by Salman Rafi Sheikh, …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow, …and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a research institution for the study of the countries and cultures of Asia and North Africa.

[ Editor’s Note: The US continued failure at world leadership under Trump and the Deep State’s Unipolare jihad has now been laid bare. Trump tried to reverse US isolation by shoe-horning Russia back into the G-7, to show he has Uni-polar power over somebody.

The JCPOA is still holding against Trump

But Russia wasn’t buying the ploy to pull it away from its close relations with China, a country that BTW did not renege on the JCPOA agreement.

Neither has forgotten that key to the planned success of the Deep State Unipolar plan has always been to deploy US forward forces into pragmatic first strike location.

Why? That’s because the US and general and Trump in particular thinks he can play the big stud in negotiations by having the US military available to ‘close the deal’ in necessary, despite such a concept being a horrible misuse of our American soldiers.

And I would go further than that. What Trump has shown is that the whole concept of the commander-in-chief thing has to be reviewed now that Trump has shown that a president can and will abuse the power if able to do so.

This must be ended. And if he does lose in November and the pending prosecutions proceed with the goal of sending him to a new kind of Trump resort that he had never planned for, we have to come up with a better system for command and control.

The Soleimani killing was another abuse, one paid for with the lives of American service people in Iran, where one of their sad jobs was supporting proxy terrorist forces in Syria and beyond.

Another major fix we need is a down to the bedrock investigation of both our military and totally corrupt outside contracting forces who have been paid to do grossly illegal things under the diplomatic cover of the US government.

The snake must be killed with it head cut off, by rebuilding a new chain of command, and not tinkering around reforming what we have. And that might require creating a new oath, as the old one has been severely mistreated.

It gives me no pleasure to share this with you, but it is what it is, and VT is nothing of not a platform that looks the other way over the really tough, and dangerous issues. What Donald Trump and family, and his mob, must never be allowed to happen to the America people.

And our military and Intel services will have some explaining to do, and there is a glimmer of hope there, only a glimmer, as they have failed us completely in not protecting us from Israeli espionage which has this country riddled from top to bottom … Jim W. Dean ]

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G-7 gets photo bombed at Hiroshima event

– First published … July 19, 2020

When the US president Donald Trump recently invited Russia to participate in the G-7 summit and called his invitation an expression of ‘common sense’, he was not just intending to use the ‘Russia factor’ as a means to counter-balance Europe’s increasing assertiveness vis-à-vis the US over the G-7 summit and a host of other issues. The intention was equally to bring Russia into the ‘western fold’ to isolate China globally.

Let’s not forget here that the various US official policy documents the Trump administration has released have repeatedly declared China as the biggest ‘threat’ the US is facing currently. Many top US officials strongly believe that China is the greatest threat. Therefore, if the ‘Chinese threat’ is to be countered, common sense would have Russia on the US side.

Indeed, this is what some US allies think should be the US strategy to counter China. Dave Sharma, a pro-US liberal Australian MP, recently stated that the western allies need to bring Russia back to the ‘world’s most exclusive group of nations’ to “manage the rise of China.”

As it stands, not only is an actual US policy of ‘containment of China’ in place and that the US is actively seeking ways and means to materialise it by asking its allies to jump on the US bandwagon of ‘trade war’, but Russia is being coaxed into becoming a part of it as well.

While the attempt has failed not only because of strong opposition from other G-7 members, including Canada, but Russia, too, has foiled this attempt by rejecting the US offer, calling it a “flawed idea.” Therefore, even if the US proposal had won some support from within the group, the fact this was a ‘trap’ against China would still have led Russia reject it.

This become pretty from the way Russia has actually responded. Beyond rejecting the offer, Russia has also made a counter-proposal. According to this, if the US does think that ‘common sense’ demands an expansion of the G-7, China, too, must be included along side Russia.

Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov recently said that “Without China it’s simply impossible to discuss any issues in the modern world.”

Interestingly enough, Russia’s potential rebuke came only a day after the US ambassador to Russia said that Washington was “engaged with the Russian Foreign Ministry and with the other G7 governments about whether there is an appropriate role for Russia at the G7”.

