VT: Veterans across the US are ready to stand against Trump’s thugs in any city they are deployed to.  

A generation of Americans steeped in greed, clutching onto hate and prejudice have sacrificed this nation, handed it to thugs and gangsters.  

The civil disorder we are seeing is the price of a thousand police murders, the price for killing and disabling 200,000 veterans in fake wars and the price for placing two generations of Americans in permanent debt and minimum wage slavery in this Post-American era.

It began with Reagan, building a military-industrial complex to be unleashed on the world, a military force serving the world’s criminal elites.  Since that time, the world has been continually defending itself against the Washington-Tel Aviv-London axis of evil.

RT: A group of former US service members has deployed to Portland to support demonstrators laying siege to the city’s federal courthouse. The new ‘wall’ has emerged after self-described moms and dads formed their own human shields.

The cadre of military veterans assembled in front of the courthouse on Friday night, creating a line between protesters and a protective fence wrapped around the building. Some of the vets stood with their hands placed behind their backs, while others held signs that read “Disabled veterans 4 BLM” and “Federal troops defend property but this does not give them the right to take away my constitutional freedom.”

At least one member of the group came to the protest wearing a military uniform. Others donned Air Force, Navy, and Black Lives Matter shirts

A group of former US service members has deployed to Portland to support demonstrators laying siege to the city’s federal courthouse. The new ‘wall’ has emerged after self-described moms and dads formed their own human shields.

The cadre of military veterans assembled in front of the courthouse on Friday night, creating a line between protesters and a protective fence wrapped around the building. Some of the vets stood with their hands placed behind their backs, while others held signs that read “Disabled veterans 4 BLM” and “Federal troops defend property but this does not give them the right to take away my constitutional freedom.”

At least one member of the group came to the protest wearing a military uniform. Others donned Air Force, Navy, and Black Lives Matter shirts.

The human ‘wall’ mirrors similar tactics adopted by two other groups, Wall of Moms and PDXDadPod. The ‘moms’ began shielding protesters on July 19, followed by the arrival of the ‘dads’, who reportedly even helped to provide protesters with leaf blowers so that they could redirect tear gas fired by federal agents. The ‘moms’ and ‘dads’ were also in attendance on Friday night.


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  1. According to the Washington Post the number of unarmed black men killed by police last year is 14, and the majority of the 14 were assaulting the officer. Of course that’s 14 too many, and I know this doesn’t fit the narrative, but it comes out to about 1.5 per 1 million. Compare that to Israeli IDF killings of Palestinians which is around 100 per 1 million. Hardly an argument for systemic racism. Be that as it may, the current riots seem scripted, just like the 9 minute video of George Floyd. Between the plandemic and the assault on America its: globalists 2 Americans 0.

  2. Oh , yes , Gordon , forgot to mention how i paid my dues , every Monday for 20 years i helped Walter Klamath, Korean War Vet. and another Nam Vet , run a traditional Lakota style sweat lodge where we had every kind of broken person and spiritual seeker , people from around the world , vets of all ages , attend the ceremony , our theme was ‘ all are welcome ‘ . How it worked , i got there at 3:00 ,gathered and stacked stones , 32 usually , started and stoked the fire for 3 hours , rain ,snow , sun heat , didn’t matter , folks showed up at 5 , crawled into the Lodge , while i forked red hot lava rocks to the catcher who placed them into the pit , carried gallons of water to the Lodge, 4 rounds of this , hard damn work till about 8:00 , then the people went home and we spent another hour or so winding the fire down .Also we cut and stacked 10 cords of firewood each season . Walter died , so did the other Nam vet , we all got old , no young people anymore , so the lodge was sadly closed . I miss it dearly and sincerely hope we helped peoples who joined us.
    Yes ,i am looking to serve the people again, if the VA doesn’t kill me right away.

  3. Yah, Duff , i marched on the street with a local peace group , held candlelight vigils with a folks years ago ,argued with others in bars and in public against ‘war mongers ‘ , moved deeper into the backwoods after a while , discontented and bitter . what did i do for the world ? Painted beauty in all its glory and sculpted beautiful Art , in an effort to push back against people destroying any concept of our higher nature as expressed thru Art , a theme for thousands of years , now an empty shit show . How did it turn out ? A number a people have something that reminds them that Life has a lot more to offer than digitized corporate crap .
    I protested the grotesque and sick Modern Art at several large exhibitions , got thrown out.
    By the way , for all you Vets out there if you have active lymphatic cancer the VA will compensate you for ‘ herbicide ‘ exposure , till it goes into remission . so cheer up !

