Fire Department, bought a bar with his own life savings, and the same bar was completely destroyed by rioters and looters. Balla lamented: “I don’t know what we’re going to do. It hurts, man. It’s not fair, it’s not right. We’ve been working so hard for this place. It’s not just for me, it’s for my family.”[23]

Balla’s wife, Twyana, said that they do not have insurance, and the couple has four children. Do Kelley and other intellectual morons mean to tell us all that Balla’s bar was a form of oppression? What would these so-called academics say to the couple who have to pick up the financial and psychological mess that the rioters and looters have created? There is more. In an article entitled “Riots, arson leave Minnesota communities of color devastated,” the Star Tribune in Minneapolis reported:

“As fire and riots raged around Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue last week, several employees of an American Indian nonprofit called Migizi stayed behind to guard their building. They wrote ‘native youth center’ on the window to discourage attacks. Members of the American Indian Movement came to help. But rioters set fire to the block anyway…. When the nonprofit’s executive director, Kelly Drummer, returned to the scene a few hours later and saw the destruction, she said, ‘I knelt down and I just cried.’

“The riots and arson that followed protests of George Floyd’s death have devastated organizations and businesses that serve communities of color. Destruction from the south side’s Lake Street to West Broadway in north Minneapolis has hit immigrant- and minority-owned businesses already struggling amid the pandemic-induced shutdown. Now, ethnically diverse neighborhoods are grappling with the loss of jobs, services and investments.”

Ricardo Hernandez, who owns an ice cream shop around the area, sadly announced: “It’s very hard to see your whole life savings go down like this. We used up all our money to build something nice for … not just the Latino community, but everybody.” Hernandez’s

“20 employees, all Latino, are out of work until the neighborhood returns to normal. On the same block, immigrant Luis Tamay saved for more than a decade to open his Ecuadorian restaurant, El Sabor Chuchi, seven years ago… Tamay guarded his lifelong dream the first few nights of the riots, but stayed home on Friday night to abide by the curfew, assuming that he had nothing to fear with the National Guard in town. He was aghast to see Facebook videos showing El Sabor Chuchi in flames — and even more so when he called 911 for help in vain.

“By the time Tamay got to his restaurant Saturday morning, it was burned to the ground, along with establishments on either side. He didn’t have insurance, he said, because quotes for the neighborhood were too high. The father of two was already working hard to pay his employees and other bills. ‘There’s the freezer right there; the kitchen was right there,’ Tamay said, pointing as he climbed the pile of rubble. ‘Seventeen years of work is gone.’ A building owned by Latina entrepreneur Maya Santamaria also burned down — and with it, the Spanish language radio station La Raza.”[24]

Many blacks in Minneapolis, including Ken Crawford, had to endure similar fate. Over 1,500 buildings have been damaged, largely destroyed, or vandalized by looters and rioters in Minneapolis.[25] Kelley, Hunt, and much of the news media will never talk about Dave Patrick Underwood, a black police officer who was providing security for a federal courthouse in Oakland during the protests.

Underwood and his partner were shot by drive-by-shooting. Underwood lost his life, and his partner barely survived.[26] Other police officers such as Santa Cruz County Deputy Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller have been killed.[27] 20-year-old Shay Mikalonis, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer, will almost certainly “remain on a ventilator for the remainder of his life” because he was shot in the head as he was trying to disperse protesters. “Officers Jason Scott and Rashad Martin were shot early in the morning on June 2 during an exchange of gunfire near the Manchester Bridge in Richmond, Virginia.”[28]

Chris Beaty was a black football player at Cathedral High School. He was a charismatic person whose charm attracted people of various stripes. He went to Indiana and played college football, and became a popular businessman. He was gunned down in May 30 because he was trying to protect two women who were attacked by looters and vultures outside his apartment. Other blacks such as 22-year-old Italia Kelly lost their lives because rioters and looters left no exit.[29]

Both Hunt and Kelley have published books with Oxford and Harvard university presses, and I’m still waiting for these people to write something about the South Side of Chicago.

Hunt and Kelley have deliberately failed to address these central questions but have hubristically and invariably given themselves a pat on the back because they think they are experts on race relations.

