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Justified Police Shooting: Eliminating Trump’s Base in Michigan (extremely graphic)

Sometimes police get everything right and still have to use deadly force. This is 'real police'


I had to click the play button twice to make it start. This is the body cam footage above. Hold onto your hat. He almost got her. This will be used as a training film, forever.

[ Editor’s Note: This looks like another suicide by cop event. I can’t remember watching one of these shootings where the perp kept advancing on the cop so aggressively and taking rounds like they were spitballs.

This was triggered by the suspect getting pissed off over being asked to wear a mask in a store. And when he is later stopped, goes after the female deputy with a knife in each hand. Neighbors describe him as quiet …Jim W. Dean ]

Update: 9:39am Shooting screengrab. 

This is how close she came go getting killed. Note the big screw driver. He got his hand on her gun after the four rounds she had fire. And he is a big strong guy.
He is in range to stab her now with the right hand, but she is swinging her gun hand down while continuing to retreat and keep away from him. His having the unneeded screwdriver in his hand prevented him from getting control of her gun. She even had to clear a jam after this move. His stopping his attack gave her the opening to put him down.

Update: 4;38 pm EST. 

DELTA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WILX) – The Eaton County Sheriff’s Office has released the audio for the 911 call a Quality Dairy employee made following an incident that left one man dead around 6:45 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The incident began at the Quality Dairy located on 7120 Lansing Road in Dimondale when Michigan State Police said a masked man from Lansing, 77, and an unmasked man from Grand Ledge, Sean Ruis, 43, got into an altercation regarding wearing masks.

Police said the customer, Ruis, who was not wearing a mask was refused service by the store. In the audio clip, you can hear the store employee tell dispatch that the stabbing suspect, Ruis, was threatening others inside of the store. You can listen to the audio clip attached to this article.

MSP said Ruis pulled out a knife and stabbed the 77-year-old Lansing man and then fled the scene from in a car. MSP responded to the incident at the store, and the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office assisted. Police said an Eaton County deputy located the suspect vehicle and conducted a traffic stop on Jerryson Drive in Delta Township around 7:13 a.m.

At a press conference Tuesday, Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich said the stabbing victim was in serious condition after being taken to a local hospital. He didn’t know where or how many times the man was stabbed.

Aaron Jenkins, the MDOT spokesperson, confirmed to News 10 that Ruis was a transportation technician at MDOT and has been working there since 2008. Jenkins said Ruis was expected to come to work Tuesday.

The Eaton County Sheriff’s Office said Ruis didn’t have any kind of criminal history in the county. Both incidents remain under investigation by the MSP. Once their investigation is complete, it will be handed over to the Eaton County prosecutor’s office.


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  1. I am upping the suggestion that we get the dead guys body and drag it through the streets and then feed it to Trumptards as lunch. No, just kidding but a thought. They would like it.

  2. It is time for a simple “No mask, Don’t come in”, Thanks. It is past time to tell those that don’t want to wear a mask, that’s fine, but stay the hell away from the rest of us. That’s why it should be state enforced. Let people be “free” as much as they want as long as they stay away from everybody. I had people here to today working on inside plumbing. We all had masks on as nobody knows where the others have been.

  3. Over the border hills in Ontario on Wednesday, a 73-year-old man allegedly assaulted a convenience store worker hustling trolleys when he refused a mask from the considerate employee. He left. Went home. Cops arrive. Guns out. Boom boom.

    From the Peterborough Examiner:

    “Using the licence plate, police tracked down the vehicle to a home on Indian Point Road, near Eagle Lake and Drag Lake, about 103 kilometres north of Peterborough.

    According to Folz, shots were fired at Haliburton Highlands OPP officers after their arrival at the home and then additional police officers were called in.

    There was an confrontation outside of the home and two officers discharged their firearms, striking the man, according to the SIU.

    He was transported to hospital by paramedics, where he was pronounced dead at 11:47 a.m., the SIU (Special Investigations Unit) said.”

  4. The sun is down. I suspect now this guy had some major issues. Who goes to the Dairy Queen with a butcher knife on them? And then he gets out of his car with an additional knife and big screwdriver?a(Maybe he forgot about his chainsaw in the trunk) The wife is the main witness now on his state of mind, if she is still alive.

  5. Hanke shot some guy a bunch of times with a 9mm and then had to finally kick him to death. I had a similar experience popping someone with 5.56 at close range, very unsatisfying.

