The Shooting Of Rayshard Brooks

Michael Shrimpton analyzes the issues over the controversial shooting by Atalanta police of Rayshard Brooks and comments on the week's other developments, including the latest Islamic terrorist attack in Britain.


Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard’s decision to charge officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan was clearly political, no offense intended. The decision to charge Garrett Rolfe with felony murder was particularly egregious. Howard is clearly backing Joe Biden in November and was hoping to pile pressure on the President, who by the way does know where Finland is! (He once cut a deal in Helsinki – I’m pretty sure he knew which country he was in!)

Let us review the facts, dispassionately, that is to say let’s not behave like a bunch of left-wing loonies, no offense intended. An African-American on probation for child cruelty offenses (not your average family man then), Rayshard Brooks, decided to have a few drinks on his young daughter’s birthday and go out to his local Wendy’s for a delicious burger, possibly with fries. Sadly he never made it, so we don’t exactly know what he had in mind for his last meal.

He was sufficiently intoxicated to fall asleep, at which point the boys in blue were sent for, unsurprisingly, since he was holding up the sober customers. He was initially polite and cooperative with the officers, then he failed a breathaylzer test, by some margin. (He was about one-third over.)  Possibly influenced by the paranoid MSM reporting of the still-unexplained death of poor George Floyd in Minneapolis, Rayshard overreacted, wrestled the officers to the grounds and decided to punch one of them.

He then seized one of the officer’s Tasers and decided that it would be a good idea to fire it in the general direction of the officers. One of them, Garrett Rolfe, fired back, three times, hitting Rayshard twice in the back. At least one of the officers seems to have administered CPR, but sadly the gunshot wounds were fatal and there was nothing that the officers or anyone else could do.

Garrett Rolfe was fired by the Atlanta Police Department before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (that’s the GBI, not the FBI) had completed its investigation into the shooting, indeed they had barely started. APD officers, unsurprisingly, are staying away from work in large numbers.

Rioters then decided to burn down the Wendy bar, as though the Wendy staff had shot Rayshard Brooks. (Even in Georgia it’s a bit unusual to have armed staff behind the counter in a Wendy’s). I’ve heard of flame-grilled burgers, but very frankly that was taking things to extremes.

I intend no offense to the memory of the late Rayshard Brooks when I say that his conduct in resisting arrest and seizing an officer’s conducted energy weapon might well have got him shot in Vermont, never mind Georgia. Attorneys for the Brooks family, BLM activists and others are going around claiming that a Taser is a non-lethal weapon, which is not strictly true, indeed around 1,000 suspects have been killed with Tasers. They’re less-lethal, not non-lethal.

The left are missing the point, with respect – the problem for an armed officer facing a Taser is not necessarily that he might be killed by the device, but incapacitated. The issue then becomes what happens to the officer’s firearm.

There are disputes of fact about how many times the Taser was fired and what it’s ‘magazine’ capacity was. Some Tasers, like the X3, can fire three shots. Newer versions, like the X7, can only fire two, but with improved accuracy. There is no dispute that Officer Rolfe was within Taser range when he fired back.

I seriously doubt that a Georgia jury is going to bring in a felony murder verdict, indeed it’s far from clear that either officer committed any offense at all. Rayshard Brooks was shot whilst resisting arrest. He would still be alive today had he continued to cooperate with the officers. I doubt that the boys at the State Board of Pardons and Paroles encourage their parolees to add DUIs to their rap sheet. (Massachusetts maybe, but not Georgia.) Therefore Rayshard may have been looking at some jail time, but at least he would have been alive.

Nothing has emerged since last week to cause me to review my position on the death of George Floyd. I still think that causation is going to be a problem for the prosecution.

I’ve not yet commented on the shooting of shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick GA on Feb 23rd.  I don’t think that we’ve yet had the full story. I’m far from convinced that Gregory and Travis McMichael are racists. It’s difficult to believe that it’s a coincidence that Gregory McMichael was a recently retired investigator for Glynn County Police Department. As presently advised I’m not buying the “Ahmaud was an innocent African-American jogger out for a jog” line being pushed by black activists and the MSM.

With every respect to the McMichaels it’s not entirely clear to me that lethal force was necessary to secure a citizen’s arrest, which seems to be what they were doing, or thought they were doing. At the same time there may well have been justification for an arrest.

Khairi Saadallah, the alleged terrorist.

The Forbury Gardens Terrorist Attack

In fairness the death toll at BLM demos in the UK has been fairly low until now, but that all changed yesterday evening. A couple of hours after a BLM demo ended in Forbury Gardens, a pleasant little spot, even though it’s in Reading, a 25 year old Libyan Moslem  on probation, named today as Khairi Saadallah, ran into the gardens waving a large knife, shouting something which may well turn out to have been “Allahu Akbar”. He then proceeded to stab people, sadly killing three of them.

