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[ Editor’s Note: This is one hell of a police shooting video that turned out well for the cop that almost got his head blown off, but this team made a big mistake in no one yelling to get the second guy down on the ground which left him in an ambush position that he used in attempting to kill one of the officers.

The cops had a sizable arrest team due to working a case on a 4th of July shooting. There were three suspects, with the driver off screen until the last few frames getting hand cuffed.

The orange shirt perp to the right has his hands up at first, but when the cop working to cuff perp number one, for parole violation mind you, is focused on getting the cuffs on him, the other orange perp drops his hands down where he can get to his gun.

The arresting cop on the sidewalk was busy handcuffing his catch, and I cannot hear any of the usually expected “get down on the ground” at the orange guy standing close by, dangerously close to the arresting cop whose eyes are distracted from him.

You will need to watch these videos several times. The first is full speed, a dashboard camera, and the whole incident is over quickly in what is shown. The term “you snooze you lose” comes go mind in watching this, as you will see a split second reactions determine who goes to the morgue and who will be eating dinner at home that night.

The 2nd video is the body camera of the main shooting officer in full, and then in slow motion. You will see him advancing quickly on dashboard camera on the right screen. He is focused on the 2nd suspect and closing the range on him which you will see is critical to getting into a more accurate shooting position.

With a group of cops on his flanks, orange suspect basically commits suicide while trying to take one cop with him who also makes a mistake of not having his gun drawn. The perp pulls his gun and tries to shoot him in the head twice, which missed even though only a few feet away.

Once the perp turns to run the cop on the right side of the screen has a clear shot, and gets off two, with the first striking and the second one going down to the right, kicking up a puff of dirt. Two other officers had fired, also. If you review the body cam a couple of times in stop frame you can catch both of his shots with the muzzle powder ejecting.

Go back an watch the full speed of the event and it almost looks like it is being fast forwarded it goes down so quickly. I grabbed this right away for VT as an incredible example of how quickly life and death decisions have to be made during these arrests.

At close quarters like this if you let a perp beat you to the draw you only have movement, and your bullet proof vest to save yourself, praying that his misses to give you time to get a shot off.

What mass media has very lightly covered in what we are told to be overzealous cop shooting, is that in a vast majority of the time the perps are resisting arrest, and almost all of them would not have been killed if not for this common street tough issue of showing that you are a tough guy choosing the trial by combat method.

The only good that comes out of these shooting is that cops all over the country will be watching them over and over to study what could have been done better, like getting the Orange perp down on the ground faster, or having enough guns drawn on him that he might not have pulled his gun.

But he not only pulled, but fired twice, as none of the cops he could see had their guns out. He he had the advantage. He wanted to be somebody, and he will be remembered.

I have sympathy for his parents having to watch him in the video try to shoot the cop. Who can they be angry at now?… Jim W. Dean ]

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A split second life or death shooting in Detroit. Perp in the orange shirt pulls his gun to shoot the advancing cop on the left, attempting a head shot because he does not have a vest on his face. This was a bad boy.

– First published … July 13, 2020

According to police, the new video proves that 20-year-old Hakeem Littleton, who was fatally shot by police, was not unarmed as rumours have claimed.

The Detroit Police Department has released body and dash-camera footage that shows that Littleton was the first to open fire before he was shot dead by the officers.

According to the video, Littleton fired two shots and continued shooting even as he fell down, but no police officer was injured.

“As Littleton raised the gun in his left hand he was aiming at the head of the officer”, Police Chief James Craig said at a press conference on Saturday. “It’s simply a miracle he wasn’t struck in the head.”

The incident occurred on Friday as the police were investigating a shooting that occurred on 4 July and arrested another man, Darnell Sylvester, apparently Littleton’s friend. They did not intend to arrest Littleton, who though told them “you are not going to take my man, in other words, take him into custody” before opening fire at the officers.

Detroit Mayor Muke Duggan also took to Twitter to say that  “cameras for this type of incident” helped confirm that the officer involved was attacked unexpectedly, and thanked the police chief for releasing the video so quickly.

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  1. When a community is bruitlised than the community which has bruitlised can NOT expect their kind of ” reasonable ” behaviour from its victims. Time to divide US into many parts on racial bases. There is no other solution to it. We are now seeing reasonable whites choosing criminals to be the leaders of the country because they feel being equal to non whites mean US is NOT Great anymore. In European countries Trump would not be given a job as a public toilet attender after, leave alone rape and paedophile accusations, just that disgusting remark in the coach about a certain woman. Yet majority whites voted for this creature…I am certain that most of these white voters were upright people in public.

  2. I appreciate Ian Greenhalgh’s response to my 1st posting. And I appreciate Gordon Duff and Kevin Barrett. As Tariq Nasheed said, Black people appreciate those instances of good policing. Didn’t see this video. I would challenge anyone to show me mass protests where a cop shot a Brother previously shooting at the cop. But where is all this fanfare when the race soldiers in uniform murder UNARMED black people?! There are conservatives who wouldn’t dare call out Zionists, and there are conservatives who do call out Zionists. But you can “best believe” that all conservatives are united in their utter contempt for the masses of Black people. And all we hear about from the darker-hue conservatives is “Dunbar High School” and “Black people on welfare caused the demise of the Republic” and “you NEEE-Grows were so much better off before 1964 Civil Rights bill.” The pre-Civil Rights black marriage statistics could NEVER be correct as stated, because I personally KNOW that the majority of Black men, and ALL men, in the South born between 1900 and 1928 HAD TWO (2) FAMILIES! Yes, YOUR relative, too! But the lie is more convenient…Now that the American Empire is coming to an end (by 2030, according to one historian often quoted by Chris Hedges), Black people merely want to find our OWN way, because we know “America ain’t gon’ never do ‘Right’.” American IS what America has always been, and what it always will be. Remember…Not all white people are white supremacists, and not all white supremacists are white people.

