Backfire: Trump presidency has walled America in, No one wants us (an Intel Drop)

For many of us who served in the military or other capacities outside the US, we have homes in Europe, close friends and spend part of the year there.

President Trump in Arizona last week joined in a commemoration of the 200th mile of new and replacement border wall.Credit...Doug Mills/The New York Times

VT: For many of us, Europe isn’t a disneyland of tourist crap, it’s where our families and friends live.  For many of us who served in the military or other capacities outside the US, we have homes in Europe, close friends and spend part of the year there.

For some of us, Europe reminds us of an America we lost.  Villages in Britain and France, the towns of Italy or as with some at VT, our homes in Germany, this is where we live, where our lives are, at least to an extent.

VT is more a European publication than American.  A dozen or so writers have checked in today, all from Europe, almost anyway.  Sadly, too many Americans are so beaten down, those that know enough to understand VT, that they no longer care.

Last year, this time, I was climbing hills in Scotland with Robbie.  Today, Jane of VT Paris is getting surgery.  The list goes on as we are a family.

All of that is gone now, we are locked out and Donald Trump and Mnuchin are to blame.  We strongly suspect COVID 19 was their way of looting the Federal Reserve using a lab created virus.

As COVID mutates and becomes impossibly more infectious, as the US soars while Europe has beaten COVID, the targeting of the American people and their economy is obvious.  The massive new debt isn’t to save market, Americans face starvation and homelessness in millions while the MAGA-MEGA billionaires have doubled their assets.

Trump did it, we know it. Being locked in, serving time in an America that is a prison, is the price we, the innocent, are paying.


From the New York Times:

NY Times: You might call it poetic, if it weren’t so painful. Donald Trump won the White House largely on a campaign of shutting America’s borders to pretty much everyone other than people of European descent.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” he once asked, about Haitians, Salvadorans and Africans. “We should have more people from places like Norway.”

So what should one conclude about America’s own proximity to Trump’s global latrine now that “places like Norway” have decided to keep their borders indefinitely closed to us?

Among the list of nations to which Norway and the rest of Europe will soon reopen for travel are three from the continent that Trump flushed down the toilet: Algeria, Morocco and Rwanda. Canada is also on the list. So is China, assuming it reciprocates.

But Trump’s America is not, because we are nowhere close to meeting Europe’s criteria for reducing the spread of the coronavirus. How successfully a society can fight a pandemic is as objective a measure of national capacity, not to mention “greatness,” as one is likely to find — and on this, like so much else these days, America ranks near the bottom.

I have lived in the United States for more than 30 years, and I can’t think of any national failure as naked and complete as this one. When I look at the graphs showing American infections soaring while the virus abates in nearly every other affluent country, I feel the sting of defeat, misery and embarrassment.

As an immigrant from South Africa, I find it hard to resist seeing Europe’s travel dis as the ultimate comeuppance of Trump’s xenophobia. Like a lot of Americans, I sometimes find myself assuming American exceptionalism — the idea that America’s founding ideals make us morally superior to “ordinary” nations and confer on us special credibility and insight when dealing with global crises.  Read more…

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Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. @ Herr Gordon Duff,
    wieder ein großartiger Artikel, Sie schreiben dem genauen Zustand in
    der sich Amerika befindet. Auch dass Forum ganz große Klasse.
    Ich werde es in meinem Forum hier in Deutschland zeigen, mit welchen Mut ihr schreibt. Unsere neun mal Klugen hier, sind der Meinung der Amerikaner
    als Bürger seines Staates sind zu dumm es zu begreifen. Dabei wächst die Dummheit auf dem Bäumen hier. Grüsse an das Forum. Werner

  2. You guys are getting warmer!

    And Zook got something right! 😲

    The lynchpin is USA’s Reserve Currency franchise*.
    That daddy’s franchise casino brat Prez so ironically doesn’t understand:

    USA is #PlayingWithHouseMoney.

    Inflation is false bugaboo**. If your [casino] expands use of your [chips], whining about the inflation is bonkers.
    Like if VT whined about broader viewership & respect.

    ~ 80% of USD is outside USA.
    Inside USA, you just want wages to… inflate more (From bottom-up, ie Socialism😱, ie Christianity.
    As opposed to the trickle-down “Socialism for the Rich” Mammon worship that MLK warned of. And some comments here acknowledge.)

    But it’s really… REALLY time to put away childish things and realize basics, like that the Fed is nationalized: returns all profits to US Treasury.
    COMMERCIAL banks do not: YOUR house, YOUR car.

    * USA franchise won Reserve status when it founded #Globalism & the #Globalist WTO. As a solution to the… trade wars that fueled WWII.
    US manufacturing taking disproportionate role, as… the rest of the world lay in rubble!