Russia’s counter-proposal to include China not only signifies how both countries have developed a common global strategic outlook, but also that this common outlook has already transformed into a strong mutual respect for each other’s national interests. Indeed, this was clearly the message that Xi conveyed to his Russian counterpart in a recent telephonic conversation.

According to the details, Xi reaffirmed that China would “continue to work” with Moscow in “firmly supporting” each other’s efforts “rejecting external sabotage and intervention” so as to “preserve their respective sovereignty, security and development rights, and well safeguard their shared interests.”

The new template of ‘Sino-Russia alliance’ is deeply rooted not only in mutual understanding and respect for each other’s national interests—evident from Russian refusal to mediate India-China stand-off—but also in trade and economics.

Apart from the fact that both powers engage in trade, the fact that there is, unlike the US-China trade ties, no massive trade imbalance between them means friction over economic issues is unlikely to disrupt their bi-lateral strategic ties.

Bilateral trade between Russia and China increased 3.4% in 2019, amounting to US$110.79 billion, according to the Chinese Administration of Customs. Trade was well balanced, with Chinese exports to Russia increasing to 3.6 per cent and US$49.7 billion, while imports from Russia increased 3.2 percent to total US$61.05 billion.

Unlike the West, where the on-going constitutional reforms in Russia are being projected as Putin’s life-long plan for ‘authoritarian rule’, China came out supporting the reforms, calling it a people’s decision to choose their path of development.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that “as Russia’s friendly neighbour and comprehensive strategic partner of coordination for a new era, China will always respect the development path independently chosen by the Russian people and support Russia’s efforts to realise lasting stability and promote socioeconomic development.”

Russia has obviously reciprocated by its open support for legislative changes introduced by China in Hong Kong.

“We respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the PRC and consider all issues pertaining to Hong Kong to be China’s domestic affair. We are against any attempts by external forces to interfere in relations between the central government and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the PRC”, recently said Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova.

Therefore, even if Washington’s calculation showed that Russia could be brought in to counter and isolate China globally, the series of events and Russia and China’s resolve to support each other show its high improbability.

On the contrary, their support for each other’s core national interests and their resolve to work towards a new multilateral world order plus the way the US and Europe have increasingly fell apart shows that the US bid to place itself once again at the helm of global affairs unilaterally is bound to fail.

What is therefore evident is that the unipolar moment of US dominance is at an end already. Decades old cold-war policies and tactics are unlikely to pay dividends in a massively changed world of today.

Salman Rafi Sheikh, research-analyst of International Relations and Pakistan’s foreign and domestic affairs, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

SOURCENew Eastern Outlook, Moscow


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  1. When it comes to posing a direct threat to the US China pales in comparison with Israel. Just look at the cost of US subservience to Israel lobbies. The cost of war in Iraq to US is estimated to between $6 and $7 trillion. We all remember Israeli leadership urging the US to attack Iraq to ‘bring peace and prosperity to the Middle East’. Is that what US brought to the Middle Eeast? ISIS was created in the name of the project for greater Israel. ISIS was trained by the CIA in 2012, its injured treated in Turkish and Israeli hospitals. ISIS thrived only in areas occupied by the US military. The end result is 650.000 dead in Syria. US was led away like a dog on the leash by the Israelis because Israel is prepared to fight Iran until the last American soldier. We have spent decades listening Israeli lies about ‘Iranian bomb being ready within…whatever period of time’. Where is the bomb after all these years? That recent attack on Japanese oil tanker has Mossad fingerprints all over it carried out to drag the US into yet another illegal war on behalf of Israel. Fortunately, American ‘heroes’ only attack those with no means to defend them selves with Iran being everything but. In US you have tens of millions without the basic medical health care, tens of millions unemployed, tent villages across the country and yet $ tens of billions are given to an apartheid terrorist state which attacked USS Liberty killing dozens of American soldiers. The same terrorist state which was dancing on the morning on 9/11 recording the event knowing in advance it will take place… and you are telling me that China is posing the greatest threat to the US?! US is all but kicked out of the Middle East, ‘maximum pressure on Iran’ policy is something we can all simply laugh at and all this because US has no option but dance to the Israeli tune. Until US liberates itself from Israeli first traitors of American people there will be no change in its foreign policy and Americans will remain at the back of the queue where sadly in my view they do belong.

  2. @ Hallo Forum und VT,
    wieder ein großer Artikel, Ihr seid die wahren Helden von Amerika.
    Weil Ihr den Verstand nicht verloren habt. Habt sogar den Mut die Wahrheit zu schreiben, dafür alle Achtung für die Aufrechten Patrioten für ihr Land.
    Im Moment zeichnet sich ab, Amerika hat den schlechtesten Ruf in der
    Weltgemeinschaft. Gruß

  3. The history has taught us that US democracy dies out without external enemy/threat.
    We expect much more from Russia and China in the coming years to counter the angloamerican maniacs, as the responsibility is huge. Just look at the Covid situation, nobody ever blamed US for unleashing HIV or Bird flu. US is really a stalinist society, something that was very visible during first days of the 9-11 aftermath, with all sorts of directed phobias, whether if it is islamophobia, arabophobia, semitophobia, sinophobia, russophobia etc. All these phobias rise from worshipping foreign territories and resources.

  4. The problem with US is its old mentality of “cowboys and Indians”, it never grew out of it! The world sees through the uni-polar BS, which eventually only serves the the interest of the mob and the tribe. The US has been done sideways and they still want more by the only nation that really calls the shots in the WH. Even stupidity has a limit and people grow out of it, but US does not seem to understand this. The bad news is people in the world now clap each time an Indian kills one of those cowboys – that is completely devoid of common sense.

    • “The problem with US is its old mentality of “cowboys and Indians”, it never grew out of it.” This mentality was actually an outgrowth of European colonialism. Adam Smith proposed economic liberalism, that everyone left to his own economic devices instead of being controlled by the state, would result in a harmonious and more equal society of ever-increasing prosperity. Problem was, it only applied to Europeans. The rest of humanity was subject to gruesome colonization, racism, brutal enslavement, and the forceful stealing of land and resources.

      When the USA ran out of new continents to rape and pillage, it devolved into the current corporate fascism where the wealthy elites control everything. Our political process is just Kabuki Theater. It makes no difference who is elected in November as Trump, Biden, and both major parties are controlled by our Zionist overlords.

      Trump does have it within his power to end this charade, though. All he has to do is follow the Christian Zionist Pompeo’s lead and attack Iran. We would have our collective asses handed to us on a platter by Iran and Russia. It would be the end of the USA as we know it, which might be a good thing.

    • The mob is the tribes.
      US foreign policy, protection of Israel, and serving The City of London has made US Government the most hated country on earth. Today the world laughs at US Government incompetence, corruption, stupidity, while it’s arrogant sociopath, and lunatic conduct doesn’t allow the walking/talking crimes against humanity see themselves as the joke they’ve become.. The whole world is angry, wants US Government dwstroyed. Fortunately the really dangerous countries don’t attack civilians, allegations to the contrary are baseless lies. Unlike US Government, currently attacking US citizens, and destroying the country. The world has lost its fear of the once superpower. (sort of superpower) The lunatics have shown how they’ve degraded their power. US Government is held in contempt around the world, it’s simply a matter of time, now.

  5. “What Trump has shown is that the whole concept of the commander-in-chief thing has to be reviewed now that Trump has shown that a president can and will abuse the power if able to do so.”

    I would agree with this, but not with this particular shady-ass iteration of congress. It was reported earlier this month that the House Armed Services Committee voted to put roadblocks on Trump’s ability to withdraw from Afghanistan.

  6. G7 – no, thank you.
    G20 – yes. It is more fair.
    The problem is that the USA has recommended itself as ugly partner, behaving like a hooligan boozer at the market. Lies, blah-blah-blah and the aggressive (and unwise) speech. Everyone in the world sees and realizes that.
    So, we shall take a look at the US political scene after the election days, weather they become sane at last.

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