  4. This movement is very heartening. There is a LONG history, in England as well as the U.S., of citizen protests being infiltrated by violent thugs in order to justify having the police crack down on the protesters. This sort of thing is orchestrated by the criminals among the rulers. Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” There are good reasons to believe our current chaos is being engineered. The anthrax attacks that accompanied 9/11 were first blamed on Iraq. Then when it was determined that the anthrax came from a U.S. Army bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick Maryland, a “lone nut” researcher was suicided and poof! Case Closed. It’s very expensive to control the Justice Department, CIA, Congress, Media, etc, so who can afford that? For interested readers, the modern history of the really big money running the Anglo-American empire is in “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank”

    I also took an oath to defend the Constitution, and am glad to see many others who took that oath are not forgetting it, but are stepping up to take back the government from the Financial Mafia.

  5. Scrubbed from US history: In 1932. the US Govt attacked 17000 Vets and thousands of women and children in Washington DC protesting their inability to buy food and pay bills to their Wall street owners on 1 dollar a day. They were attacked with tanks ,Cavalry, and a machine gun squadron Global Research.ca “The Bonus Army Veterans protest of 1932”

  6. To understand what is happening go to ‘Bibliotecaplayades’ Under the Sign of the Scorpian. ‘Leon Trotsky: Cynic and Sadist’ Wall Street committed genocide against the Russian People[66 million over 30 years]. They are know taking down their host country to the level of bestiality and will move on to the next host when finished.

  7. Lot of emotions in writing. In order to understand any complex situation like this one must think objectively at all times. On one side you have a large numbers of protesters in Portland Oregon. Portland has the nations highest homeless population, and one of the highest substance abuse rates in the nation. On the other side you have federal troops that are being sent in to ‘protect federal property’ so they say. These riots are an extension of the George Floyd killing from weeks ago. I’m watched many videos on George Floyd and done a lot of research, and my best observation is that it was a mannequin they carted off. At first he was handcuffed from the front and the camera shows briefly no legs attached before quickly being moved. Then in the next clip, he is handcuffed from the back (impossible without film splicing) and he has what appear to be stilts for legs wrapped in a blanket below a bulge in the center. where his legs were missing earlier. Another anomaly is the different types of badges worn by the officers, lots of Masonic connections, and now these crisis actor groups are getting hired such as Crowds on Demand and Amputees in Action, which was hired at the Boston Bombing according to many researchers. Trying to unravel the reasoning behind these staged operations is like trying to unravel the Joker. Some people, particularly Satanists, enjoy sowing chaos and want to destroy the nation. Now things are taking a turn for the worse. BLM is giving way to NFAC, a radial black power group advocating the use of violence against Whites and it is sending out demands for a “black homeland” to legislatures. Many of these White liberal types supporting them I’ve afraid are going to be their first target for ‘reprisals’ and ‘slavery reparation demands.’ Most of us cannot support these liberal protesters, if for no other reason than they are themselves quite racist, irrational, and are totally unaware of the reality that BLM is directly funded by George Soros, and many of these murders of blacks were likely False Flag Attacks. Until more people understand how Operation Gladio, The Rothschilds, Soros, and the Satanists operate, the country will get more and more divided, and at some point will likely fracture. Some Marines like Jim Fetzer spent decades trying to explain these false flag attacks in books. He was even sued for exposing the False Flag Sandy Hook attack. Unfortunately very few people are taking notice.

    • Mihail: thanks for showing up, and you do write well. However…much, not all but very much of what you say is silly. You don’t want to begin to look at Fetzer for instance. He was taken down not because he reported a real false flag but because, like you, he was suckered into following hoaxes over a cliff. Most of his work was excellent but he didn’t stop at the truth….

  8. Maybe you should stick to flying toys. The jackboots are the ones snatching people, not the protestors, who have endured civil rights violations for 400 years and counting, not to mention there is a consensus that our police have been militarized by banksters, not Moms and vets.
    But at least you let us know we cannot count on you to protect basic rights, thanks we’ll make sure you don’t get mailers.