    • Granted Trump appears to have never had a plot never mind lost one. What makes you think any alternative will improve the situation in the US. Biden appears to have a few roos loose in the paddock but he has also lost some as well.

  6. Edward: I carry glock 30/36 and a ruger .357 with unpleasant loads

    but then I only do headshots

  7. This was a Trump supporter who came to Quality Dairy armed with two butcher knives and NO mask, looking to kill the oldest person he could find.

    Watch and listen to the video, just like a zombie killing or rather a Trumptard Zombie killing.

  8. If you don’t want to read the back story, this guy went to a store without a mask which is currently mandated in Michigan. Obviously he is not the only one, but an 80+ year old man told him that he was putting the old man’s life in danger with his callous attitude. I was not there, but I imagine that the two men figuratively ended up with their pants down and micrometers out. The turd in question stabbed the old man leaving him seriously injured. The police were called and the traffic stop ensued. When I first hear the report of this incident, it was made to sound like the officer shot the man while he was still far enough away to use less lethal means of stopping him, but the video clearly shows that she backed away several times prior to firing and he kept attacking her.
    Whether he was high on some chemical is not relevant; the officer’s life was clearly in danger.
    Really stupid reason to die.

    • I just pulled about 20 screen grabs as the action is so fast with lots of movement you cannot see things in the blur. I have several of the showing her early shots going to the left from the barrel smoke. In my early pistol quick draw target shooting I had a hard time not hitting to the left until I just start aiming a bit to the right to all for the trigger pulling to the right, and it solved the problem. And then 2nd I have a frame where he got his left hand on her gun forcing it down. But she was smart with her retreating because with the movement he did not get it out of had. She also had jam which she had to clear quickly to continue firing.

    • Well, having watched the videos, all I can say is, that guy deserved to get shot, not the officer’s fault at all.

  9. If you read, it was someone refusing to wear a mask, a MAGA protest that led the Trumpster to stabbing a 77 year old man in the Dairy Queen, and then trying to murder a cop. Yes, this is 100% Trump, his orchestrated war against Michigan’s governor and the mask restrictions and one of his supporters lying dead in the street with his cold plastic handled knife next to him.

  10. Everything was done right. There was the dire danger to be stabbed by knife. As for that guy, – normal people do not grab the knife even when they are pissed off by mandatory mask wearing regime. So, he has got what he wanted. Did that piece of cloth on the face worth losing the life that way? The USA has greatest amount of psychos, mentally ill persons and drug addicts walking in the streets among normal civilians.

    • Yea we are loaded with nutjobs, you can blame Reagan and George BushSr for closing the majority of mental health facilities in the 80’s. Most likely done in connection with BigPharma who rolled out their pills in the early 90’s. Are there not crazies in Russia? Dont you guys have problem with cannibals?

    • @Mike: of course we do. Russia is not a heaven. And the crimes are like in all countries. The difference is that civilians have no guns, the police almost never shoot (it is rare thing), we almost don’t have menthal ill persons (they are all in soul asylums) in the streets and not so many stoners (they prefer to hide). So, most crimes happen hidden from our eyes. But, anyway, crimes in Russia are a bit different than it is abroad.

  11. “Trump’s base”? Come on, what is that? This guy was out of his mind high on something. Attacks with a knife, and I counted eight shots to bring him down.

    • Edward, you failed to follow the links and read background. Stabbing, masks, that stuff. No, she shot him for nothing.

    • This guy was a transportation employee with no criminal record. He stabbed a 77 year old man at the Quality Dairy, a convenience store chain who is in serious condition. That means he carried a knife into the story. I have updated above.

    • Guilty as charged, on both counts, Herr Duff. Now if the headline had read something like “Trumptard: Shows Up To Gunfight With a Knife”, I might have had more understanding.
      Incidentally, I’ve lost any and all respect for the knockdown power of a 9 mil.

    • Edward, 9 mm is ok. Our police use it, too, since USSR times (Makarov or PM). But at that time there were no bullet protecting vests on civilians. But the main problem is not even about vests. All who served in police can confirm that people pumped up by drugs (especially modern synthetical ones) are like berserks.
      I have watched the video about such a guy: the local police officers had to shoot about 20-25 bullets into him to calm him down in eternal sleeping.
      Headshot could help, but they were no marksmen.

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