Trump’s Pigs on the Prowl: Watch San Jose Pig Kick Handcuffed Woman (Prison time for both demanded)


“She is kneeling on the ground, there is no resistance. The officer then kicks her in the abdomen. He grabs her and drags her across the asphalt so her face is dragging on the ground to locate her away from the car. Again, another excessive use of force,”

San Jose resident Josh Gil shot the video Wednesday while picking up a DoorDash order. He said he was organizing the meals he picked up when he noticed the cops were in the parking lot.

“I heard the cops pull up behind that woman. I think she was with a family member and two kids,” Gil told San José Spotlight. “They pulled the guns out on them and demanded to get out of the car.”

CBS News: A San Jose police officer seen in cellphone video kicking and dragging a woman across a parking lot during an arrest has been placed on administrative leave, pending an internal affairs investigation of the incident, CBS San Francisco reports.

The arrest happened Wednesday in a McDonald’s parking lot.

A Door Dash worker was picking up an order when he noticed a commotion involving police and started recording. Seconds into the video, the officer is seen kicking a woman who is on her knees.

He then tackles the woman while his partner officer points a gun at her. A passenger and children in the car can be heard crying out before bystanders start shouting at the officers, according to CBS SF.

The first officer handcuffs the woman behind her back and then drags her across the pavement face first.

“If anyone wanted a prime example of use of excessive force by a police officer, this incident is one,” LaDoris Cordell, a retired judge and a former San Jose Independent Police Auditor who has reviewed police use of force cases for the city, told CBS SF.


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  1. When the civil lawsuit is finally finished in a few years, these people will have enough award money to buy a brand Tesla with one big cash payment, and move to Saratoga, Ca.

  2. The “vicar of evil”. Some 15 years ago I read a book called New World Order. Tge author while being a westerner claimed that “Devil” preferred the western world to be his “vicar” on the earth.
    The crime records of Western nations against humanity in the past 500 years obviously confirms this hypothesis. 90 % of the planet was colonised, brutalised, plundered, and endless genocides were committed.

  3. Well a little poetry as tempers over the mask flare…

    I never thought I would see a time that so many people were so afraid of dying that they were willing to stop living

    Ezra Pound

    One of my rebel cycling friends posted that on his Instagram page as it was painted on a Qtard’s truck window.

    All the cycling retards attacked him for posting the image as he is a wonderful photographer and a top bicycle racer in the ultra cycling world and I have road with him on a number of gravel races.

    Cyclists? Most are the most brainwashed snowflakes. Followed by there corrupt races and more corrupt industry. There customers? High wage pukes whom hate labor unions and buy 10000 dollar bikes from Trek.

    Their club? Rapha. Owned by Walmart folks.

    • covid killed it all as an unintended consequence as I pop more pop corn and pop open another high quality microbrew and plan my next ride

  4. Well, please come up to Wisconsin and stop at a bar not in Milwaukee or Dane county Mr. Duff as no one wears masks nor do the employees as the mask is all about obedience as I personally hate Trump and the GOP however, no one is sick where we live so why lock it down?

    Michigan is mask central and that is how it should be if Michigan wants that. The post office has the mother of all masks coming my way as I will test it.

    The only protests in America that are allowed are the ones that “they” allow. BLM? Run by a bunch of Marxist Lesbians as ask Jack Heart. The Blacks whom are heavily armed that march in places such as Louisville I am in general agreement with however, who are these folks?

    Look, in Dane county Wisconsin they want folks to wear a mask whenever they leave home including cycling or running. Won’t comply. Simple as that Mr. Duff.

    I put the face tampon on when I go into a store to buy food but whenever I leave the house?

    The democrats have been unmasked by the mask. Me on a Madison cycling trail? Have the means and cycling skills to out run the bike cops as they are a Joke. Karen and Fred will call them as I ride my bike on a lovely trail.

    • Actually, the no maskers have been unmasked. A very simple observation.
      When the world becomes a hospital, ….the dirtiest ward has the most chaos.

    • Well Odell

      Quit brown nosing Duff as I am not an anti masker since my carbon fiber super mask is better than your face diaper.

      I believe it’s possible you have trouble reading however, put your tampon on before you leave home as I will assess the risk and mask accordingly!

      I suggest a carbon mask at any Trump rally.

  5. btw, Southern California is well known for white supremacist police departments. Very Well Known. All the crap about California fed to people .., maybe go visit and see for yourself.

    Last night, Beverly Hills department did a decent job. One guy even got 3 pairs of handcuffs so they didn’t hurt his injured shoulder. Not so much for San Jose. Change the name of the town.

  6. I am all for force like that used upon anti maskers as that would justify pulled guns and a little woman face dragged across McDonalds parking lots near you.

  7. Civil disobedience will be about the mask dear VT editors
    As what would corporate America do if hundreds of people show up every day at Wally world without the mask and how the police will be used on them just like your video above.

    It would shut down there stores and demonstrate to white America who runs the police as it sure ain’t the people.

    Always remember Ludlow Colorado.

    • It is a simple thing, if you are going to be in a public place where you might get others sick, wear a mask. Nobody should have to ask. If you are opposed to a mask, easy, stay away from people. this is very basic understanding.

    • The mask protest are all done. Just rode 350 miles today to Traverse City (and back,mostly two lane). Masks 100%, no Trump signs on the way, the mask moaners are so very very last tuesday

  8. Well, she should have wore her mask properly and not have it pulled down over her nose as after all face coverings are now mando!

    Seriously, at Meyers where I live mask scofflaws are everywhere! Same with Walmart as how dare a little 100lbs woman not have her face covered propperly!

    Many will not comply as the war has come home!

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