It took Thames Valley Police until this morning to declare it a terrorist incident. With every respect they were a bit slow on the uptake, not that many people were buying “this is just an everyday stabbing with multiple fatalities at the site of a BLM demo type incident” after the SAS turned up, in police uniforms of course, to raid the man’s flat. The next question is who the Libyan’s accomplices were. I doubt that he turned up on a Number 800 bus – I think they have rules about carrying knives onto buses in Reading.

THAT’s not supposed to happen!

The Johnson Car Crash

No, I’m not referring to his last press briefing. I’m referring to the incident on Wednesday when an alleged Kurdish protestor tried to run in front of his ministerial Jaguar, which was then shunted from behind by a police Range Rover.

The timing is interesting, coming only three months after the failed assassination attempts in March on the PM and Dominic Cummings, with less than 14 days to go before the EU transition agreement deadline. The Kurd in question was stopped by police before he was able to get in front of the PM’s Jag. It is highly unusual for a vehicle in a protection detail to ram the principal.

Watch this space. It is unclear at this time whether this was an ordinary case of the Prime Minister’s official automobile being rammed or something more sinister.

Questions are being asked, by the way, about how much the SNP leadership in Edinburgh knew about the March attempt. They were desperate for an extension to the transition period. Politics in Scotland have always been fairly bloody, one of the reasons why we had to knock off Mary, Queen of Scots (after a fair trial, of course), who was even more of a nuisance than Nicola Sturgeon, no offense intended.

We know from the Piper Alpha cover-up that the SNP approves of mass-murder in principle. There is no point the SNP saying ‘we didn’t know about the plan to blow up the oil rig until afterwards’. I’m sure they didn’t. The point is that once you decide to cover up a mass-murder you can’t thereafter be heard to say that you disapprove of mass-murder.

One sign of whether a dodgy political party is under pressure or not is the number of its MPs who start dying from stress-related illnesses, or who decide to have a stroke or a heart attack. An SNP MP close to party leader Nicola Sturgeon sadly suffered a cerebrovascular incident the week before last. It will be interesting to see if there are more.

Abolition of DFID

This week has seen the announcement of the long-overdue abolition of the Department for International Development, the silly government department set up by Tony Blair. Sensibly, the PM just announced the decision rather than have it put on the agenda for discussion by the Cabinet. Since, with the honorable exception of Home Secretary Priti Patel, the Cabinet consists of house-trained idiots, no offense intended, all that a Cabinet discussion would have ensured was the rehearsing of nonsense trotted out by officials. Whilst the nonsense would have been official it would still nonetheless have been nonsense.

According to the Cabinet Office overseas aid is about addressing poverty in the Third World, reducing inequality and doing good. Obviously those can’t be the real reasons for the policy, otherwise they would have never have found their way into official pronouncements. (I’m not saying that it’s impossible for a Cabinet Office statement to be true – all I’m saying is that there is a lack of precedent for it.)

The real purpose of overseas aid is to bankroll Third World dictatorships and institutionalize poverty by ensuring the continued Chinese domination of Africa. It’s important to remember that there are no meaningful checks on what happens to the money once it arrives in Africa, the South Pacific or wherever.

There are checks on what happens to the money eventually of course. The occasional well has to be dug in the occasional village in order to fool Cabinet Ministers, journalists, MPs and other naïfs into believing that something is actually being achieved. There are no checks whatsoever on what happens to the cash before it’s spent.

It never leaves the account of course – that would give the game away. It’s usually left in the account and blocked. A line of credit in an equivalent amount is then opened up offshore, leveraged and traded in the offshore money markets, with the lending and trading banks making nice profits as well.

There are four major problems with this:


(1)    It increases the rewards for being in control of a country’s treasury, encouraging coups, civil wars and instability – most Third World countries are about as stable as Scotland.


(2)    The offshore profits are not disclosed so the country in question loses out on the tax revenues.


(3)    Offshore trading programs are controlled from Frankfurt, so the Third World leaders in question are beholden to Germany or German clients such as the PRC, and


(4)    The money supply in the countries in question is increased, leading to higher inflation, or, depending upon the amount traded, hyper-inflation, such as in Zimbabwe. (Central banks are usually chasing inflation when they print currency, not causing it.)


Third World leaders laugh all the way to the bank, whilst ignorant Western policy-makers, if that is not a tautology, are left puzzled as to why throwing large amounts of cash at the problem has failed to solve it. Firefighters trying to put out fires by hosing gasoline on them sometimes have the same difficulty.

Developments in the McCann Case

With almost casual cruelty German police have notified the Met by letter that they believe that Madeleine McCann is dead. The McCanns themselves were left largely in the dark. That is not the way these things should be done. When trying to get messages through to the poor parents I always relied upon someone sympathetic, not that it mattered, since they bought into crude Leicestershire Police smears about me.

Since Madeleine is not only dead, sadly, but was killed by the Germans themselves, they ought to know. There is no need, however, to add to the cruelty they have already inflicted upon the parents by rubbing it in. There are also the twins to consider.