    • This was a response to a guy who flies model airplanes and would not be there if our basic rights and safety were violated by a good squad.
      Thank you for erasing his tripe. What I have tried to do for years , when commenting here, is evaluate why my comment was deleted. Sometimes it takes longer than others, but almost every time, I end thanking VT to myself and understanding.
      This day is not about red or blue, or finance,.. folks, this is about Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, Jack boot squads and all the things Veterans were told they were fighting for and are still taught today, i think…. Enough is Enough. This is disgusting to anyone who fought for the right reasons.

    • David, really? I mean really? Is that all you have? Is that all you can do? Wow? I’m stunned!
      So let me get this straight: I should be demanding the federal troops leave Portland. I will as I do not support the use of those federal troops as it is a violation of the Constitution.
      On the other hand as the violence, looting, arson and rioting continues, not just in Portland but in other democratic run cities such as Chicago, which is now going down the tubes faster than anyone can leave it, where no one is safe, where businesses are being torched and looted, where unchecked shootings and murders are out of control, where the very lives of people are in danger while idiots such as Portland’s mayor and Chicago mayor Lightfoot sit and twiddle their thumbs.
      You do realize that groups such as ANTIFA and BLM have no love for freedom and liberty. None. They hate it. They consider free speech as hate speech. They despise private ownership. They loath capitalism…with a vengeance. They are the ones who would criminalize anyone who would dare speak otherwise.
      The history of the 20th century is a stark reminder of those who supposedly liberated the poor, working people.
      tell that to those sent to the gulags, or those who were summarily executed. Ask yourself why so many died attempting to escape communist East Germany.
      So as you somehow got the idea that I supported Trump’s unconstitutional intervention in Portland, I do not.
      I would suggest all federal troops be removed and allow the mayor of Portland , who just happens to be the police commissioner, how’s that for convenience? Continue to run the city as he is now doing and when the last business is torched, the city services no longer provide such things as running water, electricity, sewer or police, when Portland is nothing more than a bombed out third world dump, where violence is endemic and people begin starving because all the grocery stores have been looted and burned then tell me it was all for the good.
      Please do not speak of freedom and liberty when you obviously have no idea.

  9. Portland used to be a fine city where an Artist could get a gallery , see a performance ,street theatre or Opera , actually talk to strangers and perhaps share a laugh , 40 years ago , great restaurants and a cool riverfront to stroll along. Quirky or something else , Portland changed , now becoming a shithole like SF , where i lived in the 70’s for a while after Nam . People hated Nam vets back then , but the city was pretty cool . the Art scene is dead in Portland , left swinging in the smoke filled wind that smells of cheap intentions and bullshit . The beautiful sculptures in the parks ruined , the Classic architecture defaced with spraypaint , little shits running amok that have never built anything mouthing empty slogans . and now the inevitable , Vets old and young trotting out much to late to the party . Nevertheless i am more inclined than ever to join those ranks , but for protecting the Culture that makes us Human and life sustaining , not some twisted acronym that changes definition on the whims of the societal tides. All Life Matters or nothing does.

    • As a boonie rat myself, crawling around gentrified coffee shop/boutique towns, and we have a few out here, may look nice but, as America became a prison camp, why do you expect Portland to stay above it all?

      I tell you what, do you think you are better off being able to buy a $40 organic hamburger or, perhaps, standing their with others who are supporting human rights?

      Another question. When you came home from ‘nam’ in 70 as I did, what did you do to end the war?

      What did you do to end the war? What did you do to end the war.

      This is a real question. Please list what you did, how it worked out, we really want to know, or we want to hear your excuse for what you didn’t do.

      Here is what I am saying, if you are an ‘excuse guy,’ and I hope you are not, then it is time to pay some dues. Here at VT, we pay dues every day and you are one of us or we are paying dues for you.

      As most of us are soon to kick off…what will it be like dying in the filth having done nothing?

      Better still…time for more of us to grow up, grow a pair, and die on our feet.

  10. Yes, anyone fighting against the Bolsheviks must be a communist. You certainly are a smart little motherfucker. Do this, get out the yellow pages, look under ‘schools.’ Find one year you. Call them up, make arrangements.

    • Note to self: I reviewed all comments by Rpm45 and trashed the lot. Our friend Ron is a spammer, not just an idiot.

    • Based on what is going on in Portland, it is obvious you didn’t take more than 30 seconds on the article and associated materials. The intro is, seemingly, written as a reminder to you.