  3. Most of the time i have criticized police officers actions against the civilians, but this video produce contraversive emotions. Yes, police acts brutal when there is no need in that, but when every teenager in the USA can drag out a gun from his pocket and start shooting – i just realize how it is dangerous: to meet ancestors instead of one’s family in a particular sunny day…
    About that kid i just can say – he was the only reason of his death. Don’t get his way of thinking. He had no chance since the very moment he had his gun out. And that lucky police officer got the second birthday to meet every year.

  4. The athlete is Will Allen but red tape cut him down[of course]. Kate Lavers of the ‘Plummery’ grows 428 kg of food on 1/14th of an acre in the city. This is what those communities need and the rulers need to act fast if you still want viable cities as opposed to apocalyptic wastelands.

  5. Yes there is poverty and no work. However there is plenty of vacant abandoned land to grow food gardens on as one retired black sports star is growing enough food to feed hundreds on a small block using permaculture principles. City Councils must provide young people with the opportunity to grow edible food gardens to connect to nature and have a real purpose instead of being rail roaded into a gang and an early death.

  6. Why do they have to kill these dudes? Cant they disable them by a shot in the leg? You aint gonna do much laying on the dirt with a bullet in your thigh. I know cops have a risky life but they did enrol to take up such a profession, there are risks.

    • For many years now the red line for cops justifying a shooting was that they were in fear for their lives. And inner city grand juries which represented the racial make up of the city had been ruling cop shootings justified when they felt the evidence warranted, and there never was a big stink about it. There are a lot of black people in these cities that would love to have all the gangstas in jail and off the streets. As Eddie Page’s mother said on one of my early Heritage TV shows, after he had been gunned down (and died a week later) in a grocery store parking lot by a teen gang with a 357 magnum. He threw his grocery bags at them and tried to run. They shot him in the back. Eddie was a black CW reenactor. His mother said “we old people, when we do to bed at night with our windows screwed down tight, it is not because we are afraid of the KKK coming to get us, but young black men.”

    • Actually, after this guy was shot and was lying on the ground still alive he fired another shot towards the officer then went unconscious and died. Fortunately he was armed with a .25 pistol which, of course, can be fatal but you have to place your shots more precisely and he totally missed the officer. Jim has it right, basically it was suicide by cop.
      Internet trolls attempted to start a riot by posting that the dead man was unarmed and sitting on his porch when the police just shot him for no reason. I watched in real time as a group marched from this location to the police station where the police and some local citizens descalated the situation so no one else was hurt. Detroit was one of the nation’s first police departments to have body cams and Chief Craig released the videos about two hours after the incident and the recordings prove that it was a justified shooting.

    • No, they can’t. A leg is a very small target, and a handgun is not so easy to use, when a person is stressed at this level. Practice is good, but the stress is what makes things shakey, adrenaline, the processing of what’s happening in intermediate surroundings, and the do, or die nature of the situation creates a real challenge to hit the point one is aiming. Even among the experienced.
      As example, there’s only one name that stands out on the topic of remaining cool under this pressure. At least in US history. Hickock. He had the combination of cool, and ability to use a handgun with accuracy. He wasn’t particularly fast, taking time to make aimed shots. His opponents often were first to fire, the last shot they ever made missed. He once knocked a guy off a running horse at 75 yards. With his preferred 1851 Navy Colts.
      (36cal) He probably didn’t have to work at staying cool, and shooting accurately, a gift from his parents. Natural talent.
      Kinda’ explains why cops will sometimes empty the magazine at an individual, and miss every shot. We’re talking 17+1 19+1 rounds. That’s how much pressure. Mine is 7+1.
      Get it ?

    • Well, qfrealist, in America, when the suspect is black, then all of that training in marksmanship is just useless in specific targeting. It’s Center-Mass ONLY! “I feared for my life!”, don’t cha’know…
      Although a 2006 FBI (aka Find Blacks to Investigate) Intelligence Assessment said that the Police & the Military were being infiltrated by (gasp! shock!) White Supremacists, us NEEE-Grows are just suppose to look-over these facts (find Malcolm X’s speech on Black Community Policing).
      However, when a non-white person conducts mass murder, shooting up a movie theatre or church, why the “Police” can ALWAYS manage to take the shooter alive (no “fear for my life” scenarios). They’ll even stop on the way & buy him a burger at Burger King!
      Why, we’re EVEN suppose to look at Slaveowner Pedophile Rapists as “heroes!”
      Oh, the day when the Dollar is no longer the World’s Reserve Currency…

  7. Absolutely true. You’ve got several police officers around, and you’ve also got cameras. Why would he even think about doing something so dumb while Black Lives Matter thugs and gangsters are running around like they are making Planet of the Apes, Part III? Anyone with an ounce of common sense would not even dare to pull up a gun and shoot.

  8. CNN, the New York Time, the Washington Post, and the entire MSM won’t discuss that any time soon because they want to incite the masses into a war.

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