China Demonised Again


Disgraced former barrister Michael Shrimpton is a delusional fantasist and may well be insane. This convicted sex offender has constructed a false reality where evil Nazis he calls the DVD are behind almost every event and his typical nonsensical screed focuses on this mythical DVD.

Shrimpton is blatantly acting as a disinformation front for Zionist Israel, who he calls ‘the good guys’; he also professes love for the Mossad, however, they don’t give two hoots about Shrimpton, refusing to lift a finger to help him when he was on trial for possession of illegal images of minors.

So the question is why does Shrimpton put on his pathetic pantomime of lies where he continually attempts to shift blame for events from Zionist Israel and onto the mythical DVD?

Well, it’s clear Shrimpton has a deep hatred of Germans, this is a man who has more than once declared that he wished the RAF had slaughtered more German civilians during the WW2 bombing campaign.

It’s not just his laughably anachronistic and genocidal views on Germans that motivates Shrimpton though, he is also desperate to be somebody in the intelligence world, to be some kind of uber-genius of that spooky world, a character from an Ian Fleming novel perhaps, with a 00 number and a licence to kill Germans.

After all, he does make the ludicrous claim of having an IQ of 180 and it is painfully obvious he wants everyone to think he’s really something special in the intel-spook world rather than a sad old pervert with obvious delusions of grandeur.

Anyways, regardless of whether he’s just an insane, insecure irrelevance or is actually aware that his claims are preposterous lies and he is trying to play the disinfo agent game (albeit, incredibly badly) is not important, either way, he’s a fantasist and his writings are pathetic attempts to aid Israel.

Which brings us to the subject of this article – Shrimpton’s latest piece of delusional bloviation entitled ‘ChiComs on the move’. In Shrimpton’s insane version of reality, the Chi Coms are Chinese Communists hell bent on global conquest and downright evil.

There is no need to concern ourselves with the details of the bullshit, rather, we should take note of the target – China. Why has the disgraced former barrister chosen to switch his stream of bile and bullshit from his usual ‘DVD’ to the ‘ChiComs’?

You see, while Shrimpton is a sad nobody, and most likely insane, there is no doubt he does move in that circle of British society populated by a coterie of chinless wonders, upper-class nitwits, fatuous senior civil servants and assorted spooky types.

Being batshit crazy and incredibly egotistical, Shrimpton makes the perfect ‘useful idiot’ for any spook who wishes to spread disinfo – they simply need to sow the seed and the convicted sex offender’s over-active imagination and deep desire to be ‘somebody’ ensures that an article will be forthcoming based on whatever lies the spook fed him.

Therefore, it is a fairly safe assumption to hat some spooky type working for British intelligence most likely, or perhaps US or Israeli intelligence, has said something to Shrimpton about the Chinese being up to no good and hence we now have a third rate piece of black propaganda about ‘ChiComs’ to amuse us.

But why would British/US/Israeli intelligence wish to denigrate China?

We may have got the answer today with the announcement of the British government’s decision to kick Chinese company Huawei out of the British telecomms market:

“The UK’s mobile providers are being banned from buying new Huawei 5G equipment after 31 December, and they must also remove all the Chinese firm’s 5G kit from their networks by 2027.”

The narrative the govt. wishes us to follow is that Huawei is evil, owned by the Chinese govt. and therefore we cannot allow their equipment to be used in Britain as it would present a security risk.

I think the real reason is more likely to be that Huawei equipment doesn’t contain built-in backdoors designed by the NSA and GCHQ so the British, American and Israeli spooks can spy on everyone.

Whatever the case, the British govt. has made this decision due to pressure from the Trump administration, which means it is the Zionist crimelords who control him who are driving this attempt to block Huawei from Western markets.

So the key question is simply : Why do the Zionists crimelords want to prevent Chinese domination of the Telecomms industry?

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Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Sorry Ian, but this is a bit OTT, even for you! I’m afraid you’re letting your dislike of Israel getting the better of you, and I’m not even Jewish! Or perhaps you were smoking something?

    MI5 and MI6 are distinct and different agencies.

    I don’t assess my own IQ – my CIA pyschological profile has my IQ down as 187. I’m also a member of British Mensa, which requires a supervised IQ test.