The sad thing is they simply choose to ignore what decent police officers have to go through whenever they pull someone over in a suspicious area.[30] Black professor and economist like Glenn C. Loury of Brown University pointed out similar things to Benjamin Hooks, the executive director of the N.A.A.C.P. Hooks responded:

“Look, I know these problems exist [in the black community], but as a civil-rights leader my job is to hold white people’s feet to the fire. How can I go around criticizing little black kids?”[31]

Loury was once invited to deliver a lecture at a National Urban Coalition meeting. Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King’s widow, was there. During the course of the lecture, Loury declared: “You’ve exhausted your moral capital with your whining. Legislative solutions won’t do any good. In short, the civil-rights movement is over.”[32]

Loury was never invited again because he upset the apple cart. “As the meeting drew to a close, Loury says, Coretta Scott King was crying quietly.”[33] Loury, who now calls himself “a contrarian,” has recently put forth an argument called ‘the empty thesis of racism.”[34] Loury dismantles this “empty thesis” by saying:

“Every year, more whites than blacks are shot by the police in the U.S. But it is true that the number of blacks killed by police, relative to population, is higher. However, the problem of police violence affects all ethnic groups. Moreover, the likelihood that an individual will come into conflict with the police depends on the frequency with which that individual behaves in a manner that attracts police attention. Criminal behavior is not equally distributed across all population groups. African-Americans are overrepresented in prison because they commit more acts that can be punished with prison.

“Blacks make up an average of around 40 percent of inmates in prisons and jails, but they make up no more than 15 percent of the population. If you look at the statistics, there is no evidence to support the hypothesis that this overrepresentation can be explained by racist prejudices of the police or the courts. Rather, the numbers show that this is due to an overrepresentation of blacks who violate the law.

“It’s legitimate to ask why black men commit more crimes than whites. But it is a fact that they commit massively more homicides; almost 50 percent of homicides, while representing maybe 6 percent or 7 percent of the U.S. population. Or consider robbery: many more whites are victimized by blacks than vice versa, speaking in absolute numbers, not per capita.

“Part of the reason why the police have had so many difficult encounters with black people is because the crime rate in black areas is much higher. For example: If the police want to arrest a driver in a black neighborhood, they must be prepared for the possibility that the driver might have a gun on him. Statistically speaking, this is generally not the case—but experience has shown the likelihood that such a dangerous situation will arise is higher in black areas…

“The main threat to the quality of life of people living in black areas is the criminal behavior of their fellow citizens, most of whom happen to be black. Black people in American cities are victims of rape, robbery, and murder to a very significant degree, and the perpetrators are almost always black. The protection of life and property is the most important task of the state, and many African-Americans cannot feel safe in their homes. The police are part of the solution to this problem. Black people need the police more than other people do.

“Of course, the police must treat all citizens with respect. Racist officers must be disciplined and fired. I don’t want to apologize for anything here: bad policing is bad policing, and you have to do something about it. But depriving the police of resources, making them an enemy, vilifying them, violently assaulting them, or hindering them when they are trying to arrest someone who committed a crime is destructive to black communities. Blacks would suffer the most if police pulled out of their neighborhoods.”[35]

If you think this Loury’s assessment is again farfetched, then listen to this—and again it is from the Chicago Sun Times:

“The Rev. Michael Pfleger, a longtime crusader against gun violence who leads St. Sabina Church in Auburn Gresham, said it was ‘open season’ last weekend in his neighborhood and others on the South and West sides. ‘On Saturday and particularly Sunday, I heard people saying all over, ‘Hey, there’s no police anywhere, police ain’t doing nothing,’ Pfleger said. ‘I sat and watched a store looted for over an hour,’ he added. ‘No police came. I got in my car and drove around to some other places getting looted [and] didn’t see police anywhere.’ Mayor Lori Lightfoot said on May 31 alone, Chicago’s 911 emergency center received 65,000 calls for all types of service — 50,000 more than on a usual day.”[36]

According to 2013 statistics, more than 90 percent of black victims of homicide were committed by other blacks.[37] In Chicago, Illinois, blacks are only 35 percent of the city’s population. Yet they commit 76 percent of all homicides.[38] In New York City, “blacks are only 23 percent of the population but commit over 75 percent of all shootings in the city…whites commit under 2 percent of the all shootings…although they are 33 percent of the city’s population.”[39] Loury agrees with those data.

