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Sing with Trumptard Miltia: ‘Throw the Jew Down the Well’ (Sacha Baron Cohen)

"Throw the Jew down the well" "Chop em up like the Saudis do" golden... Daily Beast: It may be his greatest prank since Borat sang “Throw the...

Is the Coronavirus pandemic entering a second wave?

As countries around the world relax Covid-19 restrictions and some areas see an increase in infections, questions are being raised about whether the pandemic is entering what is known as a second wave.

Black Lives Matter UK : ‘Politics is gagged of the right to critique Zionism’

Black Lives Matter UK (BLMUK) have been accused of using language associated with antisemitism ‘after claiming "mainstream British politics is gagged of the right to critique Zionism.’’

Pompeo Slipped Note to Bolton Saying Trump ‘Full of S***’ During North Korea Summit

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo jeered at President Donald Trump behind his back, slipping John Bolton a note reading "He is so full of s**t" when the American delegation met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for negotiations in 2018, according to an excerpt from former National Security Adviser's book obtained by The New York Times.

Heart-Sick Child “Kidnapped” by Italian State: Republic’s President Refused to Help Mother

“Truly, I say to you, whenever you have not done these things to one of these younger brothers of mine, you have not done...

COVID-19 Creates Possible Census Undercounting of the Native American Population

The nation’s indigenous population has long been undercounted, but the pandemic presents extra hurdles

One more, Say it…Elijah McCain, Killed by Police

Conan Daily: African-American man Elijah McClain bought some bottled tea for a cousin from a convenience store in the evening of August 24, 2019....

Some Italian Thinkers are Resisting the Lies About the Soviet Union and WWII

  By Andre Vltchek for VT Lying about world history is one of the main weapons of the Western imperialists, through which they are managing to...

Psychologist Mary Trump tells us why her uncle is trying to murder us all...

Mary L. Trump, Ph.D. spent much of her childhood in her grandparents’ large, imposing house in New York, where Donald and his four siblings grew up, and explains how specific events and a nightmare of family patterns created the damaged man who currently occupies the Oval Office.

Spanish embassy protecting Guaido handler of US led Maduro coup

Jim W. Dean - I would suggest that the timing of this story might be a reminder of Trump's pitiful foray into the South American regime change business, although he did well looting Venezuela's long time bank accounts and assets in the US,

The nasty truth behind the Russian ordered ‘Hit’ on American troops and the Trump...

The Russians had two dozen Americans killed in Afghanistan in retaliation for the Trump ordered murder of 150 Russians in Syria in 2018.  Then...

Starmer’s love affair with Zionism could prove fatal for British Labour Party

Sir Keir Starmer's scalp has been dangling on the lodge-pole of the Board of Deputies since Day One of his leadership of the Labour Party

Only 26% of Americans Trust Trump on Medical-COVID Issues-Poll

NY Times: Social media fights and news coverage have tended to focus on the maskless-and-angry; on large, risky public gatherings; and on harassment of public...

Race Baiting Donald: Retweets Klan White Power Chant in Klan Golf Kart Trumptard Rally...

Trump had his tweet censored but VT got a copy and put it back... Trump's new official position is that he retweeted this without hearing...

Britain, France and German reject US call to ban Iran weapons purchases

Jim W. Dean - VT has published a dozen times that the former prime minister of Qatar on the Charlie Rose show stated that the US coalition had spend $160 billion arming and training militant and terrorist proxies to deploy in Syria and Iraq, and frankly anywhere else it wants to.

Nema ye Nazdic, Defining Asian Cinema for American Audiences (see the entire film, courtesy...

Nema-ye Nazdik By Supratim Barman for VT In 1989 an incident happened in the prosperous suburbs of North Tehran that inspired the making of a movie....

US Pandemic Worsens Thanks To Trump

Deaths in US now exceed 125,000, approximately one-fourth the world total of more than 495,000

ITALY JUSTICE-LEAKS – 2. Ten Magistrates face to Espulsion’s Risk for Political Plots’ Dinner

Summary 1 - Espulsion's risk for 10 magistrates 2 - Interference with Costitutional bodies 3 - Undersecretary of 3 governments inside Magic Ring 4 - Palamara's blames the...

US to be Torn Apart by Civil War?

In 1975, Lebanon descended into a violent civil war that destroyed this once vibrant and prosperous country. Here’s how the U.S. is following in its footsteps.

Neurological and Psychiatric Complications May Come With Coronavirus Infection

The researchers "observed a disproportionate number of neuropsychiatric presentations in younger patients."

Trump protects Corporate tax cheats to keep their stock prices higher

Jim W. Dean - Internet giants like Google and Facebook have avoided taxation by parking their profits in tax havens, where Ireland is the most popular rabbit hole.

