July 13, One Day Before Bastille Day and the shit piles up


VT believes in QaNon.  We believe that, for over 50 years, Trump has hung out with pedophiles, fucked kids himself, cheated everyone he did business with, evaded the draft by having dad buy him a ‘heel spur’ fake doctors note and just pretended to be a total moron.

Soon he will come out and arrest every criminal he knows including those he has aided like Flynn, Stone, Manafort and our own list:

How Trump Became Russian Mafia’s Bitch

VT: When Trump began to be assailed for his horrific treason against America, some rushed to his side.  Some that we know were offered very large sums to back Trump, in some cases over a million dollars.


This is not conjecture.  We told them to take the cash…but the cash never came, another Trump con.  It never will. Coked up and stoked up:

Still, we have so many internet people, not real humans, who are comfortable with brutal police, with dead Palestinian children, with cheap politics killing hundreds of thousands of Americans in a pandemic.  Catch the whole performance:

The shocking video below becomes even more shocking when you see why the police brutalized the individual they are trying to murder.

This is someone who was very ill, walked up to a hospital trying to get into the emergency room and was refused treatment, not by hospital personnel but by police that camp out in front of many urban hospitals.

The crime here?  An unarmed sick person sought treatment and was clearly sassing back at police who weren’t wearing body cams so we can’t hear what they said and the hospital mysteriously doesn’t seem to have normal security camera’s either.  Yet we got this:

One of the saddest things about working at VT is how many assume that we are like the others, peddling limp dick remedies to losers while obeying “Stink Tank” masters who send us daily “talking points” like every other alternative media group gets.

Even the FBI figured we were militia-supremacists working for the mob just like everyone else.

InfoWars and Fox have always been what they are, no secrets there, childish, biased, hoax ridden.  But then Russia Today and Sputnik News began bashing Fauci and Biden and, predictably, taking Israel’s side against Syria while Russian military were dying in Syria fighting Israeli backed terrorists.  Something very wrong here, two formerly great news organizations now gone.

Others, like Rense, were always at risk.  Jeff is the brightest guy out there but, not so long ago, when his network became overrun with FBI informant types, and then an attempt was made on Jeff’s life…

Then CLG news went from sad left to childish right wing extremism.  That was unexpected, the milquetoast fake left has always had its sad little voices for the semi-informed dilettantes.

Long ago, VT picked up who Global Research, same type of folks to run CounterPunch and any other limited hangout fake anti-Zionist fronts.

There is something so very wrong with America, everyone knows it but those who talk about this most are those who are the worst of the worst of the swamp itself.  Perhaps it has always been so.

Weakness of character, soulless lack of intellect, lack of personal courage, lack of honor, never has it stood out like today.  Also, not since American heroes stopped the war in Vietnam, have so many Americans stood against wrong.

Long ago, VT began investigating the alternative media, aided by attorney and author Jeff Gates, someone who taught us how the tendrils of the criminal lobby reaches everywhere in America and controls so many.

As rule of America by Kosher Nostra is threatened by Biden-Fauci and an awakened America, never has the gulf between decency and obscenity been so clear.  Every day we see the Trump animals. the ugliest beings on earth, prancing their venom and ignorance on YouTube and Twitter.

The US is now at its most serious juncture ever.  We would have been better off if the British had won the Revolutionary War or we were now living under Hitler or the Kaiser.

What if the Spanish won the Spanish American War?

What happened was worse, Reagan opened the door by bringing the Kosher Nostra into power during Iran Contra.  When the Pentagon and CIA became addicted to cocaine cash, when the Savings and Loans were looted, when American manufacturing disappeared and when 3 million families began living in their cars.

This was Reagan.

He murdered the middle class, killed off skilled labor, destroyed the unions and Reagan, a former communist, knew quite well that the unions were all that protected America from organized crime.  That’s why Hollywood’s version of unions always has them run by the mob, same as the smears they do on the Kennedy’s and FDR or Truman, the presidents who stood against the mob as well.

The GOP has been the mob since Dewey beat Truman.




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  1. I get so much disinformation from both sides daily, that I have long since ceased to participate in civic self governance. I caught on to the upside down sky scrapers of debt and what it was doing to America’s long term economic prospects even during the Reagan years where the only public housing was the wonderful simulated cities my guard Infantry unit took me to and my day job was Boeing in the two tier post middle class dead union era. I lived What Is Wrong With Kansas?, but Hillary (even though I am wired to accept a female boss) came with so much of the baggage that quickly sank Kamala Harris. No one on the fringe right I knew ever doubted Hillary’s wartime leadership prowess. Even our coffee cups listed the names of the people we knew from endless repetitive propaganda that had gotten in the way of Bill. It was just that failure of those kissing up to power to utilize the opportunity to make some goals. Anglo American Protestant tradition is very indulgent of an up and coming leader’s rebellious missteps. Maybe the gender exclusion from American football deprived Hillary and Kamela of this leadership laboratory experience. Instead, we comfortably knew that they were instruments of what was killing us. I have a History degree and I do not even see anyone on the horizon beginning to show how much George HW Bush controlled American events after WWII. If people on the Left or even just the traditional politics is a job Democrats would start talking openly about what happened, I might look at their solutions. Instead, I get “Orange man bad everyday”. Even that is so effective at re-electing Trump, that I have to reevaluate the effectiveness of the Treasury subsidizing the MSM so heavily. Trump must be the Deep State in some Hegelean master plan…

  2. I dont like Trump,Ok,the thing is the piece of shit that you people were pushing was worse( Hillary Clinton) the world would be a nuclear wast now if it had got in!You make Trump out to be the most corrupt Potus there’s ever been which is bullshit, GHW was way worse & not a word is said, Running around in his under pant’s fucking small boys with the FBI protecting him(you know this) robbing the World of oil (you know this) & so much more, so this all tells me you are under directions to take Trump down as he is not a deep state Rep under your controll.

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