Kosovan President Puts off Trump Visit Due to Genocide Charges by KSC


Trump can’t sell this guy a pardon


  1. …”NATO’s war propaganda, which wildly exaggerated and misrepresented atrocities committed by Serb forces against Albanians in Kosovo” ?


    Milosevitch was a victim of ICTY propaganda for their claim he incited ethnic violence in a certain public speech that was BOGUS and redacted. I know cuz I red the original that was available on the net at the time.

    It’s the same tactic as the smearing of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when the MSM accused him then of threatening Israel to be “wiped out of the map”, words he never uttered in his speech that was grossly doctored by we don’t know who. The irony of the matter was that the speech translation was provided by IRNA ! The correct speech was available on internet and correctly translated but… the MSM didn’t bother nor care to verify.

    The slowness of the ICT IS a dysfunction that plague them and calls for a paramount IMMEDIATE restructuring… ASAP !

    In summary, the ICT is a paradox : on the spot for Zionist matters, but MUCH TOO SLOW, but utterly incompetent for other cases, Yugoslavia per instance, and many other African affair too.

    Makes us wonder if their slowness is not a symptom (proof) of their incompetence or/and, maybe, corruption… in the end.

  2. I know many guys in Russia, who would like to arrange cool trip of Thaci to the hell.

    • Yeah those guys were doing the same thing in Groznyï many years ago just because they were not able to get laid properly.

  3. I can’t believe what I’m reading here from Gordon. Granted that James Rubin and Christiane Amanpour et al pushed Bill Clinton to take action. She even has a short clip on YouTube “Christiane Amanpour: Challenging President Clinton”, but what were they supposed to do, let the mass graves and genocide go on ? Was the Srebrenica massacre all Hollywood ? Iran sent hundreds of troops to help stop that massacre.

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