Glenn C. Loury

Loury—who believes that “affirmative action is not about inequality” but is “about covering ass,”[40] and who previously said that “The criminal behavior of a relatively small number of young black men in big central cities is in my judgment a critical factor undermining the quality of life of black and white people who live in those cities, and also a contributing factor to race relations”—was himself arrested for possession of cocaine and marijuana at the age of 39, when he was already a full professor at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.[41]

Loury also became infected by the moral and social virus which he discussed throughout his career: “Loury was emerging as exactly the kind of person he had warned black America to avoid: a violent, irresponsible, drug-using womanizer who put his own pleasure above the demands of his career and the needs of his family.”[42] Loury declared:

“In 1985, when I was at the Institute for Advanced Study, in Princeton, I’d go to the worst parts of Trenton to buy drugs, pick up women, and hang out in bars. At conferences in Washington or New York, I’d sneak out after the meetings and dinner and stay out all night doing various sordid things.”[43]

Loury, who also was born and grew up in the South Side of Chicago in 1948, has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Northwestern University and a Ph.D. in economics from M.I.T. He wrote way back in 1984:

“The social disorganization among poor blacks, the lagging academic performance of black students, the disturbingly high rate of black-on-black crime, and the alarming increase in early unwed pregnancies among blacks now loom as the primary obstacles to progress.”[44]

By 1988, Loury upgraded his erotic adventure by spending 24 hours getting high and watching pornography,[45] which has been shown to be one of the greatest forms of political control.[46] As scholar Gail Dimes put it in 2016:

“Extensive scientific research reveals that exposure to and consumption of porn threaten the social, emotional and physical health of individuals, families and communities, and highlights the degree to which porn is a public health crisis rather than a private matter.”[47]

E. Michael Jones came to similar conclusions in 2000: “Whoever controls sexual behavior controls the state, and he who controls the mores of women controls sexual behavior. That is the first lesson of sexual politics.”[48]

Loury turned around and changed his immoral behavior. But he got chewed up by people for saying uncomfortable things about the ghetto world. Loury himself “had two children by his girlfriend when they were teenagers. They eventually married, but separated after five years.”[49] Loury obviously had to “psycho-analyze” himself and begin to think about ways to get out of the cycle that was killing the black families in the South Side of Chicago.

A bright student, Loury graduated from high school at 16. “After a brief stint at a local technical college, he quit to work in a printing plant to support his young family. Three years later, he won a scholarship to Northwestern, and this time he found that he was excited to be a student.”[50] Loury’s academic pursuit flourished at Northwestern and at M.I.T., and he seemed to have realized that there was no discrimination against him. He obviously had to learn from the school of experience, and he is now saying that “talking about the collapse of the black family. Seven out of ten black children are born outside of marriage. It is a plausible surmise that households where a mother is present, but no father, are more likely to produce adolescent males with behavioral problems.”[51]

This is a sociological point which has been shown to be true. The late social scientist James Q. Wilson tells us that “disorder and crime are usually inextricably linked, in a kind of developmental sequence.”[52]

Loury didn’t have a strong stomach to digest the virulent attacks that were being launched against him. He began to be called “a sophisticated Uncle Tom, an apologist for white racism, and worse.”[53] The late Martin Kilson of Harvard said: “Glenn Loury is just another pathetic mascot for the right. He pompously hands down critical prescriptions from on high about stuff he doesn’t know anything about. He’s a hustler, an intelligent hired hand.”[54] Derrick Bell of New York University, and author of Faces at the Bottom of the Well: The Permanence of Racism, declared: “Even given the fact that all blacks have to engage in some hypocrisy just to survive in our racist society, Loury has gone beyond the call of duty.”[55]

People who seemed to have never lived in the ghettos attacked Loury, but he is not the only voice out there saying these things. Thomas Sowell of the Hoover Institution has repeatedly documented the cyclical problems with the ghettos in books such as Black Rednecks and White Liberals. These problems were unheard of before the civil rights movement.

As an antidote, Loury argues that people need to return to Logos, and that would provide a foundational basis for moral responsibility, character, and social harmony. “My pursuit of personal freedom—my constant quest to be free of constraint, to be unfettered—has been the source of much of my unhappiness,” said Loury.[56]

America’s Mass-Shooting Capital Is Chicago

What we are seeing in the streets of Minnesota and elsewhere is that people want to be free from any constraint? The end result? Looting, rioting, and killing.

