Excellent: US Buzzes Iranian Airliner as Childish Ploy, Duff on Press TV (comments?)


    Has Lawrence Davidson become a Kool Aid drinker or worse?  Am I wrong, perhaps a delusional paranoid in thinking the US is the real aggressor in the Middle East?

    How many like Davidson are out there?  Do we need to give him that test as well?

    Take a side here, let us know:


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    1. I’m not to sure what he’s thinking regarding Biden. Hillary was way ahead in the polls until there was a 105% turnout on election day in Michigan. Secondly attacking Biden the way he did was strange considering the moves of the current president these last four years. Must be extra sugar in his Kool-Aid.

    2. I am seeing the opposite to Kool-Aid drinking. People who would have dismissed anything outside the mainstream narrative 6 months ago as “conspiracy theory” are now coming around to “well, yes the WTC could have been brought down by SADMs in an insider attack”.

      Trump (against his own intentions, of course) has accomplished what a “slow frog boiling” Democrat or “moderate”* Republican would not, making things so bad so quickly as to shock many of the people out of their brainwashed condition.

      *About as moderate in reality as the “moderate terrorists” in Idlib.

    3. Davidson and many like him, value their job and standing and title over truth , and there does not appear to be any hesitation in doing so.
      I do not agree that people are not paying attention. All forms of media are buzzing constantly. We are actually at the apex of communication in this modern age.
      I do agree with him, that changing presidents will not change policy in the ME to any meaningful degree. It will take pressure to do that. My take on the ME, is simply, protect a loud mouth and they will never shut up.

    4. G. Duff,
      I agree with your analogy. This is a far better presentation than your earlier article. Press TV is a credible source. That’s the reason it’s blacked out on Google.
      I’ve not succeeded in finding a new source to get Press TV’s channel since our beloved Government took it down. Any suggestions ?

      • I can’t stand their religious crap. VT has, over the past 15 years, done much to develop Press TV and we have long advised them editorially.

    5. It’s a long twisted story, and it’s not US Government driving the warmongering.
      Gordon Duff called it like it is.
      The City of London is driving the wars, and provoking this war with Iran. Something US Government will regret.
      US Government serves The City of London. (Globalist’s a Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal)

    6. Lawrence Davidson has long been a “gatekeeper” for the official narrative of 9/11, saying back in 2011 that, “I do not believe in the conspiracy explanation [of 9/11], if for no other reason than it would be impossible to keep that sort of thing secret in a political environment (Washington DC) which leaked information like a sieve.” His position, however, is that it was not “Muslim fanaticism” that caused the attacks, “rather, the attacks on September 11, 2001 were performed as revenge for decades of U.S. foreign policy decisions that had caused enormous suffering in the Middle East”, blowback, if you will.

      Therefore, it isn’t surprising that he would take a position relative to this event: That it wasn’t an attempt by the Trump administration to escalate tensions with Iran with the hope of starting a major war with Iran. Such a war would provide him with a “get out of jail free” card and avoid him having to submit to an election in November.

      Everything Trump does these days is calculated to keep him out of prison for numerous felonies. He will do anything, even start a nuclear war, which a war with Iran, Russia, and China would undoubtedly become within weeks if not days. If the bioweapon COVID-19 doesn’t destroy the USA first, nuclear war will be the backup plan. Trump can scurry down to his bunker along with the real Powers That Be, and the rest of us will be cinder cakes. May Heaven help us all.

      • There’s the rub: The banker gangsters can hide in their underground cities, but do they want to lord over holes in the dirt? Or do they want to lord over the planet? As for Russia, China, etc., are they pulling people out from the banksters’ pyramid schemes just to blow most of those people up…?

        No one with the capability to blow up the planet actually wants to blow up the planet. They want to fight and either enslave or free the planet, sure, but not blow it up.

      • Problem is, there are people in power that do want to blow the world up. Christian Zionists like Pence and Pompeo have a hard-on for Armageddon. It’s their wet-dream that Trump is the new King Cyrus who will bring the Jews back to Jerusalem and start that transformative, apocalyptic war that will be the end of the USA as we know it. These psychopaths are the rock solid core of Trump’s base. They will maybe get their wish when Trump attacks Iran. It will most assuredly involve Russia and China. After they start flinging nukes around all bets are off. The world will end, not by design but by accident.

      • Fair enough, Tom. However, weird Zionist eschatology, the Samson Option: None of that is new. If the banksters or their people wanted to blow up the planet, couldn’t they have done it already? On purpose or by accident?

        Them consistently trying to provoke a Project for a New American Century “new Pearl Harbor” in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, the South China Sea, Korea, South Ossetia, etc. makes no sense for a nuclear war; a false flag attack with a relative handful of people would suffice. Trying to whip up a major casus belli shows they really want to keep their regime change wars “conventional.”

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