    ** Funniest example: Rand Paul 2016 campaign. He fearmongered that the dollar lost “over 90% of its VALUE”.
    But this represented a large GAIN: he was painted into a corner by daddy’s prior campaign claiming… 98%!
    And this during the time he was crying HYPER inflation! 🤣

    • “Inflation is false bugaboo**. If your [casino] expands use of your [chips], whining about the inflation is bonkers.”
      Respectfully, I have to disagree with this. For the working class, wage increases lag behind inflation of the cost of living. The timing and gap of that lag, which is a repeating cycle, represents nothing less than stolen labor.

    • Edward, thanks for not… dodging the point!

      You’re not in disagreement. It’s the lagging wages, stupid.

      Zook isn’t either. He sounds like a politician: verbose, saying nothing. Much less a cogent disagreement.
      One GIANT leap for his point about dollar franchise Reserve status, but…
      still a leap into mud. Incoherence.

      Then after Zook’s technical textbook non-answer, he gets a technical detail wrong!

      The dollar has NO “value”, but purchasing power.
      Zook evokes Ron Paul Paul campaign fearmongering that USD is 2% away from being worthless… Which his son 8 years later ran on, but had nowhere left to go but 99%.
      (Imagine him running on “THE DOLLAR LOST 100% OF ITS VALUE😱!!!”
      People would endlessly troll him to give them his worthless dollars as he tried to campaign! That woulda been… priceless!)

      But AFTER years of calling HYPERinflation, Rand WENT DOWN to “Over 90”.

      If Zook & Ron Paul2008 meant the dollar lost 98% purchasing power, ie had 50X more power in 1913, the next step is obviously checking wages in 1913. (Assuming 98% is right.)

      Anyone doing so would probably advise Zook & Rand to go far higher, like 500% to a Trumpian 10,000%, to achieve the kind of fearmongering they’re trying to convey.

    • * “If” was hypothetical.

      Ron & Rand know the difference.
      (Between “value” & “purchasing power”.)

      Which makes their fearmongering disingenuous.

    • Hoops,…it’s not just wages, it’s things like rents, or any future payments, but I suspect you know that. Inflation is not a false bugaboo. It’s antithetical to sound money.

  3. “We strongly suspect COVID 19 was their way of looting the Federal Reserve using a lab created virus”. While I strongly support this thesis in the main, I feel that looting of and by the Federal Reserve was happening well before Trump. As citizens, any financial relief we receive from the federal government must first be appropriated by the congress. Not so, for the large(too big to fail) banks and brokerages. Since the Lehman Bros. event in 2008, these entitled entities get to go hand out, straight the the Fed funds “window”, no oversight (save for the one-time Dodd Frank audit) involved. Best of all, the get a special near zero interest rate that you and I can’t get, so they can perform handy little trades like share buybacks.
    The Federal Reserve is the friend of the bank, and the enemy of the citizen. They have inflated the currency to fractions of it’s purchasing power, and they, more than anyone, destroyed the defined-benefit pension system and fixed income savers, with their extended artificially near-zero interest rates. Pensions require 20 year bond ladders with 7-8% interest to function properly.
    As a US citizen, I feel all debt on the Federal Reserve balance sheet should be repudiated as fraudulent.

  4. Noone has beaten Covid yet, Europe is no exception. But Covid has beaten the economy that’s what it is.

    • Check the numbers. Europe is doing fine so far…by keeping Americans and others out.

  5. The Davos crowd, or whatever you want to call them, knew this would happen, that China and Europe would beat COVID-19 and that we would make a total mess of it. Nations with socialized health care and a good social safety net will always prevail over “rugged individualism.”

    This is undoubtedly the end of the Anglo-Zionist Empire. The new Belt and Road initiative will unite Eurasia and make all of our punitive sanctions on folks we don’t like meaningless. We will have to go back to being a nation that works for a living and pays its bills instead of plundering the planet. It can’t happen soon enough.

  6. Mi stupisco che un bell’articolo così non susciti commenti , gli scrittori ci comunicano i loro pensieri e convinzioni , i commenti dei lettori ci comunicano l’umore della nazione , il profumo del vento che tira .

    • It is a rollercoaster, that will stay on the tracks. The points of the ride where the people scream is predictable. The faces in the ticket line, are different from the ones at the exit. The virus will force the hand and expose many of our problems. The humbling of the evangelicals, the destitution and economic humbling of the institutions is a catalyst for change. Our police are on notice. Our government is on notice. The world is on notice. Do not misbehave, because we will not be coming to rescue you anymore. While we have been tending to monsters abroad, our own house has fallen into disrepair, and we will be focusing on that for awhile. We do not seek shelter from the winds of change, we run out into it, naked. The pope should do the same.

    • As our focus turns inward, the revolution will not be televised. veterans are on the streets holding police accountable and the progress will go as the need dictates.
      This video is a small sample of 2 veterans, there are others, some work alone, some work together, some do both. This was over a year ago.

      You can also find the song. “The Revolution will not be televised.” Gil Scott Heron

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