The Portuguese Police seem to agree that poor little Madeleine is dead, but they think that they she was murdered in Portugal, which is silly, since she was reliably sighted in three different countries after being taken out of Portugal and never went back there. They want Christian Brueckner tried in Portugal.

There’s not much chance of Brueckner getting a fair trial in Germany, sadly. They don’t do fair trials in Germany – they’re just not a German thing.


Looks like the FDA are backing Biden in November, always assuming that he can still remember which office he’s running for and who he’s running against. Their decision on Hydroxychloriquine looks political to me.

There’s an interesting article on the UK trial by Tina Brooker on Unity News Network:

If the dosages are as reported – and so far as I know the article has not been denied – this is a scandal, implicating the WHO as well as the Cabinet Office, which effectively controls the NHS. No one recommending the use of Hydroxychloriquine was arguing for the administration of fatal doses.

It seems that the UK trial was distorted by massive over-dosing, leading to a number of patient deaths. I suspect that the last thing we will see in the cases of these deaths are proper Coroner’s inquests with a jury, but if we did they might prove interesting!

It rather looks to me as though the Cabinet Office have some questions to answer. In the meantime I would advise any foreign government considering acting on the results of the UK trial to press for detailed information on dosing, together with precise details of what other drugs were administered in conjunction with the Hydroxychloriquine. The most reliable clinical trial still appears to be the Marseilles trial in France.

Geoffrey Berman

Well done the President for firing Geoffrey Berman, the with respect impertinent ex US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who made such a spectacle of himself in respect of HRH the Duke of York. Berman had to go.

Entirely coincidentally, as followers of my Twitter feed will know, I wrote to the Attorney-General on June 9th urging Mr Berman’s dismissal, on the grounds both of discourtesy towards HRH in his public statements and, with respect, unethical conduct. Since I never received a reply I am not for one moment asserting that my letter had any effect. Let’s just call it a happy coincidence!

Dame Vera Lynn CH DBE

The desperately sad news of Dame Vera’s untimely passing was received on Thursday. The poor girl was only 103.

Few artistes in history have had the impact that Dame Vera, the Forces Sweetheart, did. She not only entertained the troops, in the nicest possible way, but she shared their dangers. Getting to Egypt, India and Burma in the middle of World War II was no joke, and Dame Vera was a high value target for both the Germans and Japanese.

She last topped the UK charts in 2009, with a compilation album, no mean feat at the age of 92. Her wartime performances will always be remembered and will always be associated with our brave defiance of the Nazi. God rest her soul. A State Funeral would not be inappropriate.

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    Secondly the convictions to which Ian refers are worthless. I don’t make any secret of them, indeed they’re referred to in my bio. My wrongful arrest was ordered by the late Cabinet Secretary Jeremy ‘von’ Heywood, who was very properly terminated with extreme prejudice in 2018. The jury were nobbled, as NSA intercepts confirm. The trial itself was a musical comedy proceeding, with respect, in which I was not permitted to complete my evidence. Almost my entire, admissible, jury bundle was excluded.

    When it looked like the prosecution was on the verge of collapse after Security Minister Alistair Burt confirmed to the media that there had been a nuclear threat to the London Olympics, something which VT has separately confirmed, the rozzers dropped some gay kiddie porn onto a memory stick which looked like mine and had the same capacity. Unfortunately for them codes on the outside of the memory stick confirm that is was made too late for me to have acquired it in time to download the images onto it. The images themselves were downloaded onto another device and transferred to the second memory stick, contrary to the prosecution case. The stick was then hooked up to an aftermarket hard drive which we can show was never fitted to my computer.

    When they saw this evidence, and other defence evidence totalling 750 pages, the Bar Standards Board turned and ran, no offence intended, retreating from a Consent Order. I was barred from giving evidence before the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal.

    The SRA report to the Cabinet Office, no offence intended, and again successfully excluded forensic reports from the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. My appeal to the High Court is pending in October. There is reason to believe that at least one member of the SDT was subjected to pressure from the Cabinet Office. The SDT all but allowed my appeal, on the ground that both convictions are now spent under UK law, then changed their minds overnight. I understand that there is an ongoing intelligence investigation.

    I do not expect this post to be removed.

  2. The only fact you need to know really, is that he was shot in the back while running away. This is illegal in Atlanta; therefore, the police officer broke the law and will hopefully receive the correct justice.

  3. So, I’m basically going to keep this article in my database for supporting the US separation from Britain and the four eyes that are one. Maybe you are a barrister in Britain but here, ( even though often we find foreign media influence trying to indict people on past behavior before trial) a persons past is not reviewed until pre-sentencing AFTER a guilty verdict has been rendered. Britain needs to check itself, because having the prince here on our soil is not exactly a good pr move, and the relentless interference such as Farage and his traveling carnival of intrusion is not welcomed. How’s the US Sun doing ?

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