The Daily Beast, of all places, has said that “America’s Mass-Shooting Capital Is Chicago.”[57] It is more dangerous to leave in Chicago’s worst neighborhoods, the Daily Beast stated, than to live in

“the world’s most-murderous countries…West Garfield Park, population 18,000, had 21 murders last year, which makes for a homicide rate of 116 per 100,000 people. The world’s leader in murders, Honduras, has a homicide rate of 90, according to the United Nations. Following West Garfield Park in lethality was West Englewood and its 73.3 murder rate, more than second-place Venezuela with its 53.7 rate. Chicago’s Chatham (58) beats Belize (44.7); Englewood (52.6) outdoes El Salvador (41.2); South Chicago (48) tops Guatemala (39.9). The United States as a whole has 4.5 murders per 100,000.”[58]

All of these issues began to take place after the civil rights movement, when powerful people started to use blacks as proxy warriors for a larger, subversive and sinister purpose.

The Israeli issue has never been really teased out of any discussion in the media because that would ruin the idea that Israelis are essentially friends of the United States. Talking about these issues in the media could also create Frankenstein-like monsters in major centers in the US.[59] It is even safe to say that invisible hands have played a major role in manipulating black America to create a violent revolution. And black professors like Harold Cruse figured that out decades ago.[60]

It is also safe to say that Israeli officials are not the only people who directly or indirectly are fueling race riots in America. Elite corporations, institutes and donors like the California Endowment, the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, the Taconic Foundation, etc., have also given millions of dollars to violent groups like Antifa.

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  1. LeBron and Jordan should put their money where their mouth is. There are countries out there, that have respectable basketball leagues and traditions, have much more normal cop life and less crime, and have no claim whatsoever in Palestinian lands. Most of them speak english as second language. James and Jordan could achieve so much more from abroad. But then their records or Hall of fame or whatever personal achievement bullshit they find relevant would be endangered. But if we have learned one thing in the West, the Western accolades like Hall of fame, Knighthood or Nobel Prize don’t mean anything, their value is equal to bullshit.

    • Davor

      My bro you are dead wrong , every Award comes with Money , ANobel bullshit is worth at least US$50,000 .😑

  2. What is taking place with this, “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations, riots, allowed, promoted hatred of our Police Forces, is an ‘Intentional, Planed, Expected, Hopped for’ approval on the part of the public, that is already in the works, it is in the air, for the American Public to ASK for a, ‘Total Militarization’ of our Police Forces! “Agenda 21!” These on going Demonstrations, Riots, Anarchy, in our Cities, are as much of a, “FALSE FLAG” as, “9/11” was, or the attack by Zionist Israel, on the “USS LIBERTY”. The ‘USS LIBERTY’ False Flag failed, “9/11”, on the other hand, was a ROARING Success for the PERPETRATORS, who are expecting the same, from this current ‘False Flag’, of ‘Black Lives Matter’!! Sad, Tragic State of Affairs, in the ‘Land of the Free’!! ALL PLANNED, by our Enemies, Foreign and DOMESTIC!!

  3. I’m sure in all of our Zionised western so-called democracies, our police are being trained in Israeli detention methods and notably in Krav Maga, one that is meant to kill. Here is a video of Merseyside Police in the UK being trained in Krav Maga by ex-IDF killers. Notice at 5:25 the trainer puts his knee on the student’s neck. I sent this to a solicitor representing the family of a strapping young black man who died while being detained by Merseyside Police after an inquest found he died of natural causes.

    • You know that Israel Is a Martial Law where Everyone is a Trained Soldiers at War with the Goyim so We should be Wary of ALL ISRAELI Export .

  4. Very basic ancient knowledge easily explains why Chicago is so violent. But, wisdom is not allowed into developers or colonizers ears. There are certain places, that if occupied by people , that people will become violent. It is one aspect in a set of personality traits inherent to location. It is not much more difficult than learning to read a map. One of the most ridiculous assumptions of modern thought, is that a city develops a personality through the unique perspective of the people that live there. No, they do not. The people inherit the personality of the place. This is easily proven and can be used in predictive models. I do it all the time. Others have done it for millenia.

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