    I’ve never claimed the DVD to be Nazi – might I respectfully suggest you read my book, which sets out the powerful arguments for the existence of the DVD? I go out of my say to say they are NOT Nazi. Nor am I anti-German – I’m no more anti-German than Bomber Harris, a friend of a friend.

    The argumentem ad hominem is the lowest form of attack. If you were closer to the intelligence community, like our Editor-in-Chief, you would know that both convictions are a crock. The memory stick with the indecent images on it wasn’t even manufactured when I’m supposed to have downloaded images onto it! it also turns out that the images on the prosecution’s stick weren’t even downloaded, but transferred from another device, contrary to their case.

    The inasnity argument, shamefully, was run by the CPS at the musical comedy bomb hoax trial, without any medical support. The psychiatrist who finally assessed me at their request found no evidence of insanity and assessed my IQ as being in the mid-180s, consistent with the CIA’s assessment.

    I appreciate that you may not be used to dealing with people of high intelligence and lacking it yourself, with respect, may have trouble following their arguments. However I cannot help that.

    And yes my columns go to the British and American governments and may have influenced policy. The ChiComs needs hammering and are finally starting to feel the heat from both Britain and America.

    It would be nice to see this comment stay up – I’ve had several complaints from readers about you removing posts from my columns. Please cease and desist!

    Have a nice day.

  2. I agree, what the F is the DVD? When I read his ramblings before I sused he was delusional. Well not surprised hes also a China basher, I noticed before. Ohh thos nasty Commos from the East…watchout theyll be killing us in our beds, same BS we were constantly fed to make propaganda for justification of the Vietnam war.
    Of course the Brits have never gotten used to the FACT that they stole Hong Kong from the Qing dynasty at gun point then had to give it back, NO its NOT still part of the West.

  3. The British regime pattern has remained the same throughout modern history, it is hard to forgive ourselves for not recognising early enough the nature of such monster. But today at least every regime out there can afford and pursue their own english-based media.
    From Commonwealth to EU, from horse to a donkey.

  4. Gee, Ian, I always thought that Shrimpton was a little off, but all in all, a harmless old coot, kinda like the folks on this site who are pushing the idea of space aliens. His newfound antipathy for China could be the result of many things. Last I heard, he was a big Trump supporter and Trump has latched onto calling COVID-19 the “China” virus, undoubtedly to distract us from the horrible job he’s doing dealing with COVID-19 here in the USA.

    You have to remember that Trump knew about COVID-19 attacking Wuhan back in the second week of November and warned Israel about it. He didn’t warn us about it because this is all part of the plandemic he knew would hit the USA this spring and that we, unlike China, would do such a lousy job of controlling it. He no doubt did warn his Likudnik pals to get ready for the biggest heist in US history, the $7 trillion looting of the US treasury by the banksters and the big corpse. They were all ready in March when the economy tanked to push legislation through Congress that would enable their heist and putting it on our tab.

    You have to wonder about the Trumpsters, why would they think the virus is a hoax when it’s clearly attacking them, the working class, and the millions of unemployed who will never get their jobs back because they have been made as superfluous as pack animals in the new economy? They run around without masks, hit the bars and beaches, and even have COVID-19 parties to help spread the virus around. Sounds like they’re doing their best to off themselves, which is undoubtedly part of the grand plan.

  5. In the long game, the triumvirate plan was to maintain a controllable democracy in Hong Kong, with help in the subversion of the mainland from the RCC. Instead, China threw the pope and queen out at the same time. The finance and security are in comparison small issues, to the control of human consciousness. In this, the church and monarchy have never had a good long game due to theft of property (the same issue that comes up in finance). The I-Ching is in the bible ver-batim and in proper sequence. The gig is up, and it is just a matter of time before this becomes known and taught in all academia. Thus, the secrecy of the popes handover and the childish tantrums by the religious right in line with the monarchy. They have lost the war on consciousness due to the theft and misrepresentation of intellectual property. The peripheral squabbles are fall out, as they kick and scream about it. The triumvirate will tighten its inner circle. To no avail. The time of the small, is over.