Iran says will never let aggressive moves against Iranian nation go unanswered

[ Editor’s Note: This was a disgraceful mistake by the US, whether it was an over zealous squadron commander who thought this would polish his resume as a tough guy by harassing a civilian airliner, or someone higher up.

It was even worse if done by a Trump political crony looking to help out his beleaguered boss by getting some diversionary press by a dumb stunt like this. Just imagine, they can show this at the Air Force Academy as an example of how much fun they can have buzzing civilian airliners, maybe even taking a selfie to send home to Mom.

Trump cannot be shamed, as he is a serial sociopath and they never feel guilt or remorse.

The only defense he could have is to point to Israel’s slick habit of flying low and behind on a civilian airliner until a missile battery locks onto it and then kicks in the afterburners to leave the screening plane to take the hit, as happened when Israel took the Russian surveillance plane down.

Now we run the risk of some Iranian group wanting to attack Americans in retribution and trigger more escalation. VT will have its false flag radars on for the rest of the election season. If Trump goes down, he will not not be concerned about who goes down with him… Jim W. Dean ]

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US pilots are responsible for this. Shame on them and their commanders.

– First aired … July 25, 2020 –

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has denounced the United States for harassing a scheduled Iranian civil airliner over Syria and endangering the lives of civilians, saying the American government must be reined in to prevent more disasters.

Zarif made the remark in a post on his official Twitter account on Friday after the harassment of an Iranian Beirut-bound passenger plane by two US fighter jets over the Syrian airspace Thursday night.

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  1. This sounds more like something Pompous would order with Pentecostal Pence dancing a jig waiting for the shootin’ to start.
    The Iranians are a lot smarter than most Americans believe. I would hazard a guess their average IQ is more than a few points above 90% of Americans. More likely a dozen points.
    At any rate, the Iranians are playing the waiting game. Wait until the west, particularly the U.S. and israel do something really stupid and crazy, then when world condemnation hits the fan, Iran finally dishes it out.
    Wouldn’t wannbe anywhere near there.
    I feel sorry for all the American troops stationed in the middle east when the SHTF. Oh well, they volunteered.

    • And all this time, those of us in the model aircraft hobby were being considered as potential threats to air safety,Oh dear, someone has taken our place, at least for the time being, that is until the FAA regroups and centers its sights on our dangerous hobby and threat to all humanity.


  2. Jim, they are heroes only with those who cannot give back. But when the Russians fly up close to NATO planes over Europe in order to ask for a lighter to light a cigarette, so immediately a hysterical screeching begins all over the planet.

  3. Note to zionsts, nowhere does any scripture suggest that believers should not stand against “the ultimate conflict”. It is always our duty to choose the right. Man has agency, which, by definition, indicates more than one choice.

    There is an incorrect construct that a loving heavenly father, or creator God, would set up a situation wherein we can only precipitate the return of the messiah by waging a war to destroy earth and mankind. This single-choice construct removes man’s choice to nurture instead of destroy. A loving god would not put mankind into a cattle run and open the gates only one way.

    We are that we might have Joy.

    Also, if one thinks the “cosmic record will forget” that the Iranians were provoked, then one is not paying attention.

  4. Trump is desperate. If he’s forced to leave office in January, he faces almost certain prison time for multiple felonies. The only way he can wiggle out of it is with the “get out of jail free” card he would get if he started a major war and declared a “national emergency”, martial law, and a suspension of the Constitution. It will probably happen by some provocation like this, or by a horrible false-flag attack that will be blamed on the Iranians. His Christian Zionist henchman, Pompeo (we lie, we cheat, we steal), is planning for this eventuality, the war with Iran, Russia, and China that will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of their Dominionist wet-dream.

    I can’t get over how Trumpsters are so blind as to not realize this, but you have to understand, the crazy Christian Zionists are his rock-solid base. They have a collective hard-on for Armageddon, and you can’t talk them out of it. Their warrior messiah will be returning to Earth any day now to smite the unbelievers, everyone but them. They are certainly among the fully one-quarter of Americans who still think the Sun goes around the Earth. If you don’t believe that, Google it for yourself. In the coming months… May Heaven help us all.

    • I like the pictures of Jesus Rambo with an AR-15.
      So holy.
      If there’s anything close to a collective mental illness, Xtian zionism would be it. Maybe they will find a cure.
      Like a couple hits of acid.
      Maybe that would make them even worse.