FFWN: Roger Waters Apologizes for Telling the Truth

Why do people like Roger Waters, Jeremy Corbyn, Ilhan Omar, and Helen Thomas feel the need to grovel before the Zionists and issue inane apologies for telling the truth?

Ex-National security Republicans bailing out on Trump

Jim W. Dean - I sense a similar group of ex-Justice Department prosecutors might be doing something similar. Glenn Kirschner seems to be the point man on this effort now.

How Many Civilizations Are Out There?

As I explain in Spyhunter I can’t answer the really BIG questions – did Gilligan ever leave the island, were Hogan’s Heroes ever liberated...

Gary G. Kohls, MD Mindlessly Regurgitates Misinformation

It doesn’t take long to figure out where Dr. Kohls is coming from. In fact, he lays out his intention very early in his article, and that intention is to smear critics of antivaxers as either “pharma shills” or “disinformation agents”:

Europe should brace for a reality in which US is no longer a world...

European nations need to carry more of the burden of defense spending, Merkel said, because they cannot assume that the US will be there to protect them.

Chris Hayes: Trump must resign as an ‘Urgent matter of public health, public safety’

Chris Hayes on why Trump must resign: “If this presidency had creditors, the virus' resurgence this week would have been a default event. Only...

A Good Reason To Not Buy Fireworks

“From a biological perspective, it pays to err on the side of running away even when it’s not necessary

Oldest Viking Home Found in Iceland

Archaeologists say the settlement, which may have housed a Norse chieftain, dates to roughly 800 A.D.

Carol and Scott on Press TV Debate: Why is Bennett pushing hoax upon hoax?...

Red headed grandmother and Ph.D. replies “PHOOEY!” to Israelo Empire medical Hoaxers. A VETERANSTODAY CLASSIC.

FBI Running Illegal Cointelpro against BLM, Smears and Hoaxes Paid for by Taxpayers

VT: The FBI used to stick to right wing militias, where entire dustbowl towns lived on FBI informant payoffs during the 1980s.  Today, they...

Jon Stewart destroys the warmongers

“People say, you're erasing our history. When the Saddam Hussein statue fell in Baghdad, I don't recall Republicans at the time going 'Big mistake! You don't want to erase your history! That's your history!’”

Up to 30 million COVID Survivors Would Lose Health Insurance if Trump Gets Obamacare...

Guardian: Millions of Americans who have survived Covid-19 or face future infections could lose their insurance or be barred from getting coverage should the...

American Taliban: Is Smashing Historic Heritage a Meritorious Act?

Their secular-progressivist faith, with its Manichean mythos of the Confederacy of Absolute Evil versus the Union of Victorious Good, demands that monuments to pure evil be abolished.

Machkevitch Alexander: How a historical Jew to return to the homeland

The repatriation of Jews to the land of Israel began at the end of the 19th century and was initiated by religious hierarchs, supported by prominent Jewish financiers and industrialists.

Caught! Florida Governor Ordered COVID Deaths ‘Deleted’ and Faked Numbers while State Faces Massive...

Guardian: Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis’s faltering response to soaring new coronavirus numbers in his state is descending into acrimony, after an accusation his administration...

Kosovan President Puts off Trump Visit Due to Genocide Charges by KSC

Trump can't sell this guy a pardon RT/Moscow: Of the many criticisms I’ve made over the years of international tribunals, the most painful is surely...

Judge orders Roger Stone to prison, Forces Trump to hurry pardon for ‘Little Shitstain’

Daily Beast: A federal judge has denied Roger Stone’s request for a two-month delay on the start of his prison sentence and ordered him...

NEO: America’s war on her own children

by Gordon Duff. VT Sr. Editor, ...and New Eastern Outlook of the Russian Academy of Science (Est. 1816)   On April 29, 2020, a 16-year-old African...

NEO – Trump rally in Tulsa a political disaster

“It’s a terrible situation,” said one of these Republican strategists, who said one solution is for candidates to give speeches before the president arrives to avoid being photographed together.

NEO-Vltchek: Why is the Ongoing American ‘Revolution’ Bound to Fail?

Observed from outer space, the United States is in a revolutionary turmoil. Fires are burning, thousands of people are confronting police and other security forces. There are barricades, banners, posters, and there is rage.

Daily Caller, Heartland Institute, American Spectator, Washington Times and other Right Wing outlets cited...

VT: Federal prosecutors are now looking at a series of right wing media outlets for selling content in this case tied to a massive...

Black Hole Collides With Mysterious Object

Scientists detect what is either the heaviest known neutron star or the least massive black hole ever recorded

Is COVID-19 Keeping You Away From Your Doctor?

“The culture of fear has started to take over.”

Coronavirus Pandemic Data: United States

Coronavirus Data for the U.S.

NC Lt. Gov. May Sue Governor Over Coronavirus Response

Lt. Governor intends to sue Gov. Cooper over his executive orders issued during the coronavirus pandemic.

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