Pedo Yoho?? AOC Crushes Scumbag

Does Ted Yoho Fuck Pigs?

Ted brought his family into this as an excuse for his obscene behavior.  Well Ted, this is your family:

Ted’s family stews with Ted

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    • Yes she’s real. Too real for the two deadbeat charlatans to debate her. They do fear her. And thank you for posting her clip. She’s got so may good ideas for the future of the US and is able to bury any republican or democrat corporate pundit in any open format debate on any subject. I’d like to see her debate Susan Collins who has been so nicely ripped apart so many times by AOC for her punditry.

  1. Sometimes I miss your point. Are you saying that Ted Yoho, Rep. Congressman from Florida’s 3rd district is a pedophile? (PedoYoho) Is there any news coverage of this? Or is it intelligence? You show a photo of what is presumably him and his family. What is the point of that? Why are you calling him a scumbag? Is it a rebuttal – an ad hominem remark toward Ted Yoho since he made an ad hominem remark about AOC? Your ad hominem defense of AOC?

  2. This might be my last post here, so here we go.
    Unless I missed something this was purely verbal. Unbelievable but true, some brat is whining about being called names. Words…that’s all they are. Last time I looked the constitution we all supposedly respect guaranteed the right to free speech, short of physical threat. A butt-hurt rookie, lowest form of human life, a politician (poli=many, tics=leeches) wants to bleat about words, every one of which I guarantee the ‘esteemed’ congress-critter has used herself. Merely a legend in her own mind, like ALL polytickianz, dem and pub; I vote green party. You want a ‘good’ politician, appoint Cynthia McKinney for real change.
    At some point in time EVERY woman is a bitch and EVERY man a bastard sayeth my wife, so it’s true. The higher they go, the more their shit stinks and I truly detest Chump and his red mafya kazaharians.
    Of course, if Duff and Heart are correct all of us are agglutinations of spores from the Antarctic black goo, in itself the fevered nightmare of an insane AI left over from time immemorial. Twist up another fatty and watch the floor show…

    • Let me guess you think an old man in the clouds wearing a robe and sandals made everything,,,its 2020, there is no faqing god,,,move to Israel,,,you Christian Jihadist scum!

    • slickback, AOC said some WORDS!! What are you whining about? You are obviously somebody who likes to dish it out but who can’t take it. Your logic is so trashed by your emotions that you can’t see the absurdity of your rant.

    • His derogatory comment was a mistake. Real deal in what way? Her policies are incomprehensible and would never work.

    • Nexus, her Green New Deal is what the US needs in order to dump its dinosaur past and move into the future. People like you have no vision for the real future, always downplaying the necessity for a radical change or a crash course. But no worries by the time Covid takes care of the US in its rude awakening fashion most of you will know how to gauge the future like the rest of the world has. Then again, since we’re talking about exceptional people I won’t be holding my breath.

    • Gordy, Trump is all the way coal the total opposite of her, all the way green. In a short 3 years mango Mussolini has destroyed everything that had to do with green, from repealing regulations to corrupting the planet’s oil oligarchs.

  3. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Funny, people espousing positive family values as a platform, yet doing the opposite. Some may disagree with AOC in general, but i can get behind her on this. We can